CMA jobs in Canada:Scope, Salary, and Job Opportunities for US CMA in Canada

CMA jobs in Canada

Acquiring the CMA USA certification is a significant achievement because it helps the candidates get fantastic job opportunities in different parts of the globe. When you decide to do a US CMA certification course, the primary reason is the job prospects, i.e., higher salary, better scope, top job roles, etc.
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If you plan to settle and work in Canada, this article will definitely help you as we will cover US CMA jobs in Canada along with their salaries. Apart from this, we will also discuss some key points regarding the CMA USA course, which provides many CMA USA opportunities in Canada.

What is CMA Canada?

CMA, also known as Certified Management Accountant, is a high-level professional credential that holds enormous significance in the field of corporate accounting. A CMA is responsible for preparing financial statements and undertaking the process of budgeting, planning, forecasting, etc., for the company. A person with the CMA certification possesses Management Accounting and Financial Management expertise. 
CMA in Canada is highly feasible, and the course has two phases, i.e., Development and Application. A CMA USA can work globally in every type and size of organization. 
You will come across numerous CMA USA opportunities in Canada and across the world. CMA USA is a global credential, but CMA Canada is not. A person studying CMA Canada will get good job opportunities in Canada only. On the other hand, a candidate having a CMA USA credential can work in any part of the world. 
Now, before knowing about CMA jobs in Canada, there are certain things that a candidate must know.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To enroll in the CMA course in Canada, a candidate must score at least 75% marks in 20 graded term courses at the university level.  
  • Candidates must complete a four-year bachelors degree along with one year masters degree with a first-class score. 

CMA Canada Certification Course

The course is divided into three parts. They are:

Foundation Course

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Economics and Management 
  • Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics

Intermediate Course

  • Group 1 Financial Accounting, Laws and Ethics, Cost Accounting, and Direct Taxation 
  • Group 2 Company Accounts & Edits, Indirect Taxation, Operations Management, Strategic Management, and Cost & Management Accounting

Final Course

  • Group 1 Corporate Laws and Compliance, Strategic Financial Management, Direct Tax Laws, International Taxation, Strategic Cost Management (Decision Making).
  • Group 2 Indirect Tax Laws & Practice, Corporate Financial Reporting, Cost Management Audit, Business Valuation, and Strategic Performance Management. 

CMA Entrance Exam Structure in Canada

The CMA exam syllabus is taken into two parts.

Part 1 Financial Planning, Performance, and Analysis

  • Performance management 
  • Technology and analytics 
  • Cost management
  • Internal controls
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • External financial reporting decisions

Part 2 Strategic Financial Management

  • Professional ethics
  • Investment decisions
  • Risk management
  • Decision analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate finance
In order to get better US CMA jobs in Canada, it is essential to know all these aspects. Now, let us see the jobs that a CMA professional can have in Canada.  

US CMA Jobs in Canada with Salary

There are various US CMA jobs in Canada for certified professionals. Here are the following CMA job options in Canada.

Identity & Access Management Analyst

The main role of the identity and access management analyst is to learn about the tools and help streamline the components of various applications. These analysts perform tests on different applications and maintain all the documentation related to configuration, job instructions, inventories, processes, etc. The average salary of Identity and Access Management Analysts ranges from 66,000 to $86,000. 

Assistant Controller

An assistant controller is responsible for maintaining work in progress by assisting in resolving client billing and collection issues. They also prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. As the assistant controller, a candidate examines and analyzes project financial records, documents, and systems to ensure accuracy and compliance with pre-defined standards and processes. It is one of the CMA USA opportunities in Canada, which pay the average salary ranging from $67,000 to $87,000. 

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, one has to oversee the month-end management closing process like communicating deliverables, providing guidance on Purchase Order Process, managing trade promotion, etc. These analysts also prepare and upload the required journal entries to undertake the process of reconciliation at the end of the month. Business analysts are also always aware and updated regarding the change in prices. Business Analyst is one of the great CMA USA opportunities in Canada, with the average salary ranging from $56,000 to $77,000. 

Finance Manager

The role of the finance manager is to manage the policies of the business, including planning, forecasting, budgeting, etc. A financial manager is a trusted business partner who provides valuable feedback to help the seniors make good decisions for the company. A financial manager closely works with juniors to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of the company. The average salary of a finance manager ranges from $87,00 to $130,000. 

Senior Accountant

A senior accountant is responsible for preparing and processing journal entries. They also review income statements and prepare accruals. Apart from this, a senior manager also prepares and posts manual journal entries from back statements. The senior accountant also undertakes reconciliation to match the balance sheet at the end of the month. The average salary of a Senior Accountant ranges from $68,000 to $92,000.

Tax Consultant

A tax consultant is responsible for participating in a broad range of complex and challenging tax frameworks. As a tax consultant, one has to prepare and review the US corporate partnership for international clients. They also partner with various managers on tax planning and advisory engagements. The average salary of a tax consultant ranges from $65,000 to $90,000. 

Junior Management Accountant

As a CMA USA, one can also work as a Junior Management Accountant. The main role of a Junior Management Accountant is to assist the seniors with the preparation of financial statements and schedules like undertaking monthly reviews, posting journal entries, processing credit cards, etc. They also prepare and execute internal and external audits and participate in the company's improvement initiatives. The average annual salary ranges from $61,000 to $84000.     
These are the top five CMA USA opportunities in Canada
Several professionals have already gained the CMA credential in India but want to work in Canada. Here are the jobs they can do.

Indian CMA Jobs in Canada

You must be wondering what CMA job opportunities in Canada are for Indian CMAs. Well! Indian CMAs can have certain job positions in Canada. The CMA India is not recognized in Canada, but a few companies, on the basis of experience & knowledge, can give these jobs roles to Indian CMAs in Canada.

Financial Analyst

Among various CMA jobs in Canada, a financial analyst is one of the top-paying jobs. As a financial analyst, you will be responsible for tracking the financial reports of the company. With the CMA certification, getting finance jobs will be a cakewalk for you. If you have considerable experience in this field, you will have a better pay grade. The average salary of a financial analyst is CAD 38,408 per annum. 

Structural Engineer

Many civil engineering CMA jobs in Canada have a high pay grade. One needs to have five years of work experience to gain a mid or senior-level position in Canada. The average salary of a structural engineer ranges from CAD 35,000 to CAD 56,000, with an occasional bonus. 

Business Development and Marketing Executive

The role of the business development executive and marketing manager is to make a perfect brand image and drive the growth of the business. If you have an experience of certain years in this marketing or accounting field, then you can have various CMA jobs in Canada. The average salary of a business development executive or marketing manager ranges from CAD 20 to CAD 25 per hour. 

Bookkeeper and Accounting Technician

As a bookkeeper and accounting technician, one will prepare monthly reconciliation, record revenues, handle tax reports, etc. Along with these skills, one must have some work experience in this field. The average salary of an accounting technician ranges from CAD 15 to CAD 20 per hour. 
These are the top CMA jobs in Canada for Indian CMAs. However, it is always advised to do the CMA USA or CMA Canada if you want to work in Canada and get lucrative and secure job opportunities. Doing CMA India will get you high-level and high-paying jobs only in India.
These CMA USA opportunities in Canada help boost candidates' careers and provide them with high pay grades not only in Canada but in different parts of the world. Let us now discuss the CMA salary in Canada.

CMA USA Fresher Salary in Canada

There are various lucrative CMA USA opportunities in Canada. The salaries for these jobs are based on the experience of the candidates. 
An entry-level CMA in Canada earns up to $44,000. On the other hand, experienced candidates make up to $80,000 per year. 
An entry-level candidate can work as a financial auditor, financial analyst, senior accountant, cost accountant, tax auditor, and in many job roles like these. 
The US CMA salary in Toronto is also the same as mentioned. Candidates can apply in various parts of Canada, but the salary remains almost the same.  

Indian CMA Salary in Canada

Many Indian CMAs intend to settle and work abroad to get high-paid job opportunities. However, the CMA India is not recognized globally, and they will not get job opportunities in Canada. However, acquiring the CMA USA certification in India can empower them to work in Canada, and they can apply for several job roles like financial analyst, cost accountant, etc. 
The salary for the CMA USA professionals ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 in Canada. As the individual gains experience, the salary consequently increases, and he/ she gets promoted to mid and senior-level positions. 


1.Is CMA accepted in Canada?

To qualify for the CMA Canada and work in the CMA jobs in Canada, candidates first must get a bachelors degree in the university program that the CMA Board has approved. Upon fulfilling this requirement, CMA will be accepted in Canada.

2.How much does CMA make in Canada?

If professionals are doing the CMA jobs in Canada, the salary ranges from $69,000 to $150,000. The more experience one has, the higher the salary!

3.Can CMA India work in Canada?

US CMA is globally acclaimed by various countries. To apply in Canada, a candidate has to get a bachelors degree approved by the CMA board.

4.Does CMA USA have a scope in Canada?

Yes, CMA USA has a huge scope in Canada. Once a candidate fulfills the eligibility requirements, he/ she can apply in Canada and get the high-salaried CMA jobs in Canada.

5.Can Indian CMA work abroad?

Yes, Indian CMAs can definitely work abroad. They can apply for various job roles and get higher salaries as compared to non-CMAs.


When a candidate gains the CMA credential, the first thing that comes to their mind is the job prospects. This article covered the top CMA jobs in Canada. However, the CMA USA provides various job opportunities to candidates worldwide and not only in Canada. Further, the CMA USA certification provides the candidates with a thorough knowledge of management accounting and financial management. 
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