Best CMA Course in Tripura - Course Details, Exam Structure & Eligibility


Today, everyone is competing for top employment positions and high-paying salaries. In today's world, only a Bachelor's or Master's Degree isn't enough, so applicants pursue other professional courses. These certifications substantially boost your career, allowing you to secure amazing work prospects. CMA Course in Tripura is one such globally recognized qualification for accounting professionals.
Companies always look for US CMA-certified professionals with solid technical backgrounds and managerial abilities. As a result, it is highly regarded and sought after by recruiters at top multinational companies, even in India. The rising demand for insurance policies and services may further expand the chances for US CMAs in India. In this blog, we shall discuss the details of Tripura's Certification Exam and the US CMA course. We will discuss the course details, salary, and top employment options available to CMAs in India.

Understanding CMA USA

The most well-known qualification in management and financial accounting is CMA (Certified Management Accountant). This certification will not only serve as a gateway to a flourishing career but will also provide you with a distinct competitive advantage on a worldwide platform. The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which has its headquarters in the US, is responsible for governing, overseeing, and granting the course. A CMA qualification will place you at the core of the company, collaborating with the management team on crucial strategic choices based on your experience in accounting, finance, and business. This credential is highly recognized all around the world, and you may find work virtually anywhere in the world after finishing the course. The average income for a CMA USA-certified professional is also higher than that of their non-certified colleagues. As a result of all of this, the demand for CMA coaching in Tripura has grown.

Fee Structure for CMA Course in Tripura

There are separate fee structures for the CMA course and the CMA exam. Let us begin by learning about the official exam costs for the CMA USA certification that IMA will charge. The three components of the CMA USA fees structure in India are membership fees for the IMA, entry fees for the CMA IMA, and exam fees for the CMA.
IMA Membership Fee - To be eligible to apply for the CMA USA certification, you must first become a member of the IMA. However, anybody may join the IMA by paying a membership fee. After the first payment, your membership will be valid for the next three years, after which you may be required to pay an annual membership fee to maintain your certification.
CMA IMA Entrance Fee - It is essential to enroll in the US CMA course in Tripura once you have joined the IMA. The CMA applicants must pay this one-time fee before beginning their
US CMA course in Tripura. You have three years from the time of registration to pass the CMA exam. One will have to go through the registration process again if they are unable to pass both exams in the subsequent three years.
CMA Examination Fee - Candidates must pay an examination fee for CMA Course in Tripura for each exam which is 345 USD for students and 460 USD for working professionals.
The official fee structure for the CMA USA Exam is listed in the table below:
Particulars For Students ($) For Professionals ($)
Fees for membership of the IMA 135 (3 Years) 260 (1 Year)
CMA entrance fees 210 280
Part 1 Exam 345 460
Part 2 Exam 345 460
Total 1035 1460

Eligibility Criteria for US CMA Certification

The CMA program allows you to work at your own speed. CMA Course in Tripura can be completed in as little as nine months or over the course of three years. The CMA USA certification program is a time-efficient and cost-effective investment for busy professionals. Candidates must meet specific CMA eligibility requirements in order to obtain this high-level certificate.
  • Have an IMA membership
  • At least two years of professional working experience in Management Accounting or Financial Management is required. These criteria can be fulfilled before or within seven years of completing the test.
  • Bachelor's Degree from a reputable college in accounting, economics, finance, or management.
  • Abide by the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice by IMA.
Candidates who have errors on their application forms will not be permitted to take the CMA USA exam.


Exam Structure for CMA USA Certification

The CMA examination is entirely computerized. There are a large number of Prometric testing facilities worldwide, and candidates can take the exam at one of the centers or online via remote proctoring. Candidates can take the test six months out of the year.
The CMA USA exam is broken into two parts (Parts 1 and 2), and applicants are not required to take them in any specific order. Each section of the CMA Exam lasts four hours and comprises 100 MCQs worth 75% of the weightage and two essay topics for 25%.
The following subjects are covered in the two portions of the CMA Examination:
Part I: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
Part II: Strategic Financial Management
Part 1 Financial Management, Analytics, and Performance Weightage
Technology and Analysis 15%
Internal Control 15%
Cost Management 15%
Performance Management 20%
External Financial Reporting 15%
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 20%
Part 2 Strategic Financial Management Weightage
Analysis of Financial Statements 20%
Corporate Finance 20%
Decision Analysis 25%
Investment Decision 10%
Risk Management 10%
Professional Ethics 15%

Job Prospect after CMA Course in Tripura

Most international companies in India and many other countries around the world are willing to employ CMAs for roles in corporate finance. Let us take you through the career options open to CMA professionals.
Finance Analyst - Financial analysts monitor financial statements, generate reports, evaluate data, and make recommendations to increase company performance. The CMA certification provides Financial Analysts with the confidence and expertise they need to complete the whole cycle of their job role.
Finance Manager - Financial Risk Managers foresee future changes that might affect the company's finances and establish strategic plans based on their predictions after gaining the essential analytical and decision-making skills gained from necessary work experience and CMA certification.
Financial Controller - As one of the executives of the finance department, Financial Controllers report directly to Chief Financial Officers. Because Financial Controllers are needed to make strategic suggestions and oversee other accounting professionals, a CMA certificate is highly recommended for this position.
Cost Accountant - Cost Accountants will gain the abilities required to do successful cost accounting and convey strategic plans to high-level executives for execution throughout the CMA certification process.
Chief Financial Officer - Financial reporting, financial forecasting, and corporate investments are all responsibilities of the CFO. This role requires leadership, communication, and analytical abilities, all of which are covered by the CMA certification process.
Now you can understand that numerous work chances will be at your doorstep once you have successfully completed your CMA course in Tripura.

Salary For a certified US CMA in Tripura

It's important to understand the standard compensation you can expect to receive if you want to work as a CMA after finishing CMA Course in Tripura. The need for CMAs is rising as a result of MNC expansion into India and the migration of offshore businesses. CMAs earn more than their counterparts at all levels of management, particularly in senior management roles, where they might earn up to 58 percent more in total compensation.
A financial manager makes an average of Rs 10 lakh per year. A fresher in India who has no prior experience can earn between Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh annually. However, if you have a specific skill-set or knowledge and a strong educational foundation, you may get up to Rs. 7 lakh per year as a fresher. The salary will increase along with the role as you gain knowledge and experience.
The average annual salary of a Finance Manager is Rs 10.3 lakh, while the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is paid Rs 30 lakh per year because of their vast experience. CMAs in Asia get an average salary of $28,710, while candidates with no CMA credentials get a salary of $20,000. In Asia, compensation has been quite consistent.

How to Apply for CMA Course in Tripura

  • Maintain and meet the CMA USA qualifying criteria and prerequisites.
  • Select the finest study resources and begin studying for the exam. Candidates seeking expert assistance may enroll in the best CMA USA coaching in Tripura for an easy preparation process.
  • Register with the IMA. Students can enroll as either a professional or a beginner. Pay the CMA test registration cost.
  • Following registration, candidates will be issued an authorization number by the IMA.
  • Prepare for the exam on the scheduled day. Students, on the other hand, can reschedule the date for a fee of 50 USD.
  • Arrive at the Prometric center on time and with all necessary items.


1. Which course is best in Tripura?

If an individual has passed 10+2 and is interested in pursuing his career in the field of accounting or finance, US CMA Course in Tripura is best for them. To become a CMA, you must have a bachelor's Degree in any field other than arts from a recognized university. CMA certification promotes skills in financial planning, analysis, control, decision-making, and management support.

2. How do I pass CMA USA on my first attempt?

Anyone who has fully prepared for the CMA USA exam has a chance of passing it. To pass the exam on your first try, you must put 100% effort into each of the 12 CMA USA subjects. Applicants need to follow the below tips religiously to pass the exam on the very first attempt:
  • Ensure to use the right study materials
  • Make a good plan and follow a systematic approach to your studies.
  • Registration for exams should be done well in advance. You'll be able to select the exam dates that work best for you.
  • Ensure you enroll in an instructor-led course.
  • Spend more time practising questions than reading textbooks.
  • Studying at home after your class is absolutely critical.
  • Maintaining a pleasant attitude and calm composure can help you do better during the exam.

3. Is CMA USA worth it in India?

Yes, CMA USA is beneficial in India. The CMA certification gives you a significant edge in the job market in India. Accounting professionals in India with the CMA USA might earn more than non-CMAs. CMAs earn 58% more in total remuneration than non-CMAs across all nations. You can also rise to higher-paying positions as an accountant as you gain expertise. So, if you are primarily interested in the business aspect of accounting and finance, US CMA is the program for you. It will help you in landing high-paying jobs straight away. So, you can go ahead and enroll yourself for the CMA Course in Tripura to get all the benefits of the certificate.

4. What is the US CMA salary in India?

In employment markets all across the world, CMA USA certification is a highly coveted credential. US CMA-certified professionals earn more money than non-CMA-certified accountancy professionals due to the strong demand for the CMA USA certification and the competence it delivers. Accounting and financial professionals can earn up to 58% more on average than those without the CMA USA credential. A CMA USA-certified candidate may typically make between 4 and 7 LPA as a fresher in India. You might get more than Rs. 7 lakh per year as a newcomer pay if you have business experience and a strong academic record.

5. What is the difference between CMA India and CMA USA?

The Indian CMA focuses mostly on Indian accounting standards (Ind As), which are a subset of IFRS, whereas the US CMA encompasses US GAAP, IFRS, and different facets of finance. This lethal mix helps applicants secure employment in the business area and collaborate on numerous strategic decisions with the world's greatest CFOs. CMA India is a good option for someone who desires a long-term course of 3-4 years with 20 examinations and exclusively wishes to work in India. CMA India is an option for those seeking worldwide recognition with a short-term course of 6-9 months and two examinations.

6. What are the benefits of doing CMA USA in Tripura?

Having the CMA certification has various advantages.
1. Business Appeal
2. Growth Opportunities
3. Global Opportunities
4. Employee Value
5. Good Salary

7. Is the job outlook for US CMA favourable?

If you wish to work in management accounting, the US CMA is the perfect course for you. Many US-based firms are also hiring for US CMA positions. The course covers all aspects of financial planning, budgeting, cost management, and so on. Hence, if you have finished a CMA Course in Tripura, you will be awarded a lot of job opportunities.


The need for financial expertise and CMA professionals will increase as India is becoming the hub of global business, and more US firms are setting up their business here. In this situation, enrolling in the US CMA course in Tripura is the only logical line of action. Don't wait any longer if you want to earn your CMA USA certification. Regardless of whether you work in the financial, accounting, or business sectors, this certification might help you boost your credibility and lead to higher-paying job possibilities.
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