What is the CMA USA fees in Kerala & CMA USA Course details

CMA USA fees in Kerala

Because of the higher salary, career growth, and international exposure provided by the CMA USA certification, many students/professionals from Kerala and all over India are planning to apply for the USA CMA certification. But before starting your journey for the CMA USA certification, you might have many questions and doubts regarding CMA USA fees in Kerala, CMA USA eligibility criteria, salary, and whether the certification is even valid in India.
Hence, in this informational piece, we will try to clear all your doubts and queries about the CMA USA certification, including CMA USA fees in Kerala, CMA USA salary, CMA USA eligibility, and CMA job opportunity. 
So, lets begin.

What is CMA USA?

Certified Management Accountant or CMA USA is a certification in managerial accountancy offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) of the USA. IMA is a well-respected association of accountants and financial professionals in the business.
It is one of the most sought-after certifications in managerial accounting. Many employers worldwide are eagerly looking for US CMA-certified accountant professionals to join their respective companies. 
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The certification is a highly respected and well-recognized certification all over the world. As a CMA- certified accounting professional, you can virtually get a job worldwide. 
It further explains why many individuals from Kerala and all over India are looking for CMA USA courses. Let's scan through the course details before proceeding ahead.

CMA USA Course Details

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. IMA, an International Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals, is responsible for accrediting the CMA USA certification. The course of CMA USA is highly comprehensive and prepares the candidates in a precise and guided manner. One can enroll in the CMA USA course via the approved learning partners for IMA. You can pay and prepare for the reasonable CMA USA fee in Kerala
To get certified as a CMA, you need to clear the two exam parts; the first part of CMA USA is on the topic of Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics, while the second part is on Strategic Financial Management. Both exam parts include 100 MCQs and two essay questions for which 4 hours are allotted. The second CMA USA part is considered somewhat more accessible than the first.
To clear these exams, the students must score 360 out of 500 marks in both parts. On average, getting the certification takes 12-18 months; however, some students pass the examination in just 6-8 months. (it all depends on your hard work and time management)

What are the CMA USA eligibility criteria or prerequisites?

CMA USA certification is not meant for absolute beginners, and the candidates are first required to have at least two years of work experience and a bachelors degree before they can claim their CMA certification.
However, the students who have completed their 10+2 level of education are also eligible to enroll in the CMA course. However, they must get a bachelors degree and two years of real work experience (doesnt include) within seven years of passing the CMA USA examination to claim their certification.

What is the Scope of CMA USA Job Opportunities?

Because of the huge demand for CMA-certified candidates and global recognition of this certification, getting a well-paying job is not difficult for a CMA holder. 
Job opportunities for a CMA-certified professional are enormous both in India and abroad. Many students in Kerala are looking to pursue the CMA certification because they want to settle abroad. If you are one of them, pursuing CMA USA may be one of the best options out there. Moreover, the CMA USA has only two exam parts and can easily be completed in less than a year.
US CMA holders can work in various job profiles for organizations. Some of the common job profiles explored by CMA holders are -
1. Finance Analyst
2. Cost Accountant
3. Corporate Accountant
4. Business Analyst 
5. Internal Auditor
6. Finance Manager
7. VP Finance
8. Financial Controller

CMA USA Salary

CMA USA certification is a highly sought-after qualification in the job markets around the world. Employment professionals are always looking for candidates with the CMA USA mentioned on their CVs.
Financial and management accountants carry a lot of responsibility in a big company. Hence companies prefer individuals with the US CMA certification to fulfill such important positions as the certification speaks for the candidates expertise in managerial accountancy.
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Because of the high demand for the CMA USA certification and the expertise it brings, the salary of the CMA-certified professionals is on the higher side compared to the non-CMA-certified accountancy professionals. On average, accounting and finance professionals with the CMA USA certification can earn up to 58% more than their non-certified counterparts. Yes, it is a huge jump in salary, which makes the CMA USA certification worth the required effort.
This high salary justifies the CMA USA fees in Kerala. On average, a CMA USA-certified candidate can earn around 4-7 LPA as a fresher.

What are the CMA USA Course Fees in Indian Rupees?

The CMA USA exam official fees and course fees are different. First, let us take you through the exam fee. You must know if you are not enrolled in any CMA USA course in Kerala.
The CMA USA fees in Kerala can be divided into three parts - IMA membership fees, IMA entrance fees, and exam fees.

IMA membership fees

Only the members of the IMA are eligible to apply for the CMA USA certification. However, anyone can become a member of the IMA by paying a membership fee.
For the first time, the students have to pay around 10,800 rupees ($135) to get a membership of the IMA, while the working professionals have to pay 20,800 rupees ($260) to get the same membership. This membership will remain active for the first three years for student category and one year for professional category, after which you must pay a membership fee each year to continue your certification.

CMA USA Fees in Kerala for registration

Once you become an IMA member, you must register for the CMA USA course. The CMA USA fees in Kerala for registration are 16,800 rupees ($210) for students and 24,800 rupees ($280) for working professionals. This is a one-time payment you must bear at the start of the CMA USA journey, but remember, it only gives you three years to attain the needed certification. If you fail to pass the CMA examination in these three years, you will have to register again for the CMA course.

CMA Examination Fees

The CMA USA consists of two examinations you must clear to claim your CMA certification. And for each examination, you have to pay an examination fee.
For the students, the CMA examination for each exam is 27,600 rupees ($345), while the same for working professionals is 36,800 rupees ($460).

CMA USA Exam fees
ParticularsFor Students($)For Professionals($)
Fees for membership of the IMA$135(3 years)$260(1 year)
CMA entrance fees$210$280
Part - 1$345$460
Part - 2$345$460
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1. How much does CMA USA cost?

We can separate the CMA exam fees into three categories, namely IMA membership program fees, IMA CMA Entrance fees, and CMA examination fees.
IMA membership costs around $135 for students and $260 for working professionals.
The entrance fee for the IMAs US CMA course is 210 US dollars for students and $280 for working professionals.
The examination fees for the CMA are $345 and $460 for students and professionals, respectively. So, the total cost is $1035 for students and $1475 for working professionals.

2. What is the fee of CMA USA in India?

IMA only allows the candidates to pay the CMA USA fees in Kerala and India in US dollars. With the current exchange rate, the students must pay around ?82k, while the working professionals must spend 1.15 lakh rupees on applying for the CMA USA certification. Note that it doesnt include the books and other study material costs.

3. How long is the CMA USA course?

CMA USA exam is considered to be the most challenging examination in managerial and finance accountancy as the CMA examination tests the intellectual limits of an individual. However, even after being one of the toughest examinations, CMA is not the longest. On average, one can efficiently complete the CMA certification course in 12 to 18 months, with many students achieving the certification in around 6 to 8 months.

4. Is CMA US valid in India?

It is a globally recognized benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals, including in India. Although the salary of a CMA-certified professional may not be that high in India compared to other parts of the world, you can find a job in India by just holding a CMA US certification. Many prominent Indian companies, especially those India-based companies doing business in the USA or Middle Eastern countries, are constantly looking for CMA USA-certified professionals.


The CMA USA certification and course fees may look expensive, but considering the benefits of this certification, it is undoubtedly worth the investment.
Getting the US CMA certified will open the door to many more high-paying Job opportunities in India and abroad. Hence, if you are determined to build a career in accountancy and financial management, then the CMA US will be one of the best options.
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