Best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh - Details of CMA USA Certification

CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh

We all know that CMA USA is a globally recognized course. It is valid in every part of the world and provides candidates with the best job roles in the top MNCs. If we talk about doing CMA USA in India, Andhra Pradesh is one of the best places to pursue the CMA USA Course.
Now, you must wonder which is the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh. Well, dont worry! If you are based in Andhra Pradesh and are looking for the best coaching institute, read this guide till the end, as we will be telling you some key points about the CMA USA certification and the best colleges and institutions to pursue it.

What is CMA USA Certification?

CMA USA credential offers candidates many things, ranging from good job locations to high-paying salaries. CMA USA is a highly preferred management accounting certification that offers candidates a necessary career push. Before getting on with the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh, let us look at some key insights. 
  • The CMA USA certification exam has two parts. Part 1 is Financial Planning, Analysis, and Performance. Part 2 is Strategic Financial Management. 
  • The exam sessions occur in May/ June, September/ October, and January/ February. 
  • You can prepare for the CMA USA certification exam from a reputed training academy in about 6-9 months. 
  • The global pass rate of the exam is 50%.
  • Every year over 5000 CMAs are granted the credential. 
Let us now look at the benefits of the certification. 

Freedom to Opt for a Location

Being a globally recognized certification, a candidate having the CMA USA credential can work anywhere in the world. The CMA qualification speaks about the credibility and expertise of the individual. Thus, with experience and expertise, a candidate can work in any place and in mid/ senior-level job roles. 

Career Boost

A candidate having a CMA USA credential possesses excellent knowledge, talent, and skills. The top management offers an individual fair pay, position, salary, and promotion, thereby enhancing their career growth. The candidates even enjoy entry-level jobs as they also provide higher wages! So, all in all, the CMA USA certification results in incredible career growth. 

Value & Power 

Candidates having the CMA USA are highly valued and enjoy powerful positions in the company. CMA professionals are an asset to the organizations and maintain a notable role in the eyes of senior management. More importance is given to CMAs because of their expertise and experience! 

Great Career Opportunities 

With a CMA USA certification, a candidate gets myriads of job opportunities. This credential helps the candidate get better job positions in the company. The salary paid is high, and the promotions are also frequent. Thus, candidates get to work in numerous job roles and gain further working experience. 

Global Approval 

CMA USA is globally accredited. It is the best accounting and management certification that includes business and accounting. With this credential, a candidate has a better grasp & understanding of business, including its finance and accounts, thereby having numerous opportunities for candidates globally.
Knowing about the benefits, let us know more about the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh. 

Best CMA USA Coaching in Hyderabad

There are various CMA USA coaching institutes in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, etc. These institutes help candidates a lot with the preparation for the CMA USA exam. If you wish to do self-study, it is essential to note that it isnt enough. 
Coaching institutions are important because they help prepare for the exam efficiently and on time. Here are the benefits of the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh.

Self-Paced Learning 

A CMA USA coaching institute helps in self-paced learning. Since the classes are given online, the candidates can study at their pace and complete the syllabus on time. Thus, coaching institutes help candidates easily understand basic to complex concepts. 

Basic Knowledge 

While opting for one of the best CMA USA Coaching in Andhra Pradesh, it is essential to note this benefit. Coaching institutes teach the basics and then move on to the complex concepts. The tutors help the candidates get ample basic knowledge that will serve as a base for different concepts. This way, one can easily have a thorough understanding of each topic. 

Exclusive Study Material

Candidates can study and understand management and accounting principles with ample resources. Coaching institutes provide exclusive and updated study material. Every coaching institute has its study material along with specific syllabus books. However, the most preferred and well-organized study material from the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh will assist one in preparation for this exam. 

Flexible Schedule

Although the certification duration ranges from 6-9 months, still, candidates can study at their pace. They have to complete the syllabus before the exam takes place. The schedule is quite flexible, and one can learn from the comfort of their room. So, enrolling in the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh is good as this will help you quickly complete the syllabus and provide flexibility in preparation.  
Now that the benefits of these coaching institutions are clear, you can apply to the best CMA USA institute in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. 

US CMA Colleges in Guntur 

There are specific colleges and CMA institutes in Andhra Pradesh (Guntur) that a candidate can apply to. Have a look at the list given below! 
  • NorthStar Academy 
  • Acharya Nagarjuna University 
  • JC College of Engineering 
  • KL University 
  • Christu Jayanti College 
  • Hindu College of Management 
  • KL Business School
So, these are some colleges of Guntur wherein one can pursue a CMA USA course. Lets discuss the job opportunities.

CMA USA Job Opportunities in India 

Apart from the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh, there are several job opportunities that one gets in Andhra Pradesh and worldwide. Below are the top job roles that a candidate can apply to. 

Finance Executive 

A finance executive is responsible for controlling the inventory and efficiently implementing the companys processes. Along with this, MIS reporting and project-wise profitability are also taken care of by the finance executive. The salary of a finance executive ranges from Rs 2-6 LPA. 

Assistant Manager 

An assistant manager has to undertake the costing, budgeting, business planning, etc. The managers must support plans and the budget process during the financial year. The assistant finance managers undertake the month-end closing procedures by closely working with business teams. These managers also prepare financial statements. The average salary of an assistant manager is Rs. 22 LPA. 

Senior Operations Manager 

A senior operations manager must do contingent planning to handle important custom matters. The operations manager works closely with the senior management to ensure employee discipline and optimally manage resources. The manager must apply cost-effective methods to manage the branch with a critical focus on profits and customer satisfaction. The average salary of a senior operations manager is Rs. 13 LPA. 
CMA USA course CTA

Cost Accountant 

A cost accountant evaluates the inventory and prepares cost sheets. They undertake the process of product costing and collect the data. A cost accountant also checks various cost schedules and annexures for statutory auditing. The average salary of a cost accountant ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. 
So, these are the top CMA USA job opportunities. 
A CMA USA primarily works in mid and senior-level positions in the organization. You just need to enroll in the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh for these lucrative job options and clear the exam.
Let us now look at the best certification in Andhra Pradesh. 

What is the CMA USA Coaching Fee?

Now that we know the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh, the next step is to know about the coaching fee. Connect with our counselor for a detailed account of the different packages offered by IMAs gold partner coaching institute.

CMA USA Certification Details in Andhra Pradesh

Before taking up the best CMA USA coaching In Andhra Pradesh, it is important to know the certification first. Have a look at the certification details for CMA USA.

Eligibility Criteria 

In order to apply for the certification, a candidate must have an IMA membership, a bachelors degree, and two years of experience in the field of management accounting and financial accounting. 

Certification Duration

CMA USA comes under the shortest duration certifications. The certification is for 6-9 months. The IMA issues the CMA certificate once the candidate has met the requirements.  

Fee Structure 

The fee of CMA USA ranges from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakh in India (including the coaching fees). Now, here are the various prices for the CMA USA certification for students as well as working professionals.

For Students 

ParticularsCMA USA Fee for Student Category (in $)
Membership Registration135
IMA Entrance Fee210
Part 1 Exam Fee345
Part 2 Exam Fee345

For Working Professionals 

ParticularsCMA USA Fee for Working Professional (in $)
IMA Membership Fee260
IMA Entrance Fee280
Part 1 Exam Fee460
Part 2 Exam Fee460
Candidates who opt for the certification must submit this fee to give the examination. In case you register via NorthStar Academy - IMAs official training partner you get access to BUNDLE DISCOUNTS!

Exam Structure 

The CMA USA exam has two parts of four hours each. Each part has 100 MCQs and two essay questions of thirty minutes each. The maximum marks for the entire exam are 1000, which means 500 marks for each exam part. The candidate needs to score above 360 marks to pass each examination. 
Best CMA Training Institute in India
To excel in the examination, a candidate has to get at least 72% marks. CMA USA is a rigorous exam. Therefore, a candidate must not leave any topic untouched and join the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh!    


1.Which college is the best for CMA in Andhra Pradesh?

NorthStar Academy is the best college to pursue CMA USA. Its available both via Online as well as Self Paced recorded program.

2.Which city has the best CMA USA Coaching in Andhra Pradesh?

CMA USA is a globally acclaimed course. It helps provide candidates with jobs in every corner of the world. As far as CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh is concerned - Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Guntur are the best cities to take the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh.

3.Which institute is the best for US CMA in India?

NorthStar Academy will prove to be the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh and all across the country. The academy provides the candidates with exclusive study material and pre-recorded classes to easily prepare for the examination. The mentors 24x7 assist the candidates and clarify their doubts. With a pass percentage of 83%, it is the best academy one must enroll in.

4.What is the full form of CMA?

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. It is one of the most prestigious credentials that can put an individuals career on Fastrack. The certification provides amazing job opportunities to the candidates along with high-paid jobs.

5.What is a CMA certification in India?

There is a fine line between CMA USA and CMA India. CMA USA has two parts, whereas CMA India has three parts. CMA USA is only for 6-9 months, while CMA India is for 3-4 years. The fee for CMA India ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. ICAI offers CMA India to regulate the cost and management profession. Candidates must decide carefully before enrolling in the top CMA India or CMA USA coaching in India.


Gaining the US CMA Certification in Andhra Pradesh is one of the best things a candidate can do for their accounting career. CMA USA can be pursued in India, and Andhra Pradesh is one of the best places to do so. 
CMA USA is a challenging exam that a candidate has to excel in if he/she wants good job prospects in the future. One must enroll in the best CMA USA training academy to prepare and clear the examination. NorthStar Academy (NSA) is the best CMA USA coaching in Andhra Pradesh that offers candidates pre-recorded classes, live sessions, exclusive study material, and much more in their CMA USA certification course.
Bundle discounts are offered by the institute to make the certification budget-friendly. The tutors at the academy are highly experienced and guide the candidates throughout their CMA USA journey. 
So, dont think much and apply to NorthStar Academy today! For additional information, call us at +918147470707, or fill out the form to receive a callback from our experts to resolve all your queries.
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