Career Options for Students After Completing 12th Commerce


If you have completed your class 12th examination and are wondering about some career options, don't worry, we have got you covered. Some popular career choices include CMA USA, CPA USA, ACCA, CS (Company's Secretary), CA (Chartered Accountant), etc. Apart from these professional certification courses, you can pursue a BBA, B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), and many other degree courses that add value to your resume and career. These are the best courses after 12th Commerce that can add value to your resume and make you stand out in the crowd.
With the advancement in career and increasing demand in the job sector, you need to be armed with several powerful skills and certifications along with your graduation degree. Graduation in commerce provides a perfect platform for students to develop their business skills and understanding. These best courses after 12th commerce are designed to strengthen the student's finance, accounting, and economics foundation. Experience gained in a commerce degree will help you build your career in finance and accounting. 
You are in the right place if you are still wondering what career options are for you after completing 12th with the commerce stream. This career guide after 12th commerce will help you understand and know what you must choose. Also, they guide you about the best courses after 12th commerce. 

7 Career Options for Students after Completing 12th Commerce

In this career guide after class 12th commerce, we have mentioned some of the best career options -
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Corporate entrepreneurship is developing and implementing new ideas within a large organization by creating new products, services, or business models. This is potentially a successful career after class 12th commerce. This is because many businesses seek individuals who can revitalize the company and make it more competitive in the market. 
Strategic Management
Career strategic management is a proactive way of developing and implementing plans into actions to manage someone's career. The process includes taking charge of someone else's career and making certain decisions that will lead to satisfaction and success. This is the same as project management. Thus, you can get a PMP certification to get an overview of what goes on here.
Financial Markets
Financial market study helps you become a financial analyst. After you complete the study, you can advise and guide individuals and companies on investment decisions. In addition, you will learn and understand financial data and use this information to make informed suggestions. 
Corporate Communication
After completing your corporate communication course, you can assist a business in creating and sustaining a positive public image. This can be accomplished in several  ways, including by creating and overseeing corporate communication strategy. It is, therefore, among the greatest courses available after 12th Commerce. 
Material Management
The handling of materials can be both difficult and rewarding. You will be responsible for storing, purchasing, and distributing materials and supplies once the course ends. This is an option after earning a diploma in commerce from the 12th grade.
Engineering Management
As an engineering manager, you will be responsible for designing and implementing a career development program for the employees within the organization. 
Financial Management
As a financial manager, you will be responsible for looking after the financial health of an organization. You'll be able to steer the team in the right direction and make wise financial decisions.
Best Courses After 12th Commerce
Below are the best courses after 12th Commerce -
CMA USA is one of the best professional courses after 12th Commerce. US CMA stands for US Certified Management Accountants, and it is recognized in more than 150 countries across the globe. The IMA offers this professional certification and represents enhanced financing and accounting management expertise. It also helps candidates get into higher positions inside companies and organizations.
US CPA is another best course after 12th commerce. It is the highest standard of competence in accounting offered & administered by the AICPA. The course deals with the knowledge of GAAS, IFRS, US GAAP, and US Federal Taxation and Business Laws. This helps you get into US-based financial firms, or you can even work in India for US clients.
  • ACCA
ACCA opens doors to global opportunities and is a leading accountancy qualification for students who aspire to be proficient in financial professions. Industry giants like Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and the Big4s actively hire accounting professionals with the certification of ACCA. 
  • Cost Management Accountant
Opt for cost management if  you are looking for one of the best career options in commerce after the 12th. Cost Management Accountant is very similar to the CA and CS. Like CA and CS, this course has some level you need to qualify for CMA. After completing the course, you will learn - company accounts and audits, laws and ethics, business mathematics and statistics, and many more. 
  • Company Secretary (CS)
If you are looking for the best courses after 12th commerce for Indian companies, CS is the best option for you, and also if you prefer theory courses in law. In this course, you will learn about legal proposals and agreements of companies, which will help you achieve senior positions in corporations and large firms. You must qualify for three levels of examination to become a CS.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
It is one of the most popular professional courses after the 12th, especially in India. After completing your class 12th in commerce, one of the most prestigious careers you can choose is a CA, whose certification process is administered by ICAI. This is an international accounting course that is granted to accounting professionals across the world except for the US. The equivalent for CA in the US is CPA or Certified Public Accountant. In this course, you will learn tax law, corporate law, taxation, business law, and auditing. However, it is important to note that you need three levels (foundation, intermediate, and final) to qualify to become a certified CA.


This informational career guide after class 12th Commerce will help you make informed decisions. No matter your choice, enrolling in job-oriented courses after the 12th is important. The CA, CMA USA, US CPA, and ACCA at NorthStar Academy (NSA) are some of the best courses after class 12th commerce. In addition, you can get expert guidance from top coaches like M. Irfat Sir, who has helped thousands of accounting students realize their dream. Get the best bundle discounts on these courses and tread the path of success today with us.
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1. How to choose career courses after the 12th class?

To choose the best courses after the 12th, you must focus on your interests and what you want to do. Also, check your chosen career's career options and salary package. Also, you can refer to the career guide after class 12th Commerce. 

2. What is the best career for today?

There are several career options after commerce courses - CPA, CMA, CS, CA, IMA, and many more. These professional degrees and certifications will also help you get job opportunities in India and abroad. 

3. Why should someone choose commerce rather than science?

You should choose commerce courses after class 12th because if you are more into accounting and finances, it will open a doorway to working with several huge financial institutions abroad. Also, it gives you the flexibility to switch to other courses. 

4. Is commerce as good as science?

Commerce and science are suitable for people according to their interests. However, commerce offers many opportunities in several corporate sectors, including the Big 4.

5. What is the advantage of taking the Commerce stream over science?

The following are the advantages of commerce -
  • Basic knowledge of Commerce is important for a better career prospect. 
  • KPOs and BPOs usually hire students from commerce backgrounds.
  • Commerce is always in demand - even in a recession.
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