CFA Exam Registration Process and Fees: A Complete Guide


One of the most prominent certification courses in finance is the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course, which has a wide acceptance rate across several countries. CFA certification is conferred & administered by the CFA Institute. Pursuing this finance course is the best option if you are interested in the investment management domain for businesses and individuals. The CFA certification provides excellent career avenues with great earning potential for individuals clearing its comprehensive exam administered by CFA Institute. The CFA exam tests the candidates based on their skill & knowledge as well as their patience & consistency.
In this guide, you will learn about the complete CFA Exam registration process, CFA exam registration fees, and the complete CFA course fees to explore the world of CFA with its exciting perks and career benefits.

CFA Overview

CFA-certified professionals are hired for various managerial positions handling tasks, including Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Administration, etc. The certification ensures that you have vast expertise in the world of finance. You may benefit from learning about  CFA course details after 12th Commerce or even another stream. 

Eligibility Criteria

CFA consists of 3 Levels and requires a Bachelor's degree to go ahead with the CFA Exam Registration process. Let's take a look at the eligibility criteria required for CFA:
  • Undergraduate (UG) degree from a renowned University
  • Combined 4000 hours of higher education and professional work experience
  • Duly filled and submitted Professional Conduct Statement form

CFA Syllabus

Before you proceed with the CFA Exam registration process, you must have complete knowledge of the syllabus. CFA Level 1 Syllabus is the same as CFA Level 2 & 3 Syllabus; the only difference is in the weightage given to each section in the various exam levels.
  1. CFA Level 1 Syllabus
Ethical and Professional Standards15-20%
Quantitative Methods8-12%
Financial Statement Analysis13-17%
Corporate Finance8-12%
Equity Investments10-12%
Fixed Income10-12%
Alternative Investments5-8%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 5-8%
  1. CFA Level 2 Syllabus
Ethical and Professional Standards10-15%
Quantitative Methods5-10%
Financial Statement Analysis10-15%
Corporate Finance5-10%
Equity Investments10-15%
Fixed Income10-15%
Alternative Investments5-10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 10-15%
  1. CFA Level 3 Syllabus
Ethical and Professional Standards10-15%
Quantitative Methods0%
Financial Statement Analysis0%
Corporate Finance0%
Equity Investments10-15%
Fixed Income15-20%
Alternative Investments5-10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 35-40%

CFA Exam Registration Process

Knowing the CFA exam dates is important before we discuss the CFA exam registration process. CFA is an internationally recognized professional certification with a different exam pattern than most standard Indian exams. The CFA exam is conducted in 3 levels Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3, all in CBT (online mode). Level 1 is conducted four times (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov) every year. Level 2 is conducted thrice (May, Aug, and Nov) annually. Level 3 is conducted twice in Feb and Nov every year. 
Let's see the CFA course fees, registration, and exam fee structure.

CFA Certification Fee Structure

It consists of the CFA exam and registration fees as part of the CFA exam registration process. Let's take a look at the CFA registration and CFA exam fees in India.
Three types of fees must be paid to complete the CFA exam registration process. Check out the CFA exam fees India below.
  • One-time enrollment fee for first-time registration only $350 or INR 30,000
  • Registration fees (first time and repeat) Varied depending on when you're applying.
Early Registration $900
Regular Registration $1200
  • Curriculum Fees (first time and repeat) Ranges between $3000-$4000.
ParticularsEarly Registration (Approx in INR)Regular Registration (Approx in INR)
Enrollment FeesINR 30,000 approx ($350)INR 30,000 approx ($350)
Level 1INR 52,000 INR 75,000
Level 2INR 52,000INR 75,000
Level 3INR 52,000INR 75,000
Total CFA exam feesINR 1,86,000INR 2,55,000
The CFA certification course required to clear all the levels easily can be completed in 2-3 years, based on your chosen coaching institution. You can always clear all the exam levels of CFA on the first attempt with a minimum CFA course duration.
Now that you have complete information about the CFA exam registration process, you can make informed decisions about preparing for the CFA Levels 1, 2, & 3 exams.


1. How much does the CFA exam cost overall?

The entire CFA exam costs around INR 3 lakhs to INR 3.5 lakhs in India. This amount includes registration fees, training costs in India, and exam fees. Therefore, each level costs approximately INR 55,000 to INR 75,000.

2. What is the salary of a CFA Level 1 in India?

CFA candidates who have cleared the Level 1 exam can bag jobs in finance and investment management in India with an average salary of around INR 4 lakhs to INR 5.5 lakhs per annum. The average annual salary increases with clearing each level of the CFA exam.

3. What is the value of CFA in India?

CFA is one of the most sought-after professional certification courses in India. CFA certificate holders have great demand in India and abroad due to their expertise and knowledge in the field of finance.

4. What payment methods are accepted for the CFA exam fees?

CFA fee payment gateway accepts credit cards from popular brands such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Diners Club, etc. Offline payments with an Invoice generation option are also available for up to 40 days before the closing of registration. Candidates can also opt for an Equated monthly installment option to complete the payment of their CFA exam registration process.

5. Can I register for multiple CFA exam levels at once?

No, it is not feasible to register for multiple levels of the CFA exam simultaneously. It is because the CFA institute opens the registration portals only before the approaching exam dates, which is notified beforehand.

6. Are there any CFA registration restrictions based on nationality or location?

Candidates require a valid international travel passport to register and sit for the exam. Countries, where the CFA institute doesn't offer Professional Learning Online Courses may have a problem during registration. However, candidates can travel to other countries to take the exam.

7. How long does it take for the CFA exam registration process to be completed?

The CFA institute requests waiting for a minimum of 2 working days before receiving the registration confirmation. After that, you can schedule your exam.

8. Can I transfer my registration from one exam session to another?

No, it is not allowed to transfer the registration of one exam in CFA to another. Registration for an exam occurs systematically; you need to clear one level before you can apply for another level.


While CFA can seem a bit costly at the commencement of the CFA Exam registration process and preparation, the perks post-completion will compensate for it. CFA is a popular choice among those who are interested in pursuing investment management in the future as it offers very rewarding career opportunities. CFA provides one of the best salary benefits and distinctions in the field to both fresher and experienced professionals.Whether you wish to pursue CFA or any other professional certification course like CMA USA, US CPA, or ACCA, Northstar Academy (NSA) provides well-rounded guidance with an exam-centric approach to help candidates clear the certification exams with ease & on their first attempts. 
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