Which is the Best CMA USA Coaching in Tamil Nadu?

Best CMA USA Coaching in Tamil Nadu

Gaining the CMA credential might be difficult for a lot of candidates. And why not? It requires dedicated time, hard work, and effort, which becomes even more challenging for working professionals. These professionals search for the best certification training programs and courses to ease their preparation and streamline their approach.
If you are also planning to do the CMA USA course but are confused about the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu, this informational blog is for you! 
We will discuss all the essential points regarding the CMA USA course and which coaching might be the best for you. Lets begin.

CMA USA An Insight 

A professional accounting certification, CMA USA signifies that a person possesses expertise in financial management and management accounting. A US CMA is responsible for carrying out tasks like preparing financial statements and undertaking the process of analysis, control, budgeting, etc.
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While talking about the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu, it is essential to note that CMA is a challenging exam that can be hard to crack. Self-study is not going to help much. That is why it is vital to enroll in a coaching institute that will help you provide the full roadmap to success. 
Now, there are several points regarding the CMA USA course that need to be noted. So, let us discuss them in detail.

Eligibility Criteria

Acquiring the CMA USA certification is essential to fulfilling specific requirements. These requirements are: 
  • Having an IMA membership.
  • Having at least two years of work experience in financial management and management accounting. 
  • Having a bachelors degree from a recognized college/university. 
  • Abiding by the IMAs Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. 
It is crucial to have a thorough knowledge of the exam structure before one searches for the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu.

Exam Structure

Have a look at the following key points. 
  • The CMA USA Exam has two parts Part 1 and Part 2. 
  • Part 1 is Financial Planning, Performance, and Analysis & Part 2 is Strategic Financial Planning. 
  • There are 100 MCQ questions and 2 Essay-type questions in each exam part.
  • Four hours are allotted for each exam part of the CMA USA, which is 500 points.
  • A candidate requires 360 points in both exam parts to qualify.

Career Opportunities 

While taking up a course, everybody thinks of future prospects, i.e., job opportunities and salaries. Have a look at the table below to know job roles and salaries. 
Job RolesSalaries (in INR)
Senior Analyst7-8 LPA
Finance Manager12-15 LPA
Budget Analyst12-15 LPA
Treasurer8-9 LPA
Finance Controller19-20 LPA
Internal Auditor3-8 LPA
Financial Analyst5-6 LPA
Cost Accountant5-6 LPA
Management Trainee6-7 LPA

Top Companies Recruiting US CMAs

After you have gained the CMA USA certification, there are many prominent MNCs you can apply to and enjoy a lucrative career. Have a look at some of the companies that hire CMA USA. 
  • Deloitte
  • PwC
  • KPMG
  • EY
  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Cognizant 
  • Max Life Insurance 
  • MasterCard
  • HP
  • Barclays 
  • Knowcraft Analytics
Got interested in the CMA USA? Prepare with the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu and crack the exam. Try to get into the recognized and registered CMA coaching institute to ensure success by getting assistance from top mentors and well-organized study materials.
Let us now look at the benefits of doing the CMA USA course. 

Benefits of CMA USA 

Before knowing about the best CMA USA Coaching in Tamil Nadu, let us see some benefits of the course so that you can decide whether to go for it or not! 

1. Business Appeal

One of the primary benefits of a CMA USA course is that it is a professional credential in high demand. The amalgamation of business, accounting, and management make this course popular among candidates. In the course, candidates will learn about corporate governance and various essential business aspects like finance, accounting, investment, etc. By having a thorough knowledge of these concepts, candidates can make correct business decisions that will benefit the company.

2. Growth Opportunities 

CMA USA offers the candidates multiple growth opportunities. The certification is a beacon that signals a candidate will have more responsibilities and a fantastic pay grade in the company. CMA USA provides candidates with mid and senior-level positions, helping them boost their career growth. 

3. Global Opportunities 

CMA USA is a globally recognized course, meaning that candidates can apply for various job roles in different countries. If you are planning to settle abroad, the CMA certification can help you a lot in this. Candidates can apply in European, Middle East, and Western countries, thereby getting higher pay grades.  

4. Employee Value 

CMA USA course gives you a better understanding of business, finance, and accounts. If you have gained the CMA credential, you will be the go-to person for every query arising in the company. CMA- certified candidates are always valued in the company. 

Where to get CMA USA Free Online Classes?

There are a lot of coaching institutes that provide assistance to candidates to help them prepare for the exam. If you are looking for the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu, nothing beats NorthStar Academy. 
It is a leading online coaching institute that provides the facility of learning from anywhere, anytime. Whats more? Bundle discounts are also offered to the candidates which makes the course budget-friendly. Another great benefit is getting a free demo class before enrolling in the course.

CMA USA Syllabus

Getting into the best CMA institute in Tamil Nadu is not enough. You need to work hard and smart to excel in the exam and plan, for which it is essential to know the syllabus. It is the first thing that every CMA aspirant must go through. Having the syllabus handy can help one prepare the schedule for the examination.
Please look at the syllabus topics & their weightage given below to get a fair idea of the CMA USA exam.

Part I Financial Planning, Performance, and Analysis 

Technology & Analysis15%
Internal Controls15%
Cost Management15%
Performance Management20%
Planning, forecasting, and budgeting20%
External Financial Reporting Decisions15%

Part 2 Strategic Financial Management 

Financial Statement Analysis20%
Corporate Finance20%
Decision Analysis25%
Risk Management10%
Investment Decisions10%
Professional Ethics15%
Candidates must keep the updated syllabus and know the common topics frequently in the exam every year. Study those topics and concepts thoroughly so that you pass the exam quickly. 

What is CMA USA Course Fee in Indian Rupees?

If you are applying for the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu, i.e., Northstar Academy, then it is important to know the course fee.
  • The CMA USA exam fee for the student category is Rs. 27,214/-.
  • The CMA USA Exam fee for working professionals is Rs. 36,285/-.

    Kindly note the above-mentioned fees include only for exam fee.
    The total investment for CMA USA Course in Indian rupees shall be 150,000.

Best CMA Institute in Tamil Nadu

There are many academies and institutes that provide the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu to candidates. Below are reasons why one must apply to such academies to pursue the CMA USA course.

Official Learning Partner 

Some academies are approved as learning partners by the Institute of Management Accountants and Gleim. These institutes provide the Gleim learning systems with online access to exclusive study material that helps the candidates prepare for the exam. 

Comprehensive Training

If you are not from a finance or accounting background, then there is nothing to worry about. Many institutes provide comprehensive knowledge and training to the candidates, thereby covering each and every topic from scratch. The best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu provides students with an exam kit for quick exam revision. 

Mobile Application 

Upon applying for the CMA certification in an institute, the candidates are provided with 150+ hours of lectures, MCQ questions, a Test bank, and Video answers on the mobile application so that the students can learn anywhere, anytime. The essential topics are provided in PDF format for last-minute revision.

Mock Papers 

After enrolling in the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu, candidates are trained in more than 30 topics to ensure that the candidates have thorough knowledge regarding each and every topic. And exam simulated mock tests are conducted before the actual CMA USA Exams to ensure your confidence is set at par.

Pass Percentage 

Many CMA academies have the best faculty and tutors that provide assistance to the candidates. A significant benefit of applying to the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu is the highest success rate. With task-based simulations, exclusive study material, and mock tests, candidates can easily understand essential to complex topics. 

Teaching Methodology 

CMA USA academies believe in being methodical to ensure that the students have an in-depth understanding of financial management and accounting. Tutors and mentors of the academy focus on real-time and application-based career prospects, thereby helping the candidates in their professional growth. Various teaching methods are also blended to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Result-oriented Environment 

The best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu offers candidates a result-oriented environment in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals. The academy provides a conceptual learning experience through online and offline classes from the basics. The online classes offered by the academies provide flexibility to the candidates in order to learn from anywhere.    
So, these are the benefits of applying to academies that offer CMA certifications. The academy helps the candidates throughout their journey, helping them achieve their certifications. Trust us on this you wont regret enrolling at the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu. Apply soon and avail of the benefits mentioned above.


1.Is it worth getting the CMA Certification?

Yes, it is worth getting the CMA certification. CMA offers various opportunities to the candidates in terms of higher salaries and job prospects. Many studies have shown that a CMA USA-Certified candidate earns 31% higher than non-certified candidates. The average salary of a CMA ranges from Rs 7-15 lakhs, which is increased as the candidate gains experience.

2.What benefits does CMA Certification provide?

There are many benefits of gaining the CMA certification.
1. Business Appeal
2. Growth Opportunities
3. Global Opportunities
4. Employee Value

Candidates must refer to the section titled Benefits of CMA certification. in the above article to know the benefits in detail.

3. Which degree is best for CMA USA?

Having a bachelors or masters degree in accounts, management, mathematics, or finance will help candidates understand different concepts of the CMA USA course. Candidates will already have the basic knowledge and can straightaway begin with some advanced topics.

4. Is CMA USA hard to pass?

Yes, CMA USA is a rigorous and challenging exam to pass. Self-study might not be enough to excel in the examination. With a wide variety of topics to study, one must enroll in the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu so that the syllabus is finished on time, thereby having some extra time for revision!


CMA USA is a professional credential that helps candidates a lot. The certification adds to their degree and provides them with high-paid jobs in top companies. To gain certification, one has to excel in the examination. Since the exam is challenging, one has to prepare for the exam by enrolling in Northstar Academys CMA USA certification.  
NorthStar Academy is the best CMA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu. One is bound to excel in the examination with world-class qualified teachers and exclusive study material. The mentors at our academy are present 24x7 to clarify the doubts of the candidates. Beginning from teaching the basic to complex concepts, candidates can easily understand each and every topic from the syllabus. Candidates applying are also offered free demo classes so that they can ultimately decide whether they wish to continue or not. 
So, what are you waiting for? Contact today and get incredible benefits, bundle discounts, and much more! +918147470707
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