How to pursue CMA course in Abu Dhabi? Ultimate guide

CMA course in Abu Dhabi

If you are planning to join the CMA course in Abu Dhabi but are unsure where to begin, this article will be of great assistance to you. CMA USA courses help students clear the challenging US CMA certification exam, which opens up a wide range of professional possibilities not just in the state but also across the globe. 
This blog will cover all you need to know about the CMA course in Abu Dhabi - from course specifics to cost structure to the exam pattern. So, let us first understand what CMA USA is all about.

What is CMA USA? 

The US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is one of the most esteemed certifications in Management Accounting offered by IMA. This accreditation is widely regarded all around the world. Hence, work options for a CMA USA are not restricted to one region or country. Earning the CMA USA certification can help finance and accounting professionals to enhance their credibility and professional value and gain a competitive edge in the market. 
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CMA course in Abu Dhabi is created for accountants and finance professionals living there. It will help advance the accounting career and boost productivity at your present company. If you wish to get good professional competence in accounting, want to become certified, and receive better career opportunities after graduation, you should take this US CMA course in Abu Dhabi.

Eligibility Criteria - CMA Course in Abu Dhabi

If you are staying anywhere in the UAE and you want to enroll in a CMA course in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, you must first complete some criteria for the CMA USA certification program. Any applicant who doesn't meet the requirements will not get the certification. So, the requirements for the CMA exams are listed below:
  • An IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) membership is required for all applicants.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor/UG degree from an accredited university in the relevant field.
  • A minimum of two years of Management Accounting or Financial accounting experience are required for candidates.
  • Before taking Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exam, you must pay the CMA Entrance Fee (Fee Validity is three years)
  • The applicants must adhere to the IMA's declaration on Ethical Professional Practice.
Suppose any candidate fails to fulfill the educational or professional experience requirements. In that case, IMA offers candidates a period of seven-year in which they can take the CMA exam, finish their bachelor's degree, or gain two years of professional experience starting from the exam date.

Course Fee - CMA Course in Abu Dhabi

To choose the best CMA course Fee in UAE, applicants should first evaluate the fee structure of the official CMA USA certification program offered by IMA. The CMA USA course price is different for professional and student members. Below are the two tables that show the CMA course fee in UAE for both students and working professionals.
For Students
CMA USA Fee SpecificsFees (in USD)
Membership Registration Fee135
IMA Entrance Fee210
Part 1 Exam Fee345
Part 2 Exam Fee345
For Professionals
CMA USA Fee SpecificsFees (in USD)
Membership Registration Fee260
IMA Entrance Fee280
Part 1 Exam Fee460
Part 2 Exam Fee460

What is the Exam Structure for US CMA Course in Abu Dhabi?

The exam pattern for the CMA course in Abu Dhabi is computer-based and consists of two exam parts. Each part of the CMA USA certification exam lasts four hours. The first three hours are dedicated to multiple-choice questions (100 questions), while the last hour is for an essay part containing two essay questions. Each section carries a 500 point, of which the requisite 360 are needed to pass. The following is a detailed breakdown of each section of the exam with the syllabus and weightage each part carries

Part I: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

  • Cost Management 15%
  • Internal Controls 15%
  • Technology and Analytics 15%
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 20%
  • Performance Management 20%

Part 2 Strategic Financial Management

  • Risk Management 10%
  • Investment Decisions 10%
  • Professional Ethics 15%
  • Financial Statement Analysis 20%
  • Corporate Finance 20%
  • Decision Analysis 25%
However, remember that to complete the test, you must get a minimum of 65% on the multiple-choice questions and a perfect score on the essay part. You are unable to make changes after submitting your multiple-choice responses for scoring. 

Exam Preparation for US CMA course in Abu Dhabi

There are several methods to incorporate CMA (Certified Management Accountant) test preparation into your everyday routine, even cutting back on the amount of time you spend studying. Here are some of the most effective ways to increase exam preparation efficiency.
  1. Create a strategy for study 
  2. Find a review course that suits your learning preferences. Since everyone has a different way of studying and learning, you should look for a review course that can accommodate your requirements.
  3. Candidates often have diverse opinions on what constitutes an effective study environment, just as everyone has a distinct learning style. So, Create or find yourself a productive environment and then study.
  4. In your CMA course in Abu Dhabi, there may be some topics that you are quite aware of and others that you are not. Determine your critical areas of strength and weakness. Start focusing on your areas of weakness. 
  5. Studying is exhausting, especially when it's combined with other commitments and activities (like family or a full-time job). Maintaining good physical and mental health is important while getting ready for the exam.
By following these study strategies, you may effectively prepare for and pass the CMA exam- and advance your career to the next level.

Best Books for US CMA course in Abu Dhabi

It is important to choose high-quality CMA USA Books/Study resources that offer value to your learning style while not making the selection process too difficult. To help you pass the CMA exam here is the finest US CMA study material:
  • Becker US CMA Review System
  • Gleim US CMA Study Material
  • Wiley US CMA Review System
  • Hock US CMA Study Material
  • Powers Resources Center

Job Prospects after CMA course in Abu Dhabi

Becoming CMA-certified can give you a career with plenty of opportunities for advancement, a six-figure income, and excellent job stability. Additionally, it will assist you in developing your management, accounting, and financial abilities so that you may excel above the competition. Candidates who have acquired the CMA (Certificate of Management Accountant) may apply for the following positions:
  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Budget Analyst
  • Finance controller
  • Internal Auditor 
  • Cost Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee
Many leading companies are waiting to hire you after you complete the course and obtain the CMA certification in Abu Dhabi. CMAs are used by firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, Cognizant, Genpact, and others for accounting and financial purposes.

Benefits of Studying the CMA Course in Abu Dhabi

  • The most significant benefit of studying the CMA course in Abu Dhabi is that your career will grow and improve.
  • Because CMA USA is a global certification, opportunities are available in countries such as America, India, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Middle East.
  • CMA provides you with the potential for financial success by increasing your salary and perks.
  • There are lots of options for you to finish your certification on time because the exam is offered three times a year January and February, May and June, and September and October.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I do CMA in UAE?

Here are the steps or pointers you must follow to do CMA USA in UAE.
Apply through the IMA student portal after signing up for IMA Membership.
Fulfill all the eligibility criteria mentioned above (check Eligibility criteria - CMA course Abu Dhabi)
Begin preparing for the CMA Exam by enrolling in CMA training programs and learning and practicing.
Give both the CMA USA examination parts and pass them.
Follow the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

2. How much does CMA USA cost?

The CMA course price in the UAE varies depending on whether you are a professional member or a student, or an academic member of the IMA. If you wanted to pursue US CMA as a professional, the expense would be far more than if you tried to do it as a full-time student. The CMA certification application fee is $280. The examination price is $460 per exam. The total fee can vary from 1035$ to 1460$, depending on your professional status.

3. Which degree is best for CMA USA?

A bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, economics, or general business from an accredited university or college is required for the CMA USA certification. Additionally, you can achieve this by earning a professional certification. Although CMA candidates may come from a variety of disciplines, the most typical academic backgrounds are in accounting, finance, economics, and general business.

4. Which country is best for CMA USA?

If you're talking about CMA(US), obviously, the ideal place to work is in the United States. The United States of America provides the maximum compensation for a CMA professional. Any CMA with sufficient expertise may earn up to 125,000 USD annually. Other than the United States, you can find good opportunities in India, the Middle East, and Canada. Although these countries pay a slightly lower amount as compared to the USA, their payments are still fair.

5. What is the salary of CMA in Dubai?

CMA Jobs in Dubai are in high demand. The average compensation for CMAs is 64% higher than for non-CMAs. The starting salary for CMA in Dubai is very high, estimated to be over 54,000 USD per year. Not to forget, the salary will vary depending on the employers company, experience, and other factors.

6. How long is the CMA course?

Depending on the candidate's commitment and focus, the full US CMA course should be finished in a minimum of six months. The student has a total of three years to finish the US CMA program.

7. How many hours should someone put into their studies for CMA preparation?

According to the IMA recommendation, students should study for at least 150 hours for each section of the exam (there are two parts). Usually, It is challenging for applicants to excel in the CMA USA test because it is an extremely rigorous and demanding exam. CMA Course institution will assist the applicants in finishing the curriculum on time and allowing them enough time for revision.


According to the IMA, the UAE is moving toward sustainable economic development. It clearly suggests that the future is brighter for employees in the UAE. Due to VAT in the UAE, future demand for CMA is likely to be higher than usual. You should immediately begin your CMA course in Abu Dhabi before there is more competition.
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