Best CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka-All You Need to Know

CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka

Certified Management Accountant or CMA USA is a passport for accounting and finance professionals, opening the door to worldwide job opportunities. The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) conducts the CMA USA certification exam to certify eligible candidates for various accounting and management posts. As a global organization, it has more than 1,44,000 active members spread across 140 countries. With a CMA USA degree, individuals can work in India and western countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. So, CMA USA certification must be considered if an aspiring accountant is looking for an overseas job. 
As this certification is getting popular among people, we can see a hike in the number of applicants applying for the exam each year. This is one factor that pushes the conducting body to set difficult question papers so they can select the best out of all candidates. Due to this, only a limited number of candidates can pass it, having the pass percentage around 50%. 
It is a point where one should consider CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka to clear the exam within the first attempt.
This briefing will cover information students can expect from US CMA Institute Bangalore, Karnataka. 

What is the CMA USA Professional Role?

CMA USA's complete form is Certified Management Accounting USA. It is a specialized course that trains candidates to acquire relevant skills to establish a career in management accounting. This certification provides job opportunities in various fields, including healthcare, business management, etc. Their main job is to maintain financial stability in an organization by protecting its integrity, making critical decisions, and making it sustainable. 

The course details of CMA USA 

The CMA USA course is a 3-year course focused on management accounting details. However, a candidate can complete this course within six months, depending on his capabilities. The study majorly concentrates on two exam parts and 12 topics.
Part 1- Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%) 
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%)
  • Performance Management (20%) 
  • Cost Management (15%) 
  • Internal Controls (15%)
  • Technology and Analytics (15%)
Part 2- Strategic Financial Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis (20%) 
  • Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Decision Analysis (25%) 
  • Risk Management (10%)
  • Investment Decisions (10%)
  • Professional Ethics (15%)
Candidates can expect objective-type (100 questions) and two essay-type questions in each exam part. There are three exam sessions for CMA USA each year: January to February, May to June, and September to October. 
The pass rate is 50% internationally, and 400 CMAs are granted yearly. For this, candidates need to pass the CMA USA exam. They can check out the best CMA USA coaching in Karnataka to start their exam preparation and boost their passing chances. For more CMA USA course details in India, students can check out the CMA USA course details pdf by clicking this link.

What is CMA USA Course Eligibility? 

To be eligible for the CMA USA degree, the candidate must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized board or university in any field. However, candidates can still pursue the degree during their ongoing qualifications. Apart from a bachelor's degree, the applicant must have at least two years of experience in the finance or accounting field. Further, freshers applying for the exam can complete their experience requirements within seven years of passing the exam. Other eligibility criteria include;
  • The candidate must be a registered member of IMA
  • The applicant must comply with the IMA statements of Ethical Professional Practice. 

What is CMA USA Syllabus? 

The detailed syllabus which you will be studying at the top CMA USA coaching in Karnataka consists of the following topics: 

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

External financial reporting decisions (15%)
  • Financial statements
  • Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting (20%)
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting concepts
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Budget methodologies
  • Annual profit plan and supporting schedules
  • Top-level planning and analysis
Performance management (20%)
  • Cost and variance measures
  • Responsibility centers and reporting segments
  • Performance measures
Cost management (15%)
  • Measurement concepts
  • Costing systems
  • Overhead costs
  • Supply chain management
  • Business process improvement
Internal controls (15 %)
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Systems controls and security measures
Technology and analytics (15%)
  • Information systems
  • Data governance
  • Technology-enabled finance transformation
  • Data Analytics

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
  • Basic financial statement analysis
  • Financial ratios
  • Profitability analysis
  • Special issues
Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Risk and return
  • Long-term financial management
  • Raising capital
  • Working capital management
  • Corporate restructuring
  • International Finance
Decision Analysis ( 25%)
  • Cost/volume/profit analysis
  • Marginal analysis
  • Pricing
Risk Management (10%)
  • Enterprise risk
Investment Decisions ( 10%)
  • Capital budgeting process
  • Capital investment analysis methods
Professional Ethics (15%)
  • Business ethics
  • Ethical considerations for management accounting and financial professionals
  • Ethical considerations for a company or organization

What are CMA USA Course Fees in Indian Rupees? 

The CMA USA course fee varies as per the institutes and locations. Here is the course fee structure from the top institute NorthStar Academy.
Generally the CMA USA fees in Indian Rupees would be Rs.130,000 to Rs.170,000 depending student or as professional category. Generally the professional category fees are comparatively higher compared to the student category fees in CMA.

How to Apply for CMA USA? 

Candidates looking for a professional certificate can apply for the CMA USA exam. Here are the steps to be followed. 
  • Stick and Fulfill the CMA USA eligibility criteria and prerequisites. 
  • Choose the best study material and start preparing for the exam. Candidates looking for professional guidance can join the top CMA USA coaching in Karnataka for a smooth preparation journey. 
  • Get registered with IMA Students can register themselves as a professional or beginner. 
  • Pay the CMA exam registration fee as discussed above. 
  • After registration, applicants will receive an authorization number from the IMA. 
  • Schedule the exam date and time. 
  • Get ready for the exam on the decided date. However, students can reschedule the date by paying 50 USD. 
  • Reach the Prometric centre on time, and carry all the essentials. 

Why join CMA USA coaching in Karnataka?

Self-study help candidates boost confidence in their efforts to pass the exams and be successful. But there are some negative impacts of self-study that outweigh the positive effect. When it comes to studying for certification exams like CMA USA, candidates need the best guidance and assistance from CMA USA coaching in Karnataka.
Joining the recognized and reliable will benefit the candidates a lot. The reasons why they should join the coaching in Karnataka are as follows:

Cover every Corner of the CMA USA Syllabus

The CMA USA course covers a wide range of syllabi. Each topic is explained in depth. Experts in CMA USA coaching in Karnataka institutes ensure they cover each subject and thoroughly explain each topic. 

Extensive Study Material

The best US CMA institute in Bangalore provides study materials based on the current syllabus and study guidelines given by the IMA. These study materials include IMA books, previous years' question papers, mock test papers, and revision notes. Students can use these materials to prepare well for the exam. 

Skilled Teachers

Teachers at the best CMA USA coaching in Karnataka are experienced people who apply the latest teaching methods for students to comprehend the concepts. Candidates will be able to learn through different learning ways, such as online classes and class recordings.

Review and Revisions

The US CMA institute in Hubli conducts revision sessions at the end of every chapter. These sessions help candidates to get a crystal clear image of each concept.  

Enhance learning skills

The US CMA institute in Dharwad, Karnataka, creates an environment for candidates that enhance their studying and learning skills. Through the institutes, they get a chance to sit and learn with aspiring students. Through this, they can together learn and help each other in clarifying their doubts. 

Scope of self-evaluation

The CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka conducts mock tests at regular intervals allowing candidates scope of self-evaluation. This is very important for the preparation for the CMA USA examination. Through this, candidates will be able to find their weak points so that they can work on them. 

Problem-Solving Tips and Tricks

Besides regular coaching guidance, experienced teachers provide candidates with problem-solving tips to approach difficult questions. They will get all the helpful advice at the CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka.

Stimulating Motivational Spirit

When a candidate involves in a peer group who is preparing for the same exam or connects with the professionals, he gets motivated and stays competitive. 

One-on-one Attention

The best CMA USA coaching in Karnataka institutes enroll a limited number of students per batch. This enables teachers to give personal attention to each student, clearing their doubts. They can easily find out students weaknesses and help to overcome them.

Assistance and Information regarding Placements

Experts at the institutes have an extensive network and are in direct contact with the companies. They can guide and help candidates to find better job placements. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which is the best institute for US CMA in Karnataka?

The US CMA certification course is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) of the US, which is the global association of financial professionals and accountants. NorthStar Academy (NSA) is an approved learning partner of IMA. It offers the US CMA course to students and helps them to understand the basics of the CMA. NSA is the no.1 choice of students because the mentors provide comprehensive training to pass the exam.

2. Which institute is best for US CMA in India?

NorthStar Academy (NSA) is the best choice for professionals and students for the US CMA course in India. The Institute is a learning partner with IMA. The teachers of NSA offer extensive training so that students can understand each concept clearly and pass the exam. They provide them with the best study material and exam kit for revision before the exam. NSA has been able to achieve an 80+ pass percentage. You can join this best CMA USA coaching in Karnataka also

3. What is the fee for CMS USA?

The cost of CMA USA in India ranges from 1.3 lakhs to 1.7 lakhs, including the training and the IMA fees. For a student category, the CMA USA exam fee is $345 and for the professional category is $460. This course is a bit expensive that requires vast investment but has a high ROI (return on investment).

4. Is there an Articleship for CMS USA?

For the CMA USA, articleship is not considered. The CMA certification applicants must have two continuous years of full-time experience in financial or accounting management.

5. Is CMA USA tough?

The CMA USA exam is considered the most challenging exam as it tests the candidate's intellectual skills. The average passing rate for both sections is 45%, meaning less than half the applicants will pass the exam. Hence, students should prepare well to pass the CMA USA exam

6. How many papers does CMA USA have?

The CMA USA consists of 2 papers that can be completed within one year. In each paper, 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs) are asked. Students have to pass both papers with a bachelors degree and two years of working experience to earn the CMA USA certification.

7. Can I get a job in the USA after CMA USA?

The CMA USA certification is valuable in financial planning and management accounting. Candidates with this certification can get an adequate job in the competitive market, get a promotion in the position or move abroad like the USA through international projects. But candidates with the CMA USA certification don't need to get a job in the USA, as they can explore the world.

8. How do I pass the CMA USA on the first attempt?

A proper preparation strategy can help candidates to pass the CMA USA exam on the first attempt. Following preparation tips will enable them to score well in the exam:
Join a CMA USA training program to get well-versed with the basic concepts.
Select the best study materials to make a strong grip on the fundamentals of financial and accounting management.
Practice various sample papers and give mock tests to learn about your weak points and the exam pattern.
Make a proper study plan so that you can focus on each topic.
Prepare notes while studying as they will be helpful during revision.
You can also join the top CMA USA coaching in Karnataka or any other part of the country to pass this exam in the first attempt.


CMA USA is one of the prestigious certifications for candidates willing to pursue a career as an accounting manager or any other related designation. The certification comes with various advantages, including global recognition, increased job prospects, lucrative salary, and personal and professional satisfaction. Due to such benefits, the competition becomes tough as many students apply for the exam. 
Therefore, it is better to join a CMA USA Coaching in Karnataka like the NorthStar Academy to stay ahead of the competition and crack it in a single shot. Get benefit from the frequent doubt sessions, live classes, pre-recorded sessions, and the oldest & most preferred organized study material to boost your CMA USA preparation.
You can contact the NSA here and get your queries resolved by experts.