Becker CPA Review - A Detailed Guide at NorthStar Academy

Introduction of Becker CPA

Many individuals consider the Becker study material to be the best when it comes to CPA test preparation. It is one of the most established US CPA review courses and is well-known for the caliber of its learning materials. The Becker CPA review program provides a reliable, straightforward strategy for getting ready for the US CPA test. 
Most accounting organizations, including Big 4 accounting firms and governmental organizations, rely on Becker to prepare their accountants and pass the CPA exam. The organization has changed its courses' pricing to make the Becker CPA review program more reasonable and make it simpler for students to pay for them to ensure that the maximum number of students may enroll in their course.
You will be able to choose between three distinct study methods if you enroll in their program. You can take lessons online, in person, or even individually. As a result, you may select the formats that best suit your needs.

NorthStar Academy - Becker Tie-up 

Northstar Academy has been acknowledged by Becker as an Approved Learning Partner and has online access to the question bank and Becker Books. In addition, NSA is the only learning partner in India to offer its well-curated, extensive learning content, prepared by specialists, and covers all the topics and ideas in minute depth in their US CPA certification course. After attempting Northstar Academy's 15-day free trial of Becker CPA Review course material, you will be sure of your choice.
You will be familiar with the Exam Structure on test day because the free Becker CPA Review sample adheres to the AICPA guidelines. 
    • A hundred task-based simulations and SkillMaster video courses are available.
    • Becker's exclusive Adapt2U Technology
    • 31 hours of lectures
    • Two full units per content section
    • 1,490 or so multiple-choice 
    • Unlimited practice tests

Free Demo for CPA Aspirants

Candidates who are unsure about Becker might choose a 14-day free trial class. Please be mindful that demo registration shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. After that, you'll get an email with details for accessing the account. You may access the course after you've logged in. It should be noted that the review course material is continually updated and is created in accordance with the AICPA Exam Blueprints. Additionally, it replicates the actual CPA Examination's format, functionality, and appearance. The program enables you to book Live Online/Live Classes, keep track of your progress, and complete practice exams.
With the demo class, you may get the following:
    • Adapt2U technology
    • Digital flashcards
    • 31 hours of lecture content
    • Syncing of progress from a demo to a purchase
    • Two units per content section
    • Approximately 60 adaptive, individualized review sessions using Becker's unique Adapt2U Technology.
    • Unlimited practice tests
    • A hundred task-based simulations and SkillMaster video courses are available.
    • Around 1490 MCQs

Pros of Becker

    • Extensive learning resources - Students can choose MCQs and TBSs to study from a vast database that has been hand-picked by Becker's topic specialists. The study guides align with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Exam Blueprints. To help you prepare for the test day as effectively as possible, Becker offers a comprehensive selection of practice questions. More than 7000 MCQs and 400 TBSs are included in the Advantage and Premium packages, while the Pro edition includes more than 8700 MCQs and 500 TBSs.
    • A qualified teaching staff - In business, law, and accounting, Becker has several seasoned CPAs and qualified experts on staff. The teachers at Becker are topic specialists with years of expertise in their specialties. They are also skilled at teaching in various settings, including live online and offline classrooms. Moreover, they are always kept updated on the most recent developments in their industries. As a result, it ensures that you learn pertinent information given the present situation.
    • Flexible study methods - Becker CPA Review creates a time-bound study regimen to help students get ready for the CPA Exam. By doing this, you can guarantee that you will finish the course within the allotted time. Each test segment is broken down into a number of modules, and each module is then separated into three sections: lectures, MCQs, and simulations (sims). Depending on your choices, you can attend the lecture, take the MCQs, or try the simulations. You can look through the lectures to locate the answers while responding to the MCQs. The best way to ensure you comprehend each module's potential questions is to watch the lectures and then respond to pertinent questions.
    • Mobile utility application - The Becker CPA Review mobile app is available for download on both Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. The learning material is available for students to download and view when they are on the go offline. Automatic progress synchronization between your PC and mobile digital devices is also available. As a result, it is simple to pick up where you left off.
    • Budget-friendly deals - Becker CPA Review provides three different packages with consideration for the students' various financial situations. They are guaranteed to be able to prepare economically and with the greatest tools accessible. Becker also provides various discounts on their packages to make them more worthwhile. With the Premium plan, you may now benefit from the virtual live online classroom and success coaches without having to pay extra for Pro.
    • Multiple add-ons packages - CPA applicants can choose from various add-ons at Becker. These consist of MCQ Bank, Printed Flashcards, and Final Review Software. Additionally, it provides CPE subscriptions and one-on-one teaching sessions for Pro customers. It encourages the students to use as many resources as they can for certain outcomes. 
    • Offerings for Flexible Payments - With regard to all of its review packages, Becker CPA Review provides numerous compensation alternatives. It implies that you have the option of selecting a no-interest payment schedule. Its consists of the following:
    • On qualified CPA Review purchases above $500, payment plans of six months to two years are available.
    • One-time processing charge that is not refundable
Candidates affiliated with particular companies or government bodies can also take advantage of Becker's group pricing.
    • Incredible student support - The committed academic staff at Becker can provide students with top-notch assistance. Additionally, the company's customer service team is dedicated to giving the students full support. It enables the candidates to approach every aspect of their CPA Exam Preparation confidently. The students at Becker have access to specialists at any time.
    • Personalized review sessions - The predictive Adapt2U technology assesses your performance as you study. After the completion of each unit, you are given a review session that has been specially designed for you. Based on a person's performance, it highlights the areas to strengthen.
    • Special deals, discounts, and scholarships - For a brief time, applicants may save money and take advantage of tempting discount offers on review courses. Additionally, individuals can apply for the Newt D. Becker Scholarship program. Candidates for this scholarship should be committed to doing good deeds in society, have strong moral principles, and be outstanding leaders.

Cons of Becker

Here are a few drawbacks of the Becker CPA review program.
    • No audio lectures - Students who prefer listening to their study material may be slightly let down by Becker. However, you may always watch their interesting video lectures, as many students do.
    • Expensive - Without a doubt, Becker offers you affordable deals. However, compared to other CPA Review services, it is quite pricey. Therefore, it is advised to take full advantage of any discounts and deals that are offered.

Three US CPA Review packages

CPA candidates have a choice between three different courses offered by Becker CPA review. These preparation bundles often differ in terms of the quality of their study materials and resources and offer the following services:
    • Advantage
    • Premium
    • Pro+
Advantage - Although there is less study material in the Advantage course than in its more expensive alternatives, it is Becker's entry-level package. It has almost all you'll need to prepare for the CPA test. This bundle is an essentials-only one because it offers fewer practice questions and no live sessions. Although it frequently goes on sale for cheaper, the Advantage course usually costs roughly $2,400. 
Premium - The Premium course is similar to the Advantage package in content, but it also includes unlimited access, more practice problems, and live online courses. It is Becker's most well-liked bundle and is typically regarded as their "standard" CPA test preparation program. Although it frequently goes on sale, this product has a price tag of around $3,000.
Pro+ - The cost of the Pro+ course is around $3,800. The benefits of an extra $800 or so include 5 hours of individual 1-on-1 tutoring with a Becker CPA test specialist, printed flashcards, access to live in-person sessions (which are held all across the nation), free CPE for a year, and other benefits.

Ratings of Becker

Here are some of the s from the students who are using or have used it for their preparation.
    1. 5 Star Ratings
Becker helped me pass all four parts effectively and efficiently! Use all your resources available. The program provides a wide variety for all learning types.
    1. 5 Star Ratings
Love every feature this program offers!
    1. 5 Star Ratings
Becker was very comparable to the actual exam in many ways. The practice tests gave me the best idea of what to actually expect on exam day, especially since this was my first exam. The questions were similar, especially in structure


The fact that the Becker Review course curriculum is absolutely unrivaled in terms of design and substance is one of the reasons the Big 4 and countless other firms choose them to prepare its experts. Their course format offers a very efficient manner of teaching that enhances understanding and retention. It is neatly divided into learning modules that cover particular CPA test subtopics. You can tell the instant you open your course materials why Becker is regarded as the best among accounting experts since their video lectures and practice exercises are precise.
Enrolling in the NSA will help you prepare for the US CPA certification test in the best possible way. In their extensive US CPA certification course, NSA offers the most thoroughly reviewed and well-liked study material from Becker International Study Materials. 
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1. Is Becker CPA Review worth it?

Yes. Following a thorough analysis and study of the program, our staff has concluded that Becker's CPA review is a worthwhile investment. Despite being more expensive than comparable courses, the quality and availability of study materials are unmatched.

2.Is Wiley or Becker better for CPA?

Becker's prep books are marginally superior to Wiley's in our team's grading methodology, even though both firms provide high-quality prep books in both hard copy and digital versions. Wiley has several great textbooks that resemble study guides, but Becker's illustrious works, which have been revised and tested for decades, are among the best in the field.

3. Which CPA Review course is best?

Given that most accounting businesses and academic institutions support it, the Becker CPA Review program is among the top courses for CPA test applicants. The teachers, course materials, and program at Becker are excellent. Additionally, several financing alternatives are available, so you may still enroll even if your budget is tight.

4. Does Becker use actual CPA questions?

The multiple-choice practice questions from Becker are in line with the AICPA syllabus and mirror the test questions. The reasons for Becker's answers are well-written. These clarifications aid in solidifying the ideas so that you are ready. Actually, they also aid in raising the CPA passing rate at Becker.

5. What is the difference between the unlimited Becker bundle and the advantage?

Access to your resources will only be available to you for 24 months if you choose the Advantage course. Furthermore, if you choose the Premium or Pro+ edition of the course, you will have limitless access to your resources.

6. How do I get the most out of the Becker CPA Review course program?

There are several preparation tactics and suggestions you may utilize to reduce the strain when studying for the CPA Exam, which can feel overwhelming at times:
  • Create a study plan with Becker.
  • Pre-Assessments should be the first step in each learning module.
  • Get the Most Out of Each Becker Learning Module.
  • Boost Your Academic Work.
  • Consider taking the Becker simulation.
  • Get support from the customer support team of Becker.

7. Which CPA Review course has the highest pass rate?

Becker CPA review program has the highest pass rate. To be more specific, the CPA pass rate with Becker users who are "Exam Day Ready" is 94%.
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