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CMA USA is one of the top-level professional certifications valid across the globe. In India, many you can find many institutes offering the CMA USA courses across the states. You can also find the top institutes such as NorthStar Academy providing the CMA USA course in Kochi. The CMA USA courses help in cracking the extensive CMA USA exam, which leads to a lot of career opportunities not just in the state but across the globe as well.
This blog will cover all the information you need regarding the CMA USA certification and its courses in Kochi. From course details to fee structure to the exam pattern, we will provide every aspect of this certification.
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So, without further ado, let us begin by knowing some key highlights for the CMA USA certification program and exam. 

CMA USA Course in Kochi

Acquiring the prestigious CMA USA certification helps the candidates earn global exposure and international recognition. All the candidates aiming for a specialized certification in the accounting field can apply for the CMA USA course in Kochi. 
Here are the key highlights for the CMA USA Certification exam.

1.Eligibility Criteria

To pursue this high-level credential, candidates need to fulfill certain prerequisites for the exam. Candidates with discrepancies in the application form will not be allowed to sit for the CMA USA exam. To give the exam, one needs to: 
  • have an IMA membership
  • Have two years of work experience in management accounting or financial accounting.
  • Have a bachelors degree from a renowned institution in the field of accounts, economics, finance, or management. 
  • Abide by the Statement of Ethics Professional Practice by IMA.  

2.Exam Structure

CMA USA is divided into two parts, i.e., 
Part I: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
Part II: Strategic Financial Management
Candidates need to clear both exam parts to clear the exam. The registration for the CMA USA exam is done once a year in three slots. 
  • The CMA USA exam is computer-based. Each part of the exam is held for four hours, with 100 MCQ questions and two thirty-minute essay questions.
  • Both Exam parts carry 500 marks, and 360 marks are required to clear each.
  • The testing window opens up every year in January, May, and October. Candidates can book their slots and take the examination at their convenience.  
Now, you must be confused as to which academy provides the best CMA USA course in Kochi. Well, hang on and read the following section!
Best CMA Training Institute in India

CMA USA Course Details

If you are looking for the best CMA USA course in Kochi, then it is important to know all about the course before you apply for one. This section specifically covers some of the integral course details like exam pattern, syllabus, and job options. So, let us begin! 

1.Exam Pattern

Here is a table depicting the exam pattern so that you get a fair idea about how the exam will be! 
Name of the courseCertified Management Accountant (CMA) USA
Organization conducting the examInstitute of Management Accountants (IMA)
Structure of the ExamPart 1 & Part 2 (discussed in detail below)
Number of questions100 MCQs and 2 Essay type questions in each exam part.
DurationFour hours for each exam part.

2.Exam Syllabus 

Now that you are familiar with the basic details of the exam, let us provide you with the syllabus for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA USA exam, along with the weightage each part carries. Have a look at the tables given below. 
Part 1 Financial Management, Analytics, and PerformanceWeightage
Technology and Analysis15%
Internal Controls15%
Cost Management15%
Performance Management20%
External Financial Reporting15%
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting20%
Part 2 Strategic Financial ManagementWeightage
Analysis of Financial Statements20%
Corporate Finance20%
Decision Analysis25%
Investment Decisions10%
Risk Management10%
Professional Ethics15%

3.Job Profiles after CMA

After you have completed the CMA USA Course in Kochi, you can get the following job options. Have a look! 
  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Budget Analyst
  • Finance controller
  • Internal Auditor 
  • Cost Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee
After you are done with the course and have gained the CMA USA certification, many top companies are in line to recruit you. Companies like Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Cognizant, Genpact, Accenture, etc., hire CMAs for accounting and financing purposes.

Best CMA USA Institute in Kerala

If you are looking for the best academy for the CMA USA course in Kochi, then you must apply to the NorthStar Academy. Well, there are a variety of reasons for it.
CMA USA, being a prestigious qualification, is available across the globe, but there are very few good academies that help you prepare for the examination. 
Let us look at the reasons why you must stick to NorthStar Academy for the CMA preparation

1.Polishing the Fundamentals

In order to gain the CMA USA certification, one needs to have a strong base in finance and accounting. There is no problem if you are not from a commerce background. The tutors at NorthStar Academy begin teaching the basics of accounts and finance, ensuring that the students from other backgrounds get a good start with the CMA USA course in Kochi.

2.Official Learning Partner

NorthStar Academy (NSA) provides the candidates with IMA licensed Gleims CMA Excel Learning Systems and online access to most preferred Gleims books and question banks. 

3.Bundle Discount

The certification courses provided come with bundle discounts that make the course budget-friendly, thereby making it financially easier for the candidates to apply for the course. 

4.Comprehensive Learning

NorthStar Academy provides the candidates with an in-depth knowledge of basic to advanced CMA USA concepts. The candidates undergo practical training with real-world case studies and theoretical knowledge. Thus, candidates get comprehensive learning and training sessions to candidates willing to become account and financing professionals. 

5.Placement Assistance

Along with the comprehensive training, the candidates also get placement assistance from the NSA, making it the best CMA USA course in Kochi. The academy is closely associated with the top companies across several nations that provide the candidates with mid and senior-level positions with a high pay grade. 

6.Exclusive Study Material

NorthStar Academy is one of the top institutions that provide candidates with exclusive study material from Gleim. Every year, the revised study material is provided to the candidates, including 180 essay questions and 1500 MCQs, so they can easily prepare for one of the most challenging exams.  
No institute provides a better CMA USA course in Kochi than NorthStar Academy. For the better part of it, not just in Kochi but in every part of the world. 

What is the CMA USA certification Fee?

In order to enroll for a CMA USA course in Kochi, you need to know the expenses of CMA USA certification.
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Want to know the official CMA USA exam fee structure from IMA? The CMA USA exam fee is different for working professionals and students. 
Here are two tables depicting the same. Have a look! 

1.For Students 

CMA USA Course Fee ParticularsCost for Student category(in USD) Course fee from March 2022 (in USD)
Membership Registration Fee117135
IMA Entrance Fee188210
Part 1 Exam Fee311345
Part 2 Exam Fee311345
Total 9271035

For Working Professionals

CMA USA Course Fee Particulars Professional Category Cost(in USD)Cost from March 2022(in USD)
Membership Entrance Fee245260
IMA Entrance Fee250280
Part 1 Exam Fee415460
Part 2 Exam Fee415460
If candidates applying for the CMA exam have an IMA Membership, then they are definitely going to be benefited from it. The exam fee will be much lower, and they will be able to access study materials and much more. For now, let us look at some course details of CMA USA.

CMA USA Course Fee in Kerala 

As a CMA USA aspirant, if you think that the CMA USA course fee is different in different states & cities, then it is not so! The CMA course fee remains the same in all states if you join the NorthStar Academy. So, if you are looking for the CMA USA course in Thrissur or Ernakulum, the NorthStar Academy would be the apt choice. 


1.Can I self-study for CMA USA?

Yes, one can undertake the self-study method for CMA USA. But that will not suffice for the majority of individuals. If you really want to excel in the examination, it is best to enroll in an academy. Institutions like Northstar Academy will help you in preparing for the exam efficiently. It is the best CMA USA training institute, with a pass percentage of 83%.

2.Is CMA hard to pass?

Yes, CMA USA is one of the most challenging exams a candidate can encounter. The syllabus is vast, and candidates cannot leave any topic untouched, which is why they should take the best CMA USA course in Kochi. The exam requires hard work and effort. The global pass percentage for the CMA exam is just 50%.

3.What is the pass percentage of CMA?

The pass percentage of CMA USA globally is 50%. A few candidates can excel in the examination on the first attempt. As far as the exam is concerned, Part 1 of the exam is highly challenging. Thus, candidates must enroll in an institution where they can prepare efficiently for the examination.

4.How many hours must one study for CMA?

In general, the candidates must devote 150+ hours to studying each part. Being a very rigorous and challenging exam, it is not easy for candidates to excel at the CMA USA exam. To study for the CMA, one must apply to an academy. The institution will help the candidates complete the syllabus on time, providing ample revision time.

5.Which is the best CMA USA course in Ernakulam?

If you are searching for the top CMA USA course in Ernakulam, then nothing is better than NorthStar Academy. Their excellent success rate of 83% makes them the most preferred choice in the city.


Searching for a good course might become a stressful task, owing to the extensive research about the training institutes. You must not think twice before joining the NSAs CMA USA course in Kochi if you reside in Kochi.
NorthStar Academy (NSA) provides the candidates with the best CMA USA course in Kochi, wherein they learn about several methods, techniques, and management accounting tools. Apart from this, the candidates also get exclusive study material and pre-recorded sessions that help them easily prepare for the exam. The top mentors and tutors help candidates clarify their doubts. 
Whats more? Well, candidates now sign up for two days and get a free demo class. Isnt that amazing! Sign up today to NorthStar Academy and acquire your desired CMA USA certification!To know more, contact us.
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