ACCA Study Materials: A Complete Guide


The comprehensive and rigorous nature of the course makes the ACCA study materials detailed and explanatory. The ACCA has also considered the practical aspect of learning while formulating this course; therefore, there is an ACCA practice platform, ACCA practice materials, and an ACCA study guide, which ensures that the students get the best theoretical knowledge and develop the skills to apply this knowledge in the practical world.

ACCA Course

The ACCA course is comprehensive and rigorous, with various subjects ranging from basic accounting and business technology cooperative laws to advanced courses for niche development, professional ethics, experience, and confidence. 

Applied Knowledge Level

Being the first level of the ACCA course, the applied knowledge level aims to briefly introduce the students to basic accounting concepts while familiarizing them with the field's core. The level also gives the students a brief hint of other ancillary topics, like the prominent use of technology in business and how to use it for their benefit.

Applied Skill Level

The second level of the ACCA course is a transitional level, which lays the foundation for learning more advanced concepts while building on the basics explored in the first level. The topics here are standard yet diverse, including 
  • Cooperation and Business Law
  • Performance Management
  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Assurance and Audit

Strategic Professional Level

The professional level is undoubtedly the hardest of all three levels. It consists of compulsory and optional subjects. The compulsory subjects cover all the ACCA study materials and mainly focus on strategic training to make the students all-rounders. The optional subjects allow the students to study advanced subjects of their choice and develop a niche. Therefore, the students are advised to consider a combination of two subjects they feel most competent in. 

Places to Get the Best ACCA Study Materials

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and its approved partners should be the first stop for students looking for the best ACCA study materials. 

Approved Learning Partners

ACCA has several approved partners who educate and train aspiring ACCA students to realize their dreams. The ACCA selects such partners only when they excel in several departments, such as high-quality tuition, excellent student support, a comfortable learning environment, etc. The ACCA also regularly audits the various study materials such partners provide to ensure quality. 

University Partners

ACCA also actively collaborates with various international universities, making them partners. The upside of having university partners is that students of such universities can actively pursue ACCA and whatever degree they are pursuing. At the same time, they will get all the required ACCA study materials at the university itself. This way, they do not have to invest extra time or effort to pursue two courses simultaneously. 

Other Sources

Besides the ACCA-approved institutes and partners, several other sources are available to ACCA students. Several institutions train students to qualify for the ACCA exam and publish their ACCA study materials, like ACCA books and preparation guides. Students can reach out for such resources; however, they should apply caution while picking ACCA study materials that are not ACCA-approved as they might lack quality.

The Best ACCA Study Materials

The ACCA has several free resources students can explore while pursuing their ACCA degree. The resources range from study support guides, examining team guidance on exam technique, syllabus information, specimen and past exams, technical articles, study hubs, and more; however, the following are the most reached out for:

Approved Content

The approved content for ACCA study materials is produced by the approved publications of the ACCA, which students can reach out for without any concern about its quality, as the ACCA's examining team thoroughly assesses such approved content in addition to the publishers themselves.
BPP Learning Media Publication
BPP Learning Media Publication is an ACCA-approved publication that provides quality ACCA study materials in partnership with the ACCA. While the ACCA-approved publisher seal solidifies their reputation, BPP publication has maintained excellent quality throughout its study materials. The publication offers a variety of content formats, including study texts, workbooks, and practice and revision kits, all specifically tailored to the exams.
Top institutions like NorthStar Academy provide BPP learning materials; students get them along with their registration at the academy. NorthStar Academy partnered with BPP Learning Media to ensure their students get only premium ACCA study materials. The best part about the study material by NorthStar Academy is that it is accessible from anywhere and everywhere, so you can learn on the go. 

Kaplan Books

Kaplan Books has long been a prominent name in the ACCA study material industry. They provide quality books and other useful resources like pocket notes, revision kits, past exam papers, short video lectures, etc. Their content is always up-to-date and can even be converted into PDF format, so students can study on the go. The best thing about them is that they are an ACCA-approved publisher, a fact that vouches for their quality and reliability.

Get-Through Guides for ACCA

Get Through Guides (GTG) is another ACCA study material that specializes in publishing, training, and content development. It offers top-notch materials in finance, accounting, and management, catering to global professionals seeking certification success. GTG collaborates with various professional institutes worldwide, serving over a million users in India alone. Its team comprises seasoned professionals, authors, trainers, designers, and researchers.

Becker Professional Education

Renowned for their comprehensive content and organized methodology, Becker's resources are ideal for students seeking thorough explanations. The ACCA's examining team has approved Becker's Revision Question Bank, which includes recent ACCA exams with suggested answers, updated past questions, model answers, suggested solutions, and tutorial notes.

Learning Community

The ACCA also has a learning community as part of its study materials. The learning community is an online space where aspiring ACCA students connect, creating a network of individuals from different backgrounds. The main aim of the community is to pool the resources of its various members and create a big bank of ACCA study materials for the members to use. 

ACCA Ethics and PER

The ACCA Ethics and PER are like add-ons to the ACCA study materials, which contribute to the overall development of the students. While the ACCA Ethics Module focuses on nurturing professional ethics and conduct in students, practical experience ensures students become good and capable professionals.


The ACCA course is comprehensive and rigorous, with various modules and subjects that train the students in all accounting-related topics. The subjects encompass basic accounting, accounting technology, accounting laws, advanced courses for niche development, professional ethics, experience, and confidence. Therefore, students must only study from the best ACCA books to qualify for this course with good marks.
Top institutes like NorthStar Academy offer the best study materials, like BPP materials, with qualified mentors available for your assistance. With quality ACCA study material available from anywhere and the best experts teaching it, NorthStar Academy can become your success partner in the ACCA course. Reach out to us on WhatsApp to learn more! 


1. Does ACCA provide study material?

  • Yes, the ACCA Institute provides a range of study resources, such as: 
  • ACCA study material, 
  • ACCA Practice Platform, 
  • ACCA study guide, 
  • ACCA books. 

2. What is the best source for ACCA study material?

Students can find ACCA study material on the course’s official website. You can also access quality study materials if you learn from top institutions like NorthStar Academy, which helps students prepare for the ACCA course. 

3. How can students self-study for ACCA?

To self-study for ACCA, you need to have the best study materials in hand. For this, you can check out get-through guides for ACCA, BPP Learning Media Publication Books, or other such materials.

4. Which books do I need for ACCA?

  • If you want to clear your ACCA exams, several books that cover the ACCA study materials are available. These are:
  • Kaplan Publication has ACCA books.
  • BPP Learning Media Publication: ACCA Books.
  • Get-Through Guides for ACCA.
  • Becker Professional Education Approved Question Bank. 

5. Can I get ACCA for free?

You can access some parts or subjects of the ACCA course for free. However, it's best to study from approved learning materials, such as BPP material, for quality learning and to ensure success.

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