What are the Best CMA USA Job Opportunities in Dubai and Salary?

What are the Career Prospects for a CMA USA in Dubai?

Certified Management Accountant is one of the best credentials that one can earn during his/ her lifetime. Doing this course opens up a wide array of job opportunities, thereby boosting career growth. Now you must be wondering if the CMA USA job opportunities are limited to the US only? Well, that is not so! There are many CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai, UAE, USA, Europe, etc. 
This informational blog covers the various aspects of opportunities for US CMA jobs in Dubai. But before moving further with the job opportunities, let us have a look at an overview of Certified Management Accountants (CMA)
CMA is a highest-level credential, wherein the individual works in the areas of financial accounting and management accounting. People having CMA credentials are often thought of as having expertise in financial planning, ethics, analysis, strategic management, etc. CMA is a professional qualification that makes one work in the field of management and financial accounting.
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The Institute of Management Accountants is one of the administering bodies of the CMA USA  certification.
Exam Parts for CMA: The exam is condensed and divided into two parts, i.e., Part 1 and Part 2. It is essential for the candidates to know that Part one is harder as compared to Part two. It is better to start the preparation beforehand in order to crack the exam.
Let us look at what a candidate needs to study for the exam in order to get CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai. 
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Internal Control
  • Technology and Analytics 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Cost Management 
  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Corporate finance
  • Decision analysis 
  • Professional ethics 
  • Investment decisions 
  • Risk management 
The exam is highly rigorous. The pass rates over the years have been quite low for both part 1 and part 2. Thus, students are advised to prepare for the exam by taking up a specific CMA course from a reputable institute like NorthStar Academy to complete the syllabus and crack the exam. 
Once the exam is qualified, the candidates get a wide range of career opportunities. Besides, a Certified Management Accountant can get any job opportunity across the globe. 

Can Indian CMA work in Dubai?

Now, amid the CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai, you must be wondering if Indian CMA can go to Dubai for work? 
Well, there is nothing to worry about. Once you become a CMA certified professional from IMA, it is possible to work in any part of the globe. A Certified Management Accountant can work in any place, and the same goes for Indians. There is no dearth of US CMA jobs in Dubai.       
Now, as far as the CMA salary is concerned, you must know that it is one of the highest in the world. A CMA earns the highest as compared to any other person holding a certain designation. The CMA salary in UAE per month is around 7 Lakhs INR.
In comparison to others, a CMA earns around $111,000 per year. CMAs are paid well no matter wherever they are. Corresponding to salaries, there are different CMA USA job opportunities in Delhi. 
A good CMA certification course is highly valuable and is significant in order to acquire the CMA USA credential. A number of students are applying for the course in order to have good US CMA jobs in Dubai and across the world. CMA is a globally recognized course that provides great job opportunities. 
There are many courses like the CMA USA that help students in gaining expertise and knowledge. This, in turn, will help the students reach their zenith in their chosen careers in the field of financial accounting and management accounting. The course nurtures the students career by updating them with apt understanding and knowledge. Let us look at the course in detail in order to get CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai. 
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What is the Role of CMA?  

Certified Management Accountants are highly in demand as they specialize in financial accounting and management accounting. Here is the role of CMA in the accounting industry:
  • CMAs are very high in demand because of their expertise in business and managerial knowledge. This expertise in the respective fields helps in the easy supervision of the teams and the management of the projects. A company working on large projects requires CMAs in order to carry out the work. 
  • CMAs possess great knowledge regarding different investment opportunities and make the best decisions with an understanding of the risk involved in the process. Apart from being financial experts, they are great financial advisors and decision-makers. 
  • CMAs are best for management positions because they are highly skilled and can be differentiated from non-certified accountants. Thus, they are best suited for managerial positions or auditing positions. 
CMAs have a lot of roles and responsibilities as compared to non-certified ones.

What is the CMA fresher salary in Dubai?

CMAs are highly skilled and this is the sole reason that they have such a high pay scale along with many CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai. Even the freshers with CMA certification are highly valued and considered the asset to the companies. The CMA fresher salary ranges as per their interviews and the companies in which they are getting in. Mostly the range for the freshers is around 50,000 - 60,000 USD per year. The numbers are the overall average estimation and can vary as per the countries as well.

What is the CMA Salary in UAE per month?

The CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai are increasing at a rapid rate. Since this demand for CMAs is increasing; the same is the case with their salaries as well! The primary motivation for the students to pass the exam is the salary they get. The average salary of a CMA is 65% higher than non-CMAs. Its true!
CMAs are specialized individuals enriched with high-level managerial skills. This reason is enough to provide them with CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai along with high salaries. The CMA in UAE earns around 111,000 USD annually which would amount to a $9250 monthly salary.
According to the stats, more than 70% of the CMAs are working at senior-level management in the UAE. Therefore, we can see a lot of US CMA jobs in Dubai. Let us look at some more stats for the US CMA jobs in Dubai.
  • 84% of students believed that the CMA USA certification has reasonably enhanced their ability to work in different areas of business. 
  • Over 80% - 81% of the students agree with the fact that the CMA certification has opened a wide array of job opportunities not only in Dubai but across every part of the world. 
  • 74% of the individuals working in management firms are satisfied with their salaries and standard of living.
The statistics show that most of the people in Dubai are satisfied with their jobs after they have attained the CMA USA certification. There is no doubt about it that there is no dearth of US CMA jobs in Dubai. Let us now look at the CMAs future in the Middle East.
Source - IMA Salary Survey Middle East/Africa & India Survey.

What is the Future of CMA in Dubai?

CMA is the fastest-growing course that provides candidates with a wide range of job opportunities. As the CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai are increasing, the economy is also developing. As far as the Middle East is concerned, there will be more job opportunities in the near future for CMAs in Dubai. The employment rate will increase and as a result, the Middle East economy will grow thrice in the coming 10-15 years. 
Selecting a CMA USA certification course at the right time can make your career reach new heights, thereby stimulating growth and balance in your career and life. Not to mention many CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai and across the world will also be provided! 
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1. Is the US CMA recognized in Dubai?

CMA USA is a highly valued course in the finance sector and a much sought-after certification for people who wish to do management accounting or financial accounting. CMA USA is globally accredited, thereby providing various job options in the future in Dubai and various other countries.

2. Is there a scope of CMA in Dubai?

There are a lot of CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai. Once you earn the credential, you can work as a Cost accountant in the banking sector, finance sector, government sector, private sector, etc. No matter wherever you work, the salaries will be higher and satisfactory. 

3. What is the starting salary of CMA in Dubai?

Apart from getting CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai, the starting salary is also very high with some estimation to be around 54,000 USD annually. Moreover, a CMA earns $111,000 per year on average in Dubai. The salaries will be dependent on the experience, company, and other circumstances. All in all, the CMA pay scale reasonably enhances the standard of living of people.  

4. Which country pays the highest salary for CMA USA?

Well! The United States of America pays the highest salary to a CMA professional. Any CMA can earn up to 125,000 USD per year with ample experience. The average salary is around 80,000 in the US. After the US, countries like Canada, UAE, China, etc., pay them a slightly lower amount as compared to the US yet good enough.

5. Is CMA recognized in the UAE?

CMA is a globally recognized credential, wherein the people possess expertise in financial accounting and management accounting. No matter whichever place you go, if you have a CMA USA credential, it is recognized globally. Also, the CMAs are one of the highest-paying individuals in the world. 

6. Is Indian CMA valid in UAE?

Yes, Indian CMA is valid in UAE. Not just in UAE, there are many CMA USA job opportunities in Dubai and other parts of the globe. If you take up a good CMA USA certification course from the top institute in India like NorthStar Academy, it will aid you in cracking the CMA USA exam. Being an Indian CMA, you can readily travel and work anywhere in the world, even in the UAE.


CMA USA is one of the amazing courses that guarantee you good job opportunities in the future. Taking up the course at the right time is very important. Once you do this course, your career growth will definitely boost. 
CMA is becoming popular day by day and a lot of CMA USA Job opportunities in Dubai and around the world are also arising. If you are thinking of pursuing the CMA USA course, now is a great time to do so! 
In order to reach new heights, it is important to take up the most relevant CMA course and study at the best institute in order to excel in the course as well as the jobs. Remember, career prospects for CMAs in Dubai and around the world are huge. Its time to execute your thinking and apply for the CMA USA course for better jobs and amazing pay grades.If you have any query related to the course, contact us, we will be happy to resolve your queries and provide the best consultation.
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