Becker Vs Gleim CMA review: Which is Best CMA Guide in 2024?

Becker vs Gleim CMA review

Becker vs Gleim CMA review is the two most sought-after study materials for CMA USA. There are some factors a student needs to look upon before enrolling in any class. It is better to research the strengths and weaknesses of the courses before making up your mind to register for them. 
So let's take a deep dive into the Becker vs Gleim CMA review:

Breakdown of Becker vs Gleim CMA review 

Two options will be available to the students if they opt for Becker's. 
  • CMA Review Pro course: The student will access online lectures and live sessions at 2099$.�
  • Review Advantage course: The student will get access for two years, including everything required to study on your costing around 1499$.
On the other hand, three options will be available to the students if they opt for Gleim's course. 
  • A set of questions to practice along with the Mega Test Bank for 999$. 
  • All the materials required for self-study at 1349$. 
  • Students can opt for the Premium course at 1599$, where they will get live classes.
Thus, from the price and content point of view, in the Becker vs. Gleim CMA review, Gleim emerges as the most affordable material.

Becker vs Gleim CMA review: Online Lectures

In Becker, the lectures are brief which gives the students a sense of engagement. Each class lasts for about 30-45 minutes, and the complex facts are explained quite easily to the students. The complex statements are written so that it becomes understandable to the students. At the end of every lecture, the students can also clear their doubts by asking questions. The CMA USA study material lectures are divided into two parts in such a way that the first part has lectures for over 25 hours while the second part has classes for over 30 hours.
In Gleim, the CMA USA study material lectures are of longer duration which allows students to grasp difficult topics easily. However, the Gleim course is more comprehensive and takes a deep dive into all concepts from scratch. Gleim is only for students who are very serious about the subject. 
Hence, Gleim is the best material since the choice depends on the student's learning style.�

Becker vs Gleim CMA review: Practice Sets

In Becker, the students get more than four thousand multiple-choice questions, and there are seventy essay questions to practice. There is a detailed answer given to every question so that it becomes easier for students to go through the solutions and try to understand them on their own.
In Gleim, there are more than 4500 Multiple-Choice Questions and over 130 essay questions to practice. The answers to the questions here are available in videos and in a detailed form. The students will have to pay if they want to understand the solutions by watching videos. However, detailed answers are given for free.
Here if we look at the testing material, in the Becker vs Gleim best material, Gleim is better than Becker.

Becker vs Gleim CMA review: Accessibility to Online Content

In Becker, there is an application that the students can download on their phones and desktops and can get access to all the CMA USA study material on that application itself. This gives an advantage to the students as they can use mobile phones or laptops. This application is also user-friendly for those users who face some internet connection issues, as they can download the content and work on it offline.
In Gleim, the application is not very well updated. The students can visit their site on their mobile phones but it is not easy to access the CMA USA study material on their mobiles. 
Hence, given the accessibility in the Becker vs Gleim CMA review, Becker's is a preferred option.

Gleim vs Becker BEST material : 

In the debate of Gleim vs Becker BEST material, there is no clear answer but here are the pros and cons of each course :
The benefits of taking the Becker Course are as follows:
  • Experience of users: It is a relatively simple and user-friendly tool to study and learn. Also, a modernized user experience allows us to select our arrangement for the control panel and helps us to view the style and how the content is being delivered.
  • Custom-made practice sets: The Beckers' CMA course gives infinite chances to practice and gets your preparations up to the mark. A unique collection of practice questions is prepared on their software, offering the opportunity and motivation to the users to review their assignments and practice sets as often as they want.
  • Tracks Readiness: There is an in-built tracking system on this course that enables the students to check how prepared they are for the tests. This helps the students know about the level at which they are now in their preparation. A student will get to see that he is well versed with a particular topic or area when he will be rewarded with a proficiency badge.
             The weaknesses of taking Becker's course are as follows:
  • Passing percentage data is not available: Nothing has been published on how the students who register with Becker's course perform in the CMA USA exam. The passing percentage is not given on their site.
  • No money return: If a student fails an exam after taking their course, they do not guarantee money back, but they give the students an option to continue using the study materials with them at no extra cost.
The benefits of taking Gleim's course are as follows:
  • Unlimited access: The Gleim Premium course has an 'Access until you Pass' guarantee.�
  • Access to counsellors: Students can directly clarify doubts with their counsellors, and they can also guide them at every step as to how to go about the preparations.
  • Experienced professionals: This course is created by Dr Gleim, who is highly esteemed in finance. It has a proven record of high passed outs after using this material.�
  • Best testing material: The course is highly comprehensive and has the best mock tests that can be extremely helpful for a student.�
  • Value for money: CMA USA is the best value-for-money course because of its deep dive nature and lower prices compared to its peers.�
The weaknesses of Gleim's course are as follows:
  • Gleim is a high-standard textbook: The Gleim material is a very standard textbook and everyone cannot read and understand the concepts in the material. It is not easy-to-read material; hence the students need a mentor or detailed material to understand each concept properly.
  • Difficult for different backgrounds: Gleim is a top-notch study material for CMA USA, but If a student does not have an experience in accounting, they may have to spend more time understanding. Even though the course can be taken from nontechnical backgrounds, the study material is in such a way that only financial background candidates can understand it in one go. 

Conclusion :

Choosing the best CMA USA course is a personal decision and needs to be made after a ton of research. Becker vs Gleim CMA review can very well be the step that decides the outcome of your CMA USA result and hence you must make that decision extremely carefully. NorthStar Academy offers Gleim material since it is the oldest and most comprehensive material with a proven track record of passing students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which study material is best for CMA USA- Becker vs Gleim CMA review?

Both Gleim and Becker have furnished a very high-quality and comprehensive curriculum. Becker is relatively new hence one may not be completely sure about their passing percentage and material quality.

Gleim is the oldest and preferred option for study materials because of the first-rate video lessons, live class sessions, best practice material, and the overall course organization, the quality of the course shines through.

2. How can I study for the US CMA?

If you want to take your accountancy career to a next level which is also globally recognized, CMA is a good option. It's a 6-9 months course that can be done through dedication, sincerity, and self-discipline. You can enroll in a coaching center to fully prepare yourself for the exam.�

3. Does CMA provide study material?

Yes, the ICMAI, which is a globally recognized institute for CMA provides the whole study material on its official website.�

4. Can I self-study CMA?

Yes, if you are self-disciplined and can individually prepare for the exam- self-study is a good option. However, you might need help sometimes to clear your doubts or some guidance. It's always better to keep in touch with a mentor/coach to clear your doubts to make sure you succeed.�

5. What is Becker's unlimited access?

The Becker Pro and Premium Packages are available with unlimited access, i.e you can access them until you pass the CPA Exam. The Advantage package consists of 150+ hours of video lectures, hard copies + digital version of their textbook, email + phone + message board support, 7,000+ Multiple Choice, 400+ Simulations, & Skills Based testing.

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