What is the CMA USA salary in Qatar?An Overview of CMA USA

CMA USA salary in Qatar

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant demonstrates that a person possesses critical financial and strategic management skills. These skills are integral and valuable for a career as they increase the value of the individual in the industry. This is why many people today are taking up the CMA USA certification. The certification enhances ones career opportunities and sets one up for increased earning potential.
Being a globally recognized course, CMA USA is available in Asia, Qatar, America, Africa, and the Middle East countries. Qatar is one of the best locations to pursue the CMA USA course.
In this article, we will discuss the CMA USA course in Qatar, CMA USA salary in Qatar, eligibility criteria, fees, and much more, So, make sure to read it till the end. Let us begin!

CMA USA An Overview

The CMA USA certification is globally acclaimed and provides various opportunities to candidates. A candidate must excel in the examination to gain the CMA USA certification. Before discussing the CMA USA salary in Qatar, it is best to have an overview of the course.
As far as the CMA USA exam is concerned, it is essential to note that this exam takes place in two parts. Part 1 tests the abilities of candidates in terms of Financial Management, Performance, and Analysis. The second part tests the candidates in Strategic Financial Management.
There are 100 MCQs and 2 Essay questions in each part, and candidates are provided with four hours to complete the examination. The total marks for each part are 500, out of which 360 marks are required to clear them.
Now, if you are wondering that the CMA USA exam is only for accounting and management candidates, then it is not so! The CMA USA exam can also be given by candidates who are not from the accounting field.
Also, if you are still confused if CMA USA is the right course for you or not, then dont worry! If you are based in Qatar, then doing a CMA USA course will be a great option as CMA USA is at its peak in the Middle Eastern countries.
Pursuing the CMA USA course in Qatar has myriad benefits. The demand for US CMA-Certified professionals is increasing day by day. Candidates taking up the CMA USA course in Qatar to become certified professionals as there is around a 60% increase in CMA USA salary in Qatar.
Now, after having an overview of the course, let us look at the CMA USA Eligibility criteria in Qatar.

CMA USA Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the CMA USA salary in Qatar, lets know about the eligibility criteria first!
To pursue the CMA USA certification in Qatar, a candidate must:
  • Have an IMA membership.
  • I have passed the 12th class from a reputed university.
  • Have a bachelors degree as well.
  • Have two years of work experience in management accounting and financial management.
There is no restriction on the stream selected by the candidates. Candidates who are not from a finance or commerce background can also apply for the course. It is essential to note that having an IMA membership is of utmost importance. A candidate must keep the membership active even after becoming a CMA.
The CMA USA entrance fee is also charged, and there is a time limit of three years given to the candidates to qualify for the two parts of the exam. The entrance fee is repaid if a candidate cannot clear the examination.

What is the CMA USA Salary in Qatar?

The CMA USA salary is one of the essential aspects that a candidate must know. The salary of a US CMA-certified professional varies depending upon the job roles in which one is serving the company.
The CMA USA salary in Qatar ranges from QAR 364,100 to QAR 396,000. Below are the top job roles for a candidate in Qatar. Have a look at their salaries.
Job Roles Salaries (in QAR)
Budget Accountant 39,000
Chief Accountant 75,000
Finance Supervisor 183,900
Internal Auditor 21,300
Finance Manager 10,600 36,000
Payroll Analyst 13,700
Business Analyst 27,000
Finance and administration manager 10,000 36,000
External Auditor 14,900
So, these are the top CMA USA salary in Qatar based on different job roles. Candidates must gain thorough knowledge and experience in management and accounting to get high-paying salaries.

What are the US CMA Benefits in UAE?

After knowing about the CMA USA Salary in Qatar, its time to look at the benefits of the certification.
CMA USA is a globally accredited course. UAE is one of the top locations wherein candidates can get amazing career opportunities. Here are the top five benefits of CMA USA in the UAE. Have a look!

Amazing Job Options

Candidates pursuing the CMA USA course can get fantastic job opportunities in companies like Apple, Emirates, Google, GE, Amazon, Big 4s, etc. There are a lot of positions offered in these companies. Candidates pursuing the course can apply to these UAE companies to get high-paid jobs.

Higher value

The best way to know the value of any professional certification is to check its demand in the market. For this, one has to do some research and check online sites regularly. If you find plenty of jobs with Certified Management Accountant or CMA enlisted on your CV, its value is already quite high.
Today, the CMA designation is one of the most in-demand certifications in the UAE. Whether you wish to enhance your career, get a new job, or have a better CMA USA salary in Qatar, CMA USA certification is a suitable choice!

Job Security

One of the harsh realities of the UAE job market is that it is highly volatile. In the backdrop of falling oil prices and the slow growth of the estate sector, more and more residents of the UAE are concerned about losing their jobs. According to a recent study, it is said that over 30% of UAE residents will lose their job in the next year.
So, what can one do regarding this? Well, in order to overcome this issue of job security, the people of the UAE must get professional certification. CMA USA is one of the best certifications because it is globally recognized and helps secure an individual's job.

Higher Salary

This is one of the primary benefits of doing a CMA USA course in the UAE. According to the recent IMA Salary Survey, it has been seen that CMA-certified candidates earn higher as compared to those without certification on their CV/Resume. On average, CMA USA's salary in Qatar is around $80,000 annually, including bonuses and other compensations. It is important to note that the salary of CMAs is increasing every year. Thus, UAE, along with other gulf countries, is one of the most lucrative destinations to pursue the CMA course.

CMA is not just for Accountants

There is a common misconception that CMA is just for people from finance or commerce backgrounds. Well, thats not the case! Anyone can do CMA USA, irrespective of the stream one has chosen. People from non-accounting fields can also apply for CMA USA and acquire this certification. So, if you are not from a finance background and wish to change your career path, CMA USA is the best option!
Apart from a high CMA USA salary in Qatar, these are the top benefits if one wishes to apply for the course. CMA USA has numerous benefits. Once a candidate gains the credential, there is no looking back. One can work in any part of the world and can give the necessary push to their career.

CMA Salary in India vs Qatar

There has always been a lot of discussion among people regarding the CMA salaries in different nations. However, it is essential to note that the difference in salary is because of the location and the individuals' experience. For instance, a CMA professional in Qatar is paid higher compared to India.
A CMA professional in India earns around Rs. 7-9 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, a CMA USA professional in Qatar earns around QAR 10,000 QAR 18,500.
Here, the shift of locations has led to this change in salaries. As far as the experience is concerned, then look at the following key points.
  • An entry-level CMA in India earns around 5-6 lakhs, while an experienced CMA earns around Rs. 15-21 lakhs.
  • A CMA USA salary in Qatar for a beginner is QAR 5000, while the salary of an experienced candidate is around QAR 18,500.
Now that you know the varying salaries of a CMA USA in India and Qatar, let us look at some job roles provided to the candidates in UAE.

US CMA Job Roles in UAE

Once a candidate has gained the CMA USA certification, theres no looking back for them. This certification provides the candidates with the top job roles. Below are some of the major roles, along with their salaries. Have a look!

Senior Accountant

The senior accountant is one of the top job roles that provide a high CMA USA salary in Qatar. The main role of a senior accountant is to process the accounting records and conduct the month-end financial closing process. They are also responsible for collecting, analyzing, and summarizing the accounting information and preparing monthly invoices. The salary of a Senior Accountant in Qatar is QAR 19,000.

Tax & Finance Accountant

The tax and finance accountant is primarily responsible for delivering the tax reports in the UAE. The accountants prepare tax returns and submit tax entries to the statutory manager. They also review and analyze financial statements and prepare accrual reviews annually along with tax provisions. Tax and finance accountants make sure that the company is up to date regarding the local tax legislation. The salary of the tax and finance accountants is QAR 47,000.

Senior Manager Finance

Senior Finance Managers continuously assess the financial process of the company. They perform certain processes in order to increase the efficiency of the company. They are responsible for undertaking the process of reviewing and analyzing the sub-ledger and general ledger in order to reconcile the records. The salary of a Senior Finance Manager is QAR 3,000.

Management Accountant

A management accountant undertakes the company's strategic planning for budgeting and forecasting. As a management accountant, an individual prepares the strategic plan, annual budget, and quarterly forecasts. They upload these plans and budgets into relevant systems. The average CMA USA salary for a Management Accountant in Qatar is QAR 18,000.

Budget Analyst

A budget analyst is responsible for reviewing the budget of the organization and monitoring the expenditures against set budgets. The analyst also protects the company from overspending by providing recommendations with data and other sources. The average salary of a Budget Analyst is QAR 27,000.

CMA USA Exam Fees in Qatar

Earlier, we have seen the CMA USA salary in Qatar. Let us discuss the exam fee of IMA in Qatar as well.
Here are a few key points for the same.
  • IMA revises the CMA USA fee every year.
  • For the student category, the CMA USA course fee is $1035.
  • For working professionals, the CMA USA course fee is $1475.
    However, if you register with NorthStar Academy IMAs premium learning partner you get bundle discount on your CMA USA Exam fees.


1.Which country pays the highest salary to CMA USA?

Switzerland, Canada, and the US are the top three highest paying countries for CMAs. CMA is a globally recognized course; therefore, candidates can work in these nations to get high-paid mid- and senior-level jobs.

2.How much does CMA increase salary?

The salary of a CMA increases every year. There is a hundred dollars hike in the salaries of CMAs. Candidates can apply globally and get the hike, unlike the non-certified candidates!

3.Is CMA valid abroad?

Yes, CMA USA is valid globally. It is available in every nation and helps candidates with rapid career advancement. By earning the CMA credential, one can work in top companies across the globe with high-paid salaries.

4.Can Indian CMA work abroad?

Yes, a CMA USA can work globally across different countries, industries, and roles. The CMA certification is available in every country, wherein the candidates can work and earn high pay grades.


CMA USA is a popular course that provides candidates with fantastic job opportunities. This article covered the CMA USA salary in Qatar along with some major key points.
One can gain certification by excelling in the CMA USA exam. It is essential to note that the CMA exam is quite challenging. Therefore, to prepare for the exam, one has to enroll in an academy for much-needed guidance. NorthStar Academy is one of the best institutions providing candidates with a comprehensive CMA USA certification course. With the assistance of top-class mentors and exclusive study material, one can easily pass the exam on the first attempt.
Also, free demo classes and bundle discounts are offered that benefit the candidates in many ways.
So, dont wait long; Join the CMA course today and get amazing career opportunities in Qatar.
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