Best CMA Institute in Chennai | Course Details & Fee structure

Certified Management Accountant, i.e., CMA (USA) is a highly reputed credential that can open wide doors of opportunities for people. When we talk about CMA, many questions come to our mind like is the course worth it, what are its benefits and so on and so forth. Next, we think about where the course must be done. CMA is globally accredited and is available everywhere.
But today, we will talk about the CMA institute in Chennai. There are many CMA USA institutes in Chennai that the students can apply for!
Most students, however, choose Northstar Academy (NSA) after thorough research. NSA provides a world-class CMA USA course, wherein the candidates will learn the basics to advance in financial management and management accounting. Indias top mentors, like. M Irfat Sir, will provide the candidates with an in-depth knowledge of management.
Whats more? The course is US certified and the best part is that it will be completed in 6-9 months. With NorthStar Academy, the candidates can watch the live sessions and pre-recorded classes anytime, anywhere, enhancing the flexibility of the studying schedule.
Now, let us give you an overview of the US CMA course.

What are the CMA Course Details in Chennai?

If you are looking for a CMA institute in Chennai, it is best to know the exam details first. The CMA USA is a globally accredited certification that is managed by the Institute of Management Accountants. It was founded in 1919. People from 140 countries across the globe apply for the exam and prepare from various institutes.
A candidate possessing the CMA credential is known to have expertise in Management Accounting and Strategic Financial Management. Now, let us have a look at the syllabus of the exam.
The CMA institute in Chennai offers the CMA USA exam. The exam earlier consisted of four parts in which the candidates capabilities are tested. The four parts were: Business Analysis, Management Accounting & Report, Decision Analysis, Strategic Management
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After 2010, the exam was compressed and only two exams took place to test the candidates capabilities. Additionally, two thirty-minute questions are also provided to the candidates. They are descriptive in nature and might contain any questions from the four topics mentioned above.
Now, when it comes to the scoring of the exam, the marks are calculated based on both Part 1 & Part 2. The combined score secured by the candidate must be minimum of 360 to pass the CMA USA exam..
Let us now discuss the course details of the best CMA institute in Chennai.
Currently, the CMA USA exam consists of two parts, i.e., Part 1 & Part 2. Hence, the CMA US course from NSA has a dedicated learning system for these parts and their 12 sections.
Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
  • 15% - External Financial Reporting Decisions
  • 20% - Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • 20% - Performance Management
  • 15% - Cost Management
  • 15% - Internal Controls
  • 15% - Technology and Analytics
Part 2: Strategic Financial Management
  • 20% - Financial Statement Analysis
  • 20% - Corporate Finance
  • 25% - Decision Analysis
  • 10% - Risk Management
  • 10% - Investment Decision
  • 15% - Professional Ethics
Looking at the past records, we can say that Part I is quite challenging as compared to Part II. All in all, the CMA USA exam is very rigorous and demands hard work. Over the years, if we look at the exam percentage, we can say that the pass percentage of Part I was 40%, and the pass percentage of Part II was 50% worldwide.
To gain the CMA credential from the best CMA institute in Chennai, you need to fulfil certain requirements. These requirements are in addition to passing the exam. They are
  1. Undergraduate degree from a recognized university/ college.
  2. Two years of experience in financial management and management accounting. The candidate must have worked in fields like:
  • financial statement preparation
  • financial planning
  • analysis of the financial statement
  • auditing
  • monthly and yearly end close
  • forecasting
  • costing analysis
  • risk evaluation
  • decision making
  • investment decisions taken by the company
To gain expertise in the required field, it is essential to pay attention to learning these concepts. NorthStar Academy provides you with the required skills to excel in the examination. Now that we are talking so much about the NorthStar Academy as the best CMA institute in Chennai, let us look at why is it the best!

Which is the best US CMA institute in Chennai?

Earlier in this article, we talked about the CMA course, syllabus, and eligibility. We have also told you the institute that helps you in completing CMA USA in one go.
So, let us look at why NorthStar Academy is worth it!

Basic Knowledge

NorthStar Academy focuses on building the basics of financial management and management accounting. The mentors agree to the fact that the basics learned in school might have been forgotten by the candidates. That is why the preparation for the exam begins from the scratch. Even if the candidates are from a science or arts background, learning from the basics will help them a lot at this CMA institute in Chennai.

Comprehensive Practical Learning

With NorthStar Academy, the candidates will get comprehensive training. The practical knowledge gained in the sessions will help the candidates in the long run. However, it is important to note that self-study will not suffice if you wish to gain the CMA certification. You need the assistance of mentors and tutors who can help you acquire skills and implement them further. With NorthStar Academy, each and every topic is elaborated so that it is easier for the candidates to understand.

Learn On the Go

NorthStar Academy is not just the best CMA institute in Chennai. It is accredited globally due to many reasons. One of the reasons is that the candidates can learn anytime, anywhere. Candidates who have an IMA membership/ scholarship can access the classes from everywhere and learn on the go!
Best CMA and CPA Institute

Discounting Options

With the flexible learning options, one can learn anywhere, anytime. NorthStar Academy has its mobile app with which the candidates can have access to live sessions even if they do not have any internet. Many more features like this are also available with the academy. Apply now to avail of such offers.

Learning Partners

NorthStar Academy is globally recognized by the Institute of Management Accounting, making more reliable CMA institute in Chennai. The academy is an approved learning partner ofCMA USA. NorthStar Academy also provides Gleims CMA Excel Learning System so that the candidates can have access to the books and question bank.

Pass Percentage

With the consistent efforts of the mentors and tutors, the candidates will get full preparatory material from the academy that will help them in excelling in the exam. Over the decades, we have seen that NorthStar Academy has been providing about 83% pass percentage.

Placement Assistance

When a candidate studies in the bestCMAinstitute in Chennai, i.e., NorthStar Academy, he/ she is bound to be benefited from it. With NorthStar Academy, you get 100% placement in top MNCs. Candidates will get a chance to work under influential people, thereby boosting career growth and various job opportunities.
If the candidates wish to have a demo class, then that is also available at the academy for free. The NSA, theCMAinstitute in Chennai, provides the candidates with all the features mentioned above. It is suggested to apply now and avail of the offers provided by the academy.

What is the CMA USA Course Fee in Chennai?

NorthStar Academy -IMA's GOLD PARTNER
Student Category - UG or PG (Regular, Online, Distance Basis)
Particulars Fees ($)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years) $39*3 135
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee) 210
Part 1 Exam fee 345
Part 2 Exam fee 345
Total 1035
Professional Category - (Passed college or working professionals)
Particulars Fees ($)
IMA Membership Registration fee (Valid for 1year) 260
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee) 280
Part 1 Exam fee 460
Part 2 Exam fee 460
Total 1460
In order to gain aCMA USAcertification, it is essential to be a member of IMA. It is important to pay the fee and other additional costs while preparing for the exam.
However, when you get enrolled in the NorthStar Academy CMA USAcourse, you do not have to worry for it. Here is the fee structure that includes all the fee included for attaining the CMA USA certification.
Best CMA Training Institute in India
If the candidates wish to save on the CMA USA exam fee, then it is best to enroll with NorthStar Academy. The discount offers will definitely make you take this course. CMA USA fee is a kind of investment. Thus, if a student wishes to become a CMA, then it is best to gain the certification via a reputed CMA institute in Chennai and across the globe, i.e NorthStar Academy.

What Job Roles can I get after Acquiring CMA US certification?

If the candidates decide to join the best USCMA academy in Chennai, then they will get the best posts in top companies. Here are some of the posts that one can apply for:
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Financial controller
  • Cost Manager
  • Cost Accountant
  • Relationship Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
TheCMA USAprofessionals are applied in India and abroad. The globally recognized credential provides candidates with many skills, knowledge, and training that make them stand out from the crowd. While recruiting, the recruiters also look for candidates having financial prowess in order to make financial decisions. The skills that a CMA USA has is unmatchable.


1.Which institute is the best for US CMA in Chennai?

NorthStar Academy is considered the best CMA institute in Chennai and across the globe. With amazing studying techniques, one can easily prepare for the examination.

2.What is the US CMA salary in India?

The starting salary of a US CMA in India ranges from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs. It increases with time when the candidate gains skills, knowledge, and expertise in the management field.

3.Is coaching necessary for CMA?

US CMA Coaching or Training course becomes necessary for many individuals in todays busy world. It is always advised to get enrolled in a goodCMA institute in Chennaibecause the assistance of mentors is extremely important to give a rigorous exam like CMA USA.

4.What is the CMA USA course duration?

The course duration of CMA USA is three years. But if the candidates apply to NorthStar Academy, then the duration will be reduced to 6 months. The NorthStar Academy helps students to complete CMA in just 6-9 months. Isnt that amazing? Apply now!

5.Is CMA difficult?

Yes, CMA is a very difficult exam. It consists of two exams out of which Part I is the most challenging. Thus, if candidates are opting for self-study, then it wont suffice. The candidates need to have the assistance of tutors who know all about the exam. NorthStar Academy can help one with this. With top-class mentors, the candidates will easily understand the complex concepts and prepare for the exam. Here is the NSAs CMA institute Chennai contact number - +91 8147470707 (for queries).

6.What is the syllabus of CMA?

The syllabus of the CMA US exam is mentioned above. The candidates are tested on four parameters, i.e., business analysis, management accounting, strategic management, and decision making.

7.What is the CMA salary?

The salary varies as per the experience of the candidate. For instance, an experienced CMA earns $125,000. Similarly, an entry-level CMA earns $80,000.

8. Who is eligible for CMA?

A candidate who has a Bachelors degree along with two years of experience in financial management and management accounting is eligible for applying to CMA USA.

9.How many attempts are allowed for CMA?

There is no limit on giving the CMA exam. The candidates need to renew their CMA registration in order to re-apply for the exam. There is no definite number for giving the exam.


CMA USAis a highly reputed credential that can help in boosting the career of an individual.NorthStar Academy, a highly reputed CMA institute in Chennai,provides you with amazing features like live interactive sessions, exclusive 12-sectioned Gleims study material, one-to-one chat with tutors, etc in theirCMA USA course. Based on the previous stats, it has been seen that the candidates who have applied to the academy have passed the exam by achieving 80% + marks.
With such features, the candidates will be able to have a good preparation for the exam, thereby excelling in one go! The discount offers too will help one in applying for the course without thinking about spending too much money. So, what are you waiting for? Apply online to the best CMA institute in Chennai,i.e., NorthStar Academy now!Contact us, in case of any query regarding the application process and courses.
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