Best CMA USA coaching in Assam:5 Reasons to do CMA USA Coaching in Assam

CMA USA coaching in Assam

The students or professionals who want to pursue their careers in accounting and management can have their way with CMA USA certification. CMA USA is one of the most prestigious credentials that can prove to be a huge career leap in the lives of individuals. CMA USA, a globally recognized course, provides candidates with many business opportunities. As the experience level grows, the individual is offered higher job roles. 
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But before we delve deep into CMA USA, the primary motive for applying to the CMA USA course is to excel in the examination. Enrolling in a coaching institute is important to prepare for the exam. Now, you must be wondering which is the best CMA USA coaching in Assam. 
We will answer this question in the article as it progresses. For the time being, let us first understand what CMA USA is!  

What is CMA USA? 

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. CMA USA is a professional credential that signifies the fact that a person possesses expertise in management accounting and financial management. A person with the CMA USA designation is also well-versed in financial planning, decision support, analysis, professional ethics, and control. 
To gain the designation, one has to give the CMA USA exam. But before knowing about the best CMA USA coaching in Assam, let us gain a little context about the exam!  
  • The CMA USA certification exam has two parts. 
  • Both these parts consist of 100 MCQs and two essay questions of thirty minutes each. 
  • Candidates are given three hours to complete the multiple-choice questions, and one additional hour is provided to complete the essay-type questions. 
  • Part I of the exam focuses on financial planning, analytics, and performance. 
  • Part II of the exam focuses on strategic financial management.

The CMA USA exam content for both parts is given below: 

  1. Part I 
  • External financial reporting decisions - 15%
  • Planning, forecasting, and budgeting - 20%
  • Performance management - 20%
  • Cost management - 15%
  • Internal controls - 15%
  • Technology & Analytics - 15%
  1. Part II  
  • Financial statement analysis - 20%
  • Corporate finance - 25%
  • Decision analysis - 25%
  • Risk management - 10%
  • Investment decisions - 10%
  • Professional ethics - 15%
The Institute of Management Accountants is one of the world's top accounting body, accrediting the CMA USA certification. IMA conducts CMA USA exams and issues the certificate to the individuals. The CMA USA exam happens thrice a year, i.e., Jan-Feb, May-June, September-October.    

What are the CMA USA Exam Requirements?

In order to apply for the exam, a candidate has to fulfill the following requirements. 
  • A bachelors degree from a reputed institute/ university. 
  • Two years of work experience in financial management and management accounting. 
  • Thirty hours of CPE credits, including two hours of ethics and annual IMA membership. 

Reasons to Pursue CMA USA

CMA USA is an excellent course that offers wide career opportunities and high pay grades. Here are the top five reasons to pursue CMA USA.

Highest Level of Certification

CMA USA is one of the highest levels of certifications in management accounting. CMA USA helps a candidate gain an edge over others in the corporate career field. One can become a Financial Analyst, Finance Manager and reach the highest post, i.e., Chief Financial Officer. It is the highest credential that can reap several benefits for individuals. 

Global Recognition 

CMA USA is a globally accredited course that opens up new possibilities for candidates. Individuals can work across many countries like South Asia, India, China, the USA, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Higher Salary 

A CMA USA candidate earns more than the non-certified ones. A CMA USA has a 60% higher salary than others in the organization. The average salary of a CMA ranges from $150,000 to $300,000. 

Short Course

If you join the best CMA USA coaching in Assam, they will offer the shortest professional course in the world! This CMA USA course can be completed within 6-9 months, giving you the quickest possible kickstart in your career.
With global acknowledgment, CMA USA can provide many opportunities to candidates, including top job roles, high-paid jobs, etc. Let us now discuss which is the best CMA USA coaching in Assam.       

Which is the best US CMA best coaching in Assam?

If you are confused regarding the best CMA USA coaching in Assam, then don't worry! Weve got your back! There are many institutes and academies that you can opt for!
These training academies can prove to be the best CMA institute in Assam. Now, you must be wondering why. 
Well, look at why such institutes are the best CMA USA coaching in Assam. Here are the benefits of the same.

Back to Basics 

If you do not belong to a finance background, then there is nothing to worry about! The tutors of the institutes begin teaching from scratch. You will learn the basics of management and accounting as you enroll in the institute. Once your basics are clear, then the mentors will move towards the advanced concepts.  

Comprehensive Training 

Many institutes and institutions provide candidates with exclusive study material and comprehensive training to get theoretical and practical knowledge of the concepts. Every subject is covered in detail so that the candidates are exam ready at the best CMA USA coaching in Assam. 

Pocket Classroom

Many training institutes are now in the form of a web application, which means you can learn on the go! Everything is in the mobile application, from pre-recorded classes MCQ questions, test bank, and much more. Learn anywhere, anytime! 

End-to-End support 

The tutors and mentors at the best CMA USA coaching in Assam provide 24x7 support to the candidates. They help the candidates understand complex concepts and assist in clearing their doubts. The mentors support the students right from counseling and orientation to the placements.   
Applying to CMA USA academies will help you reap many benefits. Ranging from exclusive study material to the 24x7 availability of mentors, these institutes enable you to crack the exam in one go! Apply today to the best CMA USA coaching in Assam and get bundle discounts as well! 

How to Become a CMA USA in Assam? 

After knowing about the best CMA USA coaching in Assam, let us look at how one can become a CMA USA. 
In order to earn the CMA USA credential, one needs to meet the following requirements.
  • Hold an active IMA membership. 
  • Enroll in a coaching institute and excel in both parts of the CMA USA exam. 
  • Have a bachelors degree in finance, accounts, management, etc., from a reputed college.
  • Abiding by the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice by the Institute of Management Accountants.
  • Having two years of professional experience. 

Which group is easy in the CMA USA Exam? 

The CMA USA exam has two parts. Part 1 tests financial planning, analysis, and performance skills. On the other hand, Part 2 tests strategic financial management skills. 
As far as the difficulty level is concerned, it is believed that Part 2 is easier to crack compared to Part 1. If we look closely at the pass rates of both the parts for previous years, then Part 2 has a higher pass rate than Part 1. 
The pass rate of Part 1 ranges from 35% - 40%, while the pass rate of Part 2 ranges from 49% - 53%. Thus, Part 2 is easier and can be excelled in with proper preparation by enrolling at the best CMA USA coaching in Assam.

Which course is best in Assam?

Many professional courses offer success and top job roles in Assam. And one such excellent course is CMA USA. CMA USA offers global opportunities to professionals with expertise in Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. You can do it from the best CMA USA coaching in Assam and enjoy the below benefits.
Best CMA Training Institute in India

Business Approval 

CMA USA is the best accounting and management course that can help the business flourish. In the course, candidates will have in-depth knowledge of business, accounting, and management concepts, along with some financial knowledge. CMA USA is one of the highly prioritized business professionals who are offered top job roles. They also make necessary business decisions to help the company achieve its goals.   

Career Opportunities

There is no shortage of career opportunities for candidates with the CMA USA certification. CMA USA professionals have better job opportunities at entry-level as compared to other candidates. A CMA USA has flexibility while working in the organization, ranging from accounting to finance to management job roles. 

Financial Stability 

The CMA USA course in Assam offers candidates financial stability as well. Upon completing the course and gaining the designation, the candidates are offered high-paid jobs that can prove to be a huge career boost. According to many reports, a CMA USA earns 60% - 70% higher as compared to a non-certified candidate. Thus, CMA USA is financially in a good position as compared to others.  

Globally Recognized 

The main reason for applying for the CMA USA course is that it is globally recognized. After a candidate gains the credential, he/ she can work in any part of the world. If you also wish to work abroad, pursuing CMA USA is the best choice!
So, these are why doing the course from the best CMA USA coaching in Assam and clearing the exam is most suitable for an individual! CMA USA is a prestigious credential that can offer a lot of opportunities to candidates. Let us now look at career opportunities after CMA. 

Career Opportunities after CMA USA Course

CMA USA is an A-Level credential that is well-recognized in organizations across the globe. Here are the job profiles and subsequent salaries for various job roles. 
Job Roles Salaries (INR)
Senior AnalystRs. 7-8 LPA
Finance ManagerRs. 14 LPA
Budget AnalystRs. 12 LPA
TreasurerRs. 8-10 LPA
Finance ControllerRs. 19 LPA
Internal AuditorRs. 3-8 LPA
Financial AnalystRs. 5 LPA
Cost AccountantRs. 5-6 LPA
Management Trainee Rs. 7 LPA

CMA Course Details in Assam - Fee Structure

CMA USA fees range from 1.4 lakhs to 1.7 lakhs with training and including IMA fees. Generally the CMA USA IMA Membership and Exam fee for a student category is $1039 and professional category fee is $1475.


1.Which city is the best for CMA coaching?

CMA USA is a globally recognized course. The course has high value and helps candidates gain good job roles in top companies. Every country and every city is best to pursue a CMA USA course. After gaining the credential, a candidate can work in any part of the world.

2.Which degree is the best for CMA USA?

To apply for the CMA USA course, the candidates require a bachelors degree. Although there is no prerequisite for a degree in a particular subject, graduate degrees in finance, commerce, accounts, and management are preferred.

3.Which institute is the best for CMA in India?

Northstar Academy is the best CMA USA Coaching in Assam and all over India. With the academic material and pre-recorded classes, candidates can have strong foundational knowledge and can easily understand advanced concepts.

4.Is CMA in demand in Assam?

Yes, CMA USA is absolutely in demand. The CMA professionals are known for having financial management and management accounting expertise. All companies require certified US CMA professionals. Thus, CMA USAs are offered high-paid jobs and are recruited by top companies across the globe.

5.Which is the best - CMA India or CMA USA?

CMA USA is better compared to Indian CMA for many reasons. CMA USA is globally accredited and opens a wide door of opportunities for candidates. CMA USA is a good option if a candidate wishes to work and settle abroad. But if a candidate wishes to remain in India, then he/ she can apply for CMA India.


CMA USA is one of the best professional credentials that provide numerous career opportunities to candidates. To gain this professional degree, it is essential to excel in the examination, and a candidate must enroll in a coaching institute. 
Among many coaching institutes, Northstar Academy is one of the best CMA USA Coaching in Assam. They provide candidates with exclusive study material, pre-recorded classes, live sessions, and much more in the CMA USA Certification course. The mentors at Northstar Academy are 24x7 available to help candidates understand complex concepts and clear their doubts. 
Besides the academic material, bundle discounts and free demo classes are also offered to the candidates. So, whats stopping you now? Apply today to NorthStar Academy and commence your journey of being a successful CMA USA. 
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