CMA classes online in 2024:What are the benefits of studying online?

Do you also wish to take CMA classes online? Do you also want to become a CMA within 6-9 months? Well, this guide is for you, if you are willing to do CMA classes online and become a certified CMA USA professional. Then this blog is a must-read for you. CMA is an established credential that not only makes you knowledgeable but a reputed professional as well. Myriads of individuals around the globe seek this certification to advance in their careers.
There are many online institutes that provide the CMA classes online, however, you should always choose the best CMA USA certification course to excel at your CMA exams. 
This informational blog will cover all about why you must take CMA  classes online � the benefits and all other information. 
So, let us begin by knowing what CMA actually is? 

What is CMA?

Certified Management Accountant(CMA) is a professional credential in the field of Management Accounting and Financial accounting. A person having this certification is considered to have expertise in Financial Planning, Risk Management, Decision Making, Analysis, etc. IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) is the primary administrative body of Certified Management Accounting. 
As far as the CMA USA is concerned, the exam happens in two parts. The candidates are tested based on their Business Analysis skills, Management Accounting & Reporting skills, Decision Analysis skills, and Strategic Management skills. 
The exam is divided into two parts, i.e., Part I and Part II. Every exam has 100 MCQs and two essay questions for 30 minutes each. These questions are descriptive in nature. Candidates are given three hours to complete the MCQs and an additional one hour is given to complete these essay questions. Essay questions are necessary if students want to achieve extra credits for the exam. 
The marking scheme of the exam is such that Part I and Part II are combined together and the student needs to score a minimum of 360 marks out of a total of 500 marks in order to qualify for the credential. 
Let us have a look at the sections that one needs to study to pass the CMA exam.
  1. CMA USA Part I � Financial Planning, Analysis, and Performance
  • Taking Financial Decisions
  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Forecasting Risks
  • Cost Management
  • Internal control
  • Technology 
  • Analysis
  1. CMA USA Part II � Strategic Financial Management 
  • Analysis of financial statement 
  • Decision analysis
  • Professional ethics
  • Investment Decisions 
  • Risk Management 
The CMA USA exam is very challenging. The candidates must work really hard as the exam is tough and the competition in the field is increasing day by day. A candidate who has secured 360 marks in each exam is considered to have qualified this examination.
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What are the additional certifications required with US CMA online?

If you are doing US CMA online or offline, there are some certifications required by the institute you are doing it from. So, let us have a look at them. 
  • Bachelor�s degree from a reputed institute/ college/ university.
  • Two years of relevant professional experience in the field of management accounting or financial accounting. Make sure that the training/ experience you are seeking is continuous. Make sure you are working on things like: 
  • Preparing financial statements of the company
  • Undergoing financial planning and analysis
  • Preparing yearly budget and reporting 
  • Auditing
  • Company investment
  • Decision making
  • Costing analysis
  • Risk Evaluation 
  • A certified CMA has to earn 30 CPE credits or more than that along with two hours of ethics. If you have an IMA scholarship, then it�s all the more beneficial!  
For around 50 years, the CMA certification has been globally recognized around the world for providing this established credential to people in the field of management accounting and financial accounting. There are various institutes that provide CMA classes online. 
One of the major advantages of doing CMA classes online is that it provides a salary advantage of over 58% across the globe. The CMAs who are 20-29 years of age have a 37% - 40% of salary hike across the globe. 
Now, here arises a question, i.e., why is it essential to take these classes virtually? CMA classes online are much more beneficial as compared to offline sessions. Here�s why!

Advantages of studying the US CMA online Certification Course

A candidate pursuing CMA USA is bombarded with a large amount of course material and content knowledge. To pass the exam, one has to mug up, understand, and train their mind. Ranging from Financial Statement Analysis to Risk Management, there is a lot to study. 
One of the best and easiest ways to study for the CMA exam is by taking CMA classes online from a reputed institute. Let us see the advantages of taking CMA online coaching.      

Instructor Guidance 

The CMA USA classes online are led by instructors that help you throughout the journey of studying and becoming a CMA. The instructors in the institutes are experts on various subject matters. They are former CMA professors who have had the experience of working with CMAs in the professional world. Candidates can effectively make use of their acumen in management accounting and related fields in order to have a complete understanding of the subjects. 


CMA classes online offer the candidates the rescheduling of the classes along with various sessions for time slots. Candidates working in a consistent time frame will be able to progress day by day, thereby helping them understand the complex concepts and complete the syllabus. Having scheduled classes in institutes can help the candidates carve out their time and schedule other time slots for studying. 
The professors of various institutes are focused on helping students prepare one topic at a time. In this way, the candidates will have a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying. For instance, NorthStar Academy also focuses on one topic at a time and goes into detail, thereby solving complex concepts. CMA classes online ensure that the candidate has a full understanding of the topic. 
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One of the major benefits of taking CMA classes online is that it is flexible in nature. The candidates need not go to different locations and study. Just be in the comfort of your home and study! Being in one place for studying, the candidates can segregate between personal and study time. In this way, the candidates can get more flexibility in the way they study. 
If you are working and pursuing CMA side-by-side, then it is all the more important to have the flexibility to maintain the balance between your personal, professional, and study time. Taking the CMA classes online proves to be flexible, i.e., you get to choose from where you wish to study and how. 
So, these are the advantages of taking CMA classes online. Candidates are advised to prepare for the exam by taking CMA classes online to save time and effort from moving from one place to another. 
There are various institutes that offer CMA classes online. But NorthStar Academy is one of a kind. Here�s why?

Why choose NorthStar Academy for US CMA Online Coaching?

NorthStar Academy is one of the reputed and established institutes in terms of providing coaching for CMA USA. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, the institute has become the most sought-after way to achieve the CMA USA credential. 
Irfat sir classes have taught thousands of candidates not only from India but also from 30 countries across the globe. The academy has a record of making the candidates complete their CMA USA preparation in just 6-9 months in order to give the exam. 
According to the stats, the pass rate of the academy is 83%. Isn�t that amazing!? Here are other reasons. 

Basic Knowledge - ABC of Finance

If the candidates are not from an accounting or finance background, then there is nothing to worry about! The basics that we have studied in senior secondary sections are taught again by the professors ensuring that the foundation of accounting is clear.

Comprehensive Teaching - All you need to pass the CMA Exam

CMA is a rigorous exam. That is why self-study would not suffice. Candidates have to take CMA classes online. NorthStar Academy has designed a comprehensive course for the candidates that will not only teach students from the scratch but will also cover each and every topic in detail to make your concepts strong and exam ready! 
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Learning on the go

NorthStar Academy is affiliated with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to help students have a discount on examination and entrance fees. The academy has its own app launched so that the students can learn anywhere, anytime. 

Placement - 100% Placement Assistance

Once you become a CMA, the academy helps you get recruited in various MNCs to have excellent career growth and various placement opportunities. Applying to such institutes will always be beneficial for the candidates. 

Study Material - Go-Lite CMA Materials - NSA Edition

There is a well-organized and highly relevant study material. This comprehensive study material provided helps the candidates understand various accounting concepts. With more than 180 essay questions and 1500+ MCQs to practice, the exam kit will help the students prepare better for the examination.
What�s more? If you wish to get a free demo class, you can apply now and join the upcoming classes. NorthStar Academy has also tied up with IMA, i.e., Institute of Management Accountants for the CMA USA Course and it can be your first step in Finance and Management Accounting. With a lot of career opportunities, it can help your career move swiftly. 

What is the US CMA Online Classes fees?

As far as the CMA online classes fees is concerned, it ranges from Rs. 59,900/- to Rs. 89,900/-. This is the discounted rate for NSA candidates. However, the whole fee structure is a bit comprehensive. Here is the table for creating a better understanding of the CMA USA fees at NorthStar Academy.

Student Category - UG or PG (Regular, Online, Distance Basis)

Particulars July 2022 onwards IMA Fees ($)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years) 135
IMA Entrance fee (Valid for 3 years) 210
Part 1 Exam fee 345
Part 2 Exam fee 345
Total CMA USA Student Category Fees 1035
US CMA Online Classes fees

Professional Category - (Passed college or working professionals)

Particulars July 2022 onwards IMA Fees ($)
IMA Membership Registration fee (Valid for 1 year) 260
IMA Entrance fee (Valid for 3 years) 280
Processing Fee 15
Part 1 Exam fee 460
Part 2 Exam fee 460
Total CMA USA Professional Category Fees 1475
US CMA Online Classes fees
However, you get Bundle Discounts when your register with NorthStar Academy! 


1. Which is the best online course for CMA?

Gleim is one of the CMA USA exam prep courses alongside NorthStar Academy. The courses include exclusive teaching from the best professors that help you prepare well for the examination. The comprehensive training and knowledge provided help the candidates in understanding difficult concepts. 

2. What is the best course for CMA

The top courses for CMA include:
Gleim CMA prep course
NorthStart Academy CMA USA course
These courses will provide you with a better understanding of the topics that will be there in the examination. If you are interested in pursuing  these courses, contact us.

3. How long is the course of CMA?

If you do the CMA USA certification course from NorthStar academy, then the course will end in just 6-9 months. Otherwise, the course is of three years. Within 6-9 months, the candidates will learn the basics of accounting and financing along with training experience. 

4. Can I do CMA with the job?

Yes, of course! After graduation, if you are working somewhere, then you can study CMA USA alongside. Since it�s a 6-9 month course in NorthStar Academy, it won�t take long to complete your CMA USA certification. If you do the course from other institutes, then you will have to study for 1.5 years in order to clear the exam. 

5. What is the fee for the CMA course?

The CMA USA course fee ranges from 1.25 Lakhs to 1.50 lakhs. If you are a member of the NorthStar Academy, then this figure is reduced to Rs. 37,000/-. This can range up to Rs. 60,000/- as well. Be a member now and study CMA online!  

6. Is CMA expensive?

CMA is costly but the candidates who are NSA members are provided with the certification at significant discount rates. However, completing the certification and becoming a CMA US professional would be worth this cost as you get considerably high salaries and job roles. So, yes! CMA USA looks expensive at first, however, it is worth having a significant credential in your CV that makes you a valuable asset to the companies.


Taking up the CMA classes online can prove to be really helpful. CMA classes online offer a number of benefits that make studying easier and help the candidates focus on their goal, i.e. passing the CMA USA exam and achieving the credential and value in the finance management field.NorthStar Academy is one of the Best CMA online classes in India that offers a self paced recorded classes and Live interactive sessions with world-class professors to help candidates prepare for the exam.
Apply today and book your seat for the upcoming CMA batch - Call us to know more +918147470707 or signup the form to get a call back.
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