CMA Careers: Great Jobs For Certified Management Accountants in 2024

CMA Careers

Regardless of whether you are a commerce graduate or a working professional, applying for a CMA USA certification can be a great career move, especially when you aspire to move ahead in the field of Management and Accounting. 
A CMA USA demonstrates a strong knowledge of critical Management Accounting and Financial Management skills demanded by today's dynamic businesses. They make strategies for Investments, Risk management and make decisions for the smooth functioning of any organization.
CMA is an advanced professional certification that gives you a competitive advantage and makes you eligible for organizations and MNCs globally like the Big 4 firms, Accenture, Oracle, JP Morgan. etc. 

Top jobs after CMA USA 

The CMA Certification requires relevant experience of 2 years and passing 2exams with a bachelor's degree. It needs a lot of time, effort, money, discipline, consistency, and sacrifice to be a CMA professional CMA's are employed in various organization verticals, and their placement scope is not limited to a single qualification or industry. The value of this course is so substantial that many CMAs go on to become CFOs of prominent organizations.
Here are the top jobs that you can pursue after CMA USA

Financial Analyst: 

Financial Analysts have a thorough knowledge of market trends and Microeconomic aspects of Finances, like issuing corporate bonds or split stock. An analyst also provides information on the Business's profitability, liquidity, stability, etc. 
As a Financial Analyst, one can work anywhere from a Big Four Accounting Firms, MNCs or startups, and even in a bank or an insurance company.
Finance Managers, Cost Accountants, Investment Partners, Financial Consultants, or Portfolio Managers are considered suitable options for better growth in this career path. 

Finance Manager: 

A Finance Manager has to develop and maintain Accounting systems. They perform duties like overseeing daily operations, creating Financial statements and Reports, and laying down strict Accounting policies and principles for the smooth flow of Accounting activities in the organization. 
A manager has to analyze and set procedures used by other Accountants to monitor and collect data. This job is usually seen in large organizations where multiple accountants are employed. 

Financial Planner: 

When you thrive in planning and strategizing - being a Financial Planner could be the path for you. Financial Planners are advisers to their clients to manage their money. They can budget, plan and strategize and help their executives make risk-assessed decisions about their financial future. 
An Analyst can work in a private or public organization, within government agencies, or for Insurance and Finance companies too. 

Financial Risk Manager: 

This role requires a solid foundation of Analytical skills, keen observation, and proficiency in mathematics.  
FRMs identify risk by analyzing global Financial markets to predict changes or trends. It is also the FRM's role to develop strategies to counteract the effects of potential risks before it results in enormous losses for the company. 

Relationship Manager: 

The employees develop and execute programs for improving club activities and event management. They maintain regular communications with CMA elite clubs and collect resources to assist them in the Administration, Strategic Planning, Finance, and Club development programs. They initiate strategies and create opportunities for individuals to contribute to the work of the IMA at a local level.
CMA USA career Opportunities

Senior Accountant: 

Employees are responsible for reporting cost margins, productivity, and expenditures in an organization. They perform everyday tasks like preparing month-end procedures, reconciling accountant balances, and maintaining a general ledger. 
The Senior Accountant guides and mentors the Junior Accountants with their CMA knowledge. They have years of experience, excellent communication skills, strong leadership skills, and expert management skills to become a senior accountant. 

Financial Controller: 

A CMA credential can be crucial for this role since Financial Controllers need to make strategic recommendations and manage other Accounting professionals. They work directly with Chief Financial Officers as one of the heads of the Finance department. 
Auditing, analyzing Books, overseeing Tax issues, or even formulating Financial Strategies to plan for potential risks are all the daily tasks of a Financial Controller. 
One needs to be great at multitasking with good communication skills, converting data into Financial reports, and formulating Financial Strategies. 

Cost Accountant: 

They focus on reducing financial waste and increasing profit from production costs. They analyze manufacturing operations equipment availability and perform month-end Cost accounting close. 
With the credential of CMA certification, a cost accountant has the skill to do cost accounting and communicate strategic plans to executive leadership for implementation. They understand the business well and can create comprehensive Financial reports for the company. 
Advanced positions including Senior Cost Accountant and Financial Controller require CMA.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): 

One of the top positions in an organization, a CEO's right hand, is the CFO. 
The CMA course is the fastest track to provide you with the necessary education and knowledge in Finance and Management to manage a company's financial activities. 
A CFO oversees everything from Financial reporting, predicting the company's investments, taking Financial Business decisions, tracking money flow, and proposing corrective actions. It is considered one of the most attractive jobs after doing CMA.

Top companies that hire you :

Every company needs a CMA USA professional to meet its financial objectives. The top companies that can hire you with high pay, global job opportunities include :
While these are the top companies that hire you, any company that has a Finance department would benefit from having a CMA. Hence, you will have umpteen number of opportunities to choose from, which best suits your goals.

Bonus Tips for cracking the interview!

  • Dress neatly with your hair well-groomed.
  • Be before time for the interview.
  • Keep your phone on silent.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the company you have applied for. 
  • Your body language should be positive, and keep eye contact while responding to questions. 
  • Keep your replies short, focused, and relevant. 
  • Don't rush; carefully listen to what is asked and then reply slowly and calmly.
  • It's always advisable to rehearse for the interview with your friend or your mentor, build a question bank and rehearse the answers and eliminate speeches like "umm, ahh, you know," etc. 


1. Are job opportunities for CMA USA low?

CMA USA certification enhances your Financial, Accounting, and Management skills that will expand your career potential, thus opening lots of opportunities for you in the domestic and the global market. Hence, there is no need to worry, you will have lots of opportunities in the job market. 

2. What are the career prospects for a CMA in Dubai?

CMA in Dubai earns higher salaries and designation in the organization. 70% CMAs hold senior-level Management to middle-level management positions in the UAE, which could be a motivating factor to apply for a job in Dubai.

3. Could I get bank jobs after CMA India?

CMA career prospects in banks are less than compared in Business organizations. Though due to the changed policies of the banking insurance portal, the banks and RBI have included CMA professionals in various job roles.

4. What is the scope of a US CMA in India?

After completing US CMA, one can work as a Financial Analyst,  Finance Manager,  Cost Manager, Financial Controller, Internal Auditor, Relationship Manager, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Cost Accountant in India. US CMA has a very good scope and job opportunities in India as well as in USA, UAE, Europe, and Canada.

5. Is there any benefit to doing a US CMA?

While working in the Financial, Accounting, or Business industry, the US CMA certification can boost your profile resulting in a better salary, more benefits, and better job opportunities.


After gaining the CMA USA certification, you will gain endless opportunities in the field of Accounting and Finance. If you want to clear all your exams in one go, then enroll in NorthStar Academys Comprehensive CMA program to add the highly desired three letters in front of your name - CMA 
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