Everything About CPA exam results in 2022

All About CPA exam results

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and is one of the most important accounting qualification programs globally. Accounting accreditation programs that are equal to the CPA credential are available in other nations as well. The US CPA credential is more coveted worldwide since it addresses accountancy as a universal notion and includes international accounting rules and concepts.
Whereas each country has its own criteria of the CPA qualification program, the US CPA is the most well-known and has a comprehensive exam. Moreover, the CPA exam results are highly anticipated due to their importance in the finance and accountancy fields.
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides the US CPA certification. The CPA certification is awarded once the applicant has met all of the foundations stated standards and cleared its US CPA exam. Many students around the world join recognized institutes like NorthStar Academy to clear this exam with ease and within the quickest timespan possible. Now let us see the related aspects of the US CPA and the CPA score release details.

What is NASBA?

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) is a non-profit organization that is in charge of governing the accounting industry and conducting the Uniform CPA Test and in the procedure of releasing the subsequent CPA exam results.
Public Accounting is governed at the state level, with every state having a separate commission of accountancy that establishes and enforces regulations.
The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) offers certification and learning programs to prepare accountants for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test. Unlike common assumptions, the NASBA neither creates nor administers the test. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is in charge of this, with assistance from the NASBA and state boards of accountancy. 
Nevertheless, licensing is a vital role that the organization does for CPAs. As accounting licenses are awarded at the state level, a CPA licensed in one state must seek a new license if they relocate to another. The NASBA operates the National Qualification Appraisal Service, which allows CPAs licensed in one state to have professional credentials recognized in another.
The purpose of NASBA is to improve the effectiveness of the country's State Boards of Accountancy. They achieve this purpose in a variety of aspects:
  • Making available a venue for accounting regulators and practitioners. NASBA prepares comment papers on a wide range of regulatory proposals, notably those from the AICPA, PCAOB, as well as other organizations.
  • Working to solve challenges affecting the accounting profession's viability, such as legislative and regulatory concerns.
  • Providing commodities to its users in order to teach and enlighten accountants, as well as to assist the Boards. To assist Boards in communicating successfully, NASBA may offer email strategies, digital publications, and video services.
  • Another NASBA aim is to guarantee that each State Board keeps the authority to decide the academic criteria for taking the test in their respective states, as well as the authority to impose ongoing training obligations. Additionally, NASBA works with lawmakers, regulators, and the public at large to ensure that each Board retains this jurisdiction.
A technique used by NASBA to retain public trust in the accounting industry and the CPA exam results is to establish a comprehensive and honest Peer Review procedure. In order to ensure excellent quality, this initiative enables Companies to assess and remark on the performance of other companies.
By collaborating with the State Boards of Accountancy that award these licenses, NASBA performs a vital purpose in the CPA licensing process.
Register to your State Board by filing an entry. Each jurisdiction has somewhat varied academic qualifications, but the sector is trending toward a baseline of 150 hours of college credit, with such a given duration in accounting programs. CPA applicants must complete their undergraduate transcripts together with their Board registration.
Settle all payments when the CPA exam application is finalized, and you will be qualified to attend portions of the test. You will get a Notice to Schedule from NASBA (NTS). CPA applicants bring the NTS to the testing location and use the information on it to log into the exam program and later on validate the CPA exam results.
One could utilize notification to book the test with Prometric, the assessment firm that conducts the CPA test. NASBA collaborates with Prometric to define exam schedules and hours, time limitations, and postponement processes.
The AICPA develops and grades the Uniform CPA Test, and the test material is described in the AICPA Blueprint.
NASBA collaborates with state boards on academic standards to ensure that CPA applicants have a direct line to meeting Board requirements. Several individuals, for instance, need not specialize in accounting and frequently continue to school and take coursework. NASBA assists each State Board in providing clear direction on these individuals' educational needs.
The system of taking the CPA exam at test centers has simplified the procedure for applicants. As a result, NASBA has taken the initiative in developing a user-friendly web-based system for the test and its subsequent CPA exam results.

When to expect CPA Exam Results 2022?

To begin, the AICPA gets exam data files from Prometric, the testing facilities that administer the CPA Exam, and the results. The AICPA then submits the exam results to NASBA, which distributes the scores to the state boards of accountancy.
You are undoubtedly aware that all four sections of the CPA Exam are computerized.
Since the AICPA checks your responses via many quality assurance reviews to assure scoring integrity, it will require a few weeks to get your Test result. The AICPA recognizes the heavy emphasis, thoroughness, and precision in the CPA exam results procedure.
There is a procedure in place to ensure that results are correct. In addition, the AICPA has systems in place to ensure the correctness of ratings in individual cases. Your responses are graded by the BEC Written communications (WCs) computer scoring software. However, in some situations, the CPA human grader system will also evaluate replies.
Once your BEC result is close to qualifying, the value of your WC replies will be immediately revised by human assessors. If many judges are needed to assess your answer, the final assessment will be the sum of all human graders' marks.
Furthermore, the final mark method is difficult to compute. People must oversee the conversion to an arbitrary grade of 99-99. As a result, it's inevitable that the procedure would take a long time to finish.
On the US CPA Exam, you will be graded on each component. It has a value between 0 and 99.

Steps to determining your performance:

  • Sign in to the NASBA site's applicant interface to view your result and continue with the instructions provided.
  • The AICPA scores your CPA Test using your Examination ID.
  • Before the applicants are officially released, the results are referred to Boards of Accountancy for clearance. Before the outcome is formally proclaimed, the procedure will require around 3 days.
  • Whenever the NASBA gets the CPA exam results, they are analyzed and matched to the candidates' names.
  • When your score is validated, you can see an 'eye' symbol.
  • Press the link to see the scoring notification, then download and print it.
  • Rejection should not deter you from attempting afresh. Continue to strive hard.
Because the AICPA delivers CPA Test results in groups, there are two elements that influence how long one should sit tight for the result. These are the amount of result release dates slated for that quarter, as well as the period students complete the test during the testing window.
If students take the test within the first 2 months of the quarter and the AICPA has fewer CPA score release days, users will have to spend more time waiting to get the result.
Generally, sitting near the end of the window will lead to faster outcomes.
If you completed the CPA Test, you'll obtain a result notification that includes your mark, credit status, and the CPA score release day your credit for any successful part will expire. If you fail the CPA Test, you will get a status update. This analysis will show your productivity across all subject areas as well as by Item Type. After 72 hours of obtaining your result, you will access your score notification and performance summary on the NASBA Candidate Website.
If you received less than a 75 on the test and a CPA Performance Report was created, you will be evaluated against applicants who have recently completed the test. The AICPA classifies an applicant who has recently qualified as having a grade between 75 and 80. Furthermore, you will be provided with distinct high-level data on your achievement on MCQs, written communications (BEC alone), and TBSs.

CPA Exam Results & CPA Score Release Dates 2022

Throughout the year, CPA exam results are given in a recurring manner. 
The AICPA usually publishes the result release schedule for the first part of a new year in December of the preceding year, and the 2nd in June of the following year. Remember that the intended result release date is the date on which the AICPA will deliver the CPA exam results to NASBA.
Many US CPA candidates receive their US CPA test data files within 24 hours. After the cutoff periods, all US CPA test data files obtained will be erased.
If people take the CPA BEC part, they will obtain your results around 7 days following the CPA BEC segment deadline. It's due to the fact that the BEC written language assignments need more examination and also have a profound impact on the results during the CPA exam results.
So, here's the groundbreaking portion: students no longer have to wait significant lengths of time prior to actually retaking a failed CPA Test unit. Now all users have to do is wait for NASBA or the CPA state board to announce the result. They will be able to plan the CPA Test as soon as they obtain the result and determine which of the sections they need to retake.
One can only sit for one part per window in the prior window arrangement.
The credit you obtain for passing a part of the CPA exam results is valid for 18 months. After passing the first test component, you have 18 months to complete the remaining three sections. If you do not complete the next three portions within this time frame, you will lose credit for the section you completed first.
The beginning of your 18-month period will then be reset to the day you passed your second part. If you do not pass the final pieces (including the one you lost credit for) within the new 18-month term, you will lose credit for the second portion you passed.
The CPA score release dates shown here indicate when you might anticipate getting the result after taking a portion. This assists you in properly planning your test plan. This cycle will repeat itself until you have completed all four stages within 18 months.
If you attempt the test on/prior toTarget score release date:
January 23, 2022February 8, 2022
February 14, 2022       February 23, 2022
March 9, 2022March 17, 2022
March 31, 2022April 12, 2022
April 23, 2022May 10, 2022
May 16, 2022May 24, 2022
June 8, 2022June 16, 2022
June 30, 2022July 12, 2022
One must be aware that all these dates are not always fixed. Although the AICPA publishes the result release dates as soon as practicable, these dates may be adjusted sometimes during the year.
These are also the target CPA score release dates. One can never be certain when they will get their result. One can, nevertheless, boost the chances of receiving the test scores by one of these days. One just must refrain from taking the test on a deadline.


1. Which CPA exam has the highest pass rate?

BEC has the greatest pass rate, while FAR has the lowest. Several learners believe that this makes the test simpler, but others believe that WCTs are more difficult than TBSs. In any case, since it has the greatest pass rate, BEC is regarded as the simplest component of the Test.

2. Are CPA Exam Scores Delayed?

The publication of CPA exam results will be delayed, with a CPA score release of all applicants roughly 10 weeks following the completion of the Q2 testing cycle. The score delay is important to allow enough time to statistically assess applicant achievement on the revised CPA test.

3. Which is the easiest CPA Exam?

The only CPA test segment that includes WCTs is BEC. While some students believe that this makes the exam easier, others think that WCTs are more difficult than TBSs. In any case, because of its high success rate, BEC is regarded as the CPA exam's simplest section. Hence, it can be a determining factor on the

4. What is the lowest CPA Exam score?

The minimal CPA Exam qualifying mark is 75 points, although this does not always imply that you must complete 75 percent of the problems properly to qualify.


Including the day students take the test, the CPA Test result disclosure day is the most critical day in the CPA career. On the NASBA CPA exam results day, students will discover the outcome of their strenuous work.  
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