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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a course offered by the Institute of Management Accountants USA. This professional Certificate Course in Management Accounting is internationally recognised.
Management and Finance professionals who operate in the business area and in core financial operations would benefit greatly from this training. The CMA USA course is in high demand these days, and it provides professionals with the essential information needed to make effective business decisions.
The NorthStar Academy is the most well-known of all the CMA USA institutes in Kerala . In Kerala, NorthStar Academy has been the only golden partner of IMA-USA. CMA USA is a course designed for accounting professionals who want to work in Big and Fortune 500 companies.

CMA USA in Kerala Eligibilities

The following are the eligibility requirements for the CMA USA Course:

  • All candidates must have Bachelors Degree &
  • 2 years of relevant work experience in the field of accounting or finance.
However these two eligibility criterias can be fulfilled within 7 years from the date of passing.
It is recommended that you finish the CMA tests during your graduation year in order to improve your resume and take advantage of the Student Membership and Scholarship benefits provided by IMA.

Highlights of NorthStar Academy CMA USA Institute in Kerala 

The CMA USA Course is a professional qualification in management accounting and financial management that is recognised Globally.
The Institute of Management Accountants (USA) has recognised the NorthStar Academy course as a very complete course that educates students in a comprehensive manner and right from basic classes. On average, it takes pupils between 6 and 9 months to pass the CMA USA exam. The exam consists of 75% MCQ type questions, and 25% via Essay questions.
According to statistics, CMA USA now has a pass rate of 42 percent on a global average. When compared to non-certified professionals, CMA USA professionals earn 58% significantly more.
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CMA USA Syllabus

The CMA USA course is divided into two parts, which are described in detail in the next section.

Part One of CMA USA - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics:

  • Part 1 ofCMA USAconsists of 6 sections.
  • One must secure 360 out of 500 marks in order to qualify CMA USA Part 1.

Part Two of CMA USA - Strategic Financial Management:

  • Part 2 of CMA USA consists of 6 sections.
  • One must secure 360 out of 500 marks in order to qualify CMA USA Part 2.
Sections Part 1 Weightage Sections Part 2 Weightage
Section A External Financial Reporting Decisions 15% Section A Financial Statement Analysis 20%
Section B Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting 20% Section B Corporate Finance 20%
Section C Performance Management 20% Section C Decision Analysis 25%
Section D Cost Management 15% Section D Risk Management 10%
Section E Internal Controls 15% Section E Investment Decisions 10%
Technology and Analytics 15% Section
Professional Ethics 15%

Overview of the CMA USA Content Specification:

Part 1 of CMA USA - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics:

  • Reporting on Finance
  • Strategy
  • Analytics and Performance
  • Decisions on External Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting Planning Forecasting
  • Management of Performance
  • Management of Costs
  • Controls on the inside
  • Analytics & Technology

Part 2 of CMA USA - Strategic Financial Management:

  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Finance for Corporations
  • Analysis of Decisions
  • Management of Risk
  • Choosing an Investment
  • Ethics in the Workplace
CMA USA Institute in Kerala

CMA USA Job Opportunities

CMA USAprofessionals can develop a range of high-paying employment prospects, and CMA USA course completion opens the door to a variety of attractive job opportunities all over the world.
CMA professionals are in high demand in Big 4s, multinational corporations and large corporations. Professionals are assigned to high-ranking jobs after completing CMA USA Course, which are usually at the top of management.

CMA US professionals can choose from a variety of employment profiles, including:

  • Management Accounting
    • Financial Analysts
    • Finance Controllers
    • Finance Treasurer
  • Risk Management in the Financial Sector
  • Performance Management & Management Consulting
  • Analysis of the Financial Situation
  • VC (Venture Capital)
  • Financial Security
  • Control Procedures
  • Finance for Corporations (M&A, IPO, Share & Debt Issues)
  • Governance of Corporations
  • Information and Communication Technology

CMA USA professionals can work for the following companies:

  • Companies with a Global Reach
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Services in the Financial Sector
  • Companies and organisations based in the United States
As a result, theCMA USAcourse is one of the top courses for people who want to work in finance management or related fields.
The best method to maximise your potential as a US CMA is to identify an institute that can assist you in locating the greatest CMA USA materials and qualified experienced mentors coaching for CMA USA exam preparation. No need to worry, NorthStar Academy will be the best choice when it comes to CMA USA Institute in Kerala.


Why would you need another certification if you have previously completed or are currently completing a degree programme in finance, accounting, or business? The truth is that you learn 12 core topics about Finance and Management in a CMA certification course that you wouldn't study in a regular degree programme.
And it is because of this that you will have an advantage over non CMA candidates when applying for your ideal job. Let's take a look at some of the other benefits of getting a CMA certification.

The Top 5 Perks of a CMA USA Certification

Some topics are not covered in degree programmes. Industry trends change frequently, and keeping a degree up to date takes time. As a result, a CMA certification will include all of the most recent changes in accounting, management, and in finance.
Here are a few more benefits of CMA USA certification:

1. Commercial Appeal

The key advantage ofCMA USA certificationis that it is regarded as the highest management accounting certification because it combines Finance, Management and accounting aswell.
Corporate governance, as well as other critical company elements, finance, and accounting concepts, such as US GAAP, IFRS are all included in CMA USA curriculum. As a result, CMA USA certified candidates are permitted to make business decisions or participate in group business decisions of a company.
Companies place a high value on their business, and they are given key jobs inside the organisation. This CMA USA certification teaches applicants the difference between accounting and profitable and efficient management accounting. As a result, obtaining a CMA USA certification will improve your business appeal.

2. Prospects for Career Growth

CMA USAis a management-level credential that provides numerous options for advancement. When compared to college graduates who do not have any extra certificates or who just have CPA certifications, CMA applicants were found to have better entry-level jobs and prospects for advancement.
The CMA USA certificate is a statement that you are not only going to handle accounting, but also that you will take on greater duties and manage the team.
Other applicants do not advance beyond a specific position and compensation; however you can swiftly advance into managerial roles with a CMA USA certification.

3. Increased Financial Resources

Most professionals are motivated by money, so why shouldn't you be? Obtaining a CMA USA credential qualifies you for a better compensation than other candidates.
According to IMAs
Salary surveys, CMA USA certification holders earn up to 67 percent more than individuals with only a bachelor's degree or a CPA certificate.
This is a significant increase over previous survey data. When advantages like health insurance, pensions, and fringe benefits are taken into account, the earning potential increases even further when youre a qualified CMA USA.
This is because CMA USA certified applicants advance faster in management after gaining expertise, and even when they switch positions, they receive a larger raise because CMA USA certified candidates are in high demand.

4. Global Futures

On a global scale, the CMA accreditation is valuable. You might be a graduate with an excellent career in your home country, but if you want to work in another country, you'll need CMA USA certification.
Depending on where you studied and where you wish to work, certain countries may not value your college diploma as highly as others.
CMA USA certification, on the other hand, is widely recognised and regarded around the world, and you can easily find work in India, Middle Eastern countries and in USA where pay scales are substantially higher.

5. Employee Reputation

CMA USA prepares you to comprehend business, finance, and accounting better. So you don't just execute a task; you understand the reason WHY it's being done, and you figure out how to do it more effectively to deliver a better outcome than expected.
You'll quickly establish yourself as the go-to person for important inquiries. Your input will be respected, and you will quickly become a valuable member of the management team.
CMA USA certified candidates have also gone on to become CFOs in large numbers. As a result of your US CMA certification, you will be valued as an employee more highly and will always be appreciated.

The Most Important Takeaway- Conclusion

If you're thinking about acquiring yourCMA USAcertification in kerala , don't wait any longer, NorthStar Academy will bring a significant impact on your career, and you will be glad you completed the certification.
You'll get your dream job far faster, and you'll reach the peak of your finance profession. Enroll in the NorthStar Academys upcoming CMA USA Live class.
Enquire now by calling+91 8147470707or put down your CMA USA Enquiry queries here to get a call back!


1. What precisely is CMA USA?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the US has certified the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) course. Its the highest certification provided to Management Accounting..

2. What is the basic educational requirement for CMA USAenrolment?

To study in the CMA USA programme, you must have a bachelor's degree from an authorised university in any field.

3. How long does the CMA USA exam last?

The exam is divided into two parts, each lasting for 4 hours. 3 hours for 100 MCQ and 1 hour for 2 essay question.

4. Is the CMA USA exam subject to negative marking?

No, there aren't any negative marking in CMA USA.

5. What is the CMA USA exam's passing grade?

To qualify CMA USA , you must achieve a minimum score of 360 out of 500.

6. What is the average time it takes to pass the CMA USA exam?

GenerallyCMA USAcourse takes 6-9 months on average.
With a Certified Management Accountant qualification, you can strengthen your resume and advance your finance career. If you work in the financial, accounting, or management fields, this certification can help you to upskill and raise your profile, which can lead to greater income, perks, and career growth possibilities.
Many organisations will put CMA USA qualified students at the top of their hiring lists. After completing the CMA USA exams, the Institute of Management Accountants awards the CMA credential.
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