Accounting Jobs in the UK After an ACCA Degree


Whether you are looking for a career change or starting a new career in Accountancy, ACCA UK provides just the right opportunities & a career boost. The demand for accounting jobs in the UK has skyrocketed over the past few years as they provide a wider scope for finance & accounting (commerce) students. It is one of the most prominent fields of expertise in finance that has gained traction from all over the world. 
Apart from getting the opportunity to join the top MNCs and accounting firms around the world, ACCA-certified individuals also get to become Chartered Accountants. So, if you are considering pursuing this lucrative career as an ACCA, read this informative blog.

Overview of ACCA and Jobs

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is the official accounting body of the UK which offers global exposure and international recognition in the field of Accounting and Finance. Being internationally recognized, acquiring the ACCA certification can help individuals get accounting jobs in over 180 countries worldwide. It is one of the most popular and widely accepted certifications. You can obtain it by clearing the ACCA certification exam administered by the official ACCA UK accounting body to be eligible for accounting jobs in the UK.
As a professional certification in Accountancy, ACCA validates the credentials of the certification holders as well versed and knowledgeable in Accounting & Finance. An ACCA-certified individual is responsible for managing a company or organization's financial and accounting aspects. For example, as finance managers, ACCA professionals would be required to make important decisions regarding investing and spending of company funds.
ACCA-certified individuals are hired by the top accounting firms, the Big 4s, and many of the top MNCs and organizations worldwide requiring financial and accounting assistance to help reach their organizational needs and goals. Obtaining the ACCA credentials will help you build a stable career by significantly boosting your credibility for accounting jobs in the UK.
If the ACCA certification sounds just about right for you, let us take a look at the best institution you can go to pursue your ACCA certification exam to become a certified ACCA professional.

Best Way to Pursue ACCA Course - NSA

Get your golden ticket to the ACCA certification by enrolling in NorthStar Academy, where you can avail a host of exciting benefits. When you enroll yourself for the ACCA course to get accounting jobs in the UK, you get the opportunity to be personally guided and mentored by expert teachers. 
NSA helps you get accounting jobs in the UK by preparing you through a comprehensive ACCA course that starts from the fundamental concepts of finance and accounting, covering all concepts necessary to make you a pro in Accountancy.
With whopping passing rates among NSA students, you can be rest assured to be a part of the ACCA fraternity by successfully passing the ACCA certification exam. NorthStar Academy also has tie-ups with many MNCs worldwide and provides placement assistance for pursuing an excellent career and fulfilling your dreams of accounting jobs in the UK. In addition, the grooming assistance at NSA will help you be well-prepared for your interviews and bag multiple jobs in the field of Finance and Accounting.
When you enroll at NSA, you get flexibility in the mode of education. With the customized learning schedules, you can opt for online classes for the ACCA course and take classes for your ACCA certification exam anytime, anywhere you want. With accessibility through Android and iOS platforms, NSA provides uninterrupted learning opportunities for the ACCA course. You can also avail yourself of the chance to get your doubts addressed by expert guides at the academy.
When you enroll at NorthStar Academy, you come out ready for the best accounting jobs in the UK.

Factors of Financial Employees' Salaries in the UK?

There are various accounting jobs in the UK with various requirements and factors that can affect the salary of employees in accounting jobs in the UK. 
Although the salary of employed individuals depends upon their educational or professional qualifications, a few factors influence their salary prospects.
  • Qualification
As already mentioned, the educational and professional qualifications of an individual influence their salary prospects in accounting jobs in the UK. While you can join just any certification course in Accountancy, choosing one that gives you an edge over others is imperative. It can be achieved by opting for the ACCA certification. The ACCA certification, being globally recognized, opens up many avenues for accounting jobs in the UK and other countries worldwide.
  • Specialization
Having certain expertise in a related field of finance and accounting sets you apart from the rest of your counterparts. If you can specialize in a related field of ACCA, say tax or auditing, apart from obtaining the ACCA certification, you will be able to put yourself in the limelight in front of your potential employers. Therefore, it is always a valuable recommendation to find an area of interest and specialize in it after obtaining the ACCA certification.
  • Skills
The skills you have and the skills you gain add value to your professional profile. You should always try to acquire additional skills that enhance the credibility of your profile. Your skills are an important deciding factor for your potential employers and an opportunity for you to bag high-paying accounting jobs in the UK and in the rest of the world. Here's a list of some of the in-demand professional skills that enhance your profile:
  • Auditing
  • Tax Consulting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Experience
Your level of work experience is an important deciding factor in your salary. To become a reputable ACCA-certified professional, you should acquire a few years of working experience in the relevant fields of expertise to back up your knowledge and skills as a certified professional.
  • Job Location
Another important aspect that affects your salary prospects in accounting jobs is the company or organization you work for and your job location. For example, if you happen to work for the Big 4s and other top MNCs, you will most likely get high-paying jobs as ACCA-certified professionals. In addition, you will be highly valued and respected at these companies for your expertise and knowledge in the relevant fields. 

Why is ACCA the best course in Financial markets?

The ACCA certification stands out among other professional certifications in accounting. The reason for this is its ability to tackle the needs of the current market demands and customize its course for students to provide solutions to financial and accounting problems.

ACCA Job Roles in the UK

ACCA professionals can find accounting and finance jobs in many industries, including IT, manufacturing, management consultancy, and property and construction, spanning several countries, including the UK. Some of the accounting jobs in the UK offered to ACCA-certified individuals include:
  • Financial Controller, 
  • Management Accountant, 
  • Finance Analyst 
  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Tax
  • Internal Audit Executive

Top Recruiters for ACCA Graduates in the UK

As already discussed, certified ACCA professionals are recruited by the Big 4s, including PwC, KPMG, EY, and Deloitte, the top Accounting firms, as well as the top MNCs and organizations worldwide. Companies like Grant Thornton, BDO, Haines Watts, Crowe Clark Whitehill, and Saffery Champness.

What are the Average Salaries for ACCA Qualifiers?

The salary of fresher ACCA candidates in accounting jobs in the UK is higher than their non-certified counterparts. It is especially true for Chartered Accountants under ACCA. In the banking sector, ACCA-certified professionals can expect around �25,000 � �30,000 salary on an annual basis. Auditing professionals who are ACCA certified can earn around Audit � �23,000 � �35,000, while individuals associated with taxation-related jobs have an earning potential of around�25,000 � �40,000. Finance Managers and Controllers can earn an average annual salary ranging between �45,000 and �50,000.


1. Are accounting jobs in demand in the UK?

Every financial institution and accounting organization requires accounting professionals to address their accounting needs and meet their financial goals. Since the pandemic, companies have started getting back on track and require the assistance of skilled financial and accounting professionals to help them. As such, ACCA-certified professionals are in high demand for accounting jobs in the UK.

2. How do I get a job in accounting in the UK?

One can be eligible for accounting jobs in the UK by pursuing a professional course in the relevant fields. ACCA provides the highest level of competence in Accountancy for students to bag the most lucrative job offers in the market. By obtaining the ACCA certification upon clearing the certification exam for it, one can apply for and get a job.

3. Can I work in the UK as an accountant?

To work as an Accountant in the UK, you need to acquire some specific set of skills and knowledge in the field of Accountancy. It can be done by opting for the ACCA certification, which is an internationally recognized certification in the related field. Acquiring the ACCA certification helps you to work as an Accountant in the UK.

4. Is accounting a promising career in the UK?

Knowledge and skills acquired through finance and accounting certification courses like the ACCA offer employment in major financial capitals like London. ACCA offers a successful career with job security and excellent career growth opportunities.

5. Can I get a job in the UK after ACCA?

It is possible to get accounting jobs in the UK after ACCA. The ACCA, being an internationally recognized certification, helps individuals bag lucrative job roles in the field of finance and accounting. The career growth and salary prospects of such jobs rise with years of experience in the relevant fields of expertise.

6. Which country is best for ACCA jobs?

ACCA has high demand in many countries worldwide, including the USA, Singapore, the UK, and the Gulf countries. In European countries, ACCA-certified professionals are in high demand for ACCA jobs. There are various accounting jobs in the UK after ACCA that one can opt for after obtaining the ACCA certification and getting the highest salary packages.

7. Can an Indian ACCA get a job in the UK?

No matter where you pursue your ACCA certification exam, you are eligible for accounting jobs in the UK after obtaining the ACCA certification. Such jobs will depend upon your experience level and the company you wish to join.


Opting for the ACCA certification opens up new horizons in the field of Finance and Accounting. It gives you an edge over your non-certified counterparts. Before you can obtain the ACCA certification, you need to clear the certification exam for it. The ACCA certification exam is an exam consisting of 13 papers that can take more than three years to complete. However, with the help of an ACCA course, you can complete the ACCA certification exam in just two years!
To help you in your efforts, NorthStar Academy provides a comprehensive ACCA course where guidance from expert mentors like M. Irfat Sir can help you get the most lucrative job roles after ACCA.
As an Approved Learning Partner of the ACCA UK accounting body, NSA also provides learning material consisting of MCQs that cover every topic under the ACCA certification exam and is extremely helpful for preparing for the ACCA exam. In addition, NSA also offers online classes for students so that they can get access to uninterrupted learning facilities.
So join NSA and become eligible for accounting jobs in the UK! Still, got any queries? Contact us and discuss them with our counsellors.�
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