CMA USA Essay Questions Ultimate Guide : 7 best tips to Conquer

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Several aspiring CMAs with a global environment dread the CMA USA Essay Questions problems. The inscribing element of the exam can be intimidating for various students.
This is incredibly real if English is not your initial language. Regardless, some CMA USA preparation for the essays can assist you to curtail your anxiety about the written domain.
Don�t get drawn away by the CMA USA Essay Questions. You can evaluate the US CMA essays and organize yourself for this portion of the exam once you know what to anticipate. What precisely are the examiners expecting, how are the articles valued, and how can you get a decent score?

CMA USA Exam Pattern

Overall 4 hours are provided to finish each portion of the CMA USA exam. If you fulfill the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in less than 3 hours, then you have the lasting time to function on the essay part. If you can borrow a few minutes from 3 hours for the multiple-choice questions, you will have to halt and shift onto essay problems much more easily.
Still, remember that there is a chance you won�t notice any essay problems on your exam if you do badly on the MCQs by consuming more time.
You can only stride on to the essays if you give at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions correct. If you do not achieve 50% or greater on the MCQs, your CMA USA exam will terminate and you will be required to sign up to sit for the CMA exam once again.
Portions of CMA USA exam
There are mainly two portions of the CMA USA exam.
Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
Part 2: Strategic Financial Management
There are 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 2 essay questions for each portion. There are various short-answer questions accompanying each question.

CMA USA Essay Questions & Exam Format

There are two feasible essay problems or scenarios, each consisting of numerous questions. You may be expected to finalize a business memo or to work on quantitative analysis.
You are required to add your explanations to the CMA USA Essay Questions wielding a reasonable word processor that is identical to Notepad.
For essays that compel a computational answer, you should develop reasonable tables and demonstrate calculations within the word processor area furnished. It is a useful suggestion to get aware of the testing program before your exam day so you can attain faith in answering the essay scenario's word processor.
The most precise exam-mimicking exercise can be set up in Gleim CMA Review. That forum enables for detailed immersion in the Prometric virtual domain so there is no amazement on exam days.

How to counter CMA USA essay scenarios?

To respond to the CMA USA exam essay scenarios, you must inscribe a reaction or obtain an analysis connected to the scenario that the exam gives you.
You must examine the scenario very carefully so you can comprehend the mandates and adhere to them suitably. If you�re doing an analysis, you must demonstrate your work. You can get partial recognition for the evidence you give associated with the topic, but only if you indicate your work!
When furnishing a written reply, you must be as narrated as credible. You want to be concise and avert flowery speech, but you also require being detailed and factual.
Therefore, mention anything that might be pertinent to the question you are writing about to help you achieve additional points. Huddle and then work through your initial draft so that your explanation is comprehensive, then you can go back and proofread your explanation, as time permits.
Because this procedure could take time, particularly if English is not your initial language, it�s crucial to get through the MCQs efficiently. Recall, if you conclude the MCQs timely, you can bank that additional time for use in the essay part of the exam.

Navigating the essay scenarios

The essay part of the CMA exam constitutes 25% of the whole exam duration, or one hour, for each exam portion. There are two essay problems/scenarios in each exam portion, and each can have up to seven problems related to it. Competitors are allotted 30 minutes to acknowledge each essay problem/scenario.
To comfort or you make the most of that time and maximize your score, the following are six strategies to conserve in mind:
  • Be explanatory and to the point
� It�s okay to write bullet points. You need to make sure you clarify your explanation.
  • Don't leave questions vacant
� If you�re running out of time, at least inscribe an overview of your crucial points.
  • Examine the whole problem to comprehend all the necessities
�A question may be asking you for more than one thing, for instance, �Define ABC and interpret its pertinence to XYZ.� Make sure you address all of the elements.
  • Pay close attention to verbs, note the verbs carefully
�For illustration, if the question requires you to distinguish and contrast, don�t specify or summarize ensure you distinguish as asked in the question.
  • Graders prefer effective composition skills
�Your emphasis should be on the use of standard English. Make sure your writing is well organized and understandable.
  • Remember that graders are glancing to offer you points, not send them away
Understand it or not, graders are glancing for directions for you to succeed. So, make it susceptible as feasible for them to give you points.
The additional key point, related to both the essay part and multiple-choice questions: Utilize all of the time usable to you. If you complete earlier, go behind and go through your answers. Furthermore, be conscious that your explanations to the essay questions should be answered in the given text box; it�s identical to Microsoft Word, but with easier functionality.

Why CMA USA Essay Questions ?

Proficiency of Exam Content

Becoming an expert with the CMA exam content is a crucial stride to pass both the multiple-choice questions and the essay part of the exam.
Additionally, reading and starting FTWO video lessons, you should spend adequate time resolving exercise questions and essays, this enables you to pertain to the concepts you learned. Answering exercise questions is nearly more than just remembering facts.
Thus, it is most significant that you understand the material in such a way that you can relate it to logical scenarios that you might confront in the business. NorthStar CMA Course, there are 16 complete CMA exercise essay questions with model explanations.
Additionally, it provides practice of essay scenarios with extensive answer explanations. Plus, you�ll have an opportunity to review typing in the explanations in a simulated exam domain on your computer. This is an incredible means to educate yourself first-hand about what it will be like on the real exam.

Ability to use concepts in a practical business situation

The essay scenarios help you to understand the situation and develop a detailed explanation by brainstorming. This will encourage you to make decisions in real-life scenarios and generate confidence while working in a business entity.

Ability to answer clearly and with logic

The understandable and clear writing is what the CMA exam expects from you, it doesn�t ask for vocabulary skills. It just tests how you get the question and solve it by applying the concepts from your syllabus.


1. How do you answer CMA essay questions?

Explain your answers briefly and use bullet points. Never leave any question blank, at least you can outline the main points.

2. What is the highest CMA score?

The CMA exam requires 360 scores to pass and 500 is the best score.

3.�Can you retake the CMA exam multiple times?

An individual is allowed to give three attempts, with a new exam application and fee at each attempt.

4.�Can a CMA open its own firm?

Yes, a certified CMA who has fulfilled all the requirements as a member can take the certificate of practice


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