CMA Coaching:Which is best place for CMA prep in India?

CMA Coaching By NorthStar Academy

The USA Certified Management Accountant (CMA), is a prestigious credential issued by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The CMA USA Test is regarded as one of the most prestigious certifications for candidates who want to excel in the financial management field.
Furthermore, because of its huge industry reputation, CMA is a wonderful option for students as well as professionals in accounting and finance who are considering career advancement. Hence, it is necessary to have this type of credential on your Resume as it increases your credibility and shows sincerity to the hiring companies.
To ace any exam, good assistance, and mentorship are required. As a result, in this post, we provide the details of the finest CMA coaching Institute in India through which one may prepare properly and get US CMA-certified.
If you are interested in enrolling for the CMA USA course, NSA should be the top choice. We have the best mentors and study material available in the market. We provide our students with all the necessary course guidance and support along with the highly relevant CMA MCQ mock test package, essay case study material, etc.
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What are the benefits of CMA USA?

Professional Expansion of Getting a CMA USA

Among the most significant advantages of getting a CMA USA is professional advancement. CMA accreditation is sought by a number of mid and senior-level professionals who want to gain experience in the fields of finance, administration, accountancy, and commerce. Hence, it is important to take up a CMA coaching.
CMA USA is a worldwide specialized designation that is accepted by nations such as China, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Middle East. It provides a chance to live and operate in a foreign country while also learning about multinational companies' practices and principles.

Greater Economic Accomplishment

CMA is a profitable option that may result in massive monetary benefits. In the United States, 58 percent of candidates with a CMA degree perceive a boost in their pay and perks, while internationally, 37 percent of applicants between the ages of 20 and 29 profit from CMA.

Quick to Acquire

Additional benefit of enrolling in CMA USA is that it may be finished in as little as 12 to 18 months. The CMA examination is held three times annually, allowing students plenty of chances to complete their program on time. Take up a CMA coaching for better preparation.


CMA USA is a flexible qualification that is available to applicants with a wide range of expertise. This training is open to applicants with at least two years of exposure and a bachelor's in technology, business studies, economics, accounting, or financing.
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What is the best US CMA study material?

The CMA coaching online is favored since it can be accessible at any time and from any location. Furthermore, the majority of tests are moving online.
 The following are the primary advantages of online CMA coaching versus traditional coaching:
  • Self-paced Education
  • Quality at a Lower Cost
  • Abundant Resources and Flexible Timetable
Learning has experienced an expansion in study skills as technology advancement has increased. Digital training has become a popular way of instruction. Online schooling saves not only time but also expense. If one chooses CMA coaching online, one also gets to study from the top academics from all around the world.
At NorthStar Academy CMA practice test app, we deliver the greatest study material and assistance from the industry's best minds. As a consequence, you may learn on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using HD video lectures and different devices. You will also have the opportunity to interact with your classmates and advisors. 
NorthStar Academy gives Android and iOS users access to its own mobile application. You may use your mobile phone to access all of our material, including books, seminars, videos, tests, and much more. You may pick between live interactive classes, self-learning programs, and classroom instruction with ease. Moreover, we offer 12-section wise books for CMA USA in association with Gleim. It is considered to be the finest, highly preferred, and precise study material for this certification exam.
All learning options include accessibility to our mobile application, which allows you to prepare and take regular assessments to track your progress. This CMA coaching will help you crack your exam.

What is the CMA Online Classes Fees?

NorthStar Academy is an all-inclusive CMA coaching online platform. You can register in any of the programs by completing the Apply Now form. Upon submitting your basic information, you will be sent a complete application form, which you must fill out and may pay an application fee to enrol in the program you have chosen. Here is the course fee breakup for your reference.
IMA Exam Fees are as follows: Approx in Indian Rupees
Student Category - $1035 (Approx INR 77,625)
Professional Category - $1460 (Approx INR 1,09,500)
You can also avail yourself of bundle discounts with our CMA. For more info, contact us and get your queries cleared, if any.

What are the things to consider before enrolling for the CMA USA course?

Candidates should consider the following aspects before enrolling in a CMA Certification coaching institute:
  • Candidates must be familiar with the CMA coaching institute's assessment resources, study guides, and exam arrangements.
  • The location of the training facility is also important. Up-and-coming students should choose organizations that are closer to their homes, as this will save them time, energy, and price.
  • Before selecting a coaching institute, candidates should consider the training institution's pricing structure.
  • Before enrolling in any training facility, learners should take into account the nature of the approaches utilized in training as well as the faculty.
  • To assist CMA Accredited hopefuls in selecting the finest coaching institute for training, the following factors should be considered before enrolling in any CMA coaching facility:


The professor serves as a guide and mentor, and 50% of one's success is dependent on the level of teachings received from teachers, as well as the methodology employed to teach the topics. For tests such as CMA Credential, it is critical to have seasoned and prepared professors who are an expert or CMA Certification seekers since they will be able to share their experiences and provide authentic pieces of CMA Certification information during the CMA coaching.

Excellent Environment

It is critical to persevere with maximum attention and focus throughout the assessments in order to prepare for the CMA Certification exam, and the installation of the education must have a tranquil atmosphere for learning.

Strength in Class

Classroom quality is extremely important; candidates should prefer organizations that focus on having appropriate class strength so that attention may be provided to each individual. The optimal number of pupils in a class is 40 to 50; over this number might cause difficulty grasping the ideas and unneeded turmoil in the classroom during the CMA coaching.


When answering questions or self-study at home after class, one should have complete instruction and help from the educators in case of any doubts. If a student misses a class session, he or she might seek the help of educators to make up for the lost material.
Consider groups that provide post-class help via e-mail, CMA coaching online sessions, or one-on-one sessions.


The business chosen must be up to date on the most current timetable and design and be able to supply comparable training to the understudies.
Because the prospectus for CMA Certification varies, choose the CMA coaching that is up to date on the current syllabus and standards and incorporates the modifications into their program as well.

Material for Research

Look for the type of study materials that the university provides. The study material must be carefully planned and continuously updated in accordance with the new curriculum.


Evaluate the pricing structure of several CMA coaching institutes in order to select the finest with an emphasis on satisfying one's own economic strategy and requirement.

Class Demonstration

Please attend a free demo class at multiple colleges to acquire a general concept of their instructional methods and methodology. CMA Certification applicants are urged to complete the demo class before proceeding to the conclusion.
While opting for any training center for CMA Credential, the learner should consider all of the points listed above and prioritize them. Before selecting an organization, hopefuls should consider the education group's pricing structure.
Best CMA Training Institute in India


1. Should I pursue both a CMA and an MBA? 

  • The US CMA is a globally recognized credential and one of the most sought-after programs for anyone searching for a job outside of India. They often specialize in the financial and accounting departments of a company.
  • MBAs work in marketing, personal finance, and consulting services, among other areas of business. An MBA qualification might be beneficial to a person who wants to work in a larger section of the organization.
  • As you progress in your career, it's vital to have a growth mindset and to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve as a person and at work. Both a CMA and an MBA can get you places, and one may be able to lend a helping hand on your selected career path sooner than others.
  • The simplest way to compare the CMA and MBA and figure out which one is right for you is to look at your career goals and personal resources, then figure out which courses would help you achieve your goals with the abilities you already have.

2. What exactly is CMA's content?

CMAs Content is all about 12 Core Sections of Finance and Management Accounting.
Here is the Syllabus of CMA:
Part 1 CMA USA Part 2 CMA USA
Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics Strategic Financial Management
Section A External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%) Section A Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
Section B Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%) Section B Corporate Finance (20%)
Section C Performance Management (20%) Section C Decision Analysis (25%)
Section D Cost Management (15%) Section D Risk Management (10%)
Section E Internal Control (15%) Section E Investment Decisions (10%)
Section F Technology and Analytics (15%) Section F Professional Ethics (15%)

3. Is online tutoring for CMA certification a viable alternative?

Indeed, CMA coaching online training is not just a viable alternative for CMA study, but it is also a preferable alternative to traditional classroom instruction. There are a number of elements that offer online education advantage over traditional instruction. In the context of
NSA, some of these advantages include:
1) Self-paced learning
2) Cost-effectiveness
3) Convenience of training from residence
4) Flexibility in scheduling and no risk of skipping a session
5) Abundant Materials
6) A mobile app that enables users to access and play video courses while you're not connected to the internet.
7) Study on the move, even while traveling. 
8) No reliance on teaching schedules, time, or location.
9) Access to top academics and the most up-to-date study materials via your mobile device.

4. Is it worthwhile to pursue the CMA designation?

The CMA is an internationally recognized certification. This is especially useful for professionals who want to improve their ability to assess a company's financial situation and make key business choices based on the information gathered.


Accounting experts are in short supply all around the world. Certified Management Accountants are often in the news! Practitioners who are trapped in a company without a career advancement or pay increase might study CMA USA to boost their prospects of ascending up the corporate ladder in the current or a new company.
NorthStar Academy will help you prepare by offering you customized US CMA study material and a CMA USA course. Strive for higher marks by studying hard. If you want to study additional related courses, such as CPA, ACCA, CA, and so on, we also offer them. It is past time for you to stop wasting time and start your US CMA coaching at NSA. You may always contact us to learn more about these courses and get the best advice possible. Use a variety of modules, handbooks, and study tools to increase your chances of passing this exam.
They provide the most reliable and 12-section-by-section Gleim practice resources for the CMA US test, which are the oldest and most relevant. NorthStar Academy also gives Section-wise Formula tools and Essay Case Study materials to candidates and a convenient CMA practice test app. NSA also offers students discounts on the IMA exam and membership. Visit our website and get enrolled to enjoy these benefits!