Best CMA USA Course in Ajman: Huge scope & complete details for 2024

CMA USA course in Ajman

With the UAE becoming one of the most important hubs for global trade, the opportunity for career growth for finance and accounting professionals has also become immense. Many US-based companies are establishing their headquarters in Ajman (UAE), maybe because of the low taxes and corporate-friendly environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
However, these multinational companies will still need many financial and accounting professionals to handle their daily financial operations. Hence, the demand for accounting professionals and CMA USA courses in Ajman is soaring.
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Handling the accounting and finance department is a huge responsibility, and companies only look for professionals with proven work experience and credibility in the field. That�s where the CMA certification comes into play. The CMA certification is globally recognized for accounting professionals, as it provides the needed credibility to the candidates. Completing a CMA USA course in Ajman can help achieve optimum career growth.

What is CMA USA?

Certified Management Accountant or CMA USA is offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) of the USA, a well-respected association of accountants and financial professionals. CMA USA is a highly valued credential in managerial accounting and financial management.
Earning the US CMA certification helps individuals in mastering the core practice areas within the management accounting competency framework, which includes - Financial planning, performance evaluation, decision analysis, analytics, risk management, professional ethics, and more.
In the world of corporate accounting, US CMA is a well-respected designation. In fact, it is considered the �Gold standard� of managerial accounting and financial management.
Moreover, the certification is well recognized all around the globe, including in Middle Eastern countries like UAE. You can get a job virtually anywhere worldwide after completing the CMA USA certification course.
There is a massive influx of foreign companies in UAE and Ajman, actively looking for CMA-certified accounting professionals. The average salary for the CMA USA-certified professional is also relatively high compared to their non-certified counterparts. Due to all this, the demand for the CMA USA course in Ajman has skyrocketed.

Details of CMA USA Course in Ajman

The course of CMA USA is highly comprehensive. It provides the candidates with a robust understanding of core practices in their relevant industry, the ability to work with multiple stakeholders, and enhanced knowledge of financial and accounting concepts. One can enrol in the CMA USA course in Ajman via the approved learning partners for IMA.
CMA is considered the pinnacle of all certifications offered in the field of accounting and finance. It is the benchmark for the top Managerial accountants. Obtaining such a qualification is anything but easy.
The candidates have to clear two exam parts to become certified-CMA USA. The CMA USA Part one deals with �Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics�, while the second part is based on �Strategic Financial Management�. 
Both parts contain 100 MCQ and 2 Essay Questions. The candidates must score at least 360 marks out of 500 in each exam to crack these examinations. The candidate will be given 4 hours to complete each exam and administered by Prometric. You can take both these exams between the testing windows of - Jan-Feb, May-June, and Sep-Oct.
Both sections are considered challenging to pass among all the certification exams in the field of Managerial Accounting. However, the second part of CMA USA is considered somewhat easier than the first part.
Before you go for the CMA USA course in Ajman, let us discuss the fee details.

US CMA Course Fees Details in UAE

The fees for the CMA exams and the CMA course are different. Let�s start by knowing the official exam fees for the CMA USA certification, which IMA will charge. 
The CMA USA exam fees can be categorized into three parts, which include the Membership fees for the IMA, CMA IMA entrance fees, and the CMA examination fees.

IMA Membership Fees

You have to become a member of the IMA to be eligible to apply for the CMA USA certification. However, anyone can become a member of the IMA by paying a membership fee.
For the first time, the students have to pay $135 to get a membership of the IMA, while the working professionals will be required to pay $260 to get it. After the first purchase, the membership will remain active for the next three years, after which you may have to pay a membership fee annually to continue your certification.

CMA IMA Entrance Fees in Ajman

Once you become a member of the IMA, you need to register yourself for the CMA USA course. The registration fee for the CMA USA course in Ajman is around 210 USD for students and 280 USD for Working professionals. It is a one-time fee that the CMA aspirants have to make before the start of their CMA USA journey in Ajman.
Once you register yourself, you will get three years to pass the CMA examination. If in case one fails to pass both examinations in the next three years, he/she will have to go through the registration process again.

CMA Examination Fees

For each examination, the candidates have to pay an examination fee of 345 USD for the students and 460 USD for working professionals.
And as mentioned earlier, the candidates have to pass two examinations to claim their CMA certification. So, the total examination fee will be 690$ for students and 920$ for professionals.
Here is the reference table for the official fee for the CMA USA Exam.
ParticularsFor Students($)For Professionals($)
Fees for membership of the IMA$135(3 years)$260(1 year)
CMA entrance fees$210$280
Part - 1$345$460
Part - 2$345$460

How to Become CMA USA in Ajman?

You can easily become a CMA USA-certified accounting professional right from Ajman; you don�t need to travel or work abroad.
To become a CMA USA, you must first fulfil some basic requirements. You just need to complete your bachelor�s degree from an accredited college or university and at least two years of real work experience (Internships are not included) in any relevant field.
Other than these requirements, the candidates must become a member of the IMA and register for the CMA USA on the IMA website. After paying the examination fees, the candidate can participate in the CMA USA examination. There will be two examinations for the CMA USA that candidates need to clear to get their certification. It is recommended to join a CMA USA course in Ajman to prepare yourself for these examinations.
The examination centers for these examinations are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can choose any of the two testing centers according to your convenience.

CMA USA Duration in UAE

As per the guidelines by the IMA, the candidates must clear both the CMA USA examination within 3 years from the day of CMA USA registration. However, depending on the aspirant's plan and study schedule, the US CMA certificate exams can be cleared in a minimum of 6 months to 3 years.
The training program or the CMA USA course in Ajman can be completed within 6-9 months.
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After passing the examinations, the candidates will get seven years to claim their CMA USA certification. They can claim their certification at any time in these seven years, given they have completed a bachelor's degree and accumulated two years of work experience in any relevant section.

Which is the best institute for US CMA in Ajman or Sharjah?

The huge influx of international companies in the UAE has led to a drastic increase in the demand for CMA-certified finance and accounting professionals in the cities of Ajman and Sharjah. Hence, to meet the ever-rising demand for CMA USA professionals, IMA (the organization behind the CMA USA course in Ajman) has introduced CMA USA training in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai. IMA has also set up offices across UAE and the Middle East.
Therefore as GOLD learning partners of IMA, NSA (or NorthStar Acadamy) is committed to offering one of the best CMA USA courses in Ajman and adding to the coveted pool of professional Managerial Accountants.


1. Can I Do US CMA without coaching?

The short answer is yes, you surely can prepare for the US CMA certifications without going to any coaching. Self-studying for the CMA US exams is a popular way to go. You just need to have the right materials and the optimal strategy in hand, which is most suitable for you, but it is not as easy as it sounds.�

The CMA USA examination is considered one of the toughest examinations in the space of Managerial accounting. Passing the CMA US examination requires much hard work and dedication from the candidates, especially if you plan to crack it without the CMA USA course in Ajman.

2. Can an average student pass CMA?

It depends. Anyone can crack the CMA USA examination, given he/she has done enough preparation for the examination. You need to give your 100% in all of the 12 subjects of CMA USA to crack the examination on the first attempt. It doesn�t matter if you a genius, average, or below-average student. The CMA US exam will look easy with proper guidance and enough preparation.

3. Is CMA Final easy?

A CMA USA course in Ajman consists of two examinations - CMA USA Part 1 & CMA USA Part 2 (or CMA Final), which a candidate must clear before getting their CMA certification.
Many people believe that the CMA US Part 2 examination is easier than Part 1 because it has a higher passing percentage. However, that doesn�t mean that the part 2 exam is easy. Candidates must first clear the CMA US Part 1 to participate in Part 2. And a lot of candidates never take the Part 2 exam as they can't pass Part 1.
Although, many experts think that the preparation for the CMA final is easier than for the part 1 examination.

4. Can I get a job after CMA us?

The Scope of the CMA USA course in Ajman is immense. After completing US CMA, one can get a job as a Business Analyst, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Relationship Manager, Cost Manager, Cost Accountant, and even Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
In corporate accounting, the CMA US is a well-respected designation. Employers from all over the world are looking for Hard working CMA-certified accounting professionals to join their teams. Getting a job in such a scenario is not difficult for a CMA US.

5. Is CMA US in demand?

The CMA USA course in Ajman is a highly valued and well-recognized course in the managerial accounting field. After completing the US CMA certification, You surely will be able to get a well-paying job in the Middle East and all across the world.
The demand for CMA US certified professionals is also growing drastically. CMA Employers from all over the world are looking for CMA professionals to join their companies. Because of this huge demand, the Salary of a CMA is also quite high. On average, a CMA-certified professional gets 50% more compensation than their non-certified counterparts.


With UAE becoming the center of world business and many US companies opening their Offices in UAE, the demand for Financial experts and CMA professionals is going to rise. In such a scenario, it only makes sense to enrol yourself in the CMA USA course in Ajman.
Hence, if you want to enroll in the best CMA course in Ajman or Dubai, the NorthStar Academy (NSA) is the top choice. NSA provides highly relevant study materials, which are the oldest and most preferred. It also creates a full roadmap for your success, providing the study schedule covering the entire comprehensive syllabus. With the highest success rate and experienced faculty, NSA has become the leading institution for the CMA USA course in Ajman.
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