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Students who want to pursue careers in finance and accounting will find the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) USA course valuable. It is a short-term professional accounting course that prepares students for a new era of accounting difficulties and provides them with problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Candidates who successfully complete this course will be able to handle finances, analyze financial data, organize it to find the best solutions, and deliver those solutions to the management team. This area is intriguing and in high demand in every state of India, including Pondicherry. The CMA USA certification is interesting and in high demand today. If you live in India, you will never be short of excellent work prospects after receiving your CMA USA certification.
Many candidates may find it difficult to obtain the CMA certificate since it involves focused time, hard work, and effort, making it even more difficult for working professionals. These professionals look for the best certification training programs and courses to help them prepare for their exams and streamline their approach. If you are interested in doing the CMA USA but are unsure where to get the finest US CMA course in Pondicherry, this informative blog is for you. 
The course is indeed suitable for anyone who wants to pass the CMA USA Certification Exam on their first trial and become a qualified CMA USA in around a year. CMA USA is especially popular among applicants from the department of commerce and working professionals who may not have much time to spare because it is a short-term course.

Brief Account of CMA USA Course:

The IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) offers the advanced accounting certification CMA USA. A professional accounting certification indicates a person's proficiency in financial management and accounting. A US CMA is responsible for financial statement preparation and the analysis, control, and budgeting processes. You may develop a solid financial strategy with the assistance of US CMA Certification. This certification will boost your worth as a skilled and well-rounded professional and will help you in your accounting career.
It is important to understand that CMA USA is a challenging exam that might be difficult to pass, and self-study will not assist much. It is why enrolling in a CMA institute in Pondicherry is important. The US CMA course in Pondicherry is developed for accountants and financial professionals and will assist you in providing a comprehensive roadmap toward success. 
So, let us go over a few things to consider about the CMA USA course.

Eligibility Criteria for CMA USA Certification Exam 

To enroll in this esteemed US CMA program offered by the IMA, you must meet specific CMA eligibility requirements set forth by the institution.
  • Active membership with the IMA.
  • A bachelor's degree issuer by an accredited college or university.
  • You must have two years of regular job experience in the sector of Management Accounting or Financial Accounting.
  • Adhere to the IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Exam Structure for CMA USA 

  • The CMA USA exam is accessible in two parts, and passing both of these examinations is required for you to receive this credential.
  • You can take the CMA USA Part 1 or Part 2 exams in any sequence, but you can only move on to the next one if you pass the first one.
  • Part 1 focuses on financial planning, performance, and analysis, while Part 2 focuses on strategic financial planning.
  • Each test segment consists of two Essay questions and 100 Multiple-Choice Questions.
  • CMA USA, each exam section worth 500 points, has a time limit of four hours. A candidate must get 360 points on both parts of the exam to qualify.
  • If you want to take the exam again after registering for it, you must reapply since your registration is only valid for one exam window.
  • Every year, the testing window opens in the months of January/February, May/June, and September/October. As a result, you can reserve a time slot and take the exam accordingly.

Fee for CMA USA Certification

If you're wondering about CMA exam fees in India, the information is below:
The total amount you need to pay to the IMA body is determined by whether you are a student or a professional. It would be far more expensive to pursue US CMA as a professional than as a full-time student.
Fees breakdownStudentsProfessionals
IMA Membership FeeUSD 39USD 245 
Entrance Fee USD 210 USD 280 
Exam FeeUSD 345 per partUSD 460 per part 

CMA Fee structure in India

  • For the student category, the cost of the CMA USA exam is Rs. 27,214.
  • The CMA USA Exam cost for working professionals is Rs. 36,285/-.
Please keep in mind that these prices cover the exam fee. The total cost of the US CMA Course in Pondicherry might range from INR 1,20,000 to INR 150,000. However, enrolling at the top US CMA institute in Pondicherry, like NorthStar Academy, can get you some exciting Bundle Discounts.
CMA USA coaching in Pondicherry

Syllabus for US CMA Course in Pondicherry 

Getting into the best CMA USA coaching in Pondicherry isn't enough to receive the certification. To excel in the exam and plan, you must work hard and smartly, which requires knowledge of the syllabus. It is the first step that every US CMA applicant must take. Having the syllabus available might help you plan your exam schedule. A single level of examination that is divided into two parts is required for the CMA USA Certification. Candidates may take any part in any sequence that suits them best. 
Part I Financial Planning, Performance, and Analysis 
Technology & Analysis15%
Internal Controls15%
Cost Management15%
Performance Management20%
Planning, forecasting, and budgeting20%
External Financial Reporting Decisions15%
Part 2 Strategic Financial Management 
Financial Statement Analysis20%
Corporate Finance20%
Decision Analysis25%
Risk Management10%
Investment Decisions10%
Professional Ethics15%
Though the syllabus appears extensive and rigorous, candidates may begin their test preparation and improve their chances of passing by enrolling in coaching for the US CMA course in Pondicherry.

Job Prospects After US CMA Course in Pondicherry

US CMA is a course that develops professional skills and empowers accounting professionals to make strategic business decisions. They are in charge of gathering the financial data, deriving conclusions from it, and presenting it to the management team. The need for certified management accountants is quite high in the banking and finance, public sector, and private sector. Because India is a leading member of Business Process Outsourcing, the majority of outsourced financial work in India comes from nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Most American businesses that follow US GAAP generate huge job prospects for US CMAs in India's BPO industry. Another important source of employment for CMAs is direct employment with US corporations with Indian offices.
In addition to the positions listed here and many more, CMA USA offers a large number of employment vacancies in India relating to finance:
  • Financial Controller
  • Tax analysts and consultants
  • Research Analyst
  • Cost Accountant, 
  • Legal Advisor
  • Finance Manager
  • Cost Auditor 
  • Financial managers

Top Companies Hiring US CMA

Because of the practical understanding and relevant content of the CMA USA certification course, CMA USA experts are hired by major MNCs, top Indian companies, and even the Big Four accounting firms. After completing your CMA course in Pondicherry, you can apply to several prestigious MNCs and pursue a profitable career. Check out a few of the companies that work with CMA USA:
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • EY
  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Cognizant 
  • Max Life Insurance 
  • MasterCard
  • HP
  • Barclays 

Salary for a CMA USA in India

CMA USA is an obvious choice for individuals wishing to pursue a career in corporate finance, oversee an organization's financial and managerial aspects, and assist in the leadership decision-making process. Since they may work at many levels within an organization, CMAsthe highest designation in management accountingare highly sought after. CMAs are in a strong position in terms of the wages they may seek due to their high demand.
According to the IMA's 2019 Global Salary Survey, CMA USA graduates earn 57% more on average in salary and 55% more on average in total compensation than non-CMA graduates worldwide. Young certified accountants in their 20s make 70% more money overall than non-certified counterparts, and US CMA-certified professionals in their 30s make 67% more money overall than non-certified colleagues. With the emergence of MNCs and the entry of offshore companies, the need for CMAs in India is growing by the day. Given this, a CMA fresher's salary in India might range from Rs.5-Rs.7 lakhs per annum, provided the individual has strong academic credentials.
If you finish your CMA course in Pondicherry and are eager to work in India, you will receive immense job opportunities with outstanding compensation packages.


1. What is the total cost of CMA?

Ans. There are two cost structures for the CMA (US) course: one is for professionals, and the other is for academics and students. The CMA Course may cost up to INR 1,30,000 for students. However, the program's cost for professionals is close to INR 150,000. You can join the CMA course in Pondicherry at NorthStar Academy, an IMA partner program if you want discounts on registration and exam expenses. This will result in significant financial savings, and the institution is among the finest for learning CMA USA.

2. How can I pass the exam for the CMA course in Pondicherry on my first attempt?

Ans. If you wish to become a US Certified Management Accountant (CMA), you must study so that you may pass both test parts in three years while meeting the other qualifying requirements. CMA USA is a worldwide recognized certification consisting of 100 MCQs and two descriptive questions. The first and most important step in passing the exam is to select a suitable institution, mentor, and study material. After class, practice a good number of questions on your own.

3. Is CMA USA worth it in India?

Ans. US CMAs are valuable assets for many kinds of businesses. Companies recruit US CMAs because they are considered specialists in value development and business strategy. It is feasible to complete a US CMA course in India, which offers up a variety of opportunities to advance your managerial and financial abilities. The popularity of the US CMA course has skyrocketed throughout the years. It is because of India's growing economy and significant international markets. So, this is the right time to join a CMA course in Pondicherry and advance your career in management accounting.

4. What is the US CMA salary in India?

Ans. In India, CMAs make more money than non-CMAs do, with their pay exceeding 60% of the median total salary, according to the IMA's Salary Study. The average salary for a CMA USA in India is up to 8 Lakhs per year. A newly certified Certified Management Accountant in India with no prior experience may expect to earn between Rs. 4.5 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh per year. You will get excellent salary packages if you have finished your CMA course in Pondicherry and are looking forward to working in India.

5. How long does a CMA certification take to complete?

Ans. The time required to earn the US CMA certificate might range from 8 months to 3 years, depending on the candidate's goal and study schedule. According to IMA regulations, a candidate must finish the exams three years after registering. Once you successfully meet all the minimal requirements, IMA issues your certificate. The duration will differ from person to person because it is entirely dependent on you achieving all conditions.

6. Why is coaching required to become a CMA USA?

Ans. Obtaining a CMA US certificate is highly dependent on one's knowledge and personality. If you are disciplined, diligent, and committed to the course, you may be able to pass it. However, if you are working or about to graduate and want to pursue CMA USA at the same time, the support of a coaching institute may be highly advantageous. If you join a coaching center for the US CMA course in Pondicherry, they can help you with the right study materials, the format of the classes, and the practice tests and mock examinations. Another advantage is having qualified instructors available to address your concerns and offer guidance on difficult subjects.


The CMA USA is a professional certificate that is very beneficial to applicants. They may get high-paying positions in prestigious firms thanks to the certification, which complements their degree. One must do well on the exam to receive this excellent certification. Due to the challenging exam and vast syllabus to cover, one must enroll in Northstar Academy's US CMA Course in Pondicherry to prepare in an organized and efficient manner.
With top-notch instructors and specialized study materials, one is sure to do well on the exam. Candidates can easily understand every topic in the curriculum, starting with the instruction of elementary ideas all the way up to complicated ones. At NSA, mentors are available around-the-clock to answer candidates' questions. Free trial sessions of CMA USA course classes are also provided to applicants so they may eventually decide whether to enroll or not.
Additionally, If you want to save money on registration and exam expenses, you may enroll in NorthStar Academy, which is also an IMA partner. It will save you a lot of money, and this institution is one of the finest for studying CMA in the United States.
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