Top 5 Highest Paying CPA Jobs

5 Highest Paying CPA Jobs

Searching for the quickest guide to understand and get acquainted with the highest paying CPA jobs? No worries! Lets discuss. We all know that US CPA is a prominent credential that provides prestige to every professional in the industry. Not just the value of CPA-certified individuals increases, but they are bombarded with many job opportunities and a considerable increase in their salary.
The salary packages depend on various factors, including expertise, experience, location, company, etc. The more experience CPAs possess, the more high-paid jobs will be at their doorstep.
There are a number of jobs that a CPA USA can apply for all across the globe, which we have enlisted below. However, before going through the highest-paying accounting jobs, let us have an overview of the credential. 
CPA is a designated certification accredited by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), representing a certified individuals expertise in accounting and finance. A CPA has a lot of roles and responsibilities to serve. For instance, a CPA makes financial decisions, makes a budget plan, undertakes the process of auditing, etc. 
Every company, be it big or small, requires a CPA to manage its finances. The expertise of a CPA can help businesses yield profits and eliminate tax liabilities. To get the highest paying CPA jobs, it is essential to know about the top CPA course you need to enroll in to clear the CPA exam with ease. So, let us look at some of the key points regarding CPA. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the CPA exam?

In order to get the highest-paying CPA jobs, one has to fulfill the eligibility criteria to sit for the exam and qualify for it. The requirement is as follows: 
  • The candidate must have completed graduation in the accounting field like BBA, MBA, Finance, etc. If one is applying for CPA USA in India, then one needs to become a member of ICAI, ICMAI, or ICSI. 
  • The candidate requires at least two years of work experience in the relevant field. The candidate can work under a CPA for 1-2 years. 
  • The candidate must also complete a credit score of 150 hours (general higher education). 
The CPA exam is one of the toughest exams a candidate can come across and clear. It is why CPAs are valued globally and provided with the highest-paying CPA jobs. Let us give you an overview of the exam.  

CPA Exam Overview

  1. The CPA exam is held as a computer-based test. 
  2. It is held four times a year. 
  3. registration for the exam is open for the entire year. 
  4. A candidate must clear the US CPA exam to obtain a US CPA license. 
  5. The exam is for 16 hours and is divided into four sections. 
  6. Four papers of CPA USA are Auditing & Attestation, Financial Management & Reporting, Regulation, and Business Environment & Concepts. 
  7. All four papers must be cleared within 18 months. After the first exam is cleared, candidates are given 18 months to clear the other four exams. 
  8. The CPA exam contains task-based simulations, MCQs, and comprehensive writing. 
If a candidate wants the highest paying CPA jobs, then one must have a specialization in the CPA course. Here is the list of some specializations one can opt for! 
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  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • International Business
  • Human Resources
  • Auditing 
  • Control
  • Financial planning & analysis
It is advised that a candidate must do specialization in the subjects mentioned above to crack the CPA exam and get the highest paying CPA jobs. Also, you can get enrolled in the best CPA certification course from the NorthStar Academy (NSA) to streamline your preparation. NSA provides you with the complete roadmap with necessary guidance from Indias top mentors in the field. You can always contact us at the NSA for more information and get your preparation started in the right direction.
Now, let us look at some career prospects/ job aspects in detail for a CPA. 

What is the highest Paid Accounting Jobs in India?

There are several highest-paying CPA jobs in India. Let us have a look at them! 

1. Internal Auditing Manager 

Internal Audit Managers are responsible for conducting internal audits in the organization. This is done for various processes in the organization on a monthly basis. These managers assess the potential risks, thereby ensuring that the decisions made are in compliance with state, local, and federal laws. 

2. Investment Banking 

Investment banking is one of the highest-paying CPA jobs, wherein the bankers work for corporate clients and provide them with numerous services like financial planning, fundraising, etc. Investment bankers help companies to recognize new opportunities that can result in the growth of the business, thereby eliminating tax liabilities. 

3. Financial Controller

The role of the financial controller is to keep an eye on the accounting and finance-related activities in the company. A financial controller assists the companies in various operations, projects, processes, etc. Other responsibilities include summarizing trends, analyzing budget deficiencies, and reporting the same to top management. 

4. Analysis Manager & Financial Planner

Other highest-paying CPA jobs are that of an analysis manager and financial manager, or combined job roles. The Analysis manager's role is to budget, forecast, and analyze the financial decision for the company's benefit. These managers help the organization achieve short-term and long-term goals, thereby tracking the progress of projects. They also examine the income, expenses, taxes, investments, liabilities, etc., before arriving at a decision. 

5. Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer keeps the financial actions of the company in check. He/ she tracks the company's cash flow and analyzes its financial strengths and weaknesses. CFO is one of the highest paying CPA jobs that can help one stabilize the career and ensure financial security. The Chief Financial Officer oversees taxation, business planning, quality control, etc. 
These are the highest paying accounting jobs that can help one in numerous ways. If you are thinking of becoming a CPA, these jobs can give you an immense sense of job security and monetary benefit. 
Now, there are some accounting firms that pay the highest salaries to a CPA. Let us have a look at them! 

List of Highest Paying Accounting Firms: 

To gain some of the highest-paying accounting jobs, one has to crack the CPA exam. Here are the top accounting firms that provide candidates with high salaries. Have a look!  

1. Deloitte       

Deloitte is Indias first and the most integral subsidiary of the UK-based company Deloitte. The company offers services such as auditing, tax, resolving legal issues, financial advice, consulting, risk advising, etc. Deloitte is the biggest professional services network that a CPA can apply for in order to get the highest-paying accounting jobs. 
The average salary of a CPA in Deloitte is $61,000 and can reach up to $71,000.  

2. Price Waterhouse Coopers 

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a globally accredited company that includes over 157 countries and 300,000 working professionals. The company's main objective is to provide clients with high-quality tax and advice services. The company is in states like Hyderabad, Bhopal, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, etc. An important thing to note here is that the company is one of the top four big companies in terms of auditing and revenue growth. 
The salary of a CPA in PwC is $56,000 and can be increased up to $65,000 based on the individual's experience. 

3. Ernst & Young India 

Included in the big four companies, EY provides candidates with the highest-paying CPA jobs. Individuals who are interested in becoming CPAs or CAs can apply to the firm. The services provided by the company are transaction advisory services, assurance services, advisory services, tax services, consulting services, etc. EY is a UK-based company that provides professional services to clients.    
The average salary of a CPA in EY is $64,000 and can reach up to $67,000.

4. KPMG 

KPMG is ranked as the second-most successful firm in providing the highest-paying CPA jobs. It is one of the top accounting companies in India that provides a wide range of financial services to its clients. The services include business advice, tax-related regulation services, risk-related services, etc. KPMG provides candidates with career-building possibilities that can result in an amazing career boost. The headquarters of KPMG is located in the Netherlands and provides services in all countries. 
The starting salary of a CPA in KPMG is $64,000.  
So, these are the highest paying accounting firms that provide the candidates with the highest paying accounting jobs. A CPA getting recruited by any of these companies can be assured that their future is secure, and the salary will increase as one gains experience with time. A CPA can work in any of these companies either in India or other countries where there are branches of these companies.  

Types of Accounting Jobs & Salaries: 

1. Tax Accountant 

Tax accountants determine the amount of money an individual owns in taxes. The average salary of a tax accountant is $56,000. 

2. Forensic Accountant 

A forensic accountant is an expert in both the law and accounting fields. They are responsible for discovering frauds or other malicious activities in the company. The average salary of a forensic accountant is $66,000. 

3. Auditing 

An auditor examines the company's financial records and looks for mismanagement, liabilities, frauds, etc. The average salary of auditing is $55,000. 

4. Controller

A controller looks over the accounting department and supervises the employees, their activities, etc. The average salary of a controller is $195,911. 
So, this is the list of Accounting Careers after a candidate has become a CPA. These accounting careers can provide the candidates with the highest paying accounting jobs. 

Which is the highest accounting position?   

A candidate can apply for numerous highest paying CPA jobs after becoming a CPA. Here are the top highest paying accounting positions that a CPA can get after gaining the CPA credential. Have a look! 

Financial Controller

Heads the accounting department and maintains payroll, ledger, financial statements, etc. 


Responsible for controlling the accounting department of the company. A CMA makes sure that the team is managed in compliance with the policies and procedures of the company. 

Chartered Accountant

Gives professional advice regarding the financial decisions and profitability of the company. A CA undertakes the process of auditing, taxation, financial reporting, etc. 

Bank Branch Manager

Provides services like hiring employees, approving loans, approving lines of credits, etc. 

CGA (Certified General Accountant)

Reviews the financial reporting mechanism, processes, and policies of the concerned organization. 

Financial Analyst

Guides the business and learners regarding stocks, bonds, and different types of investments.    


1. What accounting jobs pay the highest? 

The Finance Controller, CMA, CA, CPA, and Financial Analyst are the top accounting jobs that pay the highest salary to the individual. 

2. How much do top CPAs make? 

A top-level CPA makes up to $150,000. For example, a finance controller is considered one of the highest paying CPA jobs, fulfilling numerous roles and responsibilities for a company or enterprise.

3. Can accountants make six figures? 

A CPA usually gets a five-figure salary. But with experience and expertise, the CPA can reach top positions and get six-figure salaries! 

4. Are accountants rich?

Accountants are highly paid. They are recruited to the top companies, resulting in high pay grades. It helps in making their career stabilized. 

5. Which company pays accountants the most? 

The companies mentioned above in the section Highest paying accounting firms provide high salaries to CPAs. These are the big 4 companies that provide high-salary jobs to individuals. 

6. Does the Big 4 audit pay well? 

Yes, Big 4 companies pay exceptionally well to certified individuals. For example, the average salary for a CPA ranges from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 14 lakhs per year. 

7. Is it worth it to become a CPA? 

Yes, US CPA is a top-level, professional credential that can lead you to the highest paying CPA jobs. It ensures financial security and job security. Thus, CPA is a great credential to have.


CPA is a professional credential that can provide one with the highest paying CPA jobs. The candidates are recruited from top companies across the globe. When it comes to getting high-salary jobs, it is essential to qualify for the CPA exam first. 
To pass the exam, candidates require the assistance of top mentors like M Irfat Sir from NorthStar Academy. NSA provides candidates with a CPA certification course that is well-organized and streamlined to provide the best CPA roadmap to the candidates.
The course is for 6-8 months and provides the candidates with exclusive study material that can help them excel in the examination. With bundle discounts, pre-recorded sessions, and interactive classes, NorthStar Academy is budget-friendly and can help you prepare effectively for the CPA USA exam. 
Associated with Gleim and AICPA, the academy has a pass percentage of 75%. So, dont think! If you wish to become a CPA, apply to our CPA certification course and get the highest paying accounting jobs across the globe. 
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