Best CMA course in Uttarakhand | How to Become CMA USA in Uttarakhand?


The US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to candidates who successfully pass the CMA USA certification exam after fulfilling the necessary criteria. The CMA USA certification validates the credentials of the certificate holder as a professional in the field of Finance and Accounting who has the knowledge and the skillset in the relevant fields.
The USA CMA exam can be pursued by anyone with a bachelor's degree. With the rising demand for qualified USA CMA across the world across various industries, the USA CMA certification is becoming one of the most sought-after certifications for individuals who want to pursue a career in financial management and business accounting. Certified CMA USA professionals become eligible to work within a wide range of industries with a plethora of job roles to choose from. Organizations highly value USA CMA professionals as they play pivotal roles and are offered lucrative salary packages.

Why should you opt for US CMA coaching in Uttarakhand?

When you enroll in a CMA course in Uttarakhand to prepare for the CMA USA certification exam, you get to unlock many benefits.
  • You can get access to updated and relevant study material curated according to the IMA CMA syllabus.
  • You receive guidance at every step until you clear the exam successfully.
  • You can get discounts on the CMA USA exam fee. 
  • You get to access mock tests, which experts in the field carefully curate according to the actual CMA USA exam pattern. 
  • You can also get the benefit of doubt-clearing sessions and 24/7 online support.
That's not all. If you are someone who lives in remote areas of Uttarakhand, you can get access to CMA coaching in Uttarakhand with the help of online classes.

How to Become CMA USA in Uttarakhand?

You can become a CMA USA in Uttarakhand by passing the CMA USA certification exam conducted by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The CMA USA certification exam is held in:
  • September/October
  • May/June
  • January/February
US CMA candidates can opt for any of the exam schedules, depending on their choice. Clearing the CMA USA certification exam is not easy; it requires continuous dedication, hard work, and effort, especially if you are from a non-commerce background. You would also need access to quality and relevant study material which is compliant with the latest syllabus as prescribed by the IMA. 
To help you in your efforts to fare well in the CMA USA exam, you should enroll yourself in a CMA USA course in Uttarakhand. Opting for a USA CMA course in Uttarakhand at a CMA USA coaching in Uttarakhand will help you get expert guidance from highly reputed tutors along with trusted study material which will help you save time that you would have otherwise spent on searching for good study material available in the market.
The first and most important thing is to know about the IMA CMA syllabus so that you are well aware of what you need to study for the CMA USA certification exam. You also need to know the exam pattern in order to prepare yourself properly for the CMA USA exam. 
Apart from that, you should practice questions and attempt mock tests to gain confidence and rectify mistakes that you should not make in the exam. Enrolling yourself in CMA coaching in Uttarakhand for a USA CMA course in Uttarakhand will greatly help you with the mock tests, which you can get graded for your benefit.
Let us take a look at all the details of the CMA USA certification exam and the USA CMA course in Uttarakhand that you can get at a CMA USA coaching in Uttarakhand.

CMA USA Certification Exam

As you may have already understood, learning about the syllabus and the USA CMA exam pattern is imperative as you will get an idea of how you can prepare yourself for optimal results. 
Whether a beginner or a professional, you can always benefit from dedicated CMA USA coaching in Uttarakhand. You can avail yourself of a USA CMA course in Uttarakhand. Read ahead to learn about the CMA USA course in detail.

IMA CMA Syllabus 

The syllabus of the USA CMA course in Uttarakhand offered by CMA coaching in Uttarakhand has been made in accordance with the USA CMA exam syllabus as set by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The syllabus of USA CMA as part of the certification exam has been given below so that you get an idea of what you will study in US CMA coaching in Uttarakhand.
The syllabus of the CMA USA certification exam is divided into two parts: Part-I and Part-II.
Part-I of the syllabus consists of Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics. The contents of this part are given as follows:
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%)
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%)
  • Performance Management (20%)
  • Cost Management (15%)
  • Internal Controls (15%)
  • Technology and Analytics (15%)
Part II of the syllabus consists of Strategic Financial Management, the contents of which are given below for your reference.
  • Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
  • Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Decision Analysis (25%)
  • Risk Management (10%)
  • Investment Decisions (10%)
  • Professional Ethics (15%)

USA CMA Exam Structure

In order to do well in this exam, it is also important to know the examination pattern. Interested candidates can enroll in a USA CMA course in Uttarakhand to prepare well for this exam, where they will be trained according to the syllabus and the exam pattern. 
The USA CMA certification exam pattern is given as follows for your reference.
  • The US CMA certification exam is a computer-based test (CBT), and both parts of the exam contain two types of questions:
    • 100 multiple choice type questions (MCQs), and 
    • 2 Essay-type questions.
  • Both parts of the US CMA exam consist of a maximum of 500 marks which has been divided into two parts:
    • 375 marks for the MCQs, and 
    • One hundred twenty-five marks for the Essay type questions.
  • To pass this exam, candidates need to get a minimum of 75% in both parts of the exam; that is, a minimum of 360 marks out of 500 are required. 
  • The maximum time allotted for each part of the exam is 4 hours, within which 30 minutes are allotted for each essay-type question.
It is significant to note that candidates can take any part of the exam in any order. However, registration for an exam is valid only once. Should you require to take an exam again, you need to register again.

Duration of USA CMA Course in Uttarakhand

One of the highly important aspects of the USA CMA course in Uttarakhand is the duration of the course. With the help of the best USA CMA Coaching in Uttarakhand, you can become a certified USA CMA within one year! With ample effort, practice, and dedication, along with guidance from the best CMA USA coaching in Uttarakhand, you can readily crack the US CMA certification exam in just one attempt.
You can readily complete the CMA course in Uttarakhand within 6 to 9 months and give exams to get certified in another 2-3 months. 

Eligibility Criteria for CMA USA Certification Exam

Candidates who wish to take the CMA USA certification exam need to fulfill specific eligibility criteria as specified by the IMA. The eligibility requirements that have to be fulfilled before one can apply for the CMA USA exam are as follows:
  • The candidates must possess a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution/University, preferably in a related field of study (Finance and Accounting).
  • The candidates need to have two years of professional working experience in the field of financial management and business accounting. (Please note: In case someone does not fulfill this criterion, they will have six years to gather the required work experience after clearing the USA CMA certification exam)
  • The candidates should adhere to the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.
Additionally, candidates wishing to apply for the USA CMA exam need to have an active membership in IMA.
You should also be well acquainted with the USA CMA exam fees and the exam and discounted prices of the CMA course in Uttarakhand that you can avail of after enrolling in a USA CMA coaching in Uttarakhand.

CMA USA Fee Structure

Another important aspect of CMA USA coaching in Uttarakhand is the course and the exam fees. Let's first discuss the USA CMA exam fee, and then we will talk about the fees for the USA CMA course in Uttarakhand if you wish to enroll and boost your CMA exam preparation. 

Exam Fee

If you want to apply for the US Certified Management Accountant certification, candidates must pay a Registration fee of 15 USD ( which is included in the 1st Membership fee). The exam is separate for working professionals and students. The working professionals are required to submit an International Membership fee of 260 USD and an Entrance fee of 280 USD. In comparison, the students need to pay a Membership fee of 135 USD and an entrance fee of $210. Both Students and working professionals must also pay an Examination fee of $345 and $460, respectively. 

USA CMA Course Fee

If you wish to pursue the CMA USA exam and prepare yourself for the same with the help of a CMA course in Uttarakhand where you will get CMA training, you can avail yourself of a host of other exciting benefits, including mock tests, relevant study material, and discounted CMA USA exam fee at NorthStar Academy. Contact our counsellor to discuss more.


1. What are the fees for the CMA USA course?

On enrolling in a USA CMA course in Uttarakhand, you can get discounts on the IMA exam fee, the details of which have been discussed earlier.

2. Which degree is best for CMA USA?

Students from any educational background can take the CMA USA certification exam provided they possess a bachelor's degree.

3. Which country is best for CMA USA?

CMA USA is a globally recognized certification. No matter where you pursue CMA USA, you can get a job using this certification anywhere in the world.

4. What is the US CMA salary in India?

USA CMA jobs are highly respected in India and abroad. With a wide variety of job roles available to certified USA CMA professionals, they can get an average salary of ?8,00,000 per year.

5. Can I do CMA USA after CMA India?

CMA India is only recognized in India, while CMA USA is recognized in almost every continent. One can pursue CMA USA after CMA India if they want to advance their career further in the field of Finance and Accounting. You can join the top US CMA course in Uttarakhand or other Indian states to clear this exam in one go.


Getting CMA USA jobs in Uttarakhand is not going to be easy, given the level of competition in the job market, but it won't be hard either! With the help of the right guidance and a good amount of effort, dedication, and practice towards the USA CMA exam, you can crack the exam and get some best job opportunities in Uttarakhand. Wondering what to do? Enroll yourself with NorthStar Academy for the USA CMA course in Uttarakhand and become one of the successful candidates in the USA CMA exam. 
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