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In today’s unpredictable corporate world, candidates always seek to advance their careers to recognize themselves in the market. Acquiring a professional certification is difficult and the right path to success. Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) is an example of its excellence in management accounting and financial management. However pursuing the CMA USA course demands commitment, hard work, and a strategic study plan. These give a thorough insight into who is seeking to get CMA USA certification. Candidates should meet eligibility criteria and the right coaching center to get a successful career in this field.

Why Pursue CMA USA?

The CMA USA certification is globally recognized and accepted in the finance and accounting field. It represents important areas such as financial planning, decision-making, control analysis, and professional ethics. They continue learning and understanding critical skills that improve their job opportunities and earnings. The main advantage of getting CMA USA certification is they have a greater range of salaries than the non-certified candidates.

Is it Easy to Become a CMA?

Acquiring CMA USA certification requires dedication and hard work, and proper preparation is an ought. The CMA USA course is divided into two parts. Part 1 usually focuses on financial reporting, planning, and controlling. Part two focuses on financial decision-making. With that, each section includes multiple-choice questions and essay questions which help candidates understand the concepts. Passing the exam is difficult but with the right study plan, updated study materials, and the right mentorship like the one NorthStar Academy offers everything is possible!

Eligibility Criteria for USA CMA

Before acquiring US CMA certification candidates should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). candidates must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university and two years of work experience in management accounting or financial management. Professional candidates must become IMA members and follow their rules and regulations. This course can be completed within 6-9 months, there is no time limit as such, but when the exam time exceeds or if candidates fail to pass they have numerous chances to crack the CMA exam but they will have to pay the examination fee again.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Candidates often face challenges while pursuing a CMA course. Time constraints, understanding difficult concepts, and not having a proper study plan are all possible challenges candidates can face. Online coaching institutions provide updated study materials and have unique methods to solve problems more efficiently, they help candidates overcome barriers and pass the exam.

Here are some of the challenges students face to pass their exam on the first attempt:
Lack of Proper Information 
There is a lot of scattered information on the internet, resulting in a lot of time spent gathering the correct information. This would be particularly disastrous for a college student or working professional who would waste their time and energy to find the right resources to study.
  • Lack of Certainty: To write a costly exam like the CMA, it is necessary to be 100% confident before signing up for the paper. Most often, students get cold feet or are not thorough with the preparation, failing.
  • Lack of Guidance: Just like a doctor who tells you which medicines to take despite the information being available on the internet, similarly experienced faculty is necessary to make sure you have both conceptual and intuitive learning. 
  • Lack of Time: Most students who fail the exam cite the lack of time for preparation as the major hindrance. Self-study while managing personal and academic/professional life can be difficult. In such a scenario, assisted learning can be a boon for all the students attempting the exam.

 India's Best CMA USA Coaching Academy

After years of training students, we have identified all the possible problems students might face and tried to find solutions to their pain points. By enrolling in NorthStar Academy’s (NSA) comprehensive CMA course, you will be able to unlock all these benefits for yourself :
  • Learn From the Basics: Our goal is to give you a conceptual learning experience right from the basics. Whether it’s been years since you have picked an accounts textbook or if you are not from a commerce background - we have you covered. All the sessions will be conducted right from the foundations of accounting, costing, and finance. 
  • Customized Study Material: We are the only learning partner in India with our comprehensive material. This course covers all the topics and concepts in great detail, making it easier for you to study. You get access to 12 unique books covering the 12 sections of Parts 1 and 2. With 1500+ MCQs and 180 essay questions, you will most definitely pass the exam. 
  • 100% Syllabus Coverage: Nothing in our academy is left to chance. We cover every minute aspect of the syllabus to be confident about your preparation. With our CMA comprehensive program, you never have to worry about not knowing the answer. 
  • Self-paced Courses: We understand that some of you might like learning early in the morning while some prefer to stay up at night. So we solved this problem with recorded lectures through mobile and desktop applications. Now, you get to study whenever you want and wherever you want!
  • No more Exam Jitters: We know that most students are afraid of exams, but there is no reason to worry when we are here for you. With 30+ topic-wise tests covering every aspect of the CMA syllabus, you are ready to take your exams with no stress and lots of confidence. 
  • NSA Scoreboard: We offer you an in-house scoreboard that will act as your AI report card. With 99% accuracy, the readiness metric will monitor your exam preparation and score. So you can turn heads when you walk into that exam room with the stride of pride.
Over the years, NorthStar Academy (NSA) has trained more than 15,000 students who have passed the exams with flying colors. Awarded as the best training institute by the Indian Education Awards 2020, we offer you access to quality and comprehensive learning.

With a CMA USA program, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming a finance and accounting professional, which will be highly significant in a digitally driven and competitive business world. Enroll in the best USA CMA online class, the NorthStar Academy CMA program, to fulfill your dream. 


1. How long does it take to complete the CMA USA exam?
The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a globally recognized credential for management accountants and financial professionals. Within 6–9 months, you can obtain professional certification through NorthStar Academy (NSA).

2. Do I become an IMA member directly after passing the CMA USA exam?
No, after passing the CMA USA exam, you need to apply for the IMA certification and membership.
Please note that you have seven years from the date of passing the CMA USA exam to apply for IMA certification and membership. To apply for IMA certification and membership, you must have a bachelor’s degree along with two years of work experience in the finance and accounting field. 

3. Who is the best CMA USA online faculty?
Mr. M. Irfat sir has widely been acclaimed as the best mentor for CMA USA. He has won the Teaching Excellence Award for his expertise and mentorship. 


Pursuing the Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA ) certification is an important step toward one’s professional career in the finance and accounting field. With meeting eligibility criteria, educational qualification and the right resources success is achievable. NSA stands out as the best online coaching center institution offering candidate recognition globally providing the best mentorship switch 24/7 supportive team helping candidates. By enrolling in this program individuals will have various job prospects and global recognition in today's dynamic business world.

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