CPA Exam Tips: To-Dos for How to get job in big 4 companies!

How to get job in big 4 companies

We come across several certification courses that claim to get you the Finance and Accounting related jobs. But to get recruited by the Big4 companies or MNCs, Getting US CPA certification is the best plan. 
To acquire the CPA certification, the candidates need updated and well-organized study material to prepare well for the exams. Before learning about how to get a job in Big 4 companies, one must understand the CPA, the exam pattern, and some useful tips to follow a month prior, to excel.
Let us first see what the CPA USA exam is all about. 

What is the US CPA exam?  

The US CPA exam is conducted by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs). Here, CPA (Certified Public Accountants) is a globally recognized certification, providing candidates with numerous career paths and opportunities. In India, CA is considered equivalent to CPA, however, in reality, it is entirely different with a different syllabus and exam pattern.
The US CPA certification represents the highest standard of public accounting. CPA USA is the most sought-after and versatile qualification for people pursuing accountancy as their career path. 
As far as the CPA USA exam is concerned, the exam consists of four sections, namely AUD (Auditing & Attestation), BEC (Business Environment Concepts), FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting), and REG (Regulation). Each CPA exam section has a completion time limit of four hours. Candidates are given a time frame of 18 months to pass all four exams to become a Certified Public Accountant. If a candidate has cleared the first exam, i.e., Auditing and Attestation (AUD) in 3months, then a total of 15 months are provided to clear the other three CPA USA exam sections.
In addition to this, before applying for the CPA USA exam, the candidates need to check the eligibility criteria for the same.

What are CPA Exam Prerequisites?

The candidates need to have a bachelors degree or a degree equivalent to it. They must complete a credit score of 150 (CPE) before applying. And to get the CPA license, candidates must have at least 2 years of work experience in a relevant field or working under a senior CPA. Upon fulfilling these requirements, the candidates can apply for the exam. 
Now, it is interesting to note that to gain and maintain the CPA certificate, candidates also needs Continuous Professional Education (CPE). Many states demand that the candidates must complete 40 hours per year to maintain the certification. 
As far as the application fee is concerned, the CPA exam costs change as per the states in the USA. It is around 250$ for each exam part, which makes 1000$ exam fees for the CPA.
In order to know how to get job in Big 4 companies, the candidates must first know the above information and should also go through the syllabus before even starting the preparation. 
How to get job in Big 4 companies? Well! You should understand the success rate of candidates clearing the CPA exam. Now, if we look at the previous records of the CPA USA exam, we can see that there is a 50-50 chance to clear the examination. You can always increase your chances by enrolling in the CPA course at NorthStar Academy.
CPA is a highest-level certification in Accounting that requires effort and smart work. There are various exam tips that the candidate can incorporate in preparing for the exam. Well, there are six proven steps that you can utilize. 
  • Give yourself enough time to study the concepts and make notes of them which will help you in Revision. Studying in a high-intensity mode is better.
  • The best way to prepare for the CPA exam and to get job in Big 4 companies is to find the right CPA course like that of NSA that helps in better preparation for the exam.
  • Review the selected CPA course, check for quality of study material, ratings & reviews, and mentors. Ask for Demo class and enroll in their courses if you find them suitable!
  • Prepare yourself mentally before sitting for the exam. Be positive about the result but if you dont qualify, then dont take that negatively. 
  • Surround yourself with top mentors and tutors who can assist you in exam preparation. 
This is a rough CPA framework of how to get job in Big 4 companies and how to clear the CPA exam. Following these tips can help the candidates prepare for the exam in an efficient way. As far as the exam tips are concerned, we have enlisted some below that every aspiring CPA must follow. 

How Can I Pass the CPA Exam Successfully? - Exam Tips

Here are some exam tips on how to clear the CPA exam and how to get job in Big 4 companies that the candidates can incorporate on their journey to become a successful CPA. They are as follows: 

1.Take the Exam As Soon As Possible

There is no perfect time to start preparing for the CPA exam. The longer you procrastinate, the harder it will be to pass the exam. Before applying for the exam, one needs to satisfy the educational requirements, age, citizenship, etc. The CPA exam takes a long time so it is better to start soon. Start with the section that you are familiar with or the section that is easy to boost morale. We recommend you start with Business Environment & Concepts as this section has the highest pass rate.

2.Mental Preparation

If you aspire to become a CPA, the next step is to be mentally prepared for the exam. If you are not sure about your preparation for the exam, then you will delay the exam, which is not good! To be mentally prepared for the exam, you need to determine what less important subject is and which is more important. Subsequently, keep yourself motivated and give yourself valid reasons as to why you must become a CPA. And finally, do expect that you will clear the exam in the first attempt. Dont be over-ambitious, just give your best at every step!

3.Find a Course

In order to know how to get a job in Big 4 companies and prepare for the exam, the candidates should take up the CPA certification course. CPA certification courses will provide you with certain techniques and methods with which you will be able to prepare for the exam. For instance, NorthStar Academys CPA certification course provides the candidates with exclusive study material, live interactive sessions, and pre-recorded classes that can help the candidates excel in the exam. Moreover, bundle discounts are also provided, which makes the course budget-friendly!

4.Create a Study Plan

The CPA exam is near, probably a month away, and candidates will require putting in 100% effort and hard work. One way to prepare for the examination is by creating a revision plan for the entire month. When you strategize for the CPA exam, it can help you a lot, as you can easily complete the syllabus on time and revise well for the examination. The study plan will give you a sense of clarity that will help you in segregating time and subjects accordingly. 

5.Use the CPA Flashcards

In order to prepare for the exam, the candidates must use flashcards to study and memorize definitions. This could be the best strategy the month before the exam. There are pre-made flashcards offered by certain academics and companies that a candidate can use for various things and get benefited from it. 

6.Dont Spend Much Time on Simulations

There's only a month left, so do not spend most of the time on a single exam section. While preparing for the exam, it is not recommended to spend much time practicing simulations. Simulations must be practiced to manage time. They serve as a tool to learn various other sections of the CPA exam. Instead of practicing simulations, a candidate must practice MCQs and comprehensive sections which will cover a wide variety of topics in every section.

7.Study Hours

To pass the exam and know how to get a job in Big 4 companies, the candidates need to manage their study hours when there is only a month left. Every candidate has a different way of studying. Thus, candidates should prepare for the exam at their own pace. If you are a slow learner, then you might need to cover the most important and scoring sections. Passing the CPA USA exam is all about preparing well and giving the exam as soon as possible. The more concepts you study and understand, the more it will yield better results. 
You can study 20-25 hours per day as it will help you keep the concepts fresh in your mind and you wont feel pressured on the exam day. Set micro-goals to complete the syllabus and fulfill your major goal of clearing the exam. 

8.Dont Stress

This is a rather clichd exam tip but if you really think about it, it works! CPA is an important career and its exam is quite rigorous. The main thing that candidates need to do during the preparation time is to remain flexible one month before. If you have made a plan and the preparation is not going according to it, then theres nothing to worry about! Be flexible and study at your own pace. Dont stress much because it will not lead you anywhere.  
Are you still wondering how to get a job in Big 4 companies? With better preparation and hard work. Remember, a candidate can lose credit for the first exam if the other three exams are not cleared in total of 18 months. Thus, it is essential to keep a close watch on these 18 months and work hard in order to clear the exam. It is essential to not be stressed out and remain calm in the last month before the exam.

9.Know the Prometric Centers

NASBA conducts the Prometric testing, a standardized test-taking method for the US CPA exam. Candidates are allotted the Prometric centers, wherein they are tested under the supervision of the Examiners. In the Prometric center, they cannot use calculators, pens, papers, electronic devices, etc. The candidates can only get the IDs to take up the Prometric testing. 
So, these are the top exam tips that the candidates follow regarding how to prepare for the exam. The exam clearance and getting CPA-certified is the significant step of a process of how to get job in Big 4 companies. Let us now look at some other key points regarding the same. 

Is it Easy to Pass the CPA Exam?

The CPA USA exam is quite comprehensive and not that easy to get through. It is a challenging exam, wherein the candidate has to grasp an extensive amount of information. 
To prepare for the exam and to know how to get a job in Big 4 companies, the candidates need to put in the effort and hard work. The candidates need the assistance of mentors who can guide them on the path of clearing the exam with ease. 
So, yes! The CPA exam is hard, but with the right amount of preparation and study material, one can excel in it on the first attempt! Do not forget to follow the exam tips mentioned above as well! 

Can I Study CPA by Myself?

Yes, one can study CPA themselves. But there is an issue! The CPA exam has a pretty vast syllabus and could be complex to understand. Candidates may feel depressed if one does self-study without any guidance and strategic planning because the syllabus is huge. 
Moreover, there are 50-50 chances of qualifying the exam. One cannot know whether the exam will be difficult or easy. That is why it is always advised to take help in order to prepare for the CPA exam.
You can get enrolled in the CPA certification courses that provide you with an updated syllabus and techniques to clear the exam in one go! To prepare effectively for the CPA USA exam, the assistance of experienced mentors is important which is possible with CPA certification courses from top institutes like NorthStar Academy. 

What CPA Exam is the Hardest? 

The CPA exam has four sections, i.e., Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment & Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Regulation (REG). 
Out of these four sections, Financial Accounting and Reporting is considered the toughest section. The pass rate of this exam is low as compared to others. FAR is a comprehensive section that is difficult to crack, and most candidates attempt this section in the last.
Candidates are advised to give extra time to this section, as it is one of the important and mandatory sections of the CPA USA exam! 


This should have given you a detailed notion of the CPA USA exam, its difficulty, and the tips to keep in mind for cracking it. In order to know how to get job in Big 4 companies, candidates need to clear the exam first and then crack the interview of these big companies. By knowing all about the CPA exam, one can prepare well for it and get an advantage over other job candidates who have applied in these Big 4 companies.
Now, one of the easiest ways to prepare for the CPA USA exam is by taking up a CPA certification course, that provides you with the full prep roadmap. The CPA certification course by NorthStar Academy helps the candidates excel in the exam in one go. The exclusive and most preferred study material, along with recorded classes and live sessions helps the candidate in clearing their doubts. 
Along with all these things, there is a 24x7 assistance of mentors who can help you understand complex concepts. In close association with Becker and AICPA, this academy also offers bundle discounts that prove the course to be budget-friendly. So, dont think much! 
Apply today to NorthStar Academy and take the first step to become a Certified Public Accountant!
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