CPA Preparation Made Simple for Everyone : 8 compelling reasons

Have you ever wondered what to do for CPA preparation? CPA is a high-level credential that requires hard work and effort if one wants to become a CPA. The CPA certification course has the ability to open up wide doors of opportunities for you in terms of job and career. 
Once a candidate becomes a CPA, they can get numerous job opportunities which result in job security. CPA must be taken into consideration if you are planning to become a CPA. It doesnt matter whether you are pursuing a Master's degree or already a working professional you can apply at any time for the CPA exam. 
If you're pursuing or have completed your Master's degree and are seeking a professional course, the CPA course is for you! It is good to take up a professional course that will help in providing you with numerous career paths. CPA is a key to ones career advancement. 
As far as the CPA exam is concerned, candidates are required to pass all four papers within one year to become a CPA. There are a number of reasons why a candidate must opt for CPA. Let us have a look at some of the reasons. 

Why should I get CPA certification?

CPA is a globally accredited degree that can provide candidates with a number of job opportunities. But before undertaking the CPA exam and CPA preparation, it is important to know why one should do CPA. Here are the reasons for the same. Have a look!  


If you are pursuing or completed a master's degree in the accounting or finance field, then CPA is the best career option for you. The skills you have acquired regarding accounting, business, finance, etc., will be advanced. In simpler terms, your performance will be at its peak because you already know the basics and fundamentals of accounting. 
But still, you need exam prep as it will provide you with all the important information and topics that you might not have studied in college. You can easily understand those concepts because of your solid foundation. 

2.Study Mode

Having a bachelors degree in accounting means that you have already been in study mode for the last 3-4 years. Studying for the past 3-4 years will help you prepare and strategize accordingly, then it becomes easy to prepare for the exam. Thus, CPA must be taken into consideration while you are in masters degree so that you can study well and undertake the CPA preparation more seriously. 

3.Earning More 

CPA gives the candidates the ability to earn more and stabilize their careers. CPA is a global and professional credential that can open up many opportunities in the future. One of the major advantages of becoming a CPA is that it helps one earn more. There is a huge difference between the salaries of individuals who have done CPA and the ones who have not. CPAs earn 50% -60% higher than people who are just graduates. Thus, CPA offers job security, financial security, career advancement, and much more. You will reach new heights in your career once you apply for the CPA course. 

4.Competitive advantage 

Who do you think will be selected by the recruiters a CPA with experience or a fresher with a bachelors degree? You got that right! CPAs get an advantage over other individuals. A candidate undertaking the CPA preparation represents that they are more driven about work than others. The skills acquired by a CPA help in business growth and give an individual a competitive edge. 

5.Career Advancement 

One of the advantages of CPA preparation and taking up the exam is that it can kick start your journey with a high pay grade, thereby getting jobs in top companies. With a credential like CPA, one can easily earn more money, thereby stabilizing your career and finances. 
To enjoy these benefits, it is essential to join exam prep which will help you in cracking the exam in one go. Exam prep providers help the candidates in CPA preparation with an interactive session, unique study material, and much more. 
Now, when it comes to preparing for the CPA exam, it is essential to get admitted to a good CPA institute. There are numerous institutes that you can take admission to, but there are some key points you need to know about CPA exam prep providers.

The 8 compelling reasons to switch to CPA Exam Prep Providers 

If you wish to take your career to the next level, then you must undertake CPA preparation from the best training providers. CPA exam prep providers help you in many ways to prepare for the exam.

1.Help You Strategize Better

It is important to strategize and prepare for the exam better if one is going to acquire the CPA certification. There are various CPA institutes that help in the easy preparation for the exam. Unlike others, CPA exam prep providers, like NorthStar Academy (NSA), help in making a complete plan in order to help you complete the exam preparation, and the eligibility criteria, and crack the exam in one go! NSA provides you with a deep insight into various topics to help you understand them better. 

2.Mentors & Tutors

To undertake the CPA preparation, it is very important to have the assistance of mentors and tutors. For instance, Northstar Academy provides the candidates with pre-recorded sessions as well as live interactive classes. By interacting with the mentors, the candidates can easily resolve their doubts and ask other things regarding the CPA exam. Exam prep providers like the NorthStar Academy help the candidates via these tutors and mentors so that they are able to excel in the examination in one go.  

3.Keeps You Updated 

CPA Exam prep providers always keep you updated regarding the latest changes in the exam pattern. It is essential to keep up with the trends and in such situations, the top CPA training provider helps one a lot. The syllabus is updated every year and exam prep providers, like NSA, provide you with the updated syllabus in their highly relevant CPA courses, making the CPA preparation easy and efficient.

4.Better time management

One of the major benefits of CPA exam prep providers is that they help in better time management. A key part of better preparation for the CPA exam is better time management. With exam prep providers by your side, you will have tools that will help build a plan, manage time, and keep your preparation accountable. Thus, with a good study plan, candidates will be able to manage time in an efficient way. 

5.Exam Day Confidence

Taking up a CPA course from the best exam prep providers, like NorthStar Academy can increase your chances of qualifying the exam. They help the candidates with mock tests and practice exams that help them prepare for the exam day. With optimized study material and a good amount of guidance during preparation, one can easily excel at the exam. There is so much to gain from these CPA exam prep providers and very less to lose!.

6.Save Money/ Bundle Discounts

This may sound a bit weird but taking up CPA preparation from exam prep providers can help you save money! By applying to NSA, one can be sure that he/ she will excel in the exam. If a candidate doesnt take up the CPA certification course, then there are 50-50 chances of clearing the exam. 
By applying to the CPA institutes, a candidate will get bundle discounts on international study materials with more which will help them in the long run. Bundle discounts provided by the NorthStar Academy indicate that the student will have to pay less as compared to other coaching institutes. 

7.Teaching Methodologies 

If we talk about NorthStar Academy (NSA), the teaching methodology is way different than other coaching institutes. For instance, Indias best mentors, such as M Irfat, intend on providing conceptual clarity to the candidates by equipping them with intellectual and analytical skills. These skills and knowledge will not only help them in CPA preparation but will also help them in the long run after clearing the CPA exam. 

8.Success-oriented Environment

NSA provides the candidates with an amazing learning experience & environment that brings out their skills and abilities at the forefront. As an exam prep provider, the academy provides the candidates with a result-oriented, systematic, and cohesive environment that provides flexibility to the candidates. Switching to exam prep providers is great because the candidates develop new skills and learn various concepts that will serve as a base that will shape their careers.  
So, these are the reasons why one must switch CPA exam prep providers. We agree that a candidate can undertake the CPA preparation himself, but the chances of clearing it are very less compared to when they have the right guidance from exam prep providers like NorthStar Academy. Moreover, if a candidate doesnt understand any concept, then there is no one to ask! Therefore, it is advised to take up a CPA certification course before one actually applied for the exam. 


1.How do I prepare for CPA?

The easiest way to prepare for the exam is by enrolling in a US CPA course. The institute helps the candidates in preparing for the big day by using a variety of techniques and methods.

2.How long does it take to prepare for CPA?

With NorthStar Academy, one can easily prepare for the CPA exam in six months. Generally, it takes 300-400 hours to prepare for the exam. But with the right institute, you can prepare for the exam quickly with more efficiency.

3.Can you self-study for CPA?

With NorthStar Academy, one can easily prepare for the CPA exam in six months. Generally, it takes 300-400 hours to prepare for the exam. But with the right institute, you can prepare for the exam quickly with more efficiency.

4.Can you self-study for CPA?

NorthStar Academy is the best CPA institute as it helps the candidates in preparing for the exam in an efficient manner. The pre-recorded classes, live sessions, and study material help the student in excelling in the exam in the first attempt.

5.Which state is the best for CPA?

New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland are the top states for practicing CPA. The job opportunities are good that provide one with high-paid salaries. However, if you are in India, choosing the top companies in places like Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Chennai, etc. would be highly beneficial for the CPA.

6.Which CPA study material has the highest pass rate?

Every institute provides the best study material that helps the students in clearing the exams. NSA provides one of the best study materials that have a pass percentage of 75% - 80%.

7.Is CPA very difficult?

Yes, CPA is extremely challenging. It covers a wide range of topics and assesses the candidates on various levels. Every paper in the exam is very difficult. Thus, a candidate should prepare well for the exam by taking up a CPA certification course.

8.Can I do CPA USA from India?

Yes, one can do CPA USA from India. To apply for the exam, one must have a masters degree, and a 150 credit score must be completed. Upon fulfilling these two criteria, one can easily apply for the CPA USA exam.


CPA is quite a rigorous exam that requires 100% determination from the candidates. A candidate has to have complete knowledge about the course before taking up the exam. There are numerous CPA institutes that can help a candidate prepare better for the exam. 
If you are in a dilemma as to which CPA institute will be better for you, then we would suggest NorthStar Academy (NSA). It is one such institute that provides candidates with a lot of benefits. After a candidate has applied, they will get an exclusive Beckers study material with which one can easily prepare for the exam. 
Not just the study material, but this institute also provides you with live interactive sessions in which you can clear your doubts regarding the subjects. Whats more? The academy is associated with AICPA and Gleim which helps the candidates in excelling in the exam in one go! 
So, what are you waiting for? Take up the CPA preparation from one of the best institutes and pave the way for stabilized career and high-paid jobs. We wish luck to all the aspiring candidates! 
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