CMA vs MBA program - Which one is best for your career in 2024?

CMA vs MBA program - Which one is better for your career?

There are numerous professional fields in which you may advance and accomplish your goals. That said, the Accounting and Management professions are most highly desired in emerging advancements across all sectors. To get started in these industries, you must take a specialized program and training for management accounting or financial accounting. Having a world-renowned and in-demand credential like that of CMA USA, MBA, or CPA will only do good for your career.
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The choice between CMA USA and MBA might confuse many candidates. There is always a debate on CMA vs MBA, where candidates get confused about which credential to pursue. No worries! Here we will explain all the aspects to make it clear for the candidates.

Is CMA better than MBA?

Several financial experts will be questioned, or even ask themselves, which qualification is superior: CMA vs MBA. In general, the response is dependent on individual job goals. The CMA is a professionally recognized qualification, whereas the MBA is an educational credential. While both are highly sought-after career aspirations in the accounting sector, the CMA focuses on management accounting while the MBA in Financial includes a far larger range of finance subjects. Nevertheless, for a range of factors, earning CMA accreditation may be more advantageous than getting an MBA.

CMA or MBA which is better? Let us look into this CMA vs MBA bit closer.

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Requires Less time to Complete

In fact, this is dependent on the MBA path and institution, but receiving your CMA credential is nearly usually quicker than finishing an MBA. One can even attempt the CMA Test before completing their bachelor's degree and afterward fulfill the accreditation procedure following 2 years of relevant experience.
Most MBA programs need at minimum 2 years of full-time attendance and virtually usually demand a few years of work experience prior to enrollment. Based on how motivated you are to achieve your qualification, you can pass the CMA Test in even less than a year.
CMA certification may be obtained in just 6 to 9 months � how quickly you take the test and get qualified is almost completely based on your planning and determination. An MBA, on the other hand, normally takes one to 2 years to complete, and many schools include extra prerequisites such as internships or fellowships. During the duration of an MBA programme, you must balance personal objectives with the coursework and tests offered by the graduate program. Both certificates require you to consider scheduling in relation to your other commitments, particularly if you want to work full-time while seeking either one.

It is less expensive.

Considering escalating education costs, particularly for graduate degrees, this ought to be self-evident. In fact, MBA program prices might be staggering, particularly if you are not at a prestigious college. Generally MBA costs more than 5 lakhs. Whereas CMA USA costs 1 to 1.5 lakhs. 
Even though you enroll in a relatively low MBA school or your business pays for it, CMA accreditation would still be a good deal and has an advantage in the CMA vs MBA in India debates.

MBA or CMA, Which is Better for Your Career?

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CMA tends to edge out in this CMA vs MBA in India debate.

It Provides a Particular Line Of work

Both the CMA accreditation and the MBA have very particular applications and are for specific job pathways. An MBA, particularly one with a specialized concentration, is an excellent choice for businessmen, business managers, and/or experts wishing to move out of accountancy and go to another field. It covers a significantly larger range of business themes and management practices.
CMA accreditation, on the other hand, is quite narrow and concentrates solely on Finance and management accounting issues. Since it indicates your professionalism in financial management, research, management, predictive modeling, and ethical standards � all of which are extremely popular in the accounting and finance professions � the CMA is worldwide recognized and greatly prized. This is why most aspirants side with CMA US during CMA vs MBA in India comparisons.

Opportunities for Networking

Your qualifications will only go you so far if you don't have a solid network. Leveraging existing systems might allow you to realize the advantages of your accreditation sooner.
There will always be your alumni organization and any clubs or organizations you participated in while in college if you have an MBA. That network, meanwhile, is frequently confined to the impact of your institution. The greater the institution or MBA program, the greater the alumni network. Furthermore, your institution may conduct online or in-person activities to link prospective students with experts currently recognized in the sector.
Especially if you are still pursuing your bachelor's, you must probably expand your connection with the aid of these organizations. Companies seeking entrance employees frequently visit job fairs and perhaps other activities, which could let you land your initial post after college or perhaps an apprenticeship while you graduate.
Furthermore, if your university or MBA programme lacks a solid network, there are alternative solutions. Many organizations, such as the IMA, have their own avenues via which individuals may communicate.
IMA also provides organizational possibilities for people wishing to expand their civic engagement. CMAs work in a variety of sectors throughout the globe. Annually, the IMA offers several chances for its participants to interact and benefit from one another at conventions and other activities such as IMA Network program, IMA Chapters and Free IMA Webinars on upskilling. 

CMA is a Globally-Recognized Certification.

Another valuable point in this CMA vs MBA discussion is CMA�s reputation. In an increasingly international environment, more corporations and organizations want specialist skills to counsel effectively on a worldwide scale, yet availability frequently falls short of the requirement. Businesses need personnel who have demonstrated adaptability and awareness of the different effects on their organization. The CMA is an excellent method to demonstrate your abilities and expertise to prospective employers. This also gives CMA an edge in the CMA vs MBA in India debate.
The CMA qualification is much more generally accepted globally than other major accounting qualifications. The CMA test focuses on subjects that businesses seek when hiring for senior roles, such as performance management and decision analysis.
Particularly if you are seeking for work in the United States, the CMA will make you reach out as a professional. The CMA is expressly requested by the Big Four businesses for some top roles. If you want to advance to a higher-level career, the CMA can provide possibilities you may not have explored! This favours CMA in the CMA vs MBA comparisons.

CMA or MBA: Which is tough?

Comparing CMA vs MBA toughness- CMA is a worldwide recognized Management Accounting qualification. CMAs with a worldwide outlook are extremely popular as globalization, FDIs, outsourcing, off-shoring, US financial service MNCs in India, and Indian firms registered in the US increase. MNCs, banking sectors or consultancy businesses, and US-based companies and organizations may provide job prospects for US CMAs. The syllabus is vast and specialized.
MBA in Finance will need you to thoroughly grasp and present corporate annual reports. Economic occupations can be classified as those that occur within a business organization and those that occur within a financial establishment, such as an investment company.
The toughness depends on each individual and their aspirations but the CMA offers a better perspective than the MBA course. Many other factors should be taken into account while plotting the CMA vs MBA in India comparisons.

What is MBA in Finance salary in India?

The MBA finance salary in India for beginners varies from 4 Lakhs to 53.2 Lakhs per year. The CMA MBA salary in India also depends on many factors. In comparison to other MBA specialties, an MBA in finance credential holder is paid significantly more. Finance is regarded as a well-paid area in the firm. An MBA in finance is among the most lucrative MBA specialties. The compensation rises in direct proportion to the level of experience and expertise in the profession. Whereas a fresher qualified CMA earns between 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs and a experienced CMA USA qualified earns upto 15 lakhs per annum.
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An MBA in Finance allows you to work in the banking and non-banking industries, including companies. Every firm has a financial department and requires an economic specialist to maintain financial consistency. Qualified finance graduates can work in the stock market, top-tier companies, the ministry of finance, or affiliated groups. The CMA vs MBA comparisons has a lot of nuances as well.


1. What is the salary of a CMA per month in India?

In India, the average income for a CMA is 7 lakhs per year (58.3k per month).

2. Should I get a CMA and MBA?

This CMA vs MBA debate generally tips in favour of CMA. The US CMA is a global accreditation and one of the top programs for individuals looking for work outside of India. They frequently become specialists in a group's finance and accounting divisions.
There is another important thing to remember while having a CMA vs MBA discussion. As you advance in your professional life, it is critical to have a development mentality and to be continuously on the hunt for opportunities to be better as a person and in the work. Both a CMA certification and an MBA certificate can get you somewhere, and one may assist you to get started on the preferred professional track faster than others.
Considering the opportunities, scalability and scope having CMA and MBA is always a better idea. 

3. Is CMA a high-paying job?

Salary is an important factor for making comparisons. Personal recognition and job dependability are two other factors apart from high salaries that edges CMA USA. And one gets a high paying job after qualifying CMA. 

4. What is an MBA salary in India?

After completing an MBA in finance, they can work in both the commercial and public sectors. The commercial sector pays far more than the governmental sector. Nonetheless, the applicants' salaries will vary depending on their position and the value of the company that employs them. MBA Finance wage is around 6.5 lakhs per year.  The MBA salary in India also depends on many factors. The CMA vs MBA in India discussions are also prevalent among Indian aspirants.

5. Should I do MBA after CMA?

After CMA+MBA, you may anticipate a very strong compensation plan. Earnings may consist of up to 6 lakhs. It is determined by the market environment and the university. While having a CMA vs MBA discussion, one can take into account doing both the programs too. 

6. Which is harder CMA or MBA?

In fact, this is dependent on the MBA path and institution, but receiving your CMA credential is nearly usually quicker than finishing an MBA. One can even attempt the CMA Test before completing their bachelor's degree and then fulfill the accreditation procedure following 2 years of relevant experience.

The toughness depends on each individual and their aspirations but the CMA offers a better perspective than the MBA course. CMA exams are tough since it's a professional course. But it's worth it than just a MBA. 

7. Is CMA equivalent to a Master's degree?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided that the credential of Cost Accountant (CMA) shall be deemed equal to a postgraduate certificate for the purpose of registering in UGC-NET. This is also an important part to consider while discussing CMA vs MBA in India comparisons. 

8. Can I do CMA and MBA together?

Absolutely, one may finish the program while also pursuing an MBA. But, one can solely be issued a credential if they complete all tests & possess at least two years of appropriate job exposure. While having a CMA vs MBA discussion, one can take into account doing both the programs too.


The CMA degree can propel you to higher positions in finance and accounting across a wide range of firms, but the MBA may be more fitted for specialized career paths such as sustainability or healthcare. You'll have a good grasp of which route is suitable for you if you analyze professional objectives and what you should be doing to accomplish your set goals. 
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