Top Best CMA Course in Rajasthan : A Complete Guide About CMA USA Certification

CMA Course in Rajasthan

The CMA USA certification is an advanced professional certification that allows financial and accounting professionals to acquire a competitive advantage in the market. CMA USA is a global certification, which means no matter where you live, the certificate will give you a competitive edge over a non-certified professional. 
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However, gaining the CMA USA certification is quite tough. The candidates must dedicate much time, hard work, and effort to gain this certification. Thus, it becomes even harder for working professionals to become CMA-certified professionals. However, the benefits provided by the CMA course in Rajasthan do worth the effort required.
Suppose you are planning to become a CMA but are confused about how to start the journey of CMA USA in Rajasthan. To help you with that, we have created this simple guide to CMA USA Certification Coaching in Rajasthan. Lets see.

What is the CMA USA in Rajasthan?

Awarded by the prestigious organization of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), US CMA is one of the most well-respected professional certifications in finance and management accounting. The CMA USA certification signifies that the person possesses a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of financial management and Managerial accounting. The job of a management accountant is of very high responsibility; they are responsible for carrying out major tasks in an organization, like the preparation of financial statements and undertaking the process of analysis, budgeting, etc. 
Employers naturally prefer US CMA-certified professionals to lead high-responsibility tasks rather than having a non-certified professional do it. All this leads to very high demand for CMA professionals and soaring high salary packages given to them.
Becoming a CMA is no easy task. However, with proper guidance and hard work, even beginners can crack the exam with relative ease. Many finance institutes have started to offer the and also in other states of India, which can assist you in your preparation for the CMA USA examination.

CMA USA Course in Rajasthan - Important Details

There are various points regarding the CMA USA course in Rajasthan that should be noted. So, without further ado, lets discuss them in detail.

US CMA Eligibility Criteria

Note that the US CMA course in Rajasthan is an advanced-level qualification and is not meant for beginners to achieve. Hence, there are some essential US CMA eligibility requirements that the candidates need to fulfill before they can apply to become full-fledged members of this prestigious group of top management accountants. Some of the requirements are as follows - 
1. Only active members of the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) are allowed to register for the CMA USA examination. However, anyone from all around the world can become a member of the IMA by paying a small membership fee.
2. Candidates must complete their bachelors degree or approved equivalent certification to gain their CMA certification. However, the candidates have the option to complete their bachelors degree after passing the CMA USA examination. Candidates will have seven years to complete their bachelors degree.
3. As mentioned earlier, the USA CMA course in Rajasthan is not meant for beginners. Only professionals with at least two years of work expertise are allowed to get a CMA certification. Similar to the education requirements, the work requirement can be submitted within seven years of passing the CMA examination.
4. Every candidate need to abide by the IMAs Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. If a CMA-certified accounting professional goes against the IMAs Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, then he/she may lose their CMA designation.

CMA Exam Pattern

It is crucial to accumulate thorough knowledge of the exam structure before one actually starts their journey of the US CMA course in Rajasthan. Have a closer look at the key highlights of the CMA USA exam pattern. 
1. The CMA USA exam is divided into two parts - Part I and Part II
2. Part 1 is Financial Planning, Performance, and Analysis, while Part 2 is Strategic Financial Planning.
3. Each part includes 100 multiple-choice type questions and two essay-type questions.
4. A total of 4 hours will be allotted to complete each part of the exam. Three hours will be given to complete the MCQs, and the remaining 1 hour can be used for essay-type questions.
5. Each part of the CMA exam is 500 points. A total of 375 points is allotted for MCQs and 125 points for the two essay-type questions.
6. The candidates are required to get at least 360 marks in both parts of the examination to qualify for the CMA certification.

What Exactly Comes under the US CMA Syllabus?

The detailed syllabus that you will be studying in the top US CMA course in Rajasthan consists of the following list of topics - 

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

External financial reporting decisions (15%)
  • Recognition, Disclosure, Measurement, and Valuation
  • Financial Statements
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting (20%)
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Budget Methodologies
  • Annual profit plan and supporting schedules
  • Strategic Planning
  • Top-level planning and analysis
  • Budgeting Concepts
Performance management (20%)
  • Performance measures
  • Responsibility centers and reporting segments
  • Cost and variance measure
Cost management (15%)
  • Measurement concepts
  • Business process improvement
  • Supply chain management
  • Overhead costs
  • Costing systems
Internal controls (15 %)
  • Systems controls and security measures
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
Technology and analytics (15%)
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology-enabled finance transformation
  • Data governance
  • Information systems

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
  • Profitability analysis
  • Special issues
  • Basic financial statement analysis
  • Financial ratios
Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Risk and return
  • International Finance
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Working capital management
  • Raising capital
  • Long-term financial management
Risk Management (10%)
  • Enterprise risk
Decision Analysis ( 25%)
  • Pricing
  • Marginal analysis
  • Cost/volume/profit analysis
Investment Decisions ( 10%)
  • Capital budgeting process
  • Capital investment analysis methods
Professional Ethics (15%)
  • Ethical considerations for an organization
  • Ethical Considerations for Financial Professionals & Management Accounting
  • Business ethics

US CMA Fee Structure in India

The US CMA course in Rajasthan includes several different fees and costs. Here is the list of significant costs associated with the CMA course.
ParticularsFor Students($)For Professionals($)
Fees for membership of the IMA$135(3 years)$260(1 year)
CMA entrance exam fees$210$280
CMA Part - 1 Exam$345$460
CMA Part - 2 Exam$345$460
On top of the above-mentioned, you may need to pay more for the study material and the fees of the Institute you may join.
Generally, the total cost of the CMA USA course in Indian Rupees would be Rs.130,000 to Rs.170,000, depending upon your professional status. The professional category candidates have to pay comparatively higher fees compared to the students.


Best Institute for USA CMA course in Rajasthan

If you are looking for the best Institute for the USA CMA course in Rajasthan, you may not need to look further. We at the NorthStar Academy (NSA) provide you with an outstanding learning path and in-depth understanding of each concept at a very affordable course fee.
If anyone desires to become a CMA, then it is highly reasonable to join the CMA course of NorthStar Academy or NSA. 


1.Which course is best in Rajasthan?

NorthStar Academy's USA CMA course in Rajasthan is the best short-term course that is globally recognized that can be completed in a very short span of 6-9 months. The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification is the global standard for finance/management accountants and is awarded by the IMA, US.

You can start the CMA US certification can be started right after completing your 12th class with any steam. However, you will need to complete your bachelor's degree and two years of work experience to officially become a US CMA-certified professional.

2.How do I pass CMA USA on my first attempt?

If you want to become a CMA-certified accountant, then you must dedicate a lot of time and hard work to the preparation for the CMA examination. Develop a proper preparation strategy, as it can help candidates to pass the CMA USA exam on the first attempt
Select the best study materials to make a strong grip on the basics of financial management and accounting. Practice with various sample papers and give mock tests to find your weak points and get a better understanding of the exam pattern.
It will be recommended to join the top CMA USA coaching in Rajasthan or any other part of the country to pass this exam on the first attempt.

3.Is CMA USA Easy?

The CMA is considered one of the toughest qualifications one can get in the field of finance and management accounting. It is considered the hardest examination as it tests the intellectual limit of the candidates. The candidates are required to dedicate a lot of time, effort, and hard work to achieve the title of the US CMA- certified professional.
Moreover, the average passing rate for both parts of the CMA examination is 45%, which means less than half of the candidates taking the test rate will be able to pass it. However, with the help of proper guidance by expert faculties, the journey of the US CMA course in Rajasthan does not feel that hard.

4.Can we self-study CMA US?

Short answer, yes, you can self-study for the CMA USA examination. In fact, it is quite popular among candidates to self-study for both parts of the CMA USA examinations. However, the self-study approach is not meant for everybody. If you are confident that you will be able to self-study for the CMA exam, then it is all good; go with the self-study approach. But for all the remaining students, joining the top CMA institutes is recommended.

5.Is CMA USA worth it in India?

The designation of CMA USA is one of the top globally recognized qualifications that one can acquire in the field of finance and managerial accounting. Employers worldwide are looking for CMA professionals to join their teams/organizations, and India is no exception. Once you complete your CMA designation, there will be no shortage of high-paying jobs throughout the Indian subcontinent.

6.What is the US CMA salary in India?

Due to the high demand for US CMA professionals, their salary is also soaring. As per the reports, the average salary of CMA-certified accounting professionals is 55% more than their non-certified counterparts. As a CMA in India, you can expect to get a salary of 4-6 lakh rupees per year as a fresher.


Since the CMA examination is challenging, the candidates need dedication in preparation for the exam. It is recommended to join the top USA CMA coaching in Rajasthan to excel in the examination.
We at the NorthStar Academy are committed to providing you with the best US CMA course in Rajasthan with our world-class qualified teachers and exclusive study material. NSA has a pass percentage of around 83% among our students and is a gold partner of IMA, eventually providing various bundle discounts on exam-related fees.
So, what are you waiting for? Earn your CMA USA Certification with the assistance of NorthStar Academy. 
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