Which are the CMA USA accepted Countries in 2024 ? CMA USA Global list

CMA USA accepted Countries

CMA USA is one of the most prestigious credentials that help candidates get global exposure as well as international qualification. It is one of the top finance and accounting qualifications that can put one�s career on Fastrack. If you are unaware of those CMA USA-accepted countries, do not worry! The CMA USA professional can work in all the major countries.
Here, we will discuss in detail all the CMA USA-accepted countries. So, make sure you read the article till the end.�
Let�s first have a brief overview of the certification.

CMA USA � An Overview

CMA USA is one of the challenging as well as top certifications that a candidate can opt for in the accounting and management field! Before discussing the CMA USA accepted countries, let us look at some critical points regarding the CMA USA course.
Particulars Details
Name of Certificate Certified Management Accountant
CMA Exam Parts CMA USA has two parts. Parts 1 include financial planning, performance, and analysis.On the other hand, part 2 includes strategic financial management.
Exam Sessions January and Februaury
May and June
September and October
Duration of the course The course ranges from 6-9 months.
Pass rate The global pass rate of the course is 50%.
Success rate Every year over 4000-5000 candidates are awarded the CMA USA credential.
Now that you know the course's key highlights, let us look at some of the benefits of the CMA USA credential to better understand the course.�

Benefits of Acquiring CMA USA Certification�

Before knowing about the CMA USA accepted countries, let us look at some of the benefits of CMA USA.�

1. Career Growth�

When a person applies for a CMA USA, the first thing that comes to mind is career prospects. Several mid and senior-level individuals who wish to acquire expertise in management, accounting, finance, etc., can apply for this fantastic credential to get the career growth they desire.

2. Global Opportunities

CMA USA is a globally recognized course. It is recognized in more than 100 countries, including India, the USA, UAE, etc. It presents an opportunity for the candidates to settle and work in foreign nations and learn about global practices and business ethics.�

3. Financial Stability�

CMA USA is a lucrative opportunity and can lead to tremendous financial success and stability. There is a salary hike of 60% compared to non-certified ones. The CMA USA course provides a salary advantage and better career prospects.�

4. Short Duration Course�

US CMA is a short-duration course; you can apply for it in any CMA USA Accepted Countries. When a candidate enrols in a certification course, the time is reduced to 6-9 months. The CMA exam is conducted a year thrice, providing more opportunities for candidates to excel.�

5. Versatile Certification�

CMA USA is a versatile degree and opens vast opportunities to candidates. Candidates must have two years of work experience and a bachelor�s degree in engineering, business administration, economics, accounts, finance, etc.�����
There are immense benefits of the CMA USA course. Candidates who wish to have a career in the accounting or finance can easily apply for the course.�

CMA USA Accepted Countries�

CMA USA is accepted worldwide in countries like the US, UK, UAE, Germany, Canada, China, Europe, Asia, India, etc. Every country has the exact eligibility requirement, exam pattern, and structure. The salary might differ a bit because it varies based on the roles offered to the candidates. A CMA USA can work globally in mid and senior-level positions.
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Hence, if you are someone who wants to work abroad, you can go for this certification and pave the way for a career in foreign nations.

US CMA Exam Details

Now that you know about CMA USA-accepted countries, let us look at some exam details for the course. The CMA USA exam takes place in two parts. Both exams consist of 75% MCQs and 25% subjective questions. A six-month testing frame offered by IMA is divided into three testing windows, i.e., January � February, May � June, and September � October. Candidates can take up the examination from any of these three windows.�
The CMA Exam has a time frame of four hours.
MCQ - Three hours duration
Essay Questions or Case Study questions - One-hour duration
Prometric centres administer the exam across the globe. The aspirants must schedule the exam 72 hours before the exam takes place.�

US CMA Exam Structure

There are many CMA USA accepted countries, but a candidate has to decide where one has to apply.�
The CMA USA exam is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Candidates can select from the Prometric centres to give the exam. It is best to choose your exam date four weeks before the exam takes place.�
Have a look at some critical points regarding the CMA USA Exam Structure.�
    • The CMA USA exam takes place in two parts.�
    • Part 1 includes financial planning, analysis, and performance.�
    • Part 2 includes strategic financial management.�
    • Candidates have to score at least 72% aggregate to pass the exam.�
    • It is best to practice MCQs because they weigh 75% marks out of 100%.�
CMA, being a globally recognized course, is available in many CMA USA-accepted countries. It is a challenging course, and that is why the global pass rate is low, around 45%.�
Let us now look at the syllabus for CMA USA.�

What is the IMA CMA Syllabus?

The CMA USA Certification has a pretty comprehensive syllabus with around 12 subjects. To become a successful CMA, candidates must have a thorough knowledge of accounting principles, concepts, practices, etc.
If you have decided to gain the credential, here is the syllabus. Make sure you give proper time to every topic.�
    • Technology and Analysis
    • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
    • External Financial Reporting Decisions
    • Internal Controls
    • Cost Management
    • Performance Management
    • Financial statement analysis�
    • Corporate Finance
    • Decision Analysis�
    • Risk Management�
    • Investment Decisions�
    • Professional Ethics�
Candidates are advised to have complete knowledge regarding these topics. Remember that 75% of the paper will be objective.�
Make sure that you solve some practice tests and mock tests to have a fair idea regarding the exam format and the type of questions that might come into the exam.���

What are the US CMA Eligibility Criteria?

If you are planning to pursue this certification in the CMA USA accepted countries, then we must tell you that it requires you to fulfil some criteria first!�
Some prerequisites are specified by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria, candidates can apply for the CMA USA certification and work in the CMA USA-accepted countries. Any discrepancy will lead to the disqualification of the form that you have submitted.�
    • IMA Membership�
    • The candidate must have a Bachelor�s degree from a renowned institute.�
    • At least two years of continuous work experience is required in the Financial Management or Management Accounting field.�
  • Candidates must abide by the IMA�s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.�
Accounting or Finance Career

How to get CMA Certification?

Before we get started, it is essential to know that the process of obtaining US CMA-certified is almost the same in all the CMA USA accepted countries.
To get the CMA USA certification, it is best to follow the steps we will tell you now!

1. Meet the Eligibility Requirements�

In order to gain the certification, a candidate must have an IMA membership, a bachelor�s degree, and two years of work experience. Bachelor�s degree must be in finance, economics, general business, etc. After meeting the requirements, the candidate can apply for the CMA exam.�

2. Pay for the IMA Membership�

To become eligible for the CMA certification, one must become an active member of the IMA, no matter whether you are in the CMA USA-accepted countries or not.�
A candidate has to start by choosing the IMA membership best suited for them. One can choose between IMA Professional Members ($260 annually), IMA Academic Members ($135 annually), or IMA Student Members ($45 per year).��

3. Join a CMA USA Certification Course

Once the eligibility criterion is fulfilled and the fee has been paid, one must enrol in a CMA USA certification course. The course will provide one with an in-depth knowledge of accounting and financing subjects. The instructor-led sessions will help the candidates clarify their doubts and understand complex concepts quickly. All in all, with the right study plan, it will become easy to crack the exam.

4. Take the CMA USA Exam�

Now that you have taken up a course and studied so much, it�s time to take the exam. The CMA exam is computer-based. It has two parts. Every part consists of 100 MCQs and two subjective questions of thirty minutes each, totalling 500 marks. Candidates are advised to take the exam in separate windows because the exam is quite tricky. The exam is quite challenging so ensure you have a thorough knowledge of each topic.�

5. Apply for the CMA Certificate

Once you have excelled in both exams, the next step is to apply for the CMA USA certificate. To gain the certification, a candidate has to send an application to the IMA. The Educational and Work Experience requirements must be met to work in the CMA USA accepted countries.

6. Comply with CPE and Ethical Standards�

To maintain your CMA membership, one must fulfil the Continuing Professional education requirement. CMA must complete 30 hours of CPE every year, including at least two hours in the area of ethics.�
The CMA USA certification is valued and prioritized as the recruiter looks for certified candidates as compared to the non-certified ones!���


1. What is the salary of a CMA USA?

A CMA USA earns around $107,000 per annum. In India, also, an experienced CMA USA earns around Rs. 7-10 LPA.�

2. What are the subjects in CMA USA?

The two parts of the CMA exam have 12 sections, including Technology and Analysis, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, External Financial Reporting Decisions, Internal Controls, Cost Management, Performance Management, Financial statement analysis, Corporate Finance, Decision Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Decisions, and Professional Ethics.

3. Which is better � CMA India or CMA USA?�

No doubt, CMA USA is better than CMA India. CMA USA is accepted worldwide and provides candidates with top career opportunities in different countries. The salary of a CMA USA is also high. Moreover, an Indian CMA can only work in India, while a CMA USA can work everywhere.�

4. Which is best � CMA India or CMA USA?�

CMA USA is the best as it is globally recognized, unlike CMA India. The salary prospects of CMA USA are also higher. A CMA USA earns around Rs 7-10 LPA, whereas a CMA India earns around Rs. 6-7 LPA. Candidates applying to the CMA USA course get global exposure, unlike CMA India.�

5. How can I become a CMA?�

To become a CMA, candidates must fulfill the eligibility requirements, pay the IMA membership fee, and take the exam. Once a candidate has passed the exam, they get the certification.


CMA is a prestigious credential that is recognized by every country across the globe. In this article, we covered all the CMA USA-accepted countries and some essential information regarding the course.�
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