All you need to know about CPA online course in India.


Enrolling in an online professional course to enhance your job or change your career trajectory is always a wise choice. For those wishing to pursue a business accounting and finance profession, the US CPA online course program is one such profitable choice. Around the world, there is a significant demand for the US CPA as a professional certification in many different areas. Professionals with a certified CPA credential are qualified to fill some of the highest managerial jobs and get competitive pay.

What is a CPA Online Course?

CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is regarded as the benchmark in accounting and finance. Since many reputable MNCs are now employing accounting professionals, the importance of the US CPA certification course has grown. Candidates who want to work in financial or company accounting frequently take the CPA USA certification course. A US CPA online course is especially beneficial for working people who wish to advance their careers or make a career transition in the field of Finance and Accounting. 
The CPA curriculum, broken down into only four tests, uses some of the most cutting-edge testing methodologies to determine if candidates from all over the world deserve the title CPA. 
Before we go into the content, duration, and CPA course fee for online learning, let us look at the benefits of the course.

Benefits of CPA Online Course

The US CPA course is really extensive, and the subject matter expertise required from the candidate is overwhelming. One must study, comprehend, and sharpen their thinking to pass the test. Taking the best CPA online courses from a reputable institute is one of the finest and simplest methods to prepare for the CMP test. 
Let us look at the benefits of the CPA online course:
Accountability - Online US CPA courses allow students to reschedule their lessons and choose from various session lengths. Candidates who work consistently will be able to advance day by day, aiding in their comprehension of difficult subjects and completion of the curriculum. Candidates may find it easier to plan their time and set aside additional time for studying if their institutes provide planned sessions. The focus of the lecturers at different institutions is on assisting students with their preparation one topic at a time.
The candidates will gain a deeper comprehension of the topics they are studying in this way. To solve complicated ideas, NorthStar Academy, for instance, concentrates on one subject at a time and delves into detail. CPA online courses make sure that the individual is well-versed in the subject.
Flexibility - Online CPA classes are flexible, which is one of their many advantages. The applicants don't need to go and study in various distant places. All you have to do is study at the convenience of your home. Candidates can separate their personal and study time as they are all in the same location. The applicants will have more freedom to choose how they want to study as a result. It is especially crucial to have the flexibility to combine your personal, professional, and academic obligations if you are working while also obtaining your CPA. You may select where and how you want to study by taking CPA online courses, which makes it flexible.
Guidance From the Top Instructor - The US CPA online classes are offered by mentors who will guide you through the process of studying and becoming a CPA. The institutions teachers are subject matter experts in various accounting-related fields. They are former CPA instructors who have had professional experience dealing with CPAs. Candidates can successfully use their knowledge in management accounting and associated sectors to thoroughly comprehend the subjects.
Time Management - A strategy is one of the most crucial elements of studying for the CPA Exam. It is just pointless to wing it. Time management is a crucial component of carrying out your study strategy. With the aid of a  CPA online course, you will have the resources necessary to create a strategy, manage your time, and maintain accountability. It is impossible to exaggerate the value of such resources and responsibility.

Who can join CPA Online Courses?

People wishing to start a career or those searching for a change or advancement in their employment can obtain US CPA certification. But it is crucial to be aware of the requirements for eligibility set out by the AICPA to pursue US CPA certification. 
The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for US CPA certification:
  • Candidates must hold a Master's degree in any field from an accredited university or another educational setting.
  • Candidates must have 120 credits after graduation in order to apply for the US CPA exam. Moreover, a total of 150 credit hours for getting the US CPA license.
CPA Course SpecificsFee
Application FeeUSD 170 to USD 225 
Evaluation FeeUSD 225 
Examination FeeUSD 225 
Training FeeUSD 1238

US CPA Online Course - Duration

The US CPA course can be completed in around 12-18 months to become a certified professional accountant. All of it depends on the dedication and ability of the individual candidate.

Is it worth doing the US CPA Course After CA?

The CPA course is what you should do if you have aspirations for your future and want to advance your career after CA. After finishing CA, enrolling in the CPA program will further your career and provide you access to a wider range of employment opportunities:
  • A CA certificate combined with a CPA license can give you additional job opportunities. Because you will have IFRS and US GAAP expertise, you will be able to work with multinational firms, and because there is a rising need for foreign accounting knowledge in Indian companies, they favor people who are well educated in it.
  • The CPA program will provide you with higher pay benefits and more widespread recognition following the CA. Your professional profile will gain a great deal of value and respect once you have successfully completed both of these courses and become a dual-certified professional.
  • You can use the CPA title while signing papers if you pass the exam for your CPA course and gain the necessary experience to obtain the CPA license. The CPA license also comes with other perks, like the ability to sign tax returns and audit reports or work as an owner or partner of a public accounting business.
  • Taking the CPA online course has several advantages that can assist you in finding a career with a decent salary. According to statistics, individuals holding dual certification, i.e., More money is made by CA and CPA graduates than by CA graduates alone. The versatility of a CPA certification gives a wide range of benefits; therefore, if you want to increase your income, you should consider taking the CPA course as an investment.

Best Online CPA Program - NorthStar Academy

The best online CPA program is the one that will enable you to pass all 4 CPA exam parts as quickly as possible. Check out the details below of the finest CPA online course from NorthStar Academy.
  • To assist you in passing the CPA Exam for the first time, NorthStar has a well-organized US CPA online course for students worldwide.
  • NorthStar provides highly-preferred study material that is taught by experienced faculty, covering every corner of the comprehensive syllabus.
  • The course contains over 100 hours of video lectures, high-quality texts, practice examinations, and unlimited access till you pass.
  • To prepare its future CPAs and provide them best job opportunities, NSA collaborates with the Big 4 and other leading accounting firms.
  • Moreover, NorthStar students have a very high passing rate i.e around 90%.


1. Can I do a CPA self-study?

As long as you have the proper and correct materials, you may self-study for the CPA. It would be nearly hard to pass without taking an excellent CPA review course. You can try self-study if you are well-versed in financial accounting and audit processes and are incredibly diligent; otherwise, it is always recommended to enroll in a CPA online course instead of self-studying.

2. Is CPA difficult to pass?

Yes, the CPA exam is a tough and difficult exam that necessitates consistent effort and hard study. It is advised to begin preparing for the test a year before it is scheduled to take place. Also, ensure that you have the most up-to-date curriculum and study materials for the test, which can be easily acquired with the best NorthStar's CPA online course.

3. How do I clear my CPA in 6 months?

If you want to pass the CPA test in three months, you should study more effectively rather than more rigorously. You should also ensure that you have the best study resources available to you. The tactics outlined here will assist students in passing the CPA:
It is critical to managing your time when studying for the exam. As a result, students should create a study plan in order to focus on each topic and manage their time effectively.
Examine past years' question papers to get a sense of the exam format and which topics are weighted heavily.
Make notes for revision on the critical subjects. The students can use these notes to make any last-minute modifications necessary before the test.

4. Can I do CPA while working full-time?

CPA is a professional course that many working individuals enroll in alongside their full-time employment. It is not as challenging as it may first appear to be. You must enroll in a reputable CPA online course, such as NorthStar Academy, in order to concentrate on the courses, receive appropriate coaching, and receive guidance for passing the CMA examinations.

5. How fast can you pass CPA?

You can pass the CPA test minimum of 6 months, but yes, it totally depends on the individual. If you truly want it, you can get through it, but it will require a lot of planning, commitment, ongoing discipline, and practice. You can enroll in a CPA online course to assist you in receiving better instructions and direction.

6. What is the CPA Canada Course fee?

The CPA Canada course fees for international students vary depending on their eligibility and the modules they must study. Depending on how you register, the total cost of completing the full procedure, including the PEP and preparatory classes, might be as much as INR 7.5 lakh. However, if you are a CA, CMA, or CGA, or if you completed a portion of the courses before they were merged with CPA, you will need to enroll in separate PEP modules. CFE registration alone will cost INR 85,000.

7. What is the CPA course Duration after B.Com?

If you pursue a CPA course after B.Com, the duration is the same. A certified professional accountant must complete the CPA online course in 18 months or a half years. Depending on the state you choose to apply for, you must have 120 or 150 credits from a NAAC-recognized university, as well as a certain number of hours in accounting and other business-related courses. You can apply for the test once you have met all the requirements.


Obtaining a professional certification might require extensive research and knowledge of what is best for you. You may choose how you want to prepare for the test and earn the US Certified Professional Accountant (US CPA) credential now that we have outlined all you need to know.
With more than ten years of teaching expertise, NorthStar Academy is one of the well-known and well-respected institutions that offer CPA online courses. The institute has become the most popular route to earn the US CPA certificate. To pass the CPA USA certification exam and become a registered accounting professional, you will receive coaching from experienced mentors such as Mr. M. Irfat. If you enroll in NSA's US CPA course, you will be able to crack at your very first attempt.
So don't put it off any longer; enroll at NSA today and begin preparing for a prosperous career as a US CPA.
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