ACCA Online Course | A Complete Guide

Are you aspiring to take your career in finance to the international level? Merely earning standard undergraduate and graduate degrees may not be sufficient for this. You need to outshine to enter the international job world of endless possibilities and opportunities. Leading a global finance career often requires obtaining international accreditation in finance and accounting. These internationally recognised certifications can significantly enhance your qualifications. 

One of these certifications is the ACCA, which promises a world brimming with abundant opportunities. Before you dive into preparation or commit to any ACCA online course, take some time to understand what ACCA actually is. It is lauded globally as one of the best professional accountancy credentials conceded by none other than the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants themselves. ACCA qualification is exceptionally desirable for finance students and professionals due to its global eminence and resultant benefits.

Why Acquire ACCA Qualification?

Below are some of the most convincing reasons to pursue the ACCA online course and acquire this accreditation. 
  • The mark of recognition accompanying an ACCA accreditation traverses globally, equipping certificate holders with multiple opportunities in international finance and accounting circles. This move decidedly propels their career towards newer verticals. The certification is acknowledged across more than 180 markets worldwide, along with 80 global organisations.
  • ACCA accreditation can help individuals harbour ambitions for landing highly rewarding positions within renowned 'Big 4' financial companies.
  • Despite its origin being in the United Kingdom, there's no confinement to solely acquiring knowledge and applying skills within the British financial environment through this certification. The ACCA has around 100 offices worldwide, empowering it to offer localised support to each student. From the best ACCA coaching institute to ACCA jobs, you can find everything within your home country or anywhere else. 
  • The ACCA course contains local tax rules and finance laws, making it relevant to each country. 
  • Another benefit of choosing the ACCA online course is its adaptability. This programme allows you to earn the certification, alongside graduating, as a basic necessity for eligibility in the ACCA exam is having passed high school.

ACCA Examination

Earning the ACCA credential necessitates passing the rigorous ACCA exam. This guide will further delineate eligibility criteria, exam structure, divisional levels, and syllabus for the ACCA online course.

ACCA Eligibility

The ACCA welcomes students and professionals from varying educational backgrounds to earn this certification. Therefore, unlike other international finance and accounting certifications, pursuing an ACCA online course does not demand much from the applicants. The primary eligibility criteria for ACCA is- 
  • 10+2 qualification or equivalent qualification with a minimum of 65% 
  • Passing the ACCA examination
  • A basic understanding of the English language

Levels and Subjects in the ACCA Examination

Nothing comes free in this competitive world. To attain this certificate, an examination is required to be passed that includes 13 separate tests. The ACCA online course occupies three levels. Each level consists of several subjects that will test your finance and accounting skills and knowledge from the foundational to the professional level. 

Levels in ACCA Course

  • Applied Knowledge Level
  • Applied Skills Level
  • Strategic Professional Level

Subjects in the ACCA Course

Each level of the ACCA online course is divided into various subjects, as detailed below.

Applied Knowledge Level
  • Business and Technology (BT)
  • Management Accounting (MA)
  • Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skills Level
  • Corporate and Business Law (LW)
  • Performance Management (PM) 
  • Taxation (TX)
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Financial Management 
  • Assurance and Audit (AA)

Strategic Professional Level
It comprises four subjects. Two of these four subjects are mandatory, with the remaining being optional and may be selected from available choices.

Compulsory Subjects
  • Strategic Business Leader
  • Strategic Business Reporting 

Optional Subjects 
  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance 

Facing these many exams might be intimidating for aspirants. However, careful guidance and comprehensive ACCA study materials can ease the process.  

ACCA Exam Pattern

The competition level, extensive syllabus, and exam pattern make it essential for you to take ACCA coaching to understand it all and prepare correctly. But, before starting with the preparation, expert mentors and teachers suggest having a brief knowledge of the exam pattern. The ACCA designs its exam papers strategically to test your knowledge and skills. As detailed below, they consist of questions in varying forms at each level.

Applied Knowledge Level

The first level of the ACCA examination, consisting of three subjects, has all objective questions. To pass this level, you must obtain at least 50%. 

Applied Skills Level

  • The Corporate and Business Law (LW)- 100% objective.
  • Financial Reporting (FR) and Assurance and Audit (AA)- 50% objective and 50% subjective.
  • Performance Management (PM), Taxation (TX), and Financial Management (FM)- 60% objective and 40% subjective.

Strategic Professional Level

All four exams of this level are 100% subjective. 
Understanding and preparing for such a diverse exam pattern requires choosing suitable ACCA study materials consisting of practice questions in the same format as in the ACCA examination. 

ACCA Exam Cost

Applied Knowledge Level Exams

For each exam you appear in this level, you have to pay a fee of £70. 

Applied Skills Level Exams

The Exam fee is £134 for each Skills Level subject. 

Strategic Professional Level Exams

For Strategic Business Leader (SBL), the exam fee is £238, and for the other subjects of Strategic Professional Level, it is £170 each. 

ACCA Exemptions

Surprisingly enough, if you have specific qualifications already under your belt, completing all 13 tests for an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certification isn't mandatory! The ACCA recognises your prior educational credentials and can potentially be considered as exemptions, reducing the number of exams you need to complete. 

The number of awarded exams depends on your specific qualifications. Also, to achieve exemptions, you must apply for them with initial registration and submit the required documents to prove your qualifications. Below are the exemptions offered by the ACCA. 

  • The ACCA grants up to 5 exemptions to B. Com Graduates. 
  • Up to 6 exemptions are offered to qualified CA Inter students or Autonomous college students. 
  • CAs, CPAs and CMAs can avail up to 9 exemptions. 

Use the official exemption calculator to know your eligibility for exemptions in ACCA. 

ACCA Career Scope

An ACCA online course paves career pathways to lucrative financial roles across global industries. With this qualification in hand, you may discover doors opening to acclaimed positions that come with high-paying remunerations within the finance and accounting sectors. 
 Some of these opportunities include- 
  • Finance Controller
  • Chartered Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Credit Controller
  • Tax Specialist
  • Auditor
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Advisor/ Planner


  1. Can I do an ACCA course online?

Doing an ACCA course online is the best and most feasible option. It allows you to start preparing for your aim from the comfort of your home while still learning from the experts. 

  1. Which is the best online ACCA course?

With a passing percentage of 90%, the ACCA online course by NorthStar Academy is the most preferred choice of ACCA aspirants. The coaching institute has the best faculty members and offers comprehensive study material and modern features like pocket classrooms to aid your preparation. 

  1. What is the cost of ACCA online courses?

The cost of an ACCA online course depends on various factors and the plan you select. Notably, some ACCA coaching providers present different learning modes to accommodate learners' preferences - from live interactions and recorded lectures to courses paced at one's convenience, naturally causing a variation in fees based on the chosen mode.


Standing out amongst global competitors within finance and accounting disciplines is by no means a walk in the park. You will face several challenges if you rely merely on conventional degrees. However, if you acquire an ACCA qualification, get ready to fast-track your career growth. Join NorthStar Academy's ACCA online course today to learn under the guidance of industry experts and enter the fast-paced finance and accounting world. 

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