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As an accounting student, you must have encountered the certification named "CPA" on multiple occasions. Perhaps your teachers and friends have also told you about the advantages of obtaining a CPA USA certificate, including how it can open doors to careers previously restricted for unlicensed accountants. Although it may seem challenging, some benefits are worth the efforts put in to acquire it. US CPAs have it all, including the possibility of higher income and the chance to travel and work abroad.
The CPA USA certification is something that many students and professionals from Pune and other parts of India want to pursue. But before beginning your CPA USA certification, you may have numerous questions and concerns about US CPA Course fees in Pune, eligibility requirements, and whether the certification is even recognized in India. Here are all the US CPA course details you need to know if you're ready to start along this professional path.

What is CPA?

A US CPA, which stands for US Certified Public Accountant, is a financial advisor who has achieved financial and accounting certification and designation in several countries. After the CA (Chartered Accountant) in India, the US CPA certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in finance, taxation, and accounting.
Many working professionals and students wish to get this certification to increase the impression of their CV when looking for jobs. Individuals with an aptitude for accounting and finance can enroll in a CPA course, which includes training, the CPA exam, and experience.
The CPA program trains applicants in a focused and directed way and is quite comprehensive. Both online and offline enrollment options are available for CPA course coaching institutions. The affordable CPA course fees in Pune are something you can pay for and plan for.

US CPA Course Eligibility

The CPA USA certification exam is administered by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants or AICPA. However, as previously stated, the CPA license is regarded as the top professional degree in accounting or finance in the United States. This fact alters Indian students' eligibility to take the CPA test since a bachelor's degree in India is equivalent to 90 credits, but a bachelor's degree in the United States is equivalent to 120 credits, which is the requisite amount of credits for taking the CPA exam.
An Indian student must thus make up the difference in the number of credits needed to take the CPA exam. To be eligible to sit for the CPA test in the US, an applicant must fulfill the specific eligibility standards set out by each state board.
Here are some insights to assist you in realizing exactly what the requirements are:
  • Taking the CPA test, you must have completed 120 credits. However, to become certified and obtain your full US CPA license, you will require 150 credit hours, leaving a 30 credits gap that you must cover. To cover the gap, you can obtain two bachelor's degrees or one bachelor's and one master's degree. If you already have a graduate degree and don't feel the need to pursue another, you can enroll as a non-degree pursuing student at a community college or university and complete the 30 credits.
  • Suppose you are an international CPA candidate from India and have a first-division degree in any three-year commerce major from a NAAC-A recognized university. In that case, you could also sit for the CPA test.
  • If you are a Chartered Accountant, you may be able to obtain some CPA exam credit from the state boards.
  • Practical experience in finance or accounting is a further essential criterion for overseas students.
The next step is to submit an application to CPA USA if the candidates have met the eligibility requirements. The aspirant must request transcripts from reputable colleges. Following the completion of the transcript review, the US board notifies the state university whether or not an applicant has been chosen. The US board completes the application procedure in India in this manner.

Now you must be thinking about how much you would need to pay for the CPA course. Dont worry! We will tell you a brief detail about the CPA course fees in Pune.

What is the US CPA Course Fees?

When it comes to US CPA course fees in Pune, they range in India from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Lakhs. Previously, the cost included travel and lodging expenses because candidates had to fly to the United States to take the CPA test. However, beginning in 2020, students will be able centers to take the CPA test in India. The CPA exam in India is given in eight Prometric test: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, New Delhi, and Trivandrum.
Before scheduling the Prometric, you must pay extra costs for the administration of each of the four non-refundable exam portions.
The approximate costs associated with each stage of taking the CPA test are shown in the table below:
ParticularsFee (INR)
Application Fees14600/-
Evaluation Fees16425/-
International Testing Fees (4 exams)1,09,500/-
Exam Fees (4 exams)73000/-
After reading the above information, you are aware of the US CPA Course fees in Pune.

CPA USA Course - Syllabus

There are four parts of the CPA test that you must study for. 
  1. Attestation & Auditing (AUD)
  2. Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) 
  3. Regulation (REG)
  4. Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
The test must be completed within 18 months and consists of four hours for each part. Three categoriesMCQs, task-based simulations, and comprehensive questionsare included in the test. Task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) make up the majority of these three. Additionally, an online format is used to administer the exam. So, to pass the exam the first time, you must pay the US CPA course fees in Pune and prepare more effectively.

CPA USA Exemption

  • Students in their last year of CA/CMA who earned more than 50 points on their final test can easily obtain a paper-by-paper exemption from the CPA course. You are completely exempt from the CPA USA requirements if you have a CA/CMA accounting degree.
  • You are eligible for an exemption from the first two topics, AFAE and BRLC, if you are an intermediate CA/CMA student.
  • Holders of the ACCA Advanced diploma or affiliates/affiliates may be eligible to acquire the CPA/CTPr Award after completing particular exams on Indian Taxation Laws, Business Laws, and Indian GAAPs.
  • If you are a fully certified Company Secretary, you are excused from taking the tax and business laws examinations.

Jobs After Acquiring the CPA USA Certification

After you have paid the CPA Course fees in Pune for the course, cracked the exam, and acquired the CPA USA certificate and license, you can select from various job roles based on your interests as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Some of these are discussed further down.
  • Internal Auditing Manager - Internal audits must be carried out within the company by internal audit managers. It is carried out for several organizational procedures every month.
  • Financial Controller - The financial controller's job is to keep a check on the company's accounting and finance activities. A financial controller aids businesses with numerous operations, initiatives, and procedures, among other things.
  • Analysis Manager & Financial Manager - Other high-paying CPA professions include analytical manager, finance manager, or a combination of the two. The Analysis Manager's (AM) responsibility is to forecast, budget & evaluate financial decisions for the benefit of the organization. These managers assist the companies and businesses in meeting short & long-term objectives and tracking project progress. Before making a choice, they look at the income, costs, taxes, investments, obligations, etc.
  • Investment Banker - Investment banking is one of the highest-paying CPA professions, with bankers working for corporate customers and providing them with various services like financial planning, fundraising, and so on. Investment bankers assist organizations in identifying new prospects that might lead to corporate growth and hence eliminate tax bills.
  • Finance Director - The job of Finance Director is open to CPA-qualified professionals. A Finance Director oversees a company's financial accounts as well as its long-term growth plan. They are extremely beneficial to a firm since they help in long-term financial growth.
CMA USA course CTA

Salary For a CPA Certified Professional

There is no denying that the CPA compensation in India is high. The high salary a candidate can get after the CPA exam justifies the CPA Course fees in Pune. Salary ranges are frequently determined by the amount of experience and training one has obtained over the years. A Certified Public Accountant's pay in India ranges from Rs. 9 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs.
This difference is due to the expertise of professional, skilled CPAs and a complete fresher. After obtaining the CPA credential, the CPA salary in the UK, India, the United States, and other countries is rather high. A CPA in India makes roughly Rs. 4-6 LPA as an entry-level position. For experienced US CPAs, salaries in metro and cosmopolitan areas such as Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi can range from Rs. 13 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs per year.
In India, the Big4 companies (KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young India, and PwC) provide their staff members with the highest-paying positions. The highest CPA salaries in India are earned by CPAs and CAs who work for these four firms. The employment tasks and responsibilities that a person is given determine the CPA compensation in the Big 4 businesses. 12 to 25 lakhs of rupees are the salary range in the Big 4.
The amount of experience one has accrued and the value one has brought to the firm both play a role in wage increases.
So, in this blog post, we have covered all the information about the US CPA course you need to know, such as the CPA eligibility criteria, exam syllabus, US CPA course fees in Pune, and job opportunities. Read on; we will also tell you about the top CPA Classes in Pune.


1. What is the US CPA course duration?

The course duration for CPA is a total of 18 months. Candidates have 18 months to finish the four papers in the CPA course assessment. Students can join the best coaching centers just like Northstar Academy after paying the US CPA course fees in Pune. With the assistance of their faculties, they can pass the CPA USA certification exam in one go.

2. What is CPA course eligibility?

To appear for the test, candidates for the US CPA must have completed 120 academic credits in accounting. In India, it is the equivalent of a 16-year education. For instance, after graduating, you must complete a postgraduate degree such as a B.com + M.com, B.com + CA, or B.com + MBA. After meeting all these eligibility criteria, you can sign up for US CPA coaching in Pune.

3. Is the CPA exam difficult to pass?

It is challenging to pass the CPA. The average pass percentage for the CPA test is roughly 50%. But with the right study materials and guidance from a mentor, anyone can pass the test. After paying the CPA Course fees in Pune, students can join a CPA course institute in Pune and start preparing for the exam.

4. Can I do CPA after BCom?

The answer is no since you only have three years of experience, and a CPA requires at least four years of study after the 12th grade. The next best option is to enroll in ACCA because you are completely eligible for it and will also receive several exemptions. You would require 120 educational credits in order to be qualified to take the examinations.

5. Who Earns More CA or CPA?

A CPA makes a little bit more money than a CA. In India, a CPA makes between Rs 8 and 10 lakhs annually. A CA, on the other hand, makes Rs 6-7 lakhs per year in India. CPA is a professional designation that opens up excellent employment opportunities and greater earnings in the future.

6. What are the US CPA course fees in Pune?

The cost of the four portions of the US CPA exam in India is approximately USD 1,200. The number of portions you take on the exam and the venue, however, may cause a minor variation. The typical US CPA Course fees in Pune is around USD 1,500, which covers test fees, application fees, and license fees.

7. Who hires CPAs in India?

Numerous Indian subsidiaries of multinational corporations (MNCs) with US headquarters employ CPAs. The BIG4s are the four largest accounting-specific businesses that provide customers across the world with accounting, taxation, auditing, assurance, and other services. If a student joins a good coaching center, they will help you jumpstart your career. Just pay the CPA Course fees in Pune and start your journey towards an excellent career.

8. What is the CPA exam pass rate?

The CPA exam has a 50% success rate, whether taken for the first time or multiple times. The pass rate climbed from 50% to 63% in 2021. This percentage can still go up if applicants study hard for the exam with assistance from reputable US CPA classes in Pune, like NorthStar Academy, by paying their reasonable US CPA course fees in Pune.


One who possesses a US CPA certification, a prestigious accounting credential in India, is considered an expert in accounting and finance. A candidate can get employment in India and other countries after earning their US CPA certification. 
The rigorous CPA USA examination is required for candidates to get a CPA license. One has to enroll in the top US CPA certification coaching institute if one wants to pass the CPA USA exam with ease. NorthStar Academy delivers the finest US CPA certification training to assist applicants in passing the certification exam in one sitting. One may effectively prepare for the exam by using recorded lessons, live sessions, and special study materials provided during NSA's CPA USA certification course
Moreover, NSA demands reasonable CPA course fees in Pune while offering BUNDLE discounts. Therefore, don't hesitate to begin your CPA USA experience with NorthStar Academy right away. Call us at +91 8147470707 or contact us here to get your doubts resolved from our certified counsellors.
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