What are the CMA jobs in New Zealand?CMA scope & CMA USA Certification

CMA jobs in New Zealand

The US CMA is among the most esteemed certifications in management accounting. The CMA certification, accredited by the global accounting body - Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), is highly respected and recognized worldwide. Because it is approved by a top country like the United States, it remains one of the most sought-after programs. Furthermore, it will assist you in getting an international qualification and gaining worldwide visibility. As a result, career prospects for CMA USA certified professionals are not restricted to a single region or continent.
CPA expands for Certified Public Accountants, an excellent accounting certification accredited by the globally recognized body - AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
This article will focus on certified accounting professionals' CMA Jobs in New Zealand. Moreover, we will see the differences in opportunities and salaries between the CPA and CMA USA. New Zealand offers several job options because many organizations seek professionals with CMA USA and CPA certifications. CMA jobs are incredibly diverse, and as such, they open the door to several new and exciting work prospects post-CMA certification. CPA jobs are limited to accountant roles with a slight touch of management, but the opportunities are also great for CPAs.

US CMA Jobs in New Zealand

A US CMA-certified professional can have the following CMA Jobs in New Zealand.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is an essential part of any organization and plays a significant role in all critical decisions being made for the company. Improving the decision-making process makes a business analyst a crucial part of any organization. As a Business Analyst, you are responsible for gathering past and current business data and developing business plans based on this data.
Business Analysts, one of the top CMA jobs in New Zealand, have an annual median salary of $75,240.

Financial Controller

The Financial Controller is in charge of the company's day-to-day financial operations, which include developing a financial and operational plan, KPIs connected to that goal and regular monitoring and reporting of organizational success. Such professionals are expected to be well-versed in the subject of finance and to be in charge of all the leading financial processes within their department.
The salary you can anticipate is significantly greater since, as a finance controller, you must work in management accounting for a few years before taking CMA jobs in New Zealand as Financial Controller. The lowest 10% made less than $43,650, while the highest 10% earned more than $122,840. 

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is in charge of a company's financial decisions, serving as the finance arm of the C-suite and frequently reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). CFOs are responsible for financial reporting, forecasting, and business investments. A CFO's most important job responsibilities are managing cash flow, identifying financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing remedial actions. This profession requires communication, leadership, and analytical abilities, which are all part of the CMA certification process.
Chief Financial Officer, one of the lucrative CMA jobs in New Zealand, can earn up to $146,053 per year.

Finance Manager

As a finance manager, you will make all operational choices, including budget preparation and administration, keeping track of revenues and expenses, and creating financial strategies. It would help if you had a solid grasp of expertise in the financial sector after getting your management accounting certification. 
In New Zealand, a financial manager makes an average pay of $109,910 per year.
Job Prospects of CPA in New Zealand
After knowing the top CMA jobs in New Zealand, let us now discuss the real job prospects for the CPA in New Zealand.

Cost Accountant

As a Cost Accountant, you will be expected to manage the company's expenses and purchases to keep track of the accounting data. A Cost Accountant should comprehend company strategy well and be able to organize accounting data to provide observations and suggestions correctly. Cost accounting is a type of management accounting that captures a company's production costs by measuring the input costs of each step of production and fixed expenses such as capital equipment depreciation.
In New Zealand, the average salary for a Cost Accountant is $58,400 annually.

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst's job description can be summarised as collecting and evaluating financial data and sharing findings. A finance analyst is supposed to make predictions and forecasts based on this analysis to assist the organization in making better decisions, such as deciding whether to expand operations or invest in new items. 
A Financial Analyst's salary in New Zealand is $60,000 annually.

Senior Commercial Finance Accountant

A CPA in this role is responsible for handling the finance work of commercial organizations. Moreover, they regularly undertake industry research and know the organization's accounting flow to evade any financial mess.
A Senior Commercial Finance Accountants starting early in New Zealand is $69,000 annually.
So, these are the job prospects for the CPA in New Zealand. The CPA and CMA jobs in New Zealand are essentially similar in available opportunities with comparable salaries on average.
What are the CPA and US CMA Salaries in New Zealand for experienced professionals?
CMAs are extremely competent, which is why they have such a high pay scale and several CMA USA employment prospects in New Zealand. Even the freshers with CMA certification are highly recognized and considered an asset to their companies. The demand for CMAs is growing, and so are the earnings that go along with it! 
Experienced Certified Management Accountants (CMA) earn an average gross pay of $100,521 annually. On the other hand, the experienced CPA in New Zealand earns around $120,252 on average annually.

Benefits of CMA USA Certification

The CMA USA credential has several advantages, including the fact that it is globally recognized. CMA is a symbol of competence in accounting and finance, and it may help you earn more money. Following are a few of CMA USA's main advantages to help applicants better understand:
  • The majority of reputable businesses and organizations accept CMA USA Certification. Candidates with CMA jobs in New Zealand and globally are given the flexibility to work at any place of their choosing because the certification speaks for the individual's trustworthiness.
  • The applicants get a good remuneration package even for entry-level positions and have great chances to advance their careers.
  • Candidates with the CMA USA Certification are highly regarded by their companies because they possess excellent knowledge, abilities, and talent. They are an asset to the company and so remain in the good books of the CEO, top-ranking executives, and members of the board of directors.
  • Candidates can explore several work opportunities with a CMA USA credential on their CVs. The certification helps obtain better entry-level CMA jobs in New Zealand in various industries and opportunities for advancement.
  • CMA USA Certification, you have a fantastic opportunity to become a strong candidate with the ability to negotiate for more important positions at prestigious companies.
When you talk about the CPA benefits, these are almost the same as for the CMA USA. You get a good career boost, a better salary, enhanced knowledge and skills, and a myriad of career opportunities. However, there are some differences which we have discussed below.


The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certifications are frequently compared. CPA is the black belt for Public Accounting systems, whereas CMA is for management accountants and mainly includes corporate finance and professional accounting. While both credentials might help you advance in your career, the CMA and CPA licenses are substantially different. 
The CMA Exam focuses on higher-level decision-making abilities, especially in corporate finance and managerial accounting, whereas the CPA Exam needs a broader understanding of numerous accounting and financial disciplines. Because the CPA license only needs one year of professional experience in accounting as opposed to the two years in management accounting or financial management that the CMA USA license requires, the CPA credential is frequently obtained before the CMA USA certification.
Job Opportunities after CPA and CMA Certification - When comparing CPA v/s CMA jobs in New Zealand or all across the globe, each has a variety of alternatives and distinct career paths. A Certified Public Accountant's employment or career prospects are Controller, Public Accountant, Internal and External Auditor, and Financial Manager and Advisory Roles.
The employment opportunities that come under the radar of a Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) are Financial Analyst, Cost Accountant, Financial Risk Manager, and CFO.
Salaries: CPA v/s CMA USA - Experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPA) often make $66,000 per year, compared to Certified Management Accountants (CMA), who typically earn $60,000 per year.
The following are the factors that influence a certified public accountant's salary:
  • Size of the firm
  • Public or private accounting 
  • Prior job experience
Following are some factors that might impact a CMA's salary:
  • The age of US CMA 
  • Prior Work Experience
  • Education level 
  • Industry
Candidates who are interested in careers in auditing, taxes, reporting, or regulation might consider becoming CPAs. While on the other hand, students who are interested in strategic analysis and decision-making should try their hand at the CMA USA certification program without a doubt.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is CMA recognized in New Zealand?

The US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a globally recognized certification, which is also accepted in New Zealand. The US CMAs can readily get numerous CMA jobs in New Zealand.

2.What do accountants earn in NZ?

Accountants are paid differently based on their qualifications, experience, location, size, and kind of organization for which they work. An entry-level accountant with up to three years of experience might anticipate making an annual gross salary of NZ$48,000. With four to nine years of experience, an intermediate accountant typically makes NZ$65,000, whereas a senior accountant with ten to twenty years of experience is believed to earn an average of NZ$83,000 per year. Accountants with more than 20 years of experience may earn more than $100,000 in New Zealand dollars.

3.Is Indian CMA valid in New Zealand?

Yes, the Indian CMA is valid in New Zealand but is far less preferred than the CMA USA certification. Suppose you wish to work in another country with a CMA certification from India. In that case, you need to get an advanced credential such as CMA USA because the US CMA jobs in New Zealand are far superior and more lucrative than Indian CMA.

4.What is CMA NZ?

The Institute of Certified Management Accountants New Zealand is New Zealand's only professional organization providing certifications in management accounting. Certified Management Accountant of New Zealand (CMA(NZ)) certification signifies a person's commitment to lifelong professional growth. The CMA New Zealand Professional Education Programme consists of five stages and 18 subjects. After completing Stage 5, participants will have advanced analytical and assessment abilities in strategic cost and management accounting, as well as business analysis. It also provides a myriad of CMA jobs in New Zealand.


The US CMA is the most sought-after qualification in the field of Management Accounting, not only in the United States or New Zealand but worldwide. Hence, a CMA's employment chances are always favorable. Candidates can get a wide range of CMA jobs in New Zealand. Students who are interested in management, strategic analysis, and decision-making should take the CMA USA certification program. It is recommended for the Candidates preparing for the CMA exam to enroll themselves in the top institutes like NorthStar Academy (NSA). If you enroll in NSA's courses, you will be guided by some of India's finest mentors, such as M.Irfat Sir, a seasoned professional and educator in this subject.
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