Best CMA Institute in Kerala - A Complete Guide


Are you close to completing your graduation in accounting and wondering about the next step? Suppose you plan to get a professional qualification, enhance your skills to achieve professional proficiency, and upgrade your pay scale. In that case, joining a CMA USA course from the best CMA Institute in Kerala is exactly what you need!
The US Certified Management Accountant, US CMA in short, is a certification that can help you achieve various key factors that will make your life on the professional front highly satisfactory. The US CMA course can help you achieve this certification in the shortest period and open up great job opportunities for you!
CMA USA is a globally revered certification you can earn by clearing a two-fold examination (which has two parts). While this examination requires sincere effort and hard work, a reliable and recognized CMA Institute in Kerala can greatly help you prepare for the same. This article will further provide you with all the details you need about the CMA course in Kerala.
Intrigued about how just one qualification can provide you with so many benefits? Continue reading to find out more about the CMA course!

How is the CMA Course beneficial for me?

The US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). This organization is the association of accountants and financial professionals in the business at the global level. Achieving this certification can be made easier by opting for the best CMA Institute in Kerala
The CMA USA course has one primary aim: to provide emerging executives with an opportunity to upskill themselves and achieve proficiency in management and accounting.
This course is meant to make you more qualified in the fields mentioned above and impart and improve the decision-making skills sought-after by various giant MNCs when hiring for different accounting and management-related positions in various parts of the world.
It is also the shortest certification course; it can be completed within 6 to 9 months. So, you can easily take up this course while also pursuing your graduation. By the time you start applying for jobs, you will have achieved this certification and opened up a big pool of amazing job opportunities for yourself.
Below are easy steps to guide you towards becoming a successful US Certified Management Accountant.

Easy Guide to becoming a US CMA

If you are certain about taking the CMA USA examination, you need to follow a few important steps that will help you appear for the exam and guide you through the preparation.
  • The foremost step to be followed is registering with the Institute of Management Accountants, USA. It is the authority responsible for organizing, conducting, and administering the CMA USA examination at the global level.
  • Now, you can begin your preparation for the CMA USA exam. While you can certainly study for the exam independently, joining a recognized CMA institute in Kerala can be extremely helpful.
  • If you enroll yourself in the CMA Course at the best CMA USA Coaching in Kerala, the course lasts for 6 to 9 months, after which you shall be fully prepared to appear for the two-part CMA USA certification examination.
  • As we mentioned above, the CMA USA exam is conducted in two parts. These two parts are
Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
Part 2 - Strategic Financial Management
  • Once you have completed the CMA USA Course or are close to completing it, you can register for the CMA USA examination.
  • To get the certification, one must clear both parts of the exam.
  • As specified by IMA, you must take the two parts of the CMA USA examination within a period of three years from the date of enrollment for the exam.
Best CMA Institute in Kerala

CMA USA Examination Details

Every candidate must be aware of some important details regarding the CMA USA examination,i.e., 
  • The pattern for the CMA USA examination includes two types of questions - Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and Essay Questions. 
  • The total number of questions in the exam includes 100 MCQs and 2 case study (Essay-type) questions.
  • The duration of the CMA examination is 4 hours. Candidates will have 3 hours to answer the MCQs and 1 hour for case study questions.
  • The examination registrations are held yearly in three different sessions. The windows for the US CMA exam are provided below.
  • January 01 to February 28 
  • May 01 to June 30 
  • September 01 to October 31

Eligibility for CMA USA Exam:

The eligibility criteria are specified by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The only major requirements to make you eligible for the CMA USA examination include the candidate to
  • Have at least a bachelors degree or an equivalent recognized qualification. Students currently pursuing their bachelors can also appear for the examination.
  • Have at least two years of professional experience, preferably in the fields related to finance or accounting.
  • Comply with the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.
Wondering what exactly the CMA Course is about? Read below to know the topics taught as a part of the syllabus at the CMA Institute in Kerala.

What is taught at a US CMA Institute in Kerala?

At the US CMA Institute in Kerala, the syllabus for CMA USA is taught comprehensively to ensure that candidates can understand and learn the details about each topic.
The syllabus is divided into two parts as the CMA examination is held in two parts named Financial Planning, Performance, & Analytics, and Strategic Financial Management. Find the syllabus for both parts below.
  • Decisions on External Financial Reporting (15 percent)
  • Budgeting, planning, and forecasting (20 percent)
  • Management of Performance (20 percent)
  • Management of Costs (15 percent)
  • Internal Regulations (15 percent)
  • Analytics and technology (15 percent)
  • Financial Statement Examination (20 percent)
  • Finance for Corporations (20 percent)
  • Analysis of Decisions (25 percent)
  • Investment Choices (10 percent)
  • Ethics in the Workplace (15 percent)
  • Management of Risk (10 percent)
Now that you know the syllabus taught at US CMA Institute in Kerala let us learn more details about the US CMA Course.

CMA USA Exam Fees in Kerala

If you plan to pursue the CMA USA Course, this section of the article will provide details regarding the CMA USA exam fees.
The fee structure for the CMA examination is provided below.
ParticularsFor Students($)For Professionals($)
Fees for membership in the IMA$135(3 years)$260(1 year)
CMA entrance fees$210$280
Part - 1$345$460
Part - 2$345$460
The good news for you is that NSA, the best US CMA Institute in Kerala, provides great BUNDLE Discounts on these fees of up to 40%. The discounted total fee will then amount to $627 for students and $1039 for professionals.

How does being a US CMA benefit you?

There are numerous advantages that a US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) enjoys. These advantages are not just in the academic aspect but in professional and financial aspects as well. What are these advantages? Read below!
  • Certainly, achieving the CMA certification makes you more qualified than a graduated candidate. Therefore, increasing your chances of getting a job.
  • Being a US CMA is known to provide all professionals with a 60% salary boost compared to non-CMA employees.
  • The US CMA is known as the highest level of certification in management accounting. 
  • Being a CMA is beneficial not just for yourself but also for the company you work at. CMAs are known to improve the organizations economic and environmental well-being.
  • There are job opportunities for CMAs available worldwide across various major countries, including America and India.
  • CMAs are in the hiring trend globally. International companies such as Deloitte, HPE, Wipro, Amazon, Accenture, and more are looking for you!
  • In India alone, an estimated 35,000 job openings are known to be available for CMAs.
  • It is a profession that is highly respected across all fields.
  • A CMA can fill job positions including business analyst, finance manager, finance Analyst, cost controller, cost accountant, corporate accountant, VP finance, and internal auditor.
Enrolling in the US CMA Course will immediately put you one step ahead of those who simply plan to look for jobs right after their graduation. If we have you convinced to take the course, read ahead to find the best US CMA Institute in Kerala!

All About the Best CMA USA Coaching in Kerala

If you have reached this section of the article and are interested in joining the best US CMA Institute in Kerala, then the answer is right here for you - NorthStar Academy! Why is it the best coaching? We have a list of reasons provided below for you.
Big 4s with CMA USA
What makes NSA the best US CMA Institute in Kerala is
  • It is a gold partner of IMA.
  • Its CMA course provides a comprehensive understanding of every basic concept taught in accounting, business, finances, and costing. These are the essential subjects one must have a good understanding of before appearing for the CMA examination.
  • It provides comprehensive and fully reliable study material that is meant to help you be well prepared for the examination.
  • The highly experienced and qualified coaches at NSAs CMA Institute in Kerala motivate students to put in their hard work and pass the CMA exam with good scores.
  • The discounted prices for students and professionals (up to 40%).


1. Can CMA join after class 12th?

Yes, you can join the CMA course after class 12th. However, to appear for the examination and achieve the certification, you must have completed your graduation from a recognized institute.

2. What is the CMA course cost in Kerala?

You can find the CMA course cost for the best CMA Institute in Kerala provided above or by Clicking here.

3. Can CMA work in a bank?

Certainly, a CMA can work at a bank. However, this certification can help you find opportunities with better job descriptions such as Cost Accountant, Management Accountant, Financial Analyst, etc.

4. Where can I study CMA in India?

There are various CMA coachings available in India. The best CMA institute in Kerala and India is the NorthStar Academy (NSA).

5. How long is the CMA course?

The CMA course usually lasts 6 to 9 months, depending on how much time you can invest daily and how fast you grasp things.

6. Is CMA India globally recognized?

No, CMA India is a recognized certification in India, while CMA USA is globally recognized.

7. Is CMA easy to pass?

CMA USA is an examination with a great passing rate. However, one must put in their most sincere effort and hard work to pass both parts of the examination on their first attempt.


The CMA Course continues to gain great prominence in the field of management accounting. It is an opportunity for all, especially business students, to step up their game and become highly successful professionals. Progressing on the financial and professional fronts is a life goal for all, and the CMA certification can help you achieve this goal.
NorthStar Academy is a recognized CMA institute in Kerala to help you achieve your goals and successfully become a CMA professional. With greatly experienced faculty under the mentorship of Indias best mentor Mr. M. Irfat, NSA has the highest passing rate of around 83% of candidates successfully achieving the US CMA certification.
Do we have you fully convinced now? Enroll yourself now with the top CMA USA course at NSA. In case you have any queries, contact us at +918147470707.