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Best CMA USA course in Mumbai

Are you planning to join the CMA USA course but are confused about where to start? Well, this article will just help you! CMA USA is the highly preferred certification that opens a door to opportunities for both beginners and working professionals. CMA USA international certification course that adds value to your CV. In other words, the CMA USA professionals have extensive knowledge in the fields of management, accounting, and finance.
If you reside in Mumbai and are looking for the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, then hang on and read this article as we will be telling you all about the CMA USA course in the location of Mumbai. 

CMA USA A Complete Overview

When it comes to the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, we must know about the CMA USA certification details first. Well! CMA, also known as Certified Management Accountant, is one of the top certifications that acts as a global passport for finance and accounting professionals. 
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The CMA USA, nowadays, is gaining momentum among commerce students who wish to have top-level jobs in cost and management accounting. 
This section covers some key highlights of the CMA USA exam and certification that candidates will come across after applying for the course. 
Certification NameCertified Management Accountant
CMA USA EXAMThere are two parts in CMA USA exam. Part I is Financial planning, performance, and Analytics. Part II is Strategic Financial Management.
Exam SessionsThe sessions begin in June/ July and last till January or February.
DurationYou get 1 Year to clear both the exam parts.
Pass rateThe global passing rate is 50%.
Success rateEvery year over 4000 CMAs pass the exam.
Let us now discuss the benefits of this certification program.

1.Career Growth

By pursuing the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, candidates can have immense career growth and development. A candidate can start working straight away in mid and senior-level positions in finance, management, accounting, and business departments. 

2.Global Opportunities

CMA USA is a globally accredited credential recognized in countries like the USA, UAE, UK, China, India, Canada, Middle Eastern Countries, etc. It presents an opportunity for the candidates to settle and work abroad, thereby learning foreign nations' practices and business ethics. 

3.Increased Financial Success

CMA certification provides a lucrative opportunity to the candidates that can lead to tremendous financial success. Over 58% of the candidates with a CMA credential have increased salaries globally. The salaries of the certified candidates are high as compared to the non-certified ones. 

4.Short Duration

US CMA can be completed in one year. If you have enrolled for a certification course via an academy, you can pass the exams within six months. With NorthStar Academy, complete your CMA USA preparation in 6-8 months. NSA has highly organized courses and a streamlined approach, making it possible to complete in a small duration. The CMA USA exam is conducted three times a year and gives several opportunities to the candidates upon gaining the certification.  

5.Versatile Certification

After knowing about the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, candidates must also know that it is a very versatile certification. Candidates with a minimum work experience of two years and a bachelors degree in engineering, economics, administration, etc., is the criteria to get the certification. If you want to take the course and exam, you must complete the 12th grade.
There are a lot of benefits of the CMA certification. We have listed just a few of them. To go for the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, candidates must know the importance and value of the course.
Now, there is a certain eligibility criterion for the CMA USA course. It is important to fulfill the eligibility requirements. So, let us have a look at them.

What are the CMA USA Eligibility Criteria?

Before taking admission into the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, it is essential to fulfilling some CMA USA certification program requirements. Certification will be denied if any candidate fails to fulfill the eligibility criteria. So, here are the requirements. 
  1. A candidate must have an IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) membership.
  2. Candidates must have a bachelors degree from a recognized institution. 
  3. Candidates must possess at least two years of work experience in Financial Accounting and/or Management Accounting. 
  4. The candidates must abide by the Ethical Professional Practice statement of the IMA.  
You can find the best CMA USA course in Mumbai provided by the top institute like NorthStar Academy to which a candidate can apply. The top mentors at NSA provide the candidates with valuable guidance at every step, helping them to clear the CMA USA exam in one go.
Now, let us discuss the top CMA USA institute in Mumbai.

Best CMA USA Institute in Mumbai

Well, there are a number of institutes out there that provide training for the CMA USA exam. But if you ask us, we would say that NorthStar Academy is the best when it comes to finding the best CMA institute in Mumbai. Now, you must be wondering why is it so. Well, read this section ahead to know why NorthStar Academy is the best for you! 
NorthStar Academy provides you with the best CMA USA course in Mumbai because the academy:
  • Has a pass percentage of 83% and helps candidates in providing consistent results. 
  • NorthStar Academy is a premium learning partner of IMA. With world-class mentors and tutors, the academy provides an exclusive syllabus to the candidates to help them excel in the examination. 
  • The CMA USA course can be completed in just 6-9 months when you enroll at NorthStar Academy. CMA USA certification can easily be acquired by the candidates in just six months with 16-18 weeks of effort and hard work. 
  • After you enroll in the NorthStar Academy, you can easily learn anywhere, anytime. With online interactive classes, the candidates can learn from their homes or anywhere in the world on their tablets and phones. 
Best CMA Training Institute in India
The best time to apply for the CMA course is after the 12th class. Being the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, NorthStar Academy provides you with a lot of benefits for the future. CMA USA certification has been and will be the standard of excellence and is one of the best certifications for finance and accounting professionals.

CMA USA Course Fees

In order to know the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, candidates first need to have a look at the fee structure of the official CMA USA certification program by IMA. Here are two tables depicting the course fee for CMA USA for working professionals as well as students.

1.For Students

CMA USA Fee ParticularsFees (in USD)
Membership Registration Fee135
IMA Entrance Fee210
Part 1 Exam Fee345
Part 2 Exam Fee345
Total 1035

2.For Working Professionals

CMA USA Course Fee Particulars Fees (in USD)
Membership Entrance Fee260
IMA Entrance Fee280
Part 1 Exam Fee460
Part 2 Exam Fee460
The best part about applying to the NSA is that they provide the best offers that make the course budget-friendly. Along with this, the academy also provides live sessions and Gleims exclusive study material to help the candidates prepare for the exam easily.
Now, let us talk about the IMA membership. IMA membership can add immense value if you are willing to take up the CMA USA course & give the exam. If you have an IMA membership, then the fee is reasonably reduced. Candidates must register to become a member of the Institute of Management Accountants. IMA membership helps candidates participate in scholarships and competitions offering various cash records. Such are the benefits of the IMA membership! 

What is the US CMA Course?

The US CMA or CMA USA course is a training program offered by many training institutes worldwide. The course helps you develop all the necessary skills and guide you for better preparation for the CMA USA exam. This exam is hard, which is why students  get enrolled in and study with the best CMA USA course in Mumbai to clear it with ease.

US CMA Classes Fees in Mumbai

To get into the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, candidates must find a reasonable course fee structure. To help you with this NSA has been always helpful in helping students with quality education with genuine pricing. Both working professionals and students can apply for the CMA USA course. 
Now let us know more about CMA classes in other parts of Mumbai.   

CMA Classes in Dadar, Thane, and Kalyan

You can find many CMA courses in Mumbai, but the best CMA USA course in Mumbai is at NorthStar Academy. 
Interestingly, NorthStar Academy provides online certification courses which can be accessed from any part of the world. The location is no more a barrier if you are determined to prepare and excel in your career.
There are 2 papers in the CMA exam, and a candidate must give all the exams to gain the certification. 
The same is the case with CMA classes in Thane and CMA classes in Kalyan. No matter in which part of Mumbai you reside, you can learn anywhere, anytime with NorthStar Academy. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is CMA USA worth it in India?

Yes. The CMA USA certification is absolutely worth it in India and also in other parts of the world. According to the IMA survey, it has been seen that CMAs earn higher than non-certified candidates. So yes! A candidate must take up the best CMA USA course in Mumbai to boost their career.

2.Will I get a job after CMA USA?

There are a lot of mid and senior-level positions that a professional can get after CMA USA. Some of the job positions include Finance analyst, Financial controller, Chief Financial Officer, Cost accountant, Finance Analyst, Management Accountant, etc.

3.Is the US CMA worth it?

Yes, CMA USA is one of the highest qualifications that will be acquired by working professionals as well as students. Along with a high pay scale, candidates also get top job roles in globally recognized companies.

4.Which institute is the best for the US CMA in Mumbai?

Yes, CMA USA is one of the highest qualifications that will be acquired by working professionals as well as students. Along with a high pay scale, candidates also get top job roles in globally recognized companies.

5.Which degree is the best for CMA USA?

To acquire the CMA USA certification, a candidate can have a bachelors degree in accounting, finance, economics, or general business. The degree will help you with the basics of management and accounting so that you are able to understand complex concepts of CMA.

6.Which institute is the best for US CMA in India?

NorthStar Academy is one of the best US CMA institutes in India. There are a lot of benefits if you apply to the academy. If you pursue the best CMA USA course in Mumbai, you can have rapid understanding, a high probability of clearing the CMA USA exam, leading to jobs in globally recognized companies, and much more.

7.How much does CMA cost in the USA?

The CMA entrance fee for the CMA certification is $280 in the USA. The exam fee is $460 per exam (four exams are there).


CMA USA is a credential that can provide a candidate with a wide door of opportunities. With top-level job positions and high-paid salaries, every candidate is applying for the CMA course today. Now, when it comes to a specific place, there are some of the best CMA USA courses in Mumbai. Candidates can apply for these courses and gain certification. 
Now, when it comes to the CMA certification, nothing beats NorthStar Academy. With a wide range of exclusive study material along with the 24x7 assistance of mentors and tutors, any candidate can prepare easily for the exam. Along with this, the candidates also get bundle discounts that make the CMA certification course budget-friendly. 
So, dont think much and apply to US CMA course at NorthStar Academy today!
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