Commerce Jobs List and Salary-An Overview


In the post-pandemic era, the world is picking up the pace for its operations, and the financial sector is booming like never before. With many new job opportunities and a steady rise of candidates in the employment sector, commerce jobs are among the highest paying for students from a commerce background. Deciding among the many given options in the vast field of commerce can be exhausting. That's why we have summed up the commerce jobs list and Salary in India for you to go through and list your preferences and viable career choices.

Commerce Jobs List & Salary in India

The salary in the commerce field is quite satisfactory, and commerce jobs come with high-paying salaries. There could be a lot of confusion in choosing a definite path for your future. This subsection contains a commerce jobs list and salary for you to explore and use as a guide for you to decide your desired career path in the field of commerce. This commerce jobs list and salary subsection also contain commerce government jobs and commerce jobs after the 12th for commerce students to get an idea of the career options available in the field of commerce. 
The commerce jobs list and salary contain the list of highly sought-after jobs in the field of commerce, which includes:
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Controller
  • Budget Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Accounting Manager
  • Financial Reporting Manager 
  • Accounting Director
  • Cost Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Corporate Controller
  • Internal Auditor
  • Senior Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee, and many more
Top Industries for Commerce Jobs
While talking about the commerce jobs list and salary, it is also important to know the industries where jobs for commerce students are in high demand. The list of such industries hiring commerce jobs includes the following:
  • IT
  • Insurance and Real estate
  • Mobile Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational Services
  • Construction
  • Medical and Health services
  • Mining 
  • Transportations
  • Utility and communication services, and many more.
Commerce Jobs Salary Packages
Now, within the commerce jobs list and salary, let us take a look at the salary packages offered to some of these highly sought-after commerce job roles in India.
  1. Senior Analyst
The first one from the commerce jobs list and salary we will discuss is the role of a Senior Analyst. The average annual salary of a Senior Analyst at a company is ?7,50,000.
  1. Finance Manager 
The next job role from among the commerce jobs list and salary that we will discuss is Finance Manager, earning an average annual salary of ?14,00,000.
  1. Budget Analyst 
A Budget Analyst has a salary benefit of ?12,00,000 in a year in India.
  1. Finance Controller 
A professional Finance Controller in India earns an average salary of ?19,00,000 in one year.
  1. Internal Auditor
An Internal Auditor is an important job role within an organization for the maintenance of the finances within the organization. The annual salary of an Internal Auditor ranges from ?3,00,000 to ??8,00,000.
  1. Financial Analyst
A Financial Analyst is one of the top job roles in an organization or company as they are an important part of the organization's daily activities. As such, the average annual salary of a Financial Analyst in India is ?5,00,000.
  1. Cost Accountant 
The role of a Cost Accountant is most common in any organization or company across most industries. It is also an in-demand job role, and the expected annual salary ranges between ?5,00,000 to ??6,00,000 for certified individuals.
  1. Management Trainee
An individual with a degree in Management from any specialization is eligible for the role of a Management Trainee. In India, a Management Trainee earns an average annual salary of ?6,70,000.
Commerce Jobs After 12th
There are few job roles available to non-graduates in India on the 12th regarding commerce jobs. However, on obtaining the USA CMA certification, which is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), such students can become eligible for these high-paying jobs. They need to clear the USA CMA exam, which they can do while pursuing a graduate degree in any field.
Candidates with the CMA USA certification can work in a wide range of industries and are eligible for a plethora of lucrative career opportunities and job roles with a high-paying salary and steady growth in their careers. The CMA US certification allows individuals to develop industry-relevant, readily applicable skills to make important decisions within an organization and help them reach new horizons.

Commerce Government Jobs

The CMA USA certification opens up a lot of avenues for some of the best job roles for commerce students, which they can use to pursue a career in the government sector as well as in the private sector. The commerce government jobs list includes the following:
  • Accounts Assistant
  • SSC MTS (Multi-tasking Staff)
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Army
  • Forest Department, etc.
The scope of government jobs for commerce students after the 12th is narrow. Therefore, pursuing higher studies along with professional certification such as the CMA USA can help you build a steadily flourishing career in the field of commerce.

Lets give you a detailed account of CMA USA that will be a definite boon for your accounting/commerce career.

Considering CMA USA
The US CMA is a recognized certification on a global level that can be obtained by clearing its comprehensive certification exam. The USA CMA certification is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and is considered to be one of the highly valuable and sought-after certifications. The USA CMA is the go-to professional certification for students of the finance and accounting community. 
As a professional certification, the USA CMA validates the credentials of individuals acquiring the certificate as well as knowledge and skills in financial Management and business accounting. The top MNCs in the world hire certified CMA professionals for commerce jobs in their companies and organizations, making it one of the most in-demand professional certifications. Excellent career opportunities and salary benefits make the USA CMA certification a highly desirable credential for commerce jobs.
Obtaining the USA CMA certification will make you eligible for some of the highest-paying jobs in commerce. Read ahead to learn more details about this certification.

Eligibility Criteria

The first thing you need to know before deciding to pursue the US CMA certification is the eligibility criteria specified by the IMA. The eligibility requirements for applying for the CMA USA exam are as follows:
  • The candidates must have a Bachelor's degree from a renowned institution, preferably in a related field of study.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of two-year professional experiences in the field of financial Management and business accounting, OR
  • Candidates can acquire four years of part-time work experience in lieu of full-time work experience in the related field of Financial Management and business accounting.
Please Note: If candidates fail to acquire the required work experience or are not eligible for such work experience, they can accumulate the required work experience within seven years of clearing the CMA USA exam.
Other criteria requirements include:

CMA USA Exam Syllabus

The US CMA syllabus is divided into two parts in accordance with the USA CMA certification exam pattern, namely, Part-I and Part-II. The Part-I exam syllabus comprises Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics, while the Part-II syllabus of the USA CMA exam consists of Strategic Financial Management.
Let's look at the syllabus of both parts in detail.
Part-I: Financial Planning, Performance, and AnalyticsPart-II: Strategic Financial Management
External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%)Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
Performance Management (20%)Corporate Finance (20%)
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%)Decision Analysis (25%)
Cost Management (15%)Risk Management (10%)
Internal Controls (15%)Investment Decisions (10%)
Technology and Analytics (15%)Professional Ethics (15%)

US CMA Exam Pattern

Knowing the CMA USA exam pattern is extremely crucial for well-rounded preparation for the USA CMA exam. As has already been discussed, the USA CMA exam is held in two parts: Part-I and Part II. The USA CMA exam pattern is given below.
Exam NameUSA Certified Management Accountant
Exam in Parts2
Duration of Exam4 hours (3 hours for MCQs and 1 hour for Essays)
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions + Essay Type Questions
Maximum marks allotted for each exam500
Passing Marks360
Candidates are free to attend either exam, viz. Part-I and Part-II, in any order, but before they can attend the second exam, they must pass the first exam. Moreover, candidates must obtain a minimum of 75% marks in order to pass any of the two exams.
Please note that the registration will be valid for only one exam, that is, whichever exam is taken first. If students wish to reappear for the same exam later, they have to register again.
The CMA USA exam is held several times across the year so that candidates can take the exam at any time. IMA holds the US CMA exam on behalf of the IMA at Prometric testing centers across several cities. The USA CMA exams are held in the following months:
  • January/February
  • May/June
  • September/October


1. Which job has the highest salary in commerce?

Among some of the highest paying jobs in the field of commerce, the following are the most in-demand jobs in India:
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Finance Controller
Budget Analyst
Financial Accounting Manager
Cost Accountant
Internal Auditor
Financial Analyst
Management Trainee

2. Which degree is best for a high salary in commerce?

The USA CMA certification makes students eligible for some of the top-paying jobs in the commercial sector. Students with a background in commerce can pursue this in-demand professional certification and avail themselves of lucrative jobs in commerce.

3. Can commerce students do CMA?

Pursuing CMA is one of the best career choices for a student belonging to a commerce background. The US CMA is a specialization in the field of financial Management and business accounting. Students from a commerce background will thrive in the commercial sector with a CMA USA certification.

4. Is B.Com with CMA a good option?

Pursuing CMA alongside B.Com or after completing B.Com is a viable and excellent career option for commerce students. The US CMA certification is perfect for students having a degree in a related field such as B.Com.


Hoping that the commerce jobs list and salary have been able to answer the question, "which job is best for commerce students." The USA CMA offers some of the best commerce jobs to commerce students. If you decide to prepare for the USA CMA exam, you can enroll with CMA USA coaching to have all-inclusive preparation for the exam with the help of expert mentors.
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