The Best Courses For B.Com Graduates- A Complete List


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is one of the most common courses of study that students from a commerce background choose as the courses for B.Com of higher study in India. B.Com is a three-year graduate degree program recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The B Com degree is divided into a general stream and an Honors course. The B.Com Honors course offers a specialized study of subjects, while the general courses for B Com offer an overview of the subjects of Commerce.
Apart from the honours and general courses, B.Com can also be pursued as part of an integrated course. For example, B.Com LLB, B.Com MBA, and B.Com CMA. Aside from pursuing B.Com full time, students also get the option to pursue it as distance education or as an online B.Com.
Here, you can find all the relevant information about B.Com to decide if you should pursue B.Com and which courses for B Com are most suitable for you after graduation.

B.Com Eligibility Criteria

To join the B.Com course at a college of your choice, you must fulfill the following eligibility requirements.
  • Candidates should pass the class 12th exam with Commerce as their background with some compulsory subjects, including Business Studies, Accountancy, and some optional subjects such as Mathematics and Economics.
  • Candidates must clear the specified cutoff by the university or institution they want to join.

How Many Types of B.Com Courses?

The types of courses for B COM available to you to choose from after completing your intermediate are:
  • BCom Applied Economics
  • BCom Economics
  • BCom Accountancy
  • BCom Accounting
  • BCom Accounting and Finance
  • BCom Banking and Finance
  • BCom Banking Management
  • BCom Banking and Insurance
  • BCom Capital Market
  • BCom Computer Science
  • BCom Business Economics
  • BCom Business Administration
  • BCom Computer Applications
  • BCom Corporate Secretaryship
  • BCom E-Commerce
  • BCom Finance
  • BCom Financial Markets
  • BCom Financial Accounting
  • BCom Foreign Trade Management
  • BCom Insurance Management
  • BCom Management Studies
  • BCom Marketing
  • BCom Professional
  • BCom Statistics
  • BCom Supply Chain Management
  • BCom Tax Procedure and Practice
  • BCom Tourism and Travel Management
  • BCom Taxation

B.Com Courses Colleges: 

The top colleges of courses for B Com in India offered by colleges and universities are:
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Christ University, Banglore
  • Hindu College, Delhi
  • Hansraj College, Delhi
  • MCC, Chennai
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  • Ramjas College, Delhi
  • SRCC, Delhi
  • St. Joseph's College of Commerce, Bangalore

After B.Com Courses 

Students in India studying in courses for B Com are faced with the question, right after graduating - After B.Com, which course is best? In today's world, stopping after pursuing only BCom does not guarantee a good career. It is why students look to pursue courses after BCom. 
There are some paths that B.Com graduates can choose after graduating. One of those paths includes pursuing the traditional M.Com in any of the specialization subjects. B.Com students can also choose to pursue MBA. Although these courses for B Com graduates are mostly well known among BCom students, these B Com courses for graduates have to be completed in two years and not less.
Professional courses for B COM graduates, which they can complete in under a year, include USA Certified Management Accountants (CMA) offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It is one of the online certificate courses for B Com students, which they can pursue after graduation. The CMA USA is a global-level certification that can be pursued after completing BCom or even while pursuing BCom.
The CMA USA is a professional credential highly in demand across several industries within the domain of Finance and accounting domain. US CMA is a highly respected title and is perfect for B.Com graduates as they can build a career in the field of their stream.
Let's talk about the highly sought-after certification, CMA USA; so that you can make a plan beforehand to choose your future path after completing courses for B COM.

What is CMA USA? 

The USA CMA is a professional credential offered by the IMA by means of the USA CMA certification exam. The USA CMA is globally recognized, meaning it is a valid professional certification in countries outside India. Currently, USA CMA is valid and accepted in more than a hundred countries worldwide. It is one of the best professional courses for B Com graduates can pursue after completing B.Com. 
First, let us check the eligibility requirements for taking the CMA USA exam, and then we will discuss the syllabus & examination pattern of the US CMA.
Courses for Finance Career CTA

US CMA Exam Eligibility Criteria

Graduate students who are willing to apply for the USA CMA exam after completing courses for B Com need to fulfill certain eligibility prerequisites as specified by the IMA before taking the exam. These eligibility requirements are given below.
  • Students should complete their B Com before they can take the USA CMA exam. The B Com degree can be from any recognized university or institution and completed via full-time mode or online medium.
  • Students taking the USA CMA exam need two years of full-time work experience or four years of part-time work experience. However, fresh graduates can fulfill this eligibility requirement within seven years of clearing the USA CMA exam.
  • Students willing to take the USA CMA exam should have a membership in IMA.

US CMA Exam Syllabus

Studying for the USA CMA exam can be well managed within a year if you enroll yourself in a USA CMA coaching institute. A CMA USA coaching will help you groom and prepare yourself for the USA CMA exam through a comprehensive and all-encompassing schedule. Knowing the syllabus of the USA CMA exam will help you be mentally prepared for the USA CMA exam. It would also help you to understand what you would study if you enrolled in a CMA coaching institute.
The USA CMA syllabus is divided into two parts according to the USA CMA certification exam: Part-I and Part II.
The Part-I exam syllabus comprises "Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics". This part of the syllabus contains the following subtopics:
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%)
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%)
  • Performance Management (20%)
  • Cost Management (15%)
  • Internal Controls (15%)
  • Technology and Analytics (15%)
The Part-II exam syllabus comprises "Strategic Financial Management". This part of the syllabus contains the following subtopics:
  • Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
  • Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Decision Analysis (25%)
  • Risk Management (10%)
  • Investment Decisions (10%)
  • Professional Ethics (15%)
Now that you are acquainted with the syllabus of the USA CMA exam, let's take a look at the USA CMA exam pattern.

US CMA Exam Pattern

As already discussed, the USA CMA exam is divided into Part-I and Part II. The details of the USA CMA exam pattern are given below.
Exam NameUSA CMA Part-I and Part-II
Type of QuestionsMultiple choice questions (100) + Essay type questions (2)
Duration of Exam4 hours including (30 minutes for each Essay question)
Total Allotted Marks500
Minimum Passing Marks360
CMA USA aspirants must note the following:
  • The US CMA exam can be taken in any order, given they pass the first exam they take. That is, students have to get a minimum of 72% in order to pass an exam.
  • There will be 100 MCQs and 2 Essay type questions.
  • If someone wishes to reappear for any part of the CMA USA exam, they can do so by registering for the same exam again.

US CMA Exam and Coaching Fees 

Suppose you decide to pursue CMA USA after completing your courses for B Com through online or offline mode. In that case, you can either enroll early and start studying or take it slow and enroll after completing any of the courses for B Com. Either way, students can make the most of their B Com degree. 
If you wish to accumulate the required work experience after finishing your courses for B Com, you can prepare for the CMA USA exam with the help of USA CMA coaching.
While you have learned about the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, and syllabus, you may be left wondering about the US CMA exam fee and the CMA USA coaching fee if you enroll in one. You can learn more about the courses after BCom with fees in this section.

USA CMA Exam Fee

The IMA exam fee for the USA CMA exam is different for students & working professionals. Working professionals have to pay an Entrance fee of 280 USD along with an International Membership fee of 260 USD. Students need to pay an Entrance fee of $210 along with a Membership fee of $135. Apart from that, students and working professionals are also required to pay an Examination fee of $345 and $460, respectively. 

USA CMA Course Fee

When you enroll in a USA CMA coaching course, whether or not you have finished your courses for B Com, you can avail yourself of discounts on the IMA exam fee. Plus, if you decide to pursue USA CMA coaching alongside your full-time BCom, you can do so via an online medium. Contact our counsellors to discuss the US CMA course fee structure details.


1. Which has more salary, B.Com or BBA?

Salary after pursuing either BCOM or BBA is comparable for freshers, which ranges between 2 lakhs per annum to 5 lakhs per annum. Pursuing a professional course after completing either course will help you choose from a wide range of career opportunities offering various salary packages.

2. Is B.Com better than engineering?

Engineering and B.Com are two very different courses of study. If you wish to pursue a career in the technical industry, you should pursue engineering. If you have a knack for finance and accounting, you should opt for B.Com.

3. Which course is best for B.Com students?

Out of the several courses for B.Com that you can pursue, USA Certified Management Accountant (CMA) offers one of the most lucrative career opportunities and salaries in the field of financial management and business accounting. It is globally recognized; therefore, you can find the best job roles anywhere around the world.

4. What are the types of B.Com courses?

The types of Bcom courses available to Commerce students after passing the class 12 board exam have been discussed above.

5. Which field of B.Com is best?

Out of the courses for, only a few specializations are popular, for example, B.Com General, Banking, Finance, Accountancy, Honors, Economics, etc.

6. Is B.Com tough?

With an ample amount of practice and effort, it is possible to pass the B.Com course easily.

7. Is B.Com worth it?

B.Com is one of the most affordable graduate courses which provides good career options. Everywhere in the world, companies and organizations are in need of candidates with a commerce background. also paves the way for pursuing better courses in the future.


After completing your courses for B Com, the jobs you get are not career-defining. You will be faced with a lot of professional courses to choose from. Choosing wisely will help you build a prosperous career in the future. Pursuing USA CMA offers a great way to start your career, which offers top management position job roles with lucrative salaries and steady career growth. 
After B.Com, you can enroll at CMA USA coaching for complete guidance and support for preparing for the USA CMA certification exam. NorthStar Academy provides a streamlined CMA USA training course for candidates aspiring to become highly successful CMAs. Expert guidance from mentors like Mr M. Irfat, who has helped more than 15000 students to crack the CMA USA exam thus far, will help you ace the CMA USA exam gracefully in just one attempt!
To aid in your preparation, NSA provides all-encompassing, detailed study material, in association with Gleim, for the USA CMA exam, which is highly preferred by students and has been a prime source of information for the exam. If you enroll in NSAs CMA USA course, you can avail yourself of Bundle discounts on the US CMA exam fee. You can also avail yourself of online classes and get the same benefits as classroom facilities. 
So don't wait; Join NorthStar Academy today and start your preparation for making a career as a successful USA CMA! For queries contact us.