CMA USA Revised fees 2024 - Change in IMA exam fees : Must Know

CMA USA Revised fees -IMA exam fees 2024


The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is recognized as a high-standard certification in management accounting and financial management. It is awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the US. CMA USA is globally recognized it benefits accounting and financial professionals in different industries. To acquire this certification candidates must complete two parts of the examination.

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) USA offers an advanced professional course i.e. USA CMA (Certified Management Accountant), a globally recognized certification course. It enhances the study with a deep knowledge of finance and accounting to make a global career. CMA USA is the smartest way with the highest return on investment.
Key Highlights of CMA USA
? Approximately 6 to 9 months are needed to complete the course.
? Exams are held online via prometric or remote exams.
? It contains 75% of objective-type questions and 25% of descriptive ones.
? It has a record of an excellent passing percentage of 45% to 50% globally.
? It provides opportunities in India as well as across the Globe.
The US CMA brings is worth it as it compensates for the entire investment made to attain the certification. However, getting the certification still requires great investment. So you must consider your budget or financial requirements before choosing the course. Let�s have a glance at the fees required for being a CMA USA or Certified Management Accountant.
CMA USA Course Details

CMA USA Exam Fee

Obtaining a certification in CMA US is a potential pathway to a wonderful career and all new opportunities across the globe to outshine your existing career. A person chasing CMA US has a higher earning opportunity than those who do not choose this as their profession. However, it requires great investment, but the outcome pays itself the best return on investment. Here are some ways to maintain your cost if you are ready for investment in CMA USA.

  • IMA Membership Fee
IMA requires membership even if you register for the CMA USA exam, in fact, you need to pay an annual fee while you are pursuing the CMA USA course. The IMA Membership varies as per the profession like, if you're a student then you could select for student membership, if you are a working professional then you can select professional membership, and so on. 
The price of membership defines which category you fall under. Generally, students pursuing graduation or post-graduation come under the student category and someone who is graduated and working comes under the professional category.

  • CMA Entrance Fee

After the membership fee, a candidate is required to pay an entrance fee. The entrance into the CMA program is not included in the IMA membership, so you need to pay an entrance fee to become eligible to pursue a CMA course. It is a one-time payment made towards becoming CMA certified.

  • CMA Examination Fee

The examination fee for CMA is like every other exam fee for any accounting exam and certification. This is paid to approve your seating in the exam. Once this is paid a spot for candidates is reserved. The exam fee is paid for each part of the exam a candidate takes. The CMA exam has two parts for which a candidate has to pay twice. And if a person fails in any part of the exams, he/she is liable to pay the fee again to retake the exams.

Now being a student, you might have figured out that being a CMA is the least expensive pathway. For a working professional, it's quite easier to pay the costs from their salaries. Looking this way, it reflects another investment into the career path you choose. It is an investment with confirmed and higher returns.

CMA Exam Fees Summary

Now being a student, you might have figured out being a CMA is the least expensive pathway. For a working professional, it's quite easier to pay the costs from their salaries. Looking this way, it reflects another investment into the career path you choose. It is an investment with confirmed and higher returns.

New CMA USA Fee Schedule from March 2023 onwards

According to the recent announcement by IMA, the fee for CMA will increase starting March 1, 2023. As a result of the increase in fees, the IMA can offset some of its increased expenses for member services and technology upgrades. IMA members can now take advantage of free CPE courses and webinars offered by the IMA organization.
Student Category - UG or PG (Regular, Online, Distance Basis)
CMA USA Revised fee structure for Student Category Student Category ($) March 2023 onwards ($)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years) $39*3 117 135
IMA Entrance fee (One time fee) 188 210
Part 1 Exam fee 311 345
Part 2 Exam fee 311 345
Total 927 1035
Professional Category - (Passed out college or working professionals)
CMA USA Revised fee structure for Professional Category Professional Category($) March 2023 onwards ($)
IMA Membership Registration fee (Valid for  1 year) 245 260
IMA Entrance fee (One time fee) 250 280
Part 1 Exam fee 415 460
Part 2 Exam fee 415 460
Total 1325 1460
Kindly note: Since NorthStar Academy is IMA�s official training partner with IMA. You get access to bundle discounts on IMA membership, Entrance and Exam fees as well.
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CMA USA Revised fees

Hidden CMA Exam Costs

You are now aware of the basic costs involved. Wait! Do you need to pay more costs?
Yes, there are some hidden costs involved for CMA USA. And being aware of everything small in advance will help you maintain your budget for the same. 

Let�s have more knowledge:

1. CMA Review Courses

IMA does not provide any of the study material to the candidates enrolled with them. From expensive coaching to free secondhand notes for preparation, is a candidate's headache. Don't worry more with CMA USA comprehensive training from NorthStar you get access to Section wise materials and Live interactive classes with �Award winning faculty�- M Irfat (CA,CMA USA, CIMA UK, CPA qualified).

2. Travel and Accommodation

Only lucky students have Prometric centers located within driving distance of their homes, the rest of the students need to travel long distances to reach their exam centers and even on time before the exam begins. And traveling long distances requires more fare. So even this transportation cost is considered for the CMA exam.
  • Prometric centers for CMA USA in India:
Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum,
Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Allahabad.
  • Prometric centers for CMA USA in Middle East:
Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai),
West Bank

3. Taxes on the IMA fees

Yes you read it right you�ve to pay a GST of 18% on CMA USA IMA membership and Entrance fee while registering via partner. Exam fee doesn�t have a GST or other charges on it. 

How to Save on CMA Exam Fees

It is clear that CMA USA is a bit of an investment and saving is what a candidate craves. Being a student category is really beneficial and saves a lot of money. So if you�re currently pursuing any Bachelors or Post Graduation high time to enroll yourself into the student category through NorthStar Academy.

How the CMA Fees Pay Off

The simplest way to understand how a CMA is a great investment is to look at the ways it will pay off throughout the career. The return on investment is really with it when a CMA USA Candidate starts working and earning. Even the qualified fresher CMA can earn a lot more than other regular accounting courses such as Bcom and BBA..

The Value of US CMA

The fees for US CMA can be a bit expensive. But enrolling with IMA�s official partner i.e NorthStar Academy you tend to do a minimal investment with maximum return. Enroll today and grab the bundle discounts today by contacting your counselor at +918147470707 or by filling up the enquiry form to get a quick call back. #upskilltoCMA #upskillwithNorthStar 


1. How much does CMA USA cost?

In India, CMA USA fees range from 1.3 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs with training and including IMA fees. Generally the CMA USA exam fee for a student category is $345 and professional category fee is $460.

2. What are the fees of CMA USA in India?

Including tuition fees and applicable IMA Fees, CMA USA course fees in Indian rupees average around Rs. 150,000 above*. It is considered as a bit expensive course that requires great investment but offers very high returns via global opportunities and salary.

3. How do I book my CMA USA exam?

Booking for the CMA exam, firstly requires registering for IMA Membership. Then pay the entrance fees. And after the payment of CMA USA exam fees, a candidate can book their slot in the exam. They can schedule a CMA Exam within a testing window.
Usually the testing windows for CMA USA exams are on:
1. January to February
2. May to June
3. September to October

4. What is IMA membership?

IMA Membership offers membership to candidates pursuing CMA USA. There are primarily three types of IM membership:
1.Student Category - UG or PG (Regular, Online, Distance Basis)
2.Academy Category - Lecturer or Professor at a College
3.Professional Category - Professional Category - (Passed out college or working professionals)

5. What is IMA in CMA?

IMA is short for the Institute of Management Accountants that offers the CMA USA course. According to its mission statement, IMA's role is to promote research, education, knowledge exchange, and the maintenance of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance.

6. What are the CMA USA Revised fees?

  • IMA revises CMA USA fees every year and now from March 2023 onwards IMA is revising it�s fee with a minimum of hundred dollar hike.
  • Usually student category pays IMA total fee of $927 but after CMA USA revised fee one has to pay $1035 under the student category.
  • Coming to the professional category one used to pay an IMA total fee of $1325 but after the CMA USA revised fee one has to pay $1469 under the professional category

7. What�s the difference between IMA Platinum, Gold, and Silver Partners?

Usually, based on the per annum registration with the academy, IMA awards the partnership benefits.
Three types of IMA partners:
1. Platinum Partner - Same IMA discounts shall be provided
2. Gold Partner - Same IMA discounts shall be provided.
3. Silver Partner - Discounts might vary. 

8. Which is the best coaching institute in India for CMA USA?

The best coaching institute in India for CMA USA is NorthStar Academy
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