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13 Effective Ways to Pass ACCA Exam:

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."
Examinations are synonymous with anxiety and fear. Fear of failure is ingrained in every individual; after all, success is invariably admired, and successful people are honored. On the other hand, failures are ruminated upon. Students become engulfed in negativity at this point. Scholars often dread and fear exams because they must demonstrate their abilities to demonstrate their faith in themselves. All students fear exams. They rarely come out of their shells to face these fears by themselves.

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However, there are several avenues through which a student can find the key to overcoming failure. Students can deal with failures well and gain victory. It only requires a change in thinking and attitude.
Congratulations to the ACCA pass-outs and those who failed to qualify, as they tried their best. Remember that failure is not the end of your career and opportunities. In some cases, you will not be able to pass your exams on the first try, so do not lose hope and confidence if you fail a few times.
The NorthStar Academy can help you cope with your failure and decrease your anxiety level. We are here to furnish you with the best and most experienced teachers who will motivate you at every step of your success.

Here are some notches that will help you negotiate with exam failure and prepare for your next one.

1.It's fine, if you fail

It is agreed that ACCA examinations are really hard to crack. Regardless, failing an unqualified exam doesnt ruin your future career. If you are unable to qualify on the first attempt you have more chances to qualify, it doesnt mean you have failed in the initial exam, and you couldnt secure your future, or you cannot make yourself outshine. Failure doesnt mean you are losing, rather it means you are trying.

2.Evaluate yourself

Always try to evaluate yourself and that will help you to identify your weaknesses. Self-assessment will illustrate your problems to deal with them smartly. Always give attention to mock tests and evaluate which questions you missed or you attempted and were misinterpreted, etc. This provides you with practice and assists you in gaining confidence in yourself.
Such assessments are very beneficial to eliminating your omissions and are the steps to your success.

3.Believe in yourself

The most important thing is to overcome your fear of exams and deal with your failure. Always be confident in yourself and strong all the time. The primary thing is never comparing yourself with anyone; no one is identical. Always have your own Pace of covering topics, subjects, etc.

4.Formulate a Timetable

Always decide your schedule and work upon it. Studies are always interrelated with a proper schedule or timetable. So, even ACCA cannot work without a proper schedule. Every subject requires attention and dedicated hours. This helps to maintain consistency and regularity in studying.

5.Avoid Distractions

Try to stay away from your digital distractions. Try to be strict with yourself and avoid using digital gadgets that may distract you from your studies. These distractions eat up your time and do not allow you to follow your timetable, thus leading to a loss in studies.

6.Never ignore food and sleep.

Proper eating habits and good sleeping hours are essential to being a successful person in your life. As it is always said, Health is Wealth, so never skip any meal and your sleep.


Try to re-read and revise all your topics or concepts before the actual examination day. Solve mock papers and evaluate yourself. Try to identify your errors and work upon them.

8.Take Proper Breaks

You cannot study all day long. It is not easy to memorise everything at once, so take frequent breaks and spare some time for refreshments, family, or your hobbies. Exercise will also help in refreshing your mind.
These steps will help you succeed in your exams. Studying with NorthStar Academy provides you training from professionals who keep motivating students with complete determination and a strong willingness to reach the zenith.
Tips to pass ACCA exam

Productive last-minute strategies to pass ACCA exam

You have heard that scholars have to study long and hard for their ACCA exams. Regardless, it is no wonder that the long part is sometimes neglected. Most of the students also do other work along with ACCA qualifications, which is why they find it difficult to focus on the ACCAExam.
Remember, nothing in life is impossible; even impossible says I am possible, and as long as you are determined to perform well, you will. You need to understand that practice and hard work never go in vain.

Some more ways to cover most of your ACCA Examinations:

9.Make strategies like a professional

So, you are rigid on duration, no dilemma! Your objective should not be to concentrate on what cannot be altered. Instead, you should dedicate your strengths to composing an effective study plan backed by a fitting technique.
For specimens, you have four weeks to prepare for the ACCA exam date. Enable yourself a decent ten minutes and assume everything you must cover, the most in the time you have. Then, behold, if you can reschedule your everyday chores for overdue.
Ideally, you should revamp significant concepts, attempt questions from past papers, and absorb as much proficiency as feasible.

10.Exercise multiple prior papers

While your course books are valuable, going through them during a duration crunch can be intimidating. Devote more time by going through the pastACCA papers. It is a no-brainer that the topics you strive for will not appear in the actual exam, but these will furnish you with an idea of what to anticipate. You get ideas for a pattern of questions and will furnish yourself with that.

11.Do not prepare comprehensive notes

While making comprehensive notes for ACCA exam preparation is a doable idea, doing so as a last-minute procedure is fatal. As the exercise consumes much time, you do not want to spare much time. You need an emphasis on the previous papers. Try memorising content by simply writing points rather than explaining them in detail.

12.Influence video tutorials

For ACCA, you get muchonline materialfrom NorthStar Academy, well-recorded classes for every topic and concept, and various methods to study. The great thing about videos is that they compress a fraction of vital information into tidbits.
Many videos feature queries solving sessions in detail. This gives you an idea of the concepts involved in a particular topic. This conserves time and even supports mind mapping for accounting concepts. Further, visual resources have been recognized to upgrade remembrance, which will help you ace your ACCA exam.

13.Sharpen your answering abilities

Mainly, the students acquire fewer marks due to the answering patterns in ACCA exams. Therefore, please read all the questions carefully and understand them before answering them. Assume in mentality that there is no single technique to tackle this dilemma. It is all about discerning what kind of answering strategies an examiner expects for a particular question.
Being late or lacking time does not mean you cannot pass the ACCA exam with flying colours.
Do not panic and keep track of your strategies, and you can ace your ACCA exam for sure.


1. How can I pass ACCA Exam fast?

Make, a plan, work on important topics and every concept and make a schedule. All you need is to do smart work rather than hard work.

2. What happens if you fail the ACCA Exam?

Failing an exam does not mean the end for every opportunity; it strengthens you for your next attempt. So, never lose faith and give your best.

3. Are all ACCA Exams 50% pass rate?

Yes, the pass mark is 50% in ACCA Exams.

4. Is this to Pass ACCA Exam are the hardest?

P7 (Advanced Audit and assurance) is the toughest paper with the lowest pass rate, 30%.

5. What is the salary of ACCA in India?

The average salary of an ACCA is up to 8 lakhs per annum.

6. How many times ACCA exams are conducted per year?

There will be 4 exam sessions of ACCA exams conducted per year.

7. How many times ACCA exam can be rewritten?

There is no limitation to attempting ACCA exams, the only thing you should concentrate is to choose a good institute to study ACCA so that you can clear in a single attempt.


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