Best CMA Institute in Hyderabad | CMA Course Details & Fees Structure

Best CMA Institute in Hyderabad

Awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) is one of the highest levels of certification one can get in the managerial accounting and financial management fields. The qualification signifies that the individual possesses all the required knowledge in the areas of financial planning, control, analysis, and decision, and knows basic professional ethics. 
It is a highly sought-after certification and many employers at top companies need the accounting professionals who have US CMA certification listed on their Resume/CVs.
The financial and management accountant carries a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. To do such a task, companies prefer individuals with the US CMA certification. The US CMA certification is well recognized all around the world, it doesnt matter where you cleared this certification. 
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You will find many CMA institutes present across the city of Hyderabad. Hyderabad city is also one of the exam centers for the CMA US examination, and it is essential to find the most suitable CMA Institute Hyderabad. So it will be easier for you to do the CMA US training from there. If you are searching for an institute with a high-quality CMA USA Course and well-organized structure, NorthStar Academy (NSA) is the preferred choice.

How to Select the Best CMA Coaching in Hyderabad? 

There are quite a lot of CMA institutes in Hyderabad, all claiming that they are the best. However, you should always act upon the following aspects before joining a CMA Institute Hyderabad:
  • Get information on the study material, examination material, and test arrangement provided by the CMA institute Hyderabad. We at NorthStar Academy had partnered with Becker to provide the global standard study material to the students.
  • Check the location of the CMA training center matters. Candidates need to decide on which is located nearer to where they live as it will save them from spending their precious time, energy, and money that might have been lost in the commute. Though, it can be easily solved by the online classes, like the one provided here at NorthStar Academy.
  • Before selecting a US CMA Institute Hyderabad. The candidates have to look at their budget, can you pay the institutes fees, easily? Also, understand the whole fee structure of the institute.
  • Before joining any US CMA institute Hyderabad, students should check the nature of methodologies used by the institute. At NorthStar Academy, we believe in developing an in-depth understanding of conceptual clarity in the students, this will allow the students and emerging accounting professionals to think critically and develop analytical skills

Fundamental Points to consider before choosing the Best US CMA Institute in Hyderabad

Below are the factors that the candidates must check before choosing which CMA institute Hyderabad is the best for them.


The faculty refers to the coaches or mentors, teaching you at a particular Institute. More than half of the achievement relies upon the expertise and experience of available facilities along with the methodologies/techniques used to teach the students. 
For a highly demanding CMA USA Certification, experienced and prepared faculties such as M Irfat Sir at NorthStar Academy are highly beneficial. With their guidance, anyone can grasp and clear the exam with ease.

Good Environment 

Utmost dedication and concentration throughout the examinations are essential for the preparation for the US CMA certification exams, The CMA institute Hyderabad must provide a peaceful environment for study, during the training.

Doubt Assistance

After class when the students are doing self-study at home, they should get proper guidance and support from the educators in case of any doubts. If a student misses any class session then he/she should be able to avail assistance from the educators to cover the portion left behind.
Prefer those institutes that offer post-class assistance through extra online sessions, one on one sessions, or solving questions via an E-mail address/Whatsapp/Telegram.


While choosing the CMA Institute Hyderabad, one must be very much aware of the most recent schedule and study plans. 
Since the prospectus for CMA Certification changes with the CMA coaching institute, so select that institute that is very much aware of the updated syllabus and patterns and implement the essential changes in their curriculum as well.

Demo Class 

Demo classes help you in understanding the methodologies and teaching techniques used by the CMA Institute Hyderabad. Hence, The CMA aspirants should be encouraged to take the demo class and select the institute which they feel is the best for them. 
The CMA aspirant should think about every one of the above factors mentioned above and keep them as the top priority before settling for any CMA Coaching Hyderabad. Before choosing an institute, the candidate must think about the expense structure of the CMA certification and also their own budget.
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Why is NorthStar Academy the best US CMA institute in Hyderabad?

North Star Academy is considered the best US CMA Institute Hyderabad for a variety of reasons. Let us explain in 5 simple pointers.

Back to Basics

If you are not from an accounting or finance field, clearing the basics becomes important. At NSA, we start all the classes from the very basics, ensuring everyone is on the same page. So, the students from science or humanities background, we got you covered.

Comprehensive Training

The training provided in our CMA US course is quite comprehensive and doesnt leave a corner behind. The world-class faculty, available at NSA, will help understand every critical concept to make you exam ready.

NorthStar Academys study material

We have a proud partnership with Becker to provide the most comprehensive study material for students, ensuring the best preparation for the CMA US examination. The 12-section-wise study material and Section-wise Formula book cover each and every concept of CMA in great detail.
Best CMA Training Institute in India

Special discounts 

We, NorthStar Academy, are also the official learning partner of IMA, hence our students get special bundle discounts on IMA membership and CMA exam fees. The students enrolled in our courses get around a 45% discount on IMA membership fees and a 35% discount on CMA exam fees.

What are the US CMA Coaching Fees in Hyderabad?

On average, the US CMA fee in Hyderabad is around 1 lakh rupees to 1.5 lakh rupees. But for the online courses fees are usually somewhat lower. Candidates are advised to first carefully check the fee structure while finding the best US CMA institute in Hyderabad.
If you are attempting to get enrolled in the best institute in the US CMA certification course online, then NorthStar Academy is the best choice.Here is the fee structure of the CMA course at CMA.

CMA USA Student Category Fees

Particulars ($)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years) $45*3 135
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee) 210
Part 1 Exam fee 345
Part 2 Exam fee 345
Total 1035

CMA USA Professional Category Fees

Particulars ($)
IMA Membership Registration fee (Valid for 1year) 260
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee) 280
Part 1 Exam fee 460
Part 2 Exam fee 460
Total 1460
From the table above, we can see that the students only need to pay a little over 60,000 INR only for the full CMA US certification, if enrolled with NSA. It is quite affordable as compared to any other CMA Institute Hyderabad.

FAQs :

1.How much does CMA USA cost?

For a normal Indian, the cost of CMA USA can be a huge financial investment, but the international exposure and managerial skills you gain after the CMA USA, make it worth the investment. 
US CMA cost is split majorly into three parts - the membership fees on IMA, one-time registration fees for the certification, and examination cost. The total approximate cost of the USA CMA is between INR 1lakhs to 1.5lakhs. Depending on the cost of the training institute and the cost of CMA study material, the total CMA coaching fees in Hyderabad can vary.
Even after you are awarded the CMA US certification, you still need to pay an annual IMA membership fee to maintain your credentials.
2.Which institution is best for CMA?
NorthStar Academy (NSA), formerly known as Irfats Classes, is considered the best institute for the CMA USA certification. The primary objective of NSA is to provide the proper mentorship and correct guidance to the students aspiring to start their career in management, finance, and accounting. 
NSA has been an industry leader in providing quality courses for the US CMA qualification with batch after batch of students passing the CMA US examination. The effectiveness of the CMA US courses provided by the North Star Academy (NSA) can be proven by the fact that the students passing rate of the CMA US examination is more than 83%, as compared to the less than 45% average passing rate of the CMA US examination.
The North Star Academy has helped more than 15,000 students from 34+ countries worldwide to pass the CMA US examination. Many students, after passing the US CMA exams, are now placed in top companies, including the big 4s.
3.Which degree is best for CMA USA?
You must meet the CMA Education Requirements to take the CMA US certification exam. In order to pass the US CMA, the applicant must possess at least a bachelors degree or an equivalent qualification approved by the IMA. 
CMA is a versatile qualification and it is open to candidates from all specifications of the bachelor's degree. Hence, the candidate with any bachelor's degree can take the CMA USA examination. But if you had just cleared your 12th class papers and had decided to apply for the US CMA certification later, B.Com would be best. will be the easiest option for you, as you do not need to put a lot of effort to complete it. Moreover, the syllabus of both CMA and overlap quite a lot.

4.Is CMA US worth in India?

The CMA US is the most well-known qualification in the field of management accounting and finance management. It is a highly sought-after certification, employers all around the world are looking for accounting professionals with the CMA US certification.
No need to say, similar is the case with the Indian job market. 
Nowadays, many companies prefer CMAs for managing their finances. Degree holders with CMA US certification have a lot of good opportunities in Indian MNCs. Due to the high demand, the salary package of a CMA-certified accounting professional is also quite high. In short, it is really worth it to do CMA US certification in India.

5.Which is the best CMA USA institute in Hyderabad?

If you live in Hyderabad, you can always get enrolled in the CMA USA certification course of NorthStar Academy. They excel at all the factors and provide flexibility to the working professionals who want to pursue their course while doing a job. Join their online classes and get access to the best Becker study material for the CMA USA. Their top mentors, well-organized schedules, and essay case study books make them the best in the city.

6.Which is the best CMA USA study material?

We, at the NorthStar Academy, provide the best study material, that is, Becker CMA USA books for comprehensive preparation. NSA prefers the Becker CMA US books as these are well known for being super detailed and are also quite affordable compared to the other options available.

7.What should I do after B.Com?

The most recommended courses you can pursue after completing your degree are - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Commerce (MCom) 
Professional Courses (CA, CMA USA, ACCA, CPA).
The course you should be doing depends on your self-interest. For example, if you are someone who dreams big, wants to go abroad and work in major MNCs, then the CMA USA (Certified Management Accounting) is the sure-shot way to achieve this.
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