Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Finance in India : A Complete Report

The Highest Paying Jobs in Finance in our country has shown tremendous growth in most of the sectors of the economy. The students from commerce stream who pursue education or have completed studies are mostly looking for the highest salary jobs in India in the commerce field.
The scope of Commerce has become wider and thus providing a bucket full of opportunities for the students in the field of finance and accounting.
Financial careers offer you great job opportunities with excellent salaries. In the past, due to a lack of technology and innovation, most students pursued careers such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc.
But now with the growing scenario, technology and globalisation have brought drastic change in the scope of financial careers and highest paying jobs in finance.
Now job seekers are provided with various job opportunities available in the market along with attractive packages to make their career as well as future stable.
Lets have a glance at the list of highest paying jobs in the finance sector in India. This article provides you with enough information about the same to help you in choosing the right job with the highest paying jobs in finance.

Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Finance in India

1.Chartered Accountants

CA Is the most preferred profession among students after 12th. 80% of the students from commerce field pave their way towards Chartered Accountant. The role of CAs in an organisation is to maintain records of Investment, filing tax returns, prepare financial reports etc.
It is considered as the highest paying job in finance. The demand for CAs has been emerging since the beginning and is respected everywhere. The average salary of CAs ranges from 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum in India.

2. Investment Banker

Being an investment banker is a dream job for so many students. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the finance sector in india. The role of an investment banker is to manage funds and finance and invest them at the right place.
He is generally considered a corporate finance Advisor who provides all the advice to the Organization for investment opportunities and to the clients in various transactions to support them to acquire profit.
A person needs to be graduated in finance and other related fields and possess special skills required to be an investment banker. An investment banker earns an average salary of 9,92,681 per annum at entry-level.

3.Financial Analyst

The role of a financial analyst is to look after the company finances and evaluate the possible outcomes of business and investment. They must possess critical thinking and communication skills along with basic financial literacy and Accounting skills. The average salary of a financial analyst is INR 4,09,903 per annum.

4.Compliance officer

The compliance officers work in public or private companies and are often established in NPOs. They carry out the activities as per the guidelines set by the governance agencies. The average salary of a compliance officer is INR 5,39,500 per annum.

5.Financial Advisor

A Financial Advisor identifies the financial objectives for their clients and provides the most suitable suggestions to achieve the goals. They provide directions to customers regarding purchase of appropriate life, automobile, housing, and other insurance types. The average salary of a financial advisor is INR 6,00,000 per annum.

6.Chief Financial Officer

A CFO manages the companys capital structure and cash flow along with planning of future growth. He/ she must possess in-depth knowledge of Accounting and financial modelling. The average salary of a CFO is INR 15,50,480 in India.

7.Chief Risk Officer

This position can be attained by a person who is highly skilled in solving all types of risks. They look up every factor that may threaten the companys financial position. They assess the risks by applying superior analytical skills. An average salary of a CRO is INR 13,00,000 in India.

8.Management Analyst

A management analyst must possess the ability to interpret data and information and create proposals for the company. Professional certifications in business analytics make your job ready for this position. This is the highest paying job after doing MBA in finance. The average salary of a management analyst is INR 4,66,853 p.a.

9.Information Technology Auditor

They work in government departments and are private companies to maintain the sink between Technology infrastructure and Enterprise needs.
Furthermore, they ensure compliance and security of IT systems to ensure all organisational processes run smoothly. An average salary of an Auditor is INR 10,74,419 p.a.

10.Hedge Fund Manager

The people enthusiastic about investing prefer this profession. These managers monitor markets and maximise their earnings. Managers protect the pooled capital of an organisation to make investments. The average salary of a hedge fund manager is INR 24,00,000 p.a.

11.Private Equity Associate

Early-stage ventures and growing businesses are financed by private equity and venture capital funds. Private equity associates cooperate with investor firms/individuals to apply funding to business ventures with growth potential, like hedge fund managers. They receive profit participation or equity stake in the company. The average salary is INR 850,000 p.a.

12.Senior accountants

Senior Accountants are usually at the top of an accounting hierarchy, responsible for everyday accounting duties. Accounting managers are responsible for managing budgets, meeting accounting goals, and overseeing corporate expenditures. On an average they make INR 700,000 p.a.
The fact that it has been known for years that money has always been a top motivating factor. Attractive packages always tempt people to apply for jobs. For most people, getting the highest salary and job security is the only motive. But for applying in any job a person must be aware of the eligibility for pursuing the job and the skills required.
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1. What is the salary of an MBA in finance?

The Average salary of an MBA Finance is Rs. 678,000 p.a.

2. Which finance job pays the most in India?

Investment Bankers are the highest paying finance jobs in India.

3. What are the highest paying finance jobs in India?

Investment Bankers are the highest paying finance jobs in India.

4. Is finance a good career?

Finance is a good career option with emerging opportunities as per the demand in the country.

5. Is finance high paying?

Financial Career in India is high paying and has a wider scope of opportunities.
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