Best CMA USA Course in Kuwait & CMA USA salary in Kuwait?

Best CMA USA Course in Kuwait

CMA USA is a globally accredited certification that gives your career the necessary push in terms of salaries, job roles, positions, etc. CMA USA being one of the most popular and high-level credentials, a person possessing the CMA USA certification is said to have expertise in management accounting and financial management. Many individuals living in different parts of the world do not find the right CMA USA training institutes. 
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For instance, finding the perfect institute for the CMA USA course might be a real task in Kuwait. If you feel the same way, dont worry, as a handful of institutes in Kuwait offer the best CMA USA courses with the flexibility you need at reasonable prices.
Kuwait offers the CMA USA certification to candidates that help them get top career opportunities in the future. Here, we will discuss the CMA USA course, CMA USA salary in Kuwait, the eligibility criteria, and much more. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

What is CMA USA? 

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is one of the best accounting and management certifications one can apply for! A person with a CMA certification is valued not only in Kuwait but worldwide. 
If we talk about the exam, it is essential to note that the CMA exam is challenging and it consists of two exam parts. 
Part 1: Financial management, Performance, and Analysis
Part 2: Strategic Financial Management 
You have to excel in both to gain the US CMA certification. Now you must be wondering if CMA USA is worth your time or not. Well, CMA USA is definitely worth your time. Have a look at some key points for it. 
  • The average CMA USA salary in Kuwait is 23,000 KWD.
  • The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) conducts the CMA USA exam.
  • The CMA Exam has a global pass rate of 50%.
  • The exam sessions take place in May/ June up till December/ January.
  • The duration of the CMA USA course usually is 6-9 months if you enroll at the best institute.
  • Every year, over 5000 candidates become CMAs.
Now that you have a fair idea of what is included in a CMA course and exam let us now discuss how one can do a CMA USA course in Kuwait. 

How to do CMA in Kuwait? 

Before getting on with CMA USA salary in Kuwait, knowing how one can do the course is essential. Below are the specific requirements to apply for the course in Kuwait.
  • A candidate needs to have an IMA membership. 
  • A candidate must have a bachelors degree from a renowned university/ institution. 
  • A candidate must possess at least two years of experience in management accounting or financial management. 
  • A candidate must abide by the Ethical Professional Practice statement of the IMA
It is the CMA USA eligibility criteria. Once a candidate has fulfilled these requirements, they will be eligible to apply for the exam. 

US CMA Training in Kuwait

Before knowing about the CMA USA salary in Kuwait, it is essential to know about CMA training. The CMA certification and training allow the students and professionals to gain expertise in six practice areas, i.e., financial planning, budgeting, decision support, control, and regulatory ethics.
Interestingly, to gain the CMA USA certification and undertake the training, candidates can apply to certain academies that help them prepare effectively for the exam. These academies and institutions offer updated study material and pre-recorded classes that help the candidate understand basic and advanced concepts. 
The course offered by these academies provides candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge that significantly boost their career growth.   

Why choose the CMA USA Course in Kuwait?

CMA USA certification helps individuals develop an enhanced understanding of the best practices of finance, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, etc. The main reason for doing a CMA USA course in Kuwait is the job prospects and high CMA USA salary in Kuwait.
Kuwait offers lucrative job opportunities and high salaries to US CMA-certified individuals. Below are the top job roles a CMA USA can get in Kuwait. 
  • Cost Accountant
  • Cost Manager
  • Chief Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance Manager 
  • Finance Director
  • Business Analyst 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Relationship Manager
  • Professor 
  • President
  • Vice-President 
  • Director 
The CMA USA credential on the CV is highly respected by employers in the Middle East and around the globe. It is a well-suited course that meets industry standards and needs, thereby increasing management accounting practice in the region.
Let us now discuss the benefits of the CMA USA course. 

Benefits of CMA USA Course 

Apart from high salaries, the CMA USA course has a lot of benefits. We have already discussed the CMA USA salary in Kuwait and other parts of the world. Let us now discuss the advantages of the course. Here they are!
  • The CMA certification adds to your bachelors degree, providing fantastic job opportunities.
  • Being an international qualification, candidates can apply for the CMA USA course in any part of the globe.
  • Candidates with the CMA USA certification make 60% more salary compared to the non-certified ones.
  • The CMA USA course has two parts which can be completed in just 6-9 months. Thus, people looking to advance their careers can apply for this short-duration course.
  • CMA graduates are highly in demand in the public, private, and corporate sectors. They can work as analysts, planners, auditors, managers, accountants, etc.
  • CMA-certified people are valued and prioritized by every company across the globe. They are provided with mid and senior-level positions in top companies, further increasing the CMA USA Salary in Kuwait.
  • With CMA USA certification by your side, you can build a peer network of influential people from whom you can learn how to work effectively in the company. Moreover, this network will help you land some lucrative job roles!

US CMA Certification Salary in Kuwait

The CMA USA salary in Kuwait depends upon the candidate's experience. The salary of an entry-level CMA is lower than that of an experienced CMA. The average annual salary of a CMA USA in Kuwait is 12,420 KWD. Here we have provided entry-level and experienced US CMA salaries. Have a look!
  • An entry-level CMA USA earns around 13,000 KWD.
  • An experienced CMA USA earns approximately 22,000 KWD.  
These salary figures can increase as the person gains experience over time. Now, after knowing the CMA USA salary in Kuwait, let us look at the exam dates.

US CMA Exam Dates 2023

While giving the CMA USA exam, a candidate must have complete information about the course. Besides knowing the CMA USA salary in Kuwait, a candidate must know the exam dates, syllabus, and much more.
Talking about the exam dates, it is interesting to note that the CMA USA exam is conducted three times a year. This gives candidates ample opportunities to prepare for and excel in the exam. 
Below are the CMA USA exam dates for 2023. Have a look! 
Testing WindowCMA Exam Dates
January to FebruaryJan1, 2023 Feb 28, 2023
May to JuneMay 1, 2023 June 30, 2023
September to OctoberSeptember 1, 2023 October 31, 2023
The candidates can decide in which month they wish to take the test. The standard time for the result to release is approximately 42 days. Below is the table specifying the result dates for different months. Have a look! 
Test Month CMA Score Release Date
JanuaryMarch 15th
FebruaryApril 12th
AprilJune 11th
MayJuly 12th
JuneAugust 11th
JulySeptember 13th
AugustOctober 12th
SeptemberNovember 11th
OctoberDecember 13th
As soon as a result comes out, candidates can log on to the official site of IMA. Candidates need not spend hours staring at the mailbox wondering when the results will be out. After the results are posted online, they are also provided offline to the students after 2-3 weeks.

Comparison of the Salaries of a CMA USA

We all know that the salary of a candidate is decided on the basis of experience. Well, the location also plays an important role in salary distribution. We have already mentioned the salary for experienced and entry-level candidates in different countries, including the CMA USA salary in Kuwait. Below is a salary based on the location where one works!
RegionAnnual Salary (in USD)
CMA USA salary in America100,000
CMA USA salary in Asia40,222
CMA USA salary in Europe69,000
CMA USA salary in Kuwait (Middle East)28,000
CMA USA salary in Africa16,000
So, let us have a look at CMA USA salary in Kuwait for different job positions. 
Job RolesSalary
Financial Analyst19,000 KWD 20,000 KWD
Financial Manager29,500 KWD
Chief Financial Officer44,000 KWD
Accountant11,000 KWD
Senior Financial Analyst11,150 KWD
Senior Finance Manager35,000 KWD


1.Is CMA easy to pass?

No, CMA is a bit challenging to pass if you do not have the proper guidance and relevant study material. It is one of the most rigorous and challenging exams that a candidate might come across. To excel in the examination in the first attempt, candidates must join any premiere institute so that the preparation is completed fast and ample time is left for revision.

2.Can a CMA go abroad?

Yes, CMA USA is a globally recognized course that provides many opportunities to candidates. A person having the CMA certification can work in different countries, like Kuwait. They can grab the top job roles and have a better CMA USA salary in Kuwait.

3.Is Indian CMA valid abroad?

The CMA USA course is globally acclaimed. It is available in India and other parts of the world. A candidate having this certification can work in different parts of the globe. So, yes, the CMA USA course in India is valid abroad.

4.Is CMA better than MBA?

Yes, CMA USA is considered better than MBA. The CMA USA can be completed in a year or so, unlike MBA. CMA USA can also be earned along with a bachelors degree. Moreover, the CMA certification is an add-on to the degree and can provide you with a 60% hike in salary.

5.Is CMA USA in demand in the UAE?

CMA is gaining value in every part of the world. Today, many candidates are applying for this certification because of the numerous benefits it offers. So, yes, US CMA is gaining popularity in the UAE, Kuwait, and everywhere all because of a better CMA USA salary in Kuwait, UAE, and other middle east countries.

6.Can I get a job abroad after CMA India?

No, CMA India does not hold value in different countries. Apart from doing CMA India, it is suggested to do CMA USA. CMA USA is globally accredited and provides candidates with amazing career prospects. Thus, applying for CMA USA rather than CMA India is better.


CMA USA is a fantastic course that can open wide doors of opportunities for you. The benefits of the CMA USA course are innumerable. We have discussed the CMA USA salary in Kuwait and some essential information. We hope that this article might have helped you get a fair idea of how the CMA USA exam is.
It is crucial to start preparing for the exam as soon as the syllabus is out. To prepare effectively for the CMA USA exam, a candidate must join NorthStar Academy (NSA). NSA provides exclusive study material from Becker to the candidates. Along with this, candidates are also offered with pre-recorded classes and live sessions from top mentors to understand the basic as well as complex concepts of the CMA USA course.
Whats more? Bundle discounts are also offered to the candidates to make the course more budget-friendly. The best part about the academy is that it begins teaching the candidates from scratch. The cherry on the top is the free demo classes offered to the candidates. Candidates can ultimately decide whether they wish to join NSA or not after registering and availing of the free demo sessions with the mentors. 
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