What are The Career Opportunities After CMA USA Course : Salary Eligibility

Career Opportunities After CMA USA course

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional accountant who can provide a wide range of services to a company. They may help a company with a range of accounting needs, including financial statements, decision making roles, management consulting, and business analysis. CMA's are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of management accounting and business. The CMA USA exam is a challenging, 4-hour test with 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 Essay questions.
You will need to pass the CMA USA exam with a minimum score of 360 to become certified. However, you can start the CMA USA course right after the 12th standard and you can fulfill 2 criteria after passing the exam also.
The criteria is to have the graduation certificate and have relevant work experience of 2 years within 7 years from the date of passing the CMA USA exam. Many people have a desire to be a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and that's understandable because it's definitely a rewarding career.
You can start as an accountant or accountant-in-training, but the CMA certification is the next level and gives you global recognition and credibility among your colleagues and team.

Eligibility of CMA USA Exam
To become a CMA, an individual must have an undergraduate degree in any field and relevant 2 years of experience.CMA's are highly sought after by Organizations because they can handle both financial and managerial tasks.

The IMA offers four different paths to becoming a CMA :

  • the "Exam-Only" option,
  • the "Exam + Essentials" option,
  • the "Exam + Essentials + Expert" option,
  • and the "Exam + Essentials + Expert + Leadership" option.
The CMA USA is the only globally recognized certification for professionals who specialize in management accounting. The CMA designation is often preferred by employers because it indicates the candidate has experience in more than just auditing.
This US CMA certification is a high-level qualification for those looking to progress their career in management accounting. US CMA holders are qualified to lead accounting teams, manage financial data, and manage budgets. The US CMA is also an internationally recognized qualification.
This US CMA course is a valuable step in a career path that can lead to a successful and fulfilling life. This US CMA course provides students with a valuable opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to advance in their careersEligibility. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a valuable course for anyone interested in Management accounting and Finance Career.

When We Can take the CMA US exam?

Do you want to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)? You can do so by taking the exam, which is offered three times a year.
  • January & February
  • May & June
  • September & October

Syllabus for CMA US

To prepare for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam, many students are looking for the most efficient way to study. One of the most effective ways to study is by taking practice exams.
For example, CMA USA exam contains 100 questions that are representative of the questions on the CMA exam. The questions are designed to be challenging, but manageable. They include realistic exam-like questions that are structured similarly to the CMA exam. The NorthStar Academy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to prepare for the CMA exam.
For the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam, you need to know about the different accounting standards such as IFRS and US GAAP and how to apply them to financial statements.

Syllabus structure of CMA USA

Part 1 CMA USA Part 2 CMA USA
Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics Strategic Financial Management
Section A External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%) Section A Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
Section B Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%) Section B Corporate Finance (20%)
Section C Performance Management (20%) Section C Decision Analysis (25%)
Section D Cost Management (15%) Section D Risk Management (10%)
Section E Internal Control (15%) Section E Investment Decisions (10%)
Section F Technology and Analytics (15%) Section F Professional Ethics (15%)

Career prospects of CMA USA?

With this CMA USA certification, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to lead and manage a company's finances. It is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from other candidates in the job market. Candidates who pass the exam will be able to apply their skills in finance and accounting in a variety of settings.
Average Salaries of CMA USA Individuals With Job Roles
Job Role Avg Salary in INR (Per Annum
Senior Analyst ?7,50,000
Finance Manager  ?14,00,000
Budget Analyst  ?12,00,000
Treasurer  ?8,90,000
Finance Controller  ?19,00,000
Internal Auditor ?3,00,000 ?8,00,000
Financial Analyst  ?5,00,000
Cost Accountant  ?5,00,000 ?6,00,000

What are the benefits of obtaining the CMA USA designation?

Some of the benefits of obtaining the CMA USA designation are that it is globally recognized, it provides you with the opportunity to become a Certified Management Accountant, and it offers you the opportunity to advance your career. Now you can earn the CMA certification, which can earn you an additional $5,000 a year. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification is an internationally recognized credential that helps increase your earning potential. It is the mark of excellence in accounting and finance. 
The CMA US certification shows that you have the knowledge and skills to analyze, interpret, and communicate financial information to various audiences. This exam is designed to measure your ability to apply knowledge of accounting and finance to real-world situations. The CMA USA certification is awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). To obtain the CMA certification, you must pass the exam. The exam consists of three parts: Financial Reporting and Analysis, Management Accounting, and Cost Management.

Jobs in India for CMA USA

The US certified management Accountants are in great demand in banking finance and in public sectors. They are experts in cost management and budgeting

Common industries that employ US CMA

1) Manufacturing Industries
2) Educational services
3) Construction
4) Medical and health services
5) Mining
6) Insurance and real estate
7) Insurance and real estate
8) Transportations
9) Utility and communication services



1) What comes after CMA USA?

Ans: After choosing CMA USA and completing it you can always aspire to take up, CPA

2) What are the opportunities will you get after CMA (USA)?

CMA USA certified professionals are employed abroad as well as in India.

3) Can I get a job In USA after CMA USA ?

As time gets old, many of us now know about the US CMA course and certification process.US CMA is treated as the gold standard in management accounting and financial planning as that requires the highest standard of professional skill and ethics.
It is evident that one can make an effort to snatch a professional certification like US CMA to get an adequate job in this competitive market, get a promotion in the present job, or move abroad either through an international project or come by an overseas assignment.

4) Is the US CMA valid in Canada?

In North America, we have two certified management accountant designations CMA USA and CMA Canada.Since majority want to move to US later its advisable to take up CMA USA than CMA Canada.

5) What are the advantages of CMA USA?

Advantages include good business approvals, more career opportunities, good financial growth, credibility, and many global opportunities.
In India, we have many opportunities for US Certified Management Accountants. Accenture, Amazon, HPE, Toubro, Larsen, Cyqurex, and Wipro have shared with IMA to seek talented CMA certification holders for job opportunities and internships within their companies across India. There are around forty thousand plus job openings in various companies for US CMA.

6) What is the salary of a US CMA in Canada?

The average salary of the CMA US in Canada is $60,000 per annum or $30.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $41,444 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $70,000 per year.


The CMA USA exam is challenging, but the career opportunities are humongous. Candidates should prepare for the CMA USA exam by seeking out training resources from the best CMA USA course provider NorthStar Academy which provides customized notes and section wise materials to help you study and crack CMA USA in your very first attempt. And every beginner must have a mentor like M Irfat Teaching Excellence Award winning Faculty contact your counsellor and get started with your 6 months intensive training for CMA USA now +918147470707.
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