CMA Salary in Dubai and the Middle East : IMA's Salary Survey


CMA salary in Dubai is one of the highest in the world, and this is not only because of the high cost of living in the emirate. According to Salary Explorer, a website that offers compensation data for different jobs and geographies, a CMA in Dubai earns on average $111,000 per year.
In comparison, a CMA in New York earns on average $116,000 per year. This shows that CMAs are paid very well no matter where they are. The reason behind this is the skills and knowledge that CMAs possess.
The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification course is highly valuable and is gaining popularity day by day. An endless number of students are paving their way to CMA certification. It is a globally recognized profession that has become the talk of the town.
You might be thinking that though this course requires great investment still students are highly interested in it. Thats the point because
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role of CMA in the accounting Industry

Role of CMAs in the Accounting Industry

CMAs are highly demanded in Accounting Industries as they are specialised in managerial accounting. Their role includes providing why behind the management of project proposals and advising on the potential for future profits.
  • CMAs are highly valued In industries due to their business and managerial knowledge that help them to supervise teams and manage the projects. Any company Introducing multiple and large projects requires CMAs as they are qualified to make high-level business decisions.
  • CMAs are great at acquiring different investment opportunities and making the best decision with a proper understanding of the risks involved. This quality of the financial experts makes them excellent financial advisers and executive decision-makers.
  • CMAs are suited to management positions in any organisation from NPOs to major Fortune 500 companies. They are highly skilled, differentiates them from non-certified accountants, introduce expertise beyond the scope and possess the level of knowledge that non-certified accountants lack.

CMA salary in Dubai

As the demand for CMAs is boosting, It has reached every country and is gaining value rapidly. There are so many reasons to study and pass the CMA exam in Dubai and UAE. The best motivation to study and pass CMA certification is Salary/Compensation.

Let's sneak peek at the IMAs CMA Salary in Dubai

The average salary of CMAs is 64% higher than non-CMAs. The earning ability of the CMAs is always higher than the non-CMAs, as they become specialised and enriched with high-level managerial skills.

Let's have a glance at the average CMA Salary in Dubai dirhams

compensation Differenece between CMA and non-CMAs in dhirhams

Benefits of doing CMA in UAE

CMAs are getting high positions in companies along with high salaries. More than 70% CMAs are working at senior-level to middle-level management positions in the UAE.
Management Level
Top management 3% 5% 6% 10%
Senior management  20% 25% 27% 22%
Middle management 54% 51% 48% 42%
Lower management/entry level 21% 18% 18% 23%
Academic position in college/university 2% 1% 1% 3%

Value of CMA certification in Dubai

The CMA salary UAE survey conveys 

? 84% of the CMAs feel that this certification has enhanced their ability to work and move across areas of business.
? 81% feel that CMA certification has bought them multiple career opportunities along with CMA.
? 74% are highly satisfied with the amount of salary they earn by attaining the certification.

CMA job satisfaction in UAE

CMA worth in UAE
CMA Worth in UAE (Histogram)
Most of the CMAs are highly satisfied with their Salary/Compensation. Here is a chart that depicts the most important factors for CMA holders.
CMA salary in UAE and job satisfaction
CMA Worth in UAE (Bar Graphs)

CMA future in the Middle East

As the growing demand suggests, it will be boosting even in the coming years. This points towards the bright days of employment in the Middle East. The Middle East economy is expected to grow three times in the coming years. Choosing CMA today is the right time to make your career grow higher and higher in the CMA field.
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IMA Global Salary Survey Report

Every year, a salary survey is conducted to discover trends in compensation and other essential information for the members by IMA.

2023 Global Salary Survey

The Survey conducted in 2023 collected data from over 3000 IMA members from 79 countries.


29.5% - China
39.2% - United States
3.6% - United Arab Emirates
27% - Other Countries
This year showed a slight increase in the number of CMA-certified professionals from 53% to 62%. And overall 80% of the new CMA aspirants are on the way. The survey depicted that the salary of CMAs is more compared to non-CMA qualified. Though the impact of covid-19 reduced the employment opportunities again the demand for CMA has increased in the last year and will be gaining more value in the coming years. The qualified CMAs are earning more than non-qualified CMAs even at the same position in the organisation. The role of CMA in any organisation is highly valued and respected in different countries across the world.



1. Does CMA have scope in UAE?

The scope for CMA is increasing globally. UAE expects to grow its economy three times which indicates the demand for CMAs and employment opportunities in UAE.

2. Is Indian CMA valid in Dubai?

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has chapters in the UAE, enabling its qualified members to practice in the country effectively. Longer relevant experience increases your earning potential and growth opportunities.

3. What is the CMA salary in Dubai per month?

A qualified CMA is expected to earn a package of 3-4 lakhs every month. However, it depends on the number of clients a CMA is handling and how perfectly managing everything.

4. What is the scope of CMA in Dubai?

The scope for CMA in Dubai is increasing. The need for cost accountants is in great demand in government, private as well banking, and financial sectors. The opportunities are available and choosing CMA now is the right time to make your career bright.

5. How can I get a CMA in Dubai?

To become a CMA in Dubai, you need to hold a bachelors degree or related professional certification. A minimum of two years of experience in finance or accounting is required. Both CMA examination parts have to be passed. A minimum of two years experience in accounting must be achieved.

6. What is the CMA India salary in Dubai?

An Indian CMA can earn 2,175,000 INR/year  in Dubai.

7. Which country pays the highest salary to CMA?

The United States of America pays the highest salary to CMA of an average of US$165,000.


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