13 Best Career Options After Bcom - A Comprehensive Guide

According to the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) published by the HRD Ministry in 2019, 4.03 million students are pursuing their Bachelor's in Commerce (B.com) in India.
B.com as a course includes financial accounting, economics, management, taxation, business law, and so much more around the area of business and trade. It gives students a general understanding of how businesses function, the various factors affecting a business and the industry at large. They are able to tackle diverse situations that businesses face throughout.
As an undergraduate in commercial studies, one will be equipped to understand a company through a macro-perspective and will surely be a better employee than other non-business background employees.

Here, we list some areas of the best career options after B.com:

Accounting & Finance

Many companies are looking for young talent that will help them streamline their finance and innovate and modernise their accounting.
Young B.com graduates are privy to the emerging technology newer accounting and efficiency systems rules that will help augment the entire finance department of companies. Fresh entrants can make a mark in this area and gain the necessary experience to build their career paths. A few roles include, financial analyst, comptroller, risk analyst etc. They have the opportunity to gain high salaries, global exposure, and build a strong network.


B.com graduates are equipped with a general and eagles eye view of business and accounts. They have the desired business acumen and knowledge to be able to take initiative and venture out in the world of establishing a business.
They can take up areas of business they are most interested in and work on solving problems for the society and make a living out of it. This area, though risky, is a place to shine and be one's own boss.
If an individual is inherently a leader and likes to maneuver around difficult decisions becoming an entrepreneur is the way forward. There is a boom of start-ups in India, the Government is supporting newer ventures and wants to help them achieve greater heights in the industry.

Supply Chain Management

Supply-chain is a growing skill that is highly sought after globally. Understanding and predicting changes in global factors that affect the supply chain has become crucial for retail brands, manufacturing companies, and even tech companies.
Being a new entrant in this sector will be a good opportunity to upskill and gain experience in a new and upcoming region of business. This space is a must for those who are looking to learn organization at a very large level. Some of the most promising jobs in supply chain management are Production Planner, Logistics Resource Planner, Production Manager, Transport Administrator/Manager,etc. 


Banking is an old and gold area for students with a degree in commercial studies to take up. Being good at understanding macroeconomic theories, accounting, and other such disciplines, B.com graduates can definitely take up positions at leading private and public banks where they work in areas of loan management, sales, client problem resolution, public relations, accounting, cash flow management and whatnot.
In banking, the scope of climbing up the ladder in the industry is very high. Good performance will lead one to a higher learning curve and higher movement up the ranks. Some of the jobs roles include, relationship manager, internal auditor, bank manager, etc.

Portfolio Management

Many firms around India are searching for talent that understand and take risk-calculated decisions in their clients' financial markets. As the number of high net-worth individuals is growing in India, talent to manage their money is also growing.
Many B.com graduates have specializations in financial management, and those interested in the financial markets may choose to take up this kind of role at wealth management firms. These roles typically require you to manage funds for clients and attain good financial returns for them. This is a highly dynamic industry and has very lucrative remuneration.
career options after B.Com


Most colleges offering a B.com program also allow students to take up specializations in marketing as well in the final year.
If you plan on being a marketing professional in the future or want to take up operation and distribution specialization, you could consider working in the Sales & Marketing department. It is a good place to begin your career, gain experience and build on your network.
In this role, you get to deal with the challenge of selling products/services, attaining revenue goals and always being on the go when it comes to augmenting sales growth. It is one of the fundamentals of any business and can teach new entrants to the job market the grit and hard work required in doing a business.

Office Administration

Today's offices are emerging to be more dynamic and ever-changing than before. With the pandemic hitting hard on the physical presence of workers, many companies are looking to go fully on cloud or maintain a hybrid office that costs lesser and use of space is efficient.
To reflect upon and tackle these growing new challenges, companies need new and young workers who can innovate around the office spaces and their utility. Managing employees and their workspace is a challenging place to be in, and an area of work like this is growing and an interesting space to be in.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

In today's day and age, most D2C and B2C companies are engaging with their target audience and making an impression on them to build better relations and grow a healthy buyer & seller engagement.
Social media has high scope for creativity and one can really push the bar in trying and experimenting in many ways. It is used to connect with the audience to build a brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on social media profiles, listening to and engaging followers, analyzing results, and running social media advertisements.

Professional Courses

Apart from joining these very promising fields, fresh undergraduates may take up certifications or higher studies that will allow them to augment their theoretical knowledge and better perform in the job market.
Certifications likeCMA,CPA, orACCAare sought after in thejob marketand increase the chances of getting higher-paid jobs in India. These certifications can also be pursued while working to help individuals gain experience and add to their academic prowess, giving them better opportunities for the future.

1. Certified Management Accountants (CMA USA)

CMA USAis the highest management accounting certification to gain knowledge at the intersection of accounting and business. If you have the ambition to work abroad, a CMA certification can surely bolster the process and make your applications stand out at global firms. MostMNCsandBig 4 firmsare on the lookout for such qualifications to improve their financial strategy and align it with their Organizational goals.
career options after bcom and career guide

2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Being aCertified Public Accountantallows you to comprehend accounting from a variety of perspectives, including private businesses, tax collectors, and government agencies. As a CPA, you can even practice independently and have clients of your own whom you advise and counsel on matters of accounting.

3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

TheACCAQualification helps you acquire skills in business management. It covers theoretical aspects like motivational theories along with more technical aspects such as cost accounting and bookkeeping. The Big 4 and top MNCs are highly attracted towards the ACCA qualified professionals in India.

4. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA is one of the highest distinctions you can earn in investment management. It equips you for some very exciting and dynamic positions like risk management, investment consulting, financial research, and financial data analysis.

5. Chartered Accountancy(CA)

Without any doubt, being aCAin India is one of the most prestigious, high-paying, and satisfying jobs that an individual interested in accountancy can take up. Their roles are concentrated on core accountancy, financial advisory, and authorization of accounting documents. Additionally, CAs are equipped with understanding the overall financials of businesses. They can take up very important roles outside the accounting domain, based on their expertise in assessing and taking many key business decisions for their firms.
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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the popular courses after 12th commerce?

The best courses to pursue after 12th commerce are:
B.com:Bachelor of Commerce
BBA:Bachelor of Business Administration
BMS:Bachelor of Management Studies

2. Can we make a good career after commerce?

Yes, commerce has more career options than any other field. Finance is the backbone of any company. With the right knowledge, degree, and certifications, you can get high salaries, professional career growth, and global exposure.

3. Career options after B.com?

B.com graduates can excel in a variety of fields, like sales, marketing, finance, and even entrepreneurship.

4. Should I pursue a CMA with B.com?

TheCertified Management Accountant (CMA)is a global professional certification focusing on accounting and financial management. It can be the best course to pursue with a B.com since it gives you the financial acumen to drive organizational growth and gain global exposure.